i can't stop to watch it again

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How not to do fame: Hello I am too famous for you and my life is more important than yours and you aren’t allowed to associate with me unless you pay money to so I’m going to stand here and complain for 10 minutes about how much you’re all annoying me by supporting my career and giving me money because I don’t have time to be polite but I do have time for a shitty speech about how important I am and how unimportant you all are this is my day I am the star also donate money to my charity and give my awful show ratings pls also I love you but also you all suck so fuck off. Me and my fedora are leaving but make sure the paparazzi follow us still!



“Hey Wrench! You up for a bit of fun? Took a break from the two impending responsibilities over my head, popped into some surveillance shit through ctOS. Found one of those joke fraternities in Stanford made up of hackers and general dweebs. They’ve mostly been fucking with the other fraternities for shits and giggles. Wanna show ‘em what real hacking is?” 

Finally had the time to draw Misha Collins as Castiel again my fingers are nearly all covered with these black chalk pencils and it’s almost a wonder that I’m still able to type this short text right now. Actually I don’t think that anyone would read that senseless shit I’m writing right now so I guess I just stop here haha thanks for your attention.