i can't tag all these guys are you crazy

So when I started drawing this yesterday, it said 500. Then I woke up today and I have close to 700 followers??? 

Honestly, thank you guys so much!! I’m gaining followers like crazy and I keep getting asks and- Ahhhhh it’s just insane! I never thought my art blog would get even remotely popular. I just got a tablet, started doing digital art, and made this blog a couple months ago, so it’s been a big learning experience for me. experimenting with digital art and finding my style wouldn’t have been possible without the support I’m getting from from you guys! And if you don’t believe me, go look at my digital art from a few months ago and see just exactly how much I’ve improved. It’s actually kind of scary. Heh..

So anyway, Thank you guys so much! I just got off of a pretty big hiatus, and returning to this kind of support is wonderful.