i can't stop looking at the second one


GUYS. So, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but I keep watching this trailer and I realized something: in the first screenshot it looks like Zelda is trying to protect Link and then in the second one Link is trying to protect Zelda. I just have so many feels right now oh my god this game is going destroy me


well it was nice knowing you anchan


Ren has no chill. Ren stopped thinking at “accident”.
Inks and colours by me, editing @kromitar (they made this look so good)!

Coffee shop AU

That feeling...

That feeling when you see your crush even for one short second and make your whole day complete. ‘Cause even if you know that he will never come to look at you the same way you do to him, you can’t help. Since you’ve fallen for him so hard that you forget your surroundings and smile like an idiot, everytime you walk by him. 

“I don’t really know why I’m still hoping.”

One day Therese comes home from work, tired and with a little headache.
First thing she realizes is that the record she gave to Carol it’s playing, but when she calls Carol there’s no answer. She goes to their room and sees the bathroom’s door ajar.

For a brief second, and inexplicably, Carol looks guilty for being caught relaxing and taking a bath, but when their eyes meet she is looking at her in that way that despite of months of being together, still makes her blush a little.

Without wasting time, Therese starts to discard her clothes slowly while Carol’s eyes follow every move. Carol feels her body warm and no due to the water. But when Therese joins her in the tub and her body molded against hers, back against her chest, the need of pamper her becomes stronger. She hugs her by the waist, pulling her the closest she can against her, leaving a soft kiss at the back of Therese’s neck when she hears her sigh delightedly.

Therese closes her eyes while resting her head against Carol’s shoulder, feeling how the hands in her stomach start to move, fingertips drawing figures in her skin lovingly and soft lips brushing her temple, kissing their way up to her forehead slowly. She can feel the tears against her eyelids at the overwhelming feeling of being loved and cherished as never before.

They lose sense of time, losing themselves in each other between caresses, kisses and sweet nothings whispered against their lips and ears, completely unaware of the cooling water.

  • me fangirling over 1D: awe omg they look so cute look at Niall's smooth angelic face

so tumblr suggested another one of those stupid spam blogs where you can “watch gravity falls season 2 episode whatever”

and i usually ignore them with no second thought, as i would’ve for this one

except this was the picture they featured for the episode:

LMAO! I apologize for the ugliness again, but when a point is to be made, about how obviously they are STRANGERS and nothing but, the Nnobody is necessary.

Kerry’s like “um well hello?? Down here??” He’s like “Ooh! Who’s the hot guy over there?” And look at the body language.

But this second one is even better

LMFAO you can fit a house in between. And Kerry’s like “Tired of this shit SMH”. She has hands in her pockets and holding purse, he’s got one hand out holding whatever on earth it is (phone and something else?) and the other in his pocket. No touching, no interacting, no nothing.. And he is NEVER looking at her LMAO.

When an actual couple is at a party:

Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks
[chapter six] is up!


“You’ve got to let me give you something.”

Alec realizes the trap he’d walked into the second the words are out of his mouth.

Magnus smirks at him. “What else are you offering?”

Alec acts exasperated with a single breathy huff, but doesn’t bother trying to stop the inevitable uptick of his lips. “I mean it. I don’t know what would’ve happened if Max never had these lessons.”

“You would have figured it out,” Magnus says, waving Alec’s praise away with a hand.

And like hell he’s going to let him. “No. I thought everything was fine before. I thought Max was tense because of his past, and it would get better with time. But it never would have. It was more than that.” Alec shuts his mouth and opens it and shuts it. Scratches at his stubble and then drops his hands down to absently rub at his wrist. “He’s happier now. He used to have these breakdowns, but he hasn’t had one since he met you.”

Either it’s the faint light from the stained glass windows or Magnus’s cheeks go a little pink. “Alec, you’re being far too flattering.”