i can't take complete credit for this

Who asks the stupid questions at 12 a.m.?
  • Hinata:Hey, hey Kagebaka, what would happen to a werewolf if he went to the moon?
  • Kageyama pushes him off the bed.
  • Owww!
  • No really Tobio, what would happen? If a werewolf transforms when they see the moon, when they are on the moon would they become like this super werewolf or something? Would it just be an ordinary transformation for them? Would they stay human? Would they EXPLODE? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?
  • Kageyama:Dear fucking lord, dumbass. It doesn’t fucking matter! Just let me go to sleep!
  • Hinata pounces on Kageyama.
  • Hinata:Gwaa! C’mon Kagebaka! What would happen? What would happen?
  • Kageyama:Hinata Shouyou, I swear to god, if you don’t shut up and go back to sleep…
  • Hinata lies back down.
  • Good. Now come here. We’ve talked about this. No staying up late the night before a game. We need to get as much sleep as possible, right?
  • Hinata:But Tobio… What would happen?
  • Kageyama:Jesus fucking Christ, I love you.
  • Hinata:I love you too, baka.
  • They kiss and fall asleep, Hinata holding on very tight to Kageyama and vice-versa

“Okay, just…” He thought over the song again. “Just take a moment…

“Here comes a thought-”

“You’re a monster”

“A disgusting, selfish coward”

“What someone said” 

“Great job traumatizing her with the same thing that traumatized you”

“It’s not like anyone is gonna miss this one if it gets broken”

“And how it harmed you…”

“I knew you never cared!”

“I begged and pleaded you to stop!”

“No one was happy about Presto existing.”

“Things you said…”

“I’ll go back and destroy them! Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“I have to kill everyone. It’s the only way!”

“Are…” He choked and could not remember the calming words. 

Presto wiped his eyes with the back of his wrist. “No, no, I can do this…” 

“Take a moment and ask yourself if…”

“You’re a freak, a madman, a disgusting, selfish coward. There is no place for her by your side! You are a crazy, selfish psycho, and you don’t care about her feelings!” “The crazy you … He’s selfish, brutal, pitiless. He’s a dangerous maniac. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone that stands in his way of reaching Triage …“ ”the promise-breaking motherfucker, whom doesn’t give a damn about others in the slightest.” “You have been nothing but an obsessive, creepy PRICK. What yer doin’ to Triage is fuckin’ disgusting!” My favorite thing about you is when you’re nowhere near anybody. Its just…The best thing ever next to you being dead.” “Oh… Presto~! I’ve heard so much about you! I’m so glad to finally meet you… SO I CAN BASH YOUR FREAKING HEAD IN. I love Triage, and you’re hurting her.” “It’s not like anyone is gonna miss this one if he gets broken.” “I knew you never cared! You’re a liar and a faker and I hate you so much!” “She doesn’t belong to you! She hates you!” “Go near my family again and I’ll tear yours out with my teeth.” “Everyone will get over it soon enough. He’s pretty much already dead to em all.” You only cared about yourself! You were trying to destroy who I was and drive me away from everyone I cared about so you could mold me into something just for you! Thats not caring! I begged and pleaded for you to stop.”  

“I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to leave you and let you go. “You know what? Maybe we should go back! Yeah! I’ll go back and destroy Scavenge and Melody for good! Doesn’t that sound like fun, Triage? “Wouldn’t it be a darned shame if something were to happen to it? Like, say, a plasma shot to the head? “I have to kill everyone, it’s the only way! “Friends. Friends? …Oh, I get it, “friends”. Like Role and Clock and Cello and all the people I want to decapitate and burn alive! Ha! HAHAHA!”

“If… this is… how… I fall apart…”