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Hey! I don’t know if you’re still taking art submissions, but I just recently discovered you and I absolutely love love love your work!!! And I was wondering if you would be up to doing Louis in a crop top and flower crown? I would be so blessed.   And again, I just love your art. You’re so amazing and you’re so sweet!! 💖💖   

How could I ever say no to crop tops and flower crowns tbh?? And thank you so much, you’re a sweetling yourself 💕🌸

-Maybe tomorrow we can convince them to dance again
-*Humming unenthusiastically*

Both have huge pillows for hair. Using each other as a comfy place to lay and rest somethime was inevitable on my mind


[Jan 2017 vs. Feb 2017]

My keys to improvements are persistence, stubbornness, and the most important of all:


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I read the fic you put on my ask and I had to come off anon. I can't even deal with how great it was? My beautiful boys all happy & together? & How they all interacted was just👌. Honestly you have cleared my skin and watered my crops. Thanks so much

<33333333!!!!!!!!! STOP I’m like so super extremely pleased to hear you liked it so much!!! All I wanted was for them to love and take care of each other. :) And since you went to the trouble of gifting me with this AMAZING compliment (no seriously I blushed fuck), I’m gonna fork over some more little ot4 goodness that I been workin on for bit (hope ya like!! thank you!!!!).

Redwing hovered a short distance away while Sam moved groggily around the lavish kitchen suite that they had been staying in for the past few months.

T'Challa had his arms crossed contemplatively as he studied the drone in flight. It lit up a soft glowing red around its perimeter and underbelly. The faintest hum emanated from its propulsors, and it bobbed in the air, letting out occasional electronic chirps. After a moment, it shut down with an enviably seamless landing on the bar countertop.

“I incorporated full functionality to a dormant element of the interface that was being underutilized, installed a secondary memory chip into the communications network and reworked some synchronization information while I was at it.” T'Challa shrugged, not particularly proud of himself, while looking as well-rested as he’d been all week. “That one is coded to you, by the way, Sam, so now the link between you is more or less instantaneous and intuitive.”

Sam lifted an eyebrow, paused at the sink. “I can… talk to — it? What, like, mentally?” he asked.

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spontaneous nose bleeds

title | spontaneous nose bleeds

notes | Hey all! I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted, been taking summer time to recharge some very burnt out life batteries but as school approaches (…only a few weeks to go….), I’m getting back into the swing of things so I’m posting again. Sorry for the absence and so much gratitude to you for your understanding and support. This is just a silly, fun one-shot based on a pinterest prompt I saw and thought was funny. Hope you enjoy!

“Why is Barry bleeding?” Cisco isn’t exactly sure what he’s just walked into, but Barry’s leaned against Caitlin’s desk (not an unusual position really), hunched over with his eyes shut tight and his hand to his face. Once upon a time, Cisco might have questioned if it was, in fact, blood dripping through his fingers but once upon a time was a few dozen metahumans and one big explosion ago, so he doesn’t even think twice anymore.

“Because he’s an idiot,” Caitlin barks out, terse, from near the medical table. She’s clearly looking for something – she pulls away with gauze a second later – but she’s pulling draws open and throwing them closed with little regard to the clatter she’s making or the equipment itself. Cisco winces as tools bounce and batter together; she’s going to be even crankier later when she has to skim and dig around to find what she wants and that is not going to be a good situation for anyone.

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Here’s some more Aelaric and Neth for @sloth-draws thank you again for letting me write them, I love them so much! I hope you like it!


Neth was sitting on a branch high up in a tree, leaning back against the trunk with a pile of flowers on her lap. She was trying to weave them into a crown, similar to the one Aelaric had given her the previous week, but it was harder than she thought it would be. She’d watched Aelaric as she made countless before, memorizing the movements she took, but Neth was still having trouble. The results were turning out to be less than ideal. It looked rather ragged and Neth worried it might fall apart at any moment.

She heard footsteps and looked down to see Aelaric approaching. She’d run out of time. This would have to do for now. Hopefully she’d be able to make something more suitable later. Aelaric hadn’t spotted her yet, so Neth readjusted, leaning backwards until she was hanging upside-down with her legs wrapped around the branch. From this angle, she was able to reach out and carefully place the flower crown on Aelaric’s head.

Aelaric looked up in surprise, one hand going up to brush gently against the petals of the flower crown and her face lit up. Neth could feel her cheeks burning from more than just the blood rushing to her head. She signed that it was a gift before righting herself and dropping down beside Aelaric.

“I love it!” Aelaric said, beaming as she continued to carefully run her fingers across the petals.

Neth raised an eyebrow at her and signed that Aelaric couldn’t even see it.

“I don’t need to see it to know I love it,” Aelaric said with a laugh before tucking a few stray strands of hair behind her ear and fiddling with it self-consciously. “How does it look?”

Neth studied her for a moment, feeling her face burn even hotter. Aelaric was stunning, as always. She was so beautiful; flowers looked like they belonged in her hair, the orange light of the setting sun shining behind her making her look like she was glowing.

She signed that Aelaric didn’t need the flowers. She was already stunning.

Now it was Aelaric who turned bright red as she giggled, took Neth’s hand and leaned up on her toes to kiss her. Neth closed her eyes and she leaned forward, wrapping her arm around her shoulders, hand tangling in long hair, as Aelaric’s strong arm encircled her and held her close. Neth wasn’t quite sure what to do with everything she was feeling. It was intense, threatening to break out of her at any moment, but somehow gentle and perfect all at the same time. It was confusing and terrifying and wonderful and Neth was sure she had never been happier.

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Hi! I found your blog browsing yuri on ice fan blogs - reading it always makes me smile/puts me in a better mood. Thank you for the constant supply of all that lovely fluffy content. I also love reading your comments in the tags. All the Best Wishes!

i’m so so so happy to hear this!!! i think one of the reasons why i latched onto yoi so much in the first place was the fact that it never fails to make me feel happy, so i prefer to keep the sad stuff to a minimum here too! let all the other fandoms have their angst and death and sadness, we should just try to hang onto the feeling of hope and love and becoming the best you can be while encouraging others to do the same, like yoi has taught us!

So because of all the Black Lagoon I’ve been watching, the next Femslash February prompt fill (Cross) is looking like…well, take a little bit of it.

“Don’t know if it was them my ass, Asami. They’re the only ones with the stupidity to try making a grab for shit that’s not theirs” Korra bangs both fists against her desk again. “See, I fucking knew Dad should have just shot all their damn balls right the fuck off when he had the chance! Damn it!”

I can’t say I regret the decision to write a Ganglord!Korra AU but also…why am I doing this?

Also just know that this has spawned an idea for a Ganglord!Noire fic for after February *she says as she looks at the three fic she has ongoing*

The Fallen Crows (Will Rise Again)
  • The Fallen Crows (Will Rise Again)
  • Akiran

The Fallen Crows (Will Rise Again)
Original: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri


Lyrics/Vocals: Akiran/aki-ran
Art: Fira/rainbowthinker
Mixing: Cal/behold-theturtle

Part of the Haikyuu!! fansong series I’m now working on! Did you think I was done doing all those rewrites? B) I tried to write these lyrics with most of the Karasuno team in mind, so see if you can guess which lines refer to who! Heads up, LOTS of Haikyuu!! quotes and other refs in here–spot them all too! ;0


Down again,
Struck by a wall so high,
You can sit there and cry,
And you will walk away with pain.

You’ll think
It’s all over now
I let it fall, onto the court, and it’s my loss.

But we fall forward

Don’t give in, names are called,
They’ll ignore it
Call the toss, don’t be scared,
They can save it,
Those flightless crows
No more, they’ll always rise again.

A king, afraid
Abandoned but not alone,
They are all here,
Focus your mind and soon you’ll play.

Running and dangerous,
An unlikely pair,
Spiking through all of the defense.

They fall forward

On the bench,
Watching from off the sidelines,
But you are not
Any less,
You’re their guideline
To refresh their pace,
To show them that you can fight too

And all this time,
A solid back receives and holds you,
And tiny hands,
Diving for,
A chance to help you,
For those flightless crows,
No more, they’ll always rise again

A little at a time
You’ll grow stronger.

Those city boys
You will meet
Rival felines,
You’ll think it through
So carefully
And you’ll realize
Yes, they’ll teach you well
They’ll care and never give up too

Head held high, standing tall,
They’re champions once more
They will win ‘cause they believe
That they can fight for
The right to stay
On that court the strong remain.

Dance with Devils episode 5

(As always, this is so SPOILER FULL you’d kill me. So read at your own risk)

(Also Mage alert. I like Mage. If there’s no Rem, I’m pretty fine with seeing Mage all the time. But there’s also Rem today, so this episode is going to be awesome! as always) Edit: I’ve made some censorship lmao, too many bad words ^^

This time this post is going to be a huge mess of screenshot and livestream reactions I had watching the episode. (And when I say HUGE I mean it)
Be ready for the struggle ahah

So, they decided to give us a cute af Lindo right at the start

*Meow!* (slow down reject, I can’t giggle like this already. It’s not even three minutes!)

And when things seemed going well…


…Things got better.


THE FREACKIN’ WINDOW!!!” Stop Mage, I already love you too much! OTL

Well, the spell didn’t work on Azuna. I knew she was special (maybe related to the excorcists like Lindo, dunno, speculations about her are still vague)

Also, she just said “Lindo…” no honorifics damnrightyass relationship!! <3

ShikixRoen OTP plz. Lolled at Shiki brushing a screaming in pain Roen ahah I think Rem told him to do it lmao (’cause of last time)

Rem tho, if you won’t have the grimoire and vampires take your throne, I sincerely advice you to reconsider your fortune-teller career with your chessboard lolol

*Now here it comes the random blabbing along with feels, screens and caps lock. as usual.*

I just LOVE how realistic Ritsuka’s behaviour is! (Admirable, script writers <3)


MODEST!MAGE I like. what’s there to dislike about him??

*Mage ost came in*

*Ritsuka screaming*
*Ritsuka screaming*  
#I kill myself with these lame jokes ah ah

Seriously, Subaru Kimura fit this character soooo well I can’t say anymore if I love him or love Mage more OTL

proposing like this SEEMS LEGIT TO ME.

(I took too many screenshots during this part lol)


I’m starting to like Ritsuka and Mage interactions; they would look good as an old married couple… if Ritsu-chan wouldn’t always try to defend Rem’s reputation awww <3 <3 <3 (But I’m very openminded to a OT3)

Definitely there’s something going on with Ritsuka’s flagrance I won’t say “flavour” lol

Yeah, right, but daaaaamn Ritsuka!! What a “lucky girl” you are, my poor little baby >.< (From bad to worse, she also had to meet the drug dealers? I feel you Ritz <3)

I’ll confess I wasn’t 100% sure Rem was the real one when he showed up. You know, since last episode I’m on tentherhooks ^^

(A plane to go home??? Where in the world has Mage taken her?)

And their conversation was like:

Ri: “How did u know I was here, mate? Bro, I probably know u’re a demon ya know?”

Re: “Blah blah can’t hear you blah blah *insert kind words* blah blah *try confess to her randomly* blah blah”


Daaaaamn my feeeeelsss

Rem, just stop to be so tsundere and be honest with your feelings already!

C’mon dude.

I trust you. You can.

(But I wanted to see a deal between Rem and Mage… u.u”) ((*))

Noooo T__T tears!! My precious Ritsuka-chan having a heartbrake! I can’t bear the pain!  (T A T)

…U Mage, the mood/life saviour!! Please, be embarrassed more in your life xD




((*)) (Oh, nevermind. Here’s my deal LOL)

Really had no words watching the match. (I was speechless, covering my mouth with both hands; it was sooo good I still can’t find words to describe it. They did an awesome job with everything: animations, dubbing, dialogues, backgrounds… *standing ovation!!!*)


RITSUKA WTF R U DOING?!?!?!?? I’ve lost ten years of life, Jezz!!

(And what’s with this episode and the lack of honorifics? Lol I thought it was a special thing just for Azuna and Lindo, but now it seems quite normal!)

CREEPY SHIKI SCARING THE HELL OUT OF ME. please, I have only this heart of mine, let me live as long as possible

(Tell me next time is your time, Shiki!)

Ahahah it makes me laugh that no one cares a thing about how Rem treasure the chessboard, stealing peaces from it nonchalantly! x°D

You can say what you want, but this anime is really DEEP. I like it more than any other reverse harem I’ve ever seen! (I humbly admit I’ve seen many)

– END. –

This took me sooo long! Yatta, I did it!  ~(* 0 *)~

If you’ve read all of it, congratulation! You’re as obsessed with dwd as me, I’m glad ;)

Kudos to you all~! (now, time to write the tags *sigh*)

I genuinely wanna know why the over obsessive Krashlyn shippers are well… Obsessed with IG and what they like and what they tag each other in. That’s so pathetic to me. Like WHO GIVES A MOTHERFUCK.

Do you constantly refresh IG and wait all day for them to ‘like’ a certain picture or for them to tag each other in a post?
Are some of you paid to do that or something?
Is it fun to follow that kind of stuff 24/7?
I’m curious. 🌝

I CANNOT get enough of Tumblr. Again, I suggest falling in love and you tagging your own boos, maybe you’ll forget about how Ashlyn tagged Ali in a picture about Adele tickets being $800!!!

“Look. You see?!?! They’re perfectly fine! They’re so in love! They’re gonna have babies soon! And I bet they wanna go see Adele together, but they can’t because they probably spent too much money on Christmas presents for each other because they’re so hopelessly in love with each other and we know this because obviously we know everything about their lives and relationship!!!”


as a mermaid, in spite of your father’s disdain for humans, you’d always been intrigued by them. you were fascinated by the fact that they had “legs” instead of fins and all that there was to their life on land, always prompting you to swim to the surface to observe them against your father’s wishes. naturally, when he found out that you’d been up to the surface once again, you were lectured and reprimanded, making you tearfully retreat to your secret grotto full of human knickknacks. while hiding out there, you notice a ship sailing by overhead and you and your best friend, a fish named flounder, swim to the surface to get a closer look. there, you’re joined by your friend scuttle, a seagull, and the three of you get as close as you can to the ship without being detected. on the ship, a human named luke is celebrating his birthday. the celebration is cut short, however, when a storm moves in, ultimately destroying the ship. you find luke floating unconscious in the ocean and carry him to shore, staying with him to make sure he’s okay. when you hear others approaching, you flee just as luke starts to regain consciousness, because even though you defied your father’s rules, you know the the one rule you can’t break is being detected. when luke opens his eyes, he swears he catches a glimpse of you just as you dive underwater and disappear. he tells his manservant and confidant, grimsby, about the lovely mermaid who had saved him and how she had the most beautiful singing voice, vowing to find you just as you vowed to return to him and be a part of his world.

for quiffedluke and featuringluke‘s disney!5sos night

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Mayu and 8 please! (I ship AkaMayu (OTP), KuroMayu, and literally just anything bottom!Mayu ... but ... um ... whoever you ship him with ... um I don't what to put here ... at all ... um ... I adore your art ... ) I'm sorry.

Hi anon! Thank youu~ >w<! And since I also ship Mayu with those two, I said to myself, “why not ot3?” So here you have~ (Although I don’t know if this counts as AkaMayuKuro ‘cause I failed at trying to think in bottom!Mayu outside the nsfw/lol).

• Special thanks to strangulated-harlot!! She was the one who gave me this idea along with lots of other amazing headcanons of these three~♥ *hugs tight*

“Mmm… This is really interesting.”

I need to actual,y start talking to ppl on here so I can actually make friends nd hav a squad to rant at about dnp

Coming Clean

“The walls in this apartment building are really thin and I can hear you having mental breakdowns all the time are you okay? AU”

Characters: Trevelyan, Cullen, Cassandra, mention of other Trevelyans and Josephine.

Words: 2543


TW: substance abuse, PTSD

Happy tags: friendship, family, Cullen and Cass are absolute bros, Trevelyan’s about to be initiated.

She heard it starting again, the pacing of heavy boots tromping on the floor above her.  It always started this way.  Soon would come the interspersed banging- walls?  Fists?  She was not sure, and was not sure she wanted to visualize the source of the rhythm. Then there would be a few shouts of self-doubt, prayer, arguments with the woman who sometimes came.  She only arrived when things were truly desperate. Finally it would crescendo, not in violence or emotion, but in a soft crying that the thin walls of her apartment could not dampen.

They shared opposite floors of a duplex, she and her struggling neighbor.  She had seen him a few times in passing- good looking, too, but he worked night shift while she kept to her day time university schedule, and they had never said more than hello to one another.  Between her clinicals and his odd hours, they could go days without seeing each other. As tiring as his episodes could be, they were almost the lifeline for their anonymous relationship.  At least when she could hear him, she knew that he was still alive and that he had not given into whatever demons haunted him so frequently.

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