i can't sweat this much


the pulp pressed— all nectar flows
the aril in fingers— the sun— in my mouth
amidst the manifold comes hazel, &
—arched vowels
i am— blooming to curses
i am— a discord of hallows

the sap runneth— to the ground
savored & yet— somehow spilled
how pitiable it is that we aren’t consumed
how pitiable it is that we cannot fill
he is— the thwarted decanter
he is— the harmonic hollow

will you not look after us? do you not
see how frail we’ve grown?
how my lips— do hunger
how his eyes— do glow—!

amidst the manifold comes hazel;
come choreographed pulses
punctuated ! pomace
in the grove.

Kim Kardashian’s descendant is conjunct Kanye West’s Sun, when this happens the descendant person is naturally very attracted to the sun person because they mirror the traits the descendant person looks for in a partner, since the descendant is associated to partners and marriage . In addition, Kanye’s mars and venus are both conjunct Kim’s 5th house cusp, the house of romance and children, which is another sign of attraction between the two.

“What, Hal?”

Hal’s tongue darts out to lick his lips a little, and that eyebrow raises again.

“Can I suck your dick?”

I absolutely loooooooove this fic by  @barrenceallens

Can I Just

Bun is one of the best writers out there, and everyone needs to know that. Whenever her fingers move across a keyboard, and words are turned into stories- my heart swells with every character and plot and feeling that she tries to convey. @rbuns, you are amazing, and I’m so lucky I have you as a friend. <3 <3

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a fever you can’t sweat out + opening lines


Xion Appreciation Week - Day 3
 Favorite Relationship: Axel

You gotta think for yourself. Cuz I know you’re not just a puppet. We’re best friends. You, me, and Roxas, that is. Got it memorized?

I'm gonna close my eyes and try to type the lyrics to I Write Sins Not Tragedies and post whatever I end up with

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