i can't take complete credit for this

Who asks the stupid questions at 12 a.m.?
  • Hinata: Hey, hey Kagebaka, what would happen to a werewolf if he went to the moon?
  • Kageyama pushes him off the bed.
  • Owww!
  • No really Tobio, what would happen? If a werewolf transforms when they see the moon, when they are on the moon would they become like this super werewolf or something? Would it just be an ordinary transformation for them? Would they stay human? Would they EXPLODE? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?
  • Kageyama: Dear fucking lord, dumbass. It doesn’t fucking matter! Just let me go to sleep!
  • Hinata pounces on Kageyama.
  • Hinata: Gwaa! C’mon Kagebaka! What would happen? What would happen?
  • Kageyama: Hinata Shouyou, I swear to god, if you don’t shut up and go back to sleep…
  • Hinata lies back down.
  • Good. Now come here. We’ve talked about this. No staying up late the night before a game. We need to get as much sleep as possible, right?
  • Hinata: But Tobio… What would happen?
  • Kageyama: Jesus fucking Christ, I love you.
  • Hinata: I love you too, baka.
  • They kiss and fall asleep, Hinata holding on very tight to Kageyama and vice-versa