i can't take the silence between us anymore

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Hi! I was the anon who requested the victurio you had already done. "It wasn't supposed to be be this complicated." It was great thanks for linking it btw. Could you do either victurio "Don't you dare pin this on me!" or "I can't stand this silence between us." Also, hoard away with the ask. Take as long as you need to write. If not, no hard feelings. <3

Yuri was startled awake, the lighten had cracked all around, lighting up the room. He hated storms and went to curl in closer to Victor. This was about to the only time anymore he could get Victor to hug him, when he didn’t know he was hugging him.

It had been a rough two years. Victor could distance him without thought or worry over what it did to Yuri. Sure Yuri was strong, on the outside, that is what he let everyone see and believe.

Yuri held onto Victor and brushed the hair off of his face, marveling over the beauty of this man he was married too. When Victor slept, the worry lines disappeared and his face softened. It wasn’t filled with angry and resentment as it was during the day time.

Yuri trailed a finger down those high cheekbones as the lightening cracked again, making Victor’s face shadow over with the light.

“I can’t stand the silence between us,” Yuri whispered as he laid his head on Victor’s chest and listen to the storm around them… the one outside the bedroom and inside bedroom.

Yuri held tight, he did not know how much longer Victor would try before he gave up on them completely, and Yuri knew he would not have many more nights holding him as he slept. It ate at him but for now, he would breath in Victor’s scent and hold him till he fell back asleep.

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