i can't tag im still crying

I wanna try something to see if people feel the same way. I think we all have that song or songs that hit us hard whether it’d be for a reason or no reason at all. Like there’s the ones that hit you hard for very personal reasons, there’s the ones that remind you of someone or something in specific, and there’s ones that for some unknown reason just hit you had with the way it sounds or some reason you can’t chose. So Leave what those songs for you are in the tags

  • playing bastion: ah what an immersive and innovative game! truly the writers are masters of their craft to create such a poignant and inspiring story! this game is a masterpiece! a shining example of video games as an artistic medium!

I may or may not have…

Scared my faves away. This constant insecurity of mine is what always holds me back. This is why I don’t have much friends. Because I’m always bringing myself down that it pushes people away because they’re sick and tired of trying to tell me otherwise. I try and believe them. I really do. But the constant fear and anxiety that eats me stops me from doing that. Always what ifs, Woulds, Should’ve, Could'ves. I am not as passionate or as kind or as sweet as you describe me to be. I’m a normal girl. I’m not even normal. I’m a girl who’s constantly being eaten away by her depression. A girl who relies on stories and fantasies. A girl who is constantly locked up in her room trying to run away. So no… I am not passionate and I am not kind. But I wish I was. I wish I was as passionate as you. I wish I was as kinder. I wish I could be as lovely and as sweet as the two of you. I wish I could be the the girl you describe me to be. But I’m not. So I’m sorry if I scared you away. I’m sorry I’m always negative. I just hope you know that I’m sorry and I love you and I adore you and even if you stop talking to me I will always support you and love you. I mean how could I not. Both your works are breathtaking. They’re my escape. I would never give it up.


i really liked the episodes in asukas arc, because of the development of these two characters, and like im crying bc asuka was honest w kumiko?? but not with her friends that she’s been with since 1st year?? is she the first person she opened to???/

  • person: so did you hear that iwaizumi and oikawa won't go to the same uni-
  • me: sorry i couldn't hear you can you repeat that
  • person: i said they won't go to the same-
  • me: *fingers in the ears* sorry mate s-still can't hear ya haha ha hahaha... *swings back and forth in fetal position*
Im so happy that the Merlin fandom is stronger than ever

That people are still creating beautiful new things whether its art, fanfic, gifsets or spotting parallels in scenes Ive watched a million times but made me see them differently AND ALL THE MERTHUR Im just so happy that its not the end, we never got an ending, we’re left waiting with Merlin,  so we’re carrying on the story and I can honestly say its the best fandom to be a part of, hands down.  Everyone is so sweet and funny and talented and intelligent and have the most epic tags that often leave me either laughing or crying and I am just making this ugly text post because even though I miss Merlin, I REALLY MISS MERLIN, knowing something new is just around the corner on Tumblr is the best feeling ever.