i can't stop making aus


John: …

Alex: … 

John: So I’m taking that as “one large coffee” for you then.

Alex: …

Alex: Yes, please…

(based off of this post by @dankdotham )

Phoenix and Miles have mock trials to get ready for their cases so they won’t get as tripped up by the persecution. While they both take turns Miles always just does better when playing prosecutor . Gregory likes to poke fun at the fact to ruffle this son’s feathers. 


Bechloe AU: Beca being uncharacteristically romantic on their anniversary

Beca: I’m totally going to sweep you off your feet today. I’m being extra cute 

Chloe:  Haha You’re going to have to be a little bit more convincing. You’re cute and all but romantic…. *coughs* um I’m late to class love you… bye…

Beca: *thinks* “That girl is going to be the death of me” 

[Later that day Beca sends flowers to Chloe’s class in the form of many roses. Each dozen had a note attached with a place and time written. Chloe arrives nervously at the required time and spots the tiny human running towards her like a mad man. She couldn’t help but smirk at her cutie.]

Chloe: I never thought the day would come when Beca Mitchell is a romantic.

Beca: Only for you. If you tell anyone though I would have to kill you.

Leverage Beauty and the Beast AU where Hardison is the nerdy inventor’s son who agrees to stay with the Beast in his father’s place, Eliot is the town’s best hunter who follows Hardison into the woods because he is concerned for his well-being even though he will never admit it, and Parker is the Beast and they have to teach her how to people.

After they break the curse they find the enchantress and rob her blind.

We started singing bye, bye, Miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry

            -American Pie by Don McLean

The water is cool on his burning feet as he wades into the swell, the waves hitting the shore with a faint roar.  It’s high afternoon and he should be home, taking care of Cora, but Laura cancelled an outing with friends at the last minute.  

“Women’s problems.  Go, have fun.”  She had said with a wave of her hand while curled on their chesterfield, a hot compress pressed to her belly, expression twisted in dismay.  

He should have  stayed anyway.  Laura seemed to be in a lot of pain, too much pain to handle a wily Cora, but he could hear the lake calling to him through their open window.  Derek figures he’s allowed to have fun, considering the amount of times he’s taken over caring for Cora when Laura wanted to go to the movies. And so, Derek finds himself with a free afternoon and nothing to do.

The water moves like it breathes, in and out, echoing the whim of the conifer needles, the leaves, the branches on the trees surrounding the breaker walls. This land will always hold a special place in his heart.  

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Shallura Witch Au

Allura is the witch princess and lives in a Nice™ magic tree house with her familiar mustache cat Coran. They live in the moors and spend their days studying magic and selling potions to the locals.

There’s a war going on in the two kindoms near the princess’s forest. And one day a wounded warrior stumbles into the princess’s back yard.

Knight Shiro is the first non-magic company that Allura has had in years. So she promptly takes him in and nurses him back to health.

She also gives him a badass magic prosthetic. Shiro finally wakes up and is in awe of everything around him, especially the princess.

As Shiro is recovering from his battle wounds Allura shows him around the moors. The two develop feelings for each other as they spend time together.

But then Shiros wounds heal and he must return to his country to help end the war. Allura decides to not erase his memory and asks that he come back when the war is over.

After years of fighting the war finally ends and Shiro returns to Allura. The two confess to one another and live together In the forest forever. The End.