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비켜줄래 (Get Out of My Way)
탑독 (ToppDogg)
비켜줄래 (Get Out of My Way)

비켜줄래 (Get Out of My Way) [웹툰 독고 OST] - 탑독 (ToppDogg)

(이렇게 더는 살아서 뭐해

(What use is it to live like this any longer?

이렇게 더는 버티지 못해

I can’t stand this anymore

내 곁에 아무도 이젠 없는데

No one is by my side now

벼랑 끝 내 맘을 알지 못해)

No one knows my heart that’s on the edge of a cliff)

This songs dedicated to all the brokenhearts out there

Don’t know what i been through man

Got lost every single day

Damn it was a nightmare

아직 난 두 눈을 감지 못해

I still can’t close my eyes

아직 난 하고 싶은 게 많은데

There’s still so much I want to do

하지만 두려워 내일이란 말

But I’m scared of the word tomorrow

희망이란 말은 내게는 없는데

There’s no such thing as hope for me

Lights off 내 편은 없어 허공만 가르지

Lights off, no one’s on my side. There’s only empty air

Like shadow boxer

Like shadow boxer

Dream chaser 다 옛말

Dream chaser, all in the past

Nobody cares 난 맨발

Nobody cares, I’m barefoot

이미 시작부터 뻔한 게임

It was already an obvious game from the start

심판도 한패 그게 가능해

Even the refs are all on that side, it’s possible

아무 말 못해 그저 입 다무네

But I can’t say anything, I just keep my mouth shut

Everyday’s nightmare 그게 당연해

Everyday’s nightmare, it became natural

날갯짓 한번 못 해본 채 무너져 내린 나의 꿈

Without flapping my wings even once, my dreams are crumbling down

거세게 숨 몰아쉬며 달렸지 더 이상 할 수 없는 호흡

I breathed so hard and ran, but now I can’t breathe anymore

따가운 시선에 구멍나버린 심장

My heart has holes from the judging eyes

메꿔보려 했던 무언의 기 싸움

I tried to fix it with a tense battle

상관없이 이제 나는 나의 길을 가

But now it doesn’t matter, I’m going my own way

난독고다이 무너뜨릴게 내 앞에 모든 벽

I’m on my own and I’ll break down all the walls in front of me

비켜줄래 넌

Will you get out of the way?

나의 아픔을 모르잖아

You don’t know my pain

나의 눈물을 모르잖아

You don’t know my tears

오오오오오 (모르잖아 넌 드라마처럼 뻔한 거 이제와)

(You don’t know, you’re typical like a drama)

이제와 돌이킬 수 없잖아

I can’t turn things around now

비켜줄래 난

Will you get out of the way?

두 눈을 감을 때까지 난

Until I close my eyes

깨어날 수 없는 이 고통에서 악몽에서

I can’t wake up from this pain, this nightmare

영원히헤메일 것만 같아

I’ll be lost in it forever

혼자있는 방에선 아무것도 느낄수 없어 ya

In my room where I’m alone

이제 아무 감정이 없어 ya

I can’t feel anything

넌 내가 될수 없어

I have no emotions

철저하게 혼자로만 남고싶어

You can’t be me, I just want to completely be by myself

나를 버려줘

Leave me alone

Today and tomorrow day and nite 내일이 더 두려워

Today and tomorrow, day and night, I’m more afraid of tomorrow

물어봐내가누군지 그냥 지나가

Ask me who I am, just pass me by

나 또한 너를 무시해 그게 누구든

I’ll ignore you too, whoever you are

세상이 형편없대도 내가 빛이자 아우라니까

Even if the world is terrible, I’m the light and the aura

Don‘t put in about i desire   

Don‘t put in about i desire   

내 편은 없어 난 오직 나뿐

No one’s on my side, I only have myself

누굴 믿는 순간 날아가는 발등 ugh

The moment I trust someone, they leave so quickly, ugh

비켜줄래 넌

Will you get out of the way?

나의 아픔을 모르잖아

You don’t know my pain

나의 눈물을 모르잖아

You don’t know my tears

오오오오오 (이젠 no more 아직도생각해 난 매일)

(Now no more, I still think every day)

이제와 돌이킬 수 없잖아

I can’t turn things around now

비켜줄래 난

Will you get out of the way?

두 눈을 감을 때까지 난

Until I close my eyes

깨어날 수 없는 이 고통에서 악몽에서

I can’t wake up from this pain, this nightmare

영원히헤메일 것만 같아

I’ll be lost in it forever

난 없었어

I had no one

누군갈 찾을 때도

Even when I was looking for someone

난 없었어

I had no one

마지막 순간에도

Even up till the very end

차가운 널 맞이한 나처럼

Like how I faced the cold you

늦은 후회 속에 떠밀렸어

I was pushed away by late regrets

지켜줄게 난

I’ll protect it

싸늘하게식어져갔던 피지 못하고 져갔던 꽃들을 

The cooled and withered flowers that couldn’t bloom

(Get outta my way i got no word to say)

(Get outta my way I got no word to say)

그 꿈들을 눈을 감는 날까지 지킬게

I’ll protect my dreams until the day I close my eyes

지켜줄래 넌

I wanna protect

지켜야만 하는 약속을

The promises that I have to protect

잠겨 질 수도 없는 이 눈물은

These tears that can’t stop

이 슬픔은 지금이 마지막이었다고..

This sadness will be my last

me trying to stay away from TDC videos and pictures.
  • me: *scrolling through Instagram*
  • me: *sees pics and videos*
  • me: well then..
  • me: *closes Instagram *opens Tumblr*
  • me: *sees pics and videos from TDC*
  • me: well.. *closes Tumblr* *opens Twitter*
  • me: WHY!???
  • me: *closes Laptop and turns off phone*
  • me: *cries*

doux-ange  asked:

I'm sad and I can't stop crying. How can I feel better?

when in tears
♡ understand why you are truly crying (tears are beyond spilt milk)
♡ light candles and open windows
♡ play jazz or classical music
♡ drink tea with honey or perhaps lemon
♡ watch films (personally I have just finished sherlock holmes)
♡ read childhood favorite books or watch disney movies
♡ it will be ok (you will eventually forget what you cried about in a few years and that is because of time)

Creepypastas if they had kids..:
  • Jeff: STOP CRYING!!
  • Ben Drowned: *baby cries* Do you play video games..?
  • Laughing Jack: Aww your so cute, I'm gonna kill you when you turn 8 years old HAHAHAHA
  • Eyeless Jack: ..So do you eat kidneys?
  • Slenderman: 'I swear to my sanity if they make me take care of those snot face brats.'
  • Smile Dog: *barks at all of them*
  • Sally: BABIES!!
5SOS Themed Asks
  • She's Kinda Hot: do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • Permanent vacation: if you could live in any fictional world, which one would it be?
  • 18: if you could be any age for a week, which age would it be?
  • Good Girls: have you ever done anything illegal? if so, what?
  • Out of my limit: celebrity crush(es)?
  • Greenlight: best song to play while on a roadtrip?
  • Kiss Me Kiss Me: have you had your first kiss?
  • Outer Space: zodiac sign?
  • Don't Stop: which 5sos song do you always skip?
  • Broken Pieces: when was the last time you cried?
  • Fly Away: if you could have any superpower what would it be?
  • Long Way Home: how many different countries have you been to?
  • I Can't Remember: what was your last dream about?
  • The Only Reason: what's best comfort food to eat when you're sad?
  • Unpredictable: current favorite song?
  • Invisible: what's something about yourself that nobody would guess just by looking at you?
  • Jet Black Heart: pettiest thing you've ever done?
  • Disconnected: what does the last text you sent say?
  • Over and Out: most underrated 5sos song?
  • Never Be: one thing on your bucket list?
BTS  - Playing Slender
  • Jimin: Why am I in a forest, I thought this was a weight loss dvd
  • Rapmon: Come here slender bitch, I got this. Wait why is my screen blacking out? What do you mean I'm not provided with a gun? Where the fuck are my weapons god damnit
  • V: What do I do? Is he my friend? Should I approach him? Oh, I see. I'm playing as a school girl who wants to confess her love to this tall handsome man. Let me approach him and do the native dance of my land *ends up marrying slender*
  • Jungkook: so ur telling me if I find all of these notes that Jimin will leave me alone? *beats the game four times*
  • Jin: *dresses as priest* *puts holy necklace on computer* *lightly douses computer in holy water* can't have my children getting infected with any of those internet demons
  • Suga: *cries because slender is so tall*
  • J-Hope: Oh so you told me this was a game about kittens and happiness, lets start play- why am I in a dark forest, what is this noise, have you tricked me? Please in the name of Holy Hope I trust please tell me you haven't trick- *screams* *jumps out of chair* *breaks entire body* I HATE YOU ALL PLEASE STOP BREATHING
  • Bonus Jimin: Being a tall white demonic thing in a suit isn't a barrier if ur as cute as me

anonymous asked:

My first experience with racism was when I was like 8. Every girl at recess was playing princess and I wanted to join. All the girls stopped playing and told me I wasn't allowed. I asked why an they said because they're are no black princesses. I cried for days after that. They're right I can't be a princess. I'm to busy being a queen.