i can't stop rewatching this scene


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When your non-canon ship has a break-up scene


I keep rewatching the scene in Delphine’s office because it won’t stop popping up on my dash. Every time I see it, I can’t help but get punched in the gut when Delphine says “Why didn’t you tell me?” after Cosima’s confession about her near death experience. Right before she says it you can see that Delphine is barely holding it together and her entire icy facade just crumbles. That’s the real Delphine and Cosima can finally see how hard this has been on her too. I can’t help but imagine what would have been different if Cosima had told her about her vision right when they were first reunited. Delphine might still have chosen to end things, but she might have been more upfront about her motivations and her plan. But watching the heartbreak on her face when Cosima tells her what happened when she left for Frankfurt, it just hurts deep down in my chest. 

Please don’t ever leave this show, Evelyne. God, she’s too good and she’s finally getting a chance to really shine. And the chemistry between her and Tatiana is unlike anything else on OB, so it would be devastating to lose that.

remember when it was the best sleep he’d had in a very long time?

remember when he wanted to cook her breakfast?

remember the allusive but satisfying smile?

remember THE HANDS?

remember the hair fixing?

remember “a bit of heartbreak and a touch of self-loathing”?

remember “who Tinkerbell said I was destined to be with. I should have listened to that stupid fairy”?

remember THE NOSE KISS?

remember “are you really that much of a pessimist?”

remember her opening up about the book

remember “you’re not the Evil Queen anymore”?

remember “I’d be happy to have more than a conversation”?

remember “Regina, let me help”?

remember “this cannot happen a second time” AND THEN IT DID?

remember him backing her against the wall, THE SMILES, that kiss, more hands, THE LIFT and the squeak at the end?


and I’m probably (definitely) never getting over it

Okay so I know it’s been over a week but I’m still not over the B99 S2 finale.

And every time I rewatch it I press pause on the “how did you know she/he was the one?” scene because not only is it amazing but it’s also super important.

When I watched the ep for the first time I was a liiiiitle disappointed Amy wasn’t the one initiating their first real kiss because I wanted her to let Jake know she feels the same way about him but then I thought about it a lot and hey, I think it’s really significant that with this question Jake goes with the easy thing to say to stay in character (as Johnny) and Amy is the one who decides to go with honesty and says something she really feels as herself and not Dora (”he makes me laugh”).

And I cannot express my love for Jake in this scene, just look at his face when Amy gets asked the question:

The guy who hardly ever takes anyone or anything seriously and is not afraid to mock his own (let’s be honest, quite intimidating) Captain, at that moment is kind of nervous? He wants to look amused but in truth it’s a really hard moment for him because the girl he really cares about (and loves, c’mon it’s so obvious) is about to say something he would really like to hear from her as Jake and not Johnny. He’s been waiting so long for her to feel the same way about him and pretending to be her fiance when all he thinks she really wants is to stay professional is a really dangerous game when feelings are involved. And then she says he makes her laugh and looks at him IN THIS WONDERFUL WAY and he understands what she means and his whole face relaxes and he is so genuinely happy:

And they share these little ‘I hear you, I feel you’ nods and it’s HUGE for them. Such a perfect moment, I love these two dorks so much ♥ ♥ ♥