i can't take complete credit for this

I can’t believe the whole ‘The Millennium Puzzle grants Yugi’s wish for friends’ bit is fanon when the reality is so much BETTER.

Yugi just assumed he got a wish.

But magic had nothing to do with it.

Yugi gets his friends because he pushes himself to be brave and lets himself get beaten up in place of Joey and Honda. Joey recognises this and tries to make amends - going from picking on him to being fiercely protective.

Joey’s becoming friends with Yugi is the reason the Puzzle is completed, not the result of it.

Then because he now has a friend like Joey, he talks more, interacts more, unlike his reclusiveness in the beginning. This helps better his friendship with Téa. He becomes bold enough to take an embarrassing fall for Honda and risk expulsion.

And we want to let the Puzzle take credit for that???


Okay, so if you’ve read the original Carmilla novella, then you probably already made this connection, but I’m reading through it now and I’m on chapter 11 and something HUGE (and quite possibly very obvious) has just occurred to me.

I’m going to post the rest under a cut in the case of spoilers.

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Who asks the stupid questions at 12 a.m.?
  • Hinata: Hey, hey Kagebaka, what would happen to a werewolf if he went to the moon?
  • Kageyama pushes him off the bed.
  • Owww!
  • No really Tobio, what would happen? If a werewolf transforms when they see the moon, when they are on the moon would they become like this super werewolf or something? Would it just be an ordinary transformation for them? Would they stay human? Would they EXPLODE? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?
  • Kageyama: Dear fucking lord, dumbass. It doesn’t fucking matter! Just let me go to sleep!
  • Hinata pounces on Kageyama.
  • Hinata: Gwaa! C’mon Kagebaka! What would happen? What would happen?
  • Kageyama: Hinata Shouyou, I swear to god, if you don’t shut up and go back to sleep…
  • Hinata lies back down.
  • Good. Now come here. We’ve talked about this. No staying up late the night before a game. We need to get as much sleep as possible, right?
  • Hinata: But Tobio… What would happen?
  • Kageyama: Jesus fucking Christ, I love you.
  • Hinata: I love you too, baka.
  • They kiss and fall asleep, Hinata holding on very tight to Kageyama and vice-versa

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I can't believe Dan and Phil are making us buy something else

Your feet are tied to the bottom of your swivel desk chair. Your hands are placed on their side of your laptop, fingers twitching with fear. You hear the footsteps. “It’s time,” the Dan whispers. As Phil’s leans in you feel the hairs on your neck start to stand up and your heart racing. “Buy it.” You take a deep breathe and type in your credit card information. By the time you press “complete order” your eyes can barely focus on the screen. “It’s finished,” you whisper, your voice shaking. “Good job,” Dan says. “Untie them.” Phil fumbles with the restraints and leads you out the door. “You can expect your package in 2-3 days.”

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Hey everyone, I need a little motivation. I'm a first year student who failed physics last semester. Since it's a prerequisite for 3 other courses next semester, I'm now stuck with only 2 courses next sem. Which means I'll have to stay behind for a year to complete all my credits for first year. I'm not giving up but I'm overwhelmed by the situation right now. It's Winter break and I just can't rest. Anyone willing to give me some advice? I would really appreciate your help! Thank you x

I know right now you can’t think of anything else and you take the steps necessary to remedy the situation but, truth is, this should not affect you when looking at the big picture, because is something that can be corrected. Before you land on taking an extra year for physics, are there any options available? (summer courses, taking the class on a different college) Can you make up the time later? Is there a counselor that can provide options available? Do you know anyone else, like an upperclassman, that went through the same experience?  I am more concerned about the additional cost of the course than about anything else,

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