i can't stop the cuteness


Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   

I really want to see Lena interacting with people other than Kara. Like her geeking out about science and technology with Winn, talking about her last photoshoot with James, playing pool with Alex and Maggie.

I wanna hear her talk about her sexuality and mentioning something about how “it was another reason for my mother not to love me” and Maggie just gives her a knowingly look and a soft dimpled smile.

Also Maggie apologizing for arresting her and Lena being like “don’t worry, you were just doing your job”.

And J'onn inviting her to the DEO to help them improve tech stuff because they trust Lena Luthor and believe she is not like her family.

I really wanna see Lena Luthor having friends and feeling loved and supported.


So what if Zoras wipe/clean their mate’s headfins and it’s like someone brushing the hair of their partner/s.o. Anyway, it’s very intimate and personal between them. One day, Link and Sidon are relaxing against each other–maybe Sidon’s resting his head on Link’s lap–and Link just starts idly running his fingers along Sidon’s tail. Sidon perks up and almost immediately just wags his fin out of sheer happiness. 

Maybe it’s the equivalent of Zora kissing? >w>

I saw that t-shirt on amazon and poof, this happened. *shrugs*