i can't take the tears :(

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okay but like… overwatch seems especially attractive to tall people (reyes, reinhardt, zarya, etc.), so the watchpoints are all built around the idea that the average human height is six foot plus. and since there’s not a chance in hell he’s gonna go fetch a Tall Person ™ to get things down from the top shelves, hanzo starts climbing all over shit to reach the high places. he free-climbs up walls, he can handle a set of kitchen cabinets. he is a hero to the short people on base.

This is a really good point and an amazing headcanon, and as a smol person myself i fully embrace this like you have no idea.
The man is also a master of furniture jenga, who can and will use anything he can lift to reach his destination. And being the master of pranks (@blckwatchmccree & I decided this), He is the smol terror the tol’s fear in the dark kitchen when hunting for midnight snacks… they never know what cabinet they might find him in ready to strike. 

Why do I keep watching the “O Helga Natt” clip from 3x09?

Is it masochism? 

something i’ve noticed: on the three occasions we’ve had a mutual ily, robert is the one to say it first. i hope (and pray) that the day we finally get our first (of many, hopefully) mutual ily that isn’t angst-ridden, it’s initiated by aaron.


“You’ve grown up, Taichi.”


Jongdae on Promise, crying for the first time in front of the fans and EXO'luXion       [trans]


           It feels like a tear in my heart
           Like a part of me missing
           And I just can't feel it
           I've tried and I've tried
           And I've tried

           Tears on my face I can't take it
           If lonely is a taste then it's all that I'm tasting
           Do you hear my cry?
           I cry


                                       Can you hold me?
                                 Can you hold me in your arms?