i can't stop smiling :')

Okay so today my dad woke me up to show me this article in “Le Journal de Montreal” because he knows I’m into kpop and guys, I’ve never been so proud. I know it’s in French and I can’t really translate it cause I don’t French often. But the gist of the article is about how they’ve been high up on the Itunes chart in Canada both for their album and for the MV.
They also mentioned how they might not be as popular as Psy but that they’re obviously still extremely successful and guys I’m just so proud. They even praised them because they compose and write they’re own lyrics and I’m just so– so happy, I can’t even put it into words. They’re getting recognized all over the world and I’m just so proud they made it into the newpaper in my city. Kpop isn’t super popular in Montreal but here they are, lengends. I honestly can’t believe it. They got recognition here and that’s honestly so amazing, I’m so shook.

(Although they did mention misogynistic parts of War of Hormone and Joke which was kind of unnecessary because old news pls stop but apart from that it only spoke about good things)