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“In that one brief moment, I actually wondered if “okay” or something like it might still be possible. But that is how a tragedy like ours or King Lear breaks your heart—by making you believe that the ending might still be happy, until the very last minute.”


Once Upon a Time Corporate Business AU

Part 1/?

Emma Swan’s adopted family always had high hopes for her after they rescued her from the broken foster care system. Emma was just happy to have a family. While she excelled in civics and legal business savvy, the unrelenting pressure from her parents drove her away. When she met and fell in love with Neal, she didn’t hesitate to leave her position at the company to pursue love and happiness in Tallahassee. 

Years later, scorned and betrayed, she is notified that Swan Incorporated is in serious peril. Compromised after a series of bad investments, her parents have been locked out by the other managing partners as they face an attempted hostile takeover by Mills Consolidated. Emma takes her place at the head of the company whilst the management of Swan Incorporated doubt her ability to be an effective CEO. Within the year, she proves their concerns unfounded as she steers her family’s legacy away from catastrophe.

Killian Jones shirked all rules and responsibility for Jones Industries. His bastard of a father always took more of an interest in it than either of his young children until his untimely death from a heart attack. His brother Liam was the one who wanted to be in the business, so Killian spent the majority of his young life boozing and sleeping his way through Europe. Liam always got on him about wasting his potential, but Killian had no interest in winding up like his father.

When tragedy strikes and Liam Jones is killed in a car accident, Killian is the sole heir to the company. The grief jolts Killian out of the pointless waste his life had become, and a heartfelt letter from Liam in his will solidified his resolve. Despite his reticence and inexperience, Killian is a natural leader, and he leads Jones Industries worldwide recognition.

When they cross paths in talks for a partnership, sparks fly.


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The Palmetto State Foxes Dreamcast
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