i can't take these two anymore



I honestly cannot for the life of me understand how you can throw away two successful, talented, powerhouse groups like that. 2NE1 and Winner deserved better, God they deserved better and this is just so messed up. This hurts. This hurts so much and I honestly hope other artists in YG take a look at this and consider their future. How is this man still allowed to be a CEO when he’s running it into the ground?  

Dylan O'Brien is such a good on screen kisser. Unless he’s kissing Holland Roden. Why are their kisses so fucking ugly?

First that gross panic attack kiss and now whatever this most recent nonsense was. It’s just so ugly.

I’m going to need them to pick a Harrison Wells or Harry or HR or whoever the hell and stick with him. If he must be on the show then they need to figure out which one they like the most and keep him. I am beyond tired of this ‘is he or isn’t he evil’ storyline that we’ve seen now THREE different times. I’ll admit HR just being a stupid con man was a twist I wasn’t expecting but watching it drag out for an hour was about as appealing as getting my teeth pulled one by one. 

It’s just lather, rinse, repeat now with him and he’s eating up screentime doing the same shit we’ve been seeing since Season 1. They need to move past this idea that they need Harrison Wells on the show by any many necessary, especially if it means forcing him into the narrative.

Adrienette for Seven Minutes

Is that title hinting enough? XD

(Don’t worry, it’s totally SFW. XD lol)

(Just take this, it’s like two months old, just take it and have it while I try to finish up this Stray Chat chapter)



“SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!” Alya and Nino practically screamed as soon as Adrien walked through the door.

“What?” he asked, completely confused.

“NO- ALYA- PLEASE-” Marinette looked like she was going to start crying.

“It’s an American party game Adrien, all the cool kids do it.” Nino said with a shrug.

The home schooled and sheltered boy furrowed his eyebrows in even more confusion and said,

“Whenever you say that, we always end up doing something my Dad grounds me for.”

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okay this is for… my 1000th watcher… and I can’t remember her name because I had to reset my xkit and i lost my outbox! she asked for thranduil on his elk or bilbo and thorin fluffiness, and i swaer i was set on drawing something beautiful and majestic and romantic but my brain short circuited and gave me this instead.

followup to this

Every time I see a post about the MAMAs that says 

“Oh my god do you guys even care about BTS”
“I can’t believe you would let BTS down like this”
“After everything they’ve done for us this is how you repay them”
“Are you even trying anymore”
“If you’re not voting unfollow me”
“If you’re not voting I’m blocking”

Or any variation of, it sickens me. You have no idea what’s going on in people’s lives. America is breaking in two, SKorea is crumbling, there’s crazy earthquakes happening, so many countries are in turmoil, and you are sitting there guilting people because they aren’t voting in an online poll? Seriously?

Look, I know you want BTS to win MAMA awards. So do I, very much. But guilting people isn’t going to do shit. It will actually decrease peoples’ want to vote. How about encouragement for a change? Or how about asking if you can help out? I wonder how many people have seen those posts and just went well fuck this shit. There are so many better methods of going about this. Please just stop. Don’t guilt, help.

I can’t believe in acd canon the first thing Moriarty says to Holmes is “you have less frontal development that I should have expected” and then he takes out his notebook where he’s noted down every fucking time Sherlock crossed his path like wtf James you huge nerd can you stop fangirling in front of your nemesis

(But to be completely honest in acd canon Sherlock is the biggest fangirl ever while Moriarty is like “relax we just have to kill each other you don’t need to hold your breath every time you hear my name”)

I’ve been meaning to draw these two together for a long ass while omg. Bless my friends for triggering it.

If you’re all wondering: Snowman and Lady at one point dated but kept it a secret. They broke up but still remain friends and now like to hang out, go shopping and the like. They also take great joy in tormenting Spades Slick and Doc Scratch by talking about their past “sex-periences”.

kevin, neil, and andrew all sleeping in on the weekend,,

neil wakes up with his face smashed into kevin’s chest and andrew pressed against his back. he glances at the clock and it’s three in the afternoon; andrew was already awake but he’d made no attempt to move in the hour or two that he’d been conscious. his eyes flit open and he presses his lips to the back of neil’s neck and rests his forehead between neil’s shoulder blades.

kevin is still sleeping,,, the morning person that he is has assured this fact,,,, neil grabs sleeping beauty’s hand and threads his fingers through kevin’s even though his stupid boyfriend is still asleep, but somehow,, kevin could sense the cheesiness of this moment and woke up because boyfriend 1 was calling for him,, and they shared a ‘good morning’ kiss while andrew twined his legs together with neil’s and the rest of that day was spent watching movies and cuddling

Jongin representing BaekYeol shippers.

BaekYeol being jealous in one night. Ft. Sehun who is so done.

*perfect two plays in the background*

And Cy biting Bh’s head. Ft Jongin who is again, representing BaekYeol shippers

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