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Hi! Can you show me why Shoma's jumps are pre-rotated? I always see people saying his jumps are pre-rotated, but I can't really tell 'cause I'm a newbie fan. Can you put it beside Yuzu' s jump for comparison or any other skaters who has a perfect jump technique

This is Yuzuru’s triple flip take off:

he points his right toe (since he is extra, he points it inwards, going against rotation and actually rotating his triple flip more than necessary. The love for counter-rotated things is strong in him) and he does leave ice immediately. You can clearly see how the blade is fully off ice well before he hits 90° on first rotation. (Gif credits to (x))

This is Shoma’s truple (thanks Uncle Kurt for the definition!) flip:

he points his right toe at 90° degree already and he does rotate at least an additional 90° on his toe (or on his edge, since he doesn’t use only his toe in pointing…) before leaving the ice (I’d say it’s way more than 90°, but let’s be generous). You can clearly see how he takes off forward.

A text-book image of what a cheated jump is.

If you want to see other comparisons with other skaters, a youtuber put up these videos: (x), (x).

GOE debate aside, they are quite useful to see the difference.


HAPPY HARDY FRIDAY my sweets!!!! So, you could say that today’s “theme” is Tom in black and white, but let’s be honest…the theme for these pictures is me curled up on the floor in the fetal position. He is just too much. No human being should have the right to look like this ♡♡♡

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Komaeda and Hinata in DR2.5

Before you ask, yes. This is a sequel to That Post, where I waste my time on a university thesis-worthy essay trying to convince you why the Danganronpa 2.5 OVA both brought a decent conclusion to Komaeda as a character, and showcased Komaeda and Hinata as perfect for each other. Am I looking too deep into everything? Possibly. Do I regret it? Nope.

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I have a request if you don't mind lol. I was wondering how the turtles (2016 bayverse) would react to their girlfriends suddenly break dance in the middle of a fight with foot soldiers? You know take the scene from guardians of the galaxy where star lord breaks dance and sings in front of Ronin. I don't know I was just wondering and can't help but find funny lol.



“What the hell is going on…”

He doesn’t – why are you – you’re in the middle of a battle.  WHY ARE YOU DANCING

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He actually gets a little chuckle out of it.  Perfect distraction for a sneak attack.

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This has got to be the funniest mission he’s ever been on.  “Babe, I’m trying to concentrate.”  Ends up laughing his ass off at the end.

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Of course he’s going to join you.  What else did you expect?

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Concept: No one can make Dark laugh besides Will. Wilfred knows exactly how to break Dark. He'll just walk in during super serious moments and make Dark start to giggle. Dark finds it annoying but can't help but find it charming. Wilfred does it when he thinks that Dark is getting too serious, because Wilfred takes absolutely nothing seriously. Will and Dark are like, besties.

I honestly have nothing to add, this is perfect

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It's your turn up next in the olympics, your chance to show the best of your abilities over the last year. You don't go up to take your position until after Lance gives you a kiss, and when you do, every flip, split, and landing is executed to perfection and Lance is more than proud. "Can't wait to show you how good you did, Darlin'. Your gold's waitin' at home." He whispers with a kiss below your ear

I feel like he’d kiss you and promise you more if you land every move

Sinful Sunday™

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Ok ok we've talked abt Harry overstimulating you but can we talk abt how you would do the same to Harry?? Like it's u in control that night and he's tied up and can't touch you and you just keep sucking on his cock long after hes finished to the point where he's begging for a break with tear stains and everything and omg

Here’s my take on overstimulating him: he’s tied. Blindfolded. Maybe nipple clamps? Tugging at those while I whisper, “relax….” into his ear as I push a plug up that perfectly perfect ass, rewarding him by rolling my slick folds over his shaft……😏😉

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Have you seen the pain in Jug's eyes when he saw Betty's wounds? I almost cried seeing his face. How he kissed her hands trying to assure her that he'll always love her and he'll always be with her, no matter how fucked up she may be. My heart can't take this much love for a ship.

Thanks for tearing out my heart once again! It’s almost like he was telling her she was too perfect because he was daring her to challenge him on it, he wanted to see that she had flaws so he felt like maybe he had a chance of being worth her affections, and then when he saw her for everything she was hiding from him it was like a double edged sword, he got what he wanted but now he has to live knowing that she’s in pain and because of this he’ll lend all his efforts to easing her burden from now on 😭

After Malfoy baby delivery
  • <p> <b>Healer:</b> Congratulations are in order Mr Malfoy, minutes ago you just became a dad<p/><b>Draco:</b> And my wife, How is she?, the baby is he okay?.<p/><b>Healer:</b> they both are fine, your wife is weak from the ordeal but we have high hopes for her recovery, Mrs Malfoy is a stubborn young woman despite the limitations of her immune system.<p/><b>Draco:</b> That she is, if Astoria says she wants to get better, she'll bulldoze her way into healthiness and nothing will stop her<p/><b>Healer *chuckles* :</b> ready to meet your son? *opens the door*<p/><b>Draco *with fingers crossed*:</b> please take after your mother, please take after your mother.<p/><b>Astoria *looking down at swaddled bundle* :</b> Oh Draco! Look at how precious he is.<p/><b>Nurse:</b> And he looks just like dad too<p/><b></b> Draco *sweat drops*<p/><b>Astoria:</b> Come hold him my love, here, meet our tiny miracle.<p/><b>Draco *looking down at the newborn carbon copy of him* :</b> he's wonderful Astoria, perfect even, I can't believe we made something this beautiful.<p/><b>Draco mentally *looks down at baby Scorpius* :</b> Okay son here's the deal you better take after your mother in personality because you already got my looks and that's pushing it already, so remember kid, you need to be a lot like her.<p/><b>Baby Scorpius:</b> *gurgles*<p/><b>Draco Mentally:</b> I mean it baby, be like her...not me *points the baby to Astoria* her, not me.<p/><b>Astoria:</b> Draco are you mentally indoctrinating our child again?<p/><b>Draco:</b> ....<p/><b>Draco:</b> ............<p/><b>Draco:</b> Nooo?.<p/></p>

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How long does it take for you to draw one of your more detailed pictures? I've used your pictures of like Solas to try and draw more detailed like and less "anime" like. I hope you don't consider it stealing; I don't sell it or anything. I can't afford to take drawing class while I'm in university for science. I usually get flustered and not get far it he looks, deformed I guess. Just like something is off and I can't figure out what but yours are so perfect.

By “more detailed” do you mean one of my paintings like this one? If so, it depends on the piece itself… usually portraits are much faster to finish. I think that one took me around four hours, though (which is pretty damn unacceptable haaaaaaahmovingon).

Even if I do bash myself for taking too long most of the time, I’d like to think that the time it takes you to get a piece of art to a state where you’re happy with it doesn’t matter as long as you get it to said state. As long as you’re content in the end. Of course if you’re working professionally and you have deadlines to meet, becoming a bit faster at what you do might just be obligatory, but that’s an entirely different scenario. 

As for using my pictures as reference, I don’t mind at all. We all need references for drawing from time to time, if anything I’m humbled that you consider my art good enough at all to use as reference, to be honest! I can’t very well say what’s off on your pieces because I don’t have an example ^^’ but my word of advice would be to keep trying, study whatever pictures you have as reference and work on picking up on the details that make Solas look like himself. 

If you keep at it, I’m sure you’ll get there! Just don’t give up~


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Bucky receiving a nude photo from you for the first time in his life and being completely astounded, he can't help but take himself in his own hand, stroking and groaning until he comes to the sight of your perfect pussy spread out for him.

“Steve! Get in here! How do I send a photo?” Bucky yells out

Sinful Sunday™

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41 for a Han and Leia fic

#41. “How can you still look so attractive while crying.”

Head’s up: sexual content.

He brushed a piece of damp hair away from her face and at just that she shivered. Her body felt like an expanse of nerve endings – every part of her, even the most innocuous ones, capable of being lit up when touched in a certain way. All of her trembling and quaking and reeling. He pressed his lips to her shoulder and murmured, his voice low and content, “How can you still look so attractive while crying…”

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It's hilarious how you all call out Alec as soon as he does something wrong but can't even admit that Magnus is being an ass right now. You know you can love a character, understand their intentions yet disagree with their actions? Oh but Magnus stans don't have this ability, they take blind worshipping to new levels. If Alec had behaved this way with Magnus, there would be countless posts by now about how he should grovel before Magnus. But perfect Magnus gets a free pass for everything

You all? Who is you all? 

If I’m to give you the benefit of the doubt, which right now considering how tired and cranky I am I’m really not inclined to do so. But say I were, this post sounds like an argument one of my kids would make when they were mad I was paying more attention to their sibling than I was to them.

If I decided not to give you the benefit of the doubt I’d tell you that your post is dripping with thinly veiled racism. Yeah. I said it. Maybe you’re not aware that’s how it comes off. Which I admit, can happen. I’ve done it myself.

And who are we fooling here, Alec has just as many fans who are completely incapable of seeing his flaws and get pissed off every time you mention them. 

And no one is saying Magnus doesn’t have flaws. Of course, he has flaws. And it’s not racist to discuss those flaws. What’s racist is what context you discuss them in and your reasoning behind your opinions. 

Magnus doesn’t get a free pass but it would be irresponsible of us to ignore that if the world he lives in had been different he never would have gotten there in the first place. 

I also don’t deny that his attitude towards Alec hurt Alec and that Alec doesn’t have the right to be upset by it. Of course, he has the right. He has the right to feel hurt and heartbroken. No one is saying he doesn’t. Just because we may see and understand Magnus doesn’t mean we can’t feel for Alec too.

The difference with some of the mistakes Alec has made in the past (not all of them) and Magnus is that Alec’s mistakes were made from a place of privilege that completely ignored how they affected the Downworlders and what it meant to them. Whether you want to see it or not there is a difference and until those differences are addressed nothing will begin to change.

You know what also made me laugh about Death Note ? How L always knew what Kira was up to and Light always had to change his plans. I don’t remember everything so I guess he always had another plan just in case but… Wow !

Mad Max: Fury Road {Sentence Starters}
  • "My world is fire. And blood."
  • "I tell myself, they cannot touch me."
  • "If you can't fix what's broken, you'll, uh- you'll go insane."
  • "And he was perfect! Perfect in every way!"
  • "As the world fell, each of us in our own way was broken."
  • "Out here, everything hurts."
  • "You wanna get through this? Do as I say!"
  • "Everybody has gone out their mind. You're not the only one."
  • "I live, I die. I LIVE AGAIN!"
  • "I thought you weren't insane anymore?"
  • "You know, hope is a mistake."
  • "How much more can they take from me?!"
  • "It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence!"
  • "We could start again, just like the old days!"
  • "It's got everything you need, as long as you're not afraid of heights."
  • "He looked at me. He looked right at me!"
  • "No. I suggest we go back the same way we came."
  • "Hey. What's your name? What do I call you?"
  • "Say, anyone notice that bright light? Encroaching gunfire?"

A practise run of our medieval-smoke-n-cloak self portrait photoshoot to see how Zach (and me) went with handling everything! Still waiting for our final pieces of tack to arrive, including a chamfron for him. He was a champion, I even had a jump with smoke bombs under it and he was perfect going over it :D I can’t wait to take the real photos soon!!

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I was just scrolling through your blog and I saw the Christmas drawing of evan and delirious and so on and I can't stress enough how incredibly cute Nogla looks like because he has to duck to reach lui and it's just perfect ^^

Thank you anon! Thats really sweet of you to say and here a gift for you of Nogla and Lui taking a picture together!~ (Lui has to stand on his tippy toes and Nogla has to bend down, just so they can be in the frame together <3)

One Hundred Kisses

Lily convinces James to pretend to be engaged to her so they can go to a bakery and try wedding cake samples. Perhaps pretending to be engaged to the person you’ve wanted to kiss for six years isn’t the best way to continue denying your feelings. But then again, maybe it’s the best way to finally let them surface.

written for @jilyfest + inspired by + read on AO3

“So you remember the details right?”

“Yeah yeah. I proposed to you on the playground where we met, the wedding is going to be in June, we’re thinking the flowers will be red and yellow and we’re honey mooning in Paris.”

“You’ll have to say it with a little more excitement than that if it’s going to be convincing.”

“Lily, dearest, I’m so excited to marry you and I can’t wait for our trip to Paris!”

“Shut the hell up, James.”

“Honestly, I’m just mad that we can’t tell the truth. You were the one who proposed to me after all,” he said smugly.

Lily rolled her eyes and shoved her hands deep into her pockets. She supposed she technically had been the one to propose, since this was her scheme after all. It had started when she stormed into James’ flat two weeks ago, shouting about wedding cake. He had thought she had finally gone mad and told her so. And after a good hour arguing the pros and cons, she almost didn’t even go through with the plan. But then a week later her sister started bragging about her engagement again and Lily felt an urge to do something ridiculous.

“I don’t see why you couldn’t be fake engaged to Remus,” James mumbled. He was acting like pretending to be engaged to her so they could try wedding cake samples was the worst thing in the world but she knew his mischievous side was getting quite a thrill. He would take great pride in himself if he was able to be convincing enough to get away with this.

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