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au where harry’s raised by voldemort. he doesn’t go to hogwarts and doesn’t know he’s wizard. he’s completely servile and doesn’t talk much, but he often takes notice of a boy who comes and goes through the manor.

HEY GUYS if you don’t like the character I draw, thats more than okay. Everybody has things they like and don’t like. I’m not here to police what you should or shouldn’t like.

But how about maybe you not have threads about how much you think that character sucks on my art? I’d appreciate it. <:/



Dream Drabble part 4

Will is dreading and anticipating sleep now. He feels the pull of it surrounding him like a haze of arousal. Waking up most days, sometimes in the night covered in the blanket of darkness his shame seems to shine brighter, his cock so full with pain he cannot and doesn’t want to escape. The last dream Hannibal had his hands around Will’s neck and cock, elegant fingers curved around the skin, squeezing just the right pressure just the right amount of transferred need. He can’t look Hannibal in the eye anymore he longs to, he wants to fall into those eyes he wants to make those pupils dilate at the sight of his open, gaping need. He especially can’t look at Hannibal’s hands, those elegant fingers. He touches himself in the shower in the hope the water will wash away more than just his cum. He is starting to crave sleep now, his dreams a drug, an addiction he doesn’t know how to stop. He wakes up now with only one word on his lips … Hannibal.

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Voltron season 3 official teaser finally!!!!

When the thought comes to my head that “if you receive anon hate, turn off your anons” pisses me off. This is a blog site and people should be able to accept anon messages w/o worrying that someone is going to tell them to kill themselves or something!!! I just…I’m so annoyed at how people think that it’s okay to send someone hate at all, much less hiding behind that stupid gray face. 

So you know what? NO people should not have to turn off their anons. Stop sending hate to people!! Have some human decency and keep your opinions about someone else to yourself! 

god r//eylos drive me nuts bc like
They’re popular
The ship is popular
They know it

But what makes me sad is that means they do have influence over fandom content and canon. The writers could decide to just do what’s popular.

And that means making an abusive ship canon if they felt like it. No I don’t wanna hear yalls ugly meta abt how it’s not abusive and that it doesn’t sideline Finn in a pseudo racist way.

But I also know that Rey is probably gonna be a skywalker so,

But there’s always the thought that she might not be ! Which I’ve thought would be cool to explore but not at the cost of the reynos taking over everything with the stupid purple fanart and rey faint in a white dress and kylo romping around torturing people lol

idk it Just Makes Me So Mad

So this time last summer I was working on a small film and the main actor told me that he had just finished working on a scene for Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

He wouldn’t tell me much (he spent most of the time complaining how small his scene was) but he (Valmike Rampersad) told me he played a solicitor and that Colin Firth was in the scene with him. 

In the scene Colin’s character signs some official paperwork. 

Now I’m just gonna keep theorising what this might mean.