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Second Task AU
  • Harry: *sees hostages and goes for Hermione*
  • merman: No! This one is yours. *points*
  • Harry: Uh, excuse you, no. That's Malfoy
  • merman: *gestures again violently because he doesn't understand Harry underwater*
  • Harry, perplexed, distracted, and kind of offended: *frees Malfoy and drags him to the surface*
  • Everyone: GASP! CHATTER!
  • Dumbledore: AMAZING, HARRY
  • Harry: But sir, there must have been some mistake. I wouldn't miss Mal–
  • Dumbledore: Oh Harry. So young. So unaware. Just trust me on this one
  • Harry: Wait, you mean you're the one who–
  • Harry: But–
  • Dumbledore: Harry, stop lying to yourself. Literally the whole staff agreed something had to be done.
  • Snape, from the stands: Excuse me, I did not–
  • Harry: *looks at Draco*
  • Draco: *shrugs and bites lip*
  • Harry: *heart suddenly thudding* Er–
  • Draco: Just kiss me, Potter
  • Harry: *lunges*
  • Dumbledore: OH MY SHIPPER HEART, I CAN'T

I’m a very troubling thing - I’m the good and the bad. I make your head spin and your fists clench, but I can make your nose crinkle and breathe at ease. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a headache and sometimes you don’t understand why you do the things that you do; but I can tell you that it’s all because of me. I can make your eyes flood with tears and your chest feel empty while your lungs slowly start to collapse because it finally hit you that I’m all too much. I can and I will pull you in all different directions. Because I don’t make sense, and I never will. But, you cannot live without me; I give you life, I give you hope, I am your home. Through all those tears, and all those scars, all that emptiness - I am everything you’ve ever wanted. I am the one thing you will spend your whole life looking for. Because I can make your heart stop, dead in its tracks, and bring it back to life in one split second.

I am love.

—  c.f. // “you cannot live without me”

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Ugh, I'm not loving this safe mode. (Mind, I'm 27, so I should be able to turn off) But everytime I look to turn it off in feneral settings, it isn't an option. I don't know if it's glitching out for other people, but I can't revisit all of your audios now :(

(27 year old anon) Safe mode won’t even let me see the audio of Yuri confessing to Otabek’s mom and that one is INNOCENT! Why does the staff flag THAT while there are LITERAL pornbots that are untouched!? I don’t know why but now I’m going to have to make a SECOND account if Tumblr doesn’t stop glitching. And just to be safe, I’m signing up as a 90 year old instead of a 27 year old.

I understand because it’s happening to me too and honestly I have no idea why Tumblr is being a fuck like this again. Honestly, they’re flagging Moana gifs and things like that too and I just??? Can Tumblr just fuck off for 2.5?

Last night my mum and I came out of the Palace Theatre and we couldn’t find our way back to the underground tube station. ANTHONY BOYLE ASKED US IF WE NEEDED HELP ANS WAKED US TO THE STATION. He saw the Cursed Child jumper I was wearing and asked if we saw the performance, I said yes and then he told me that he played Scorpius (don’t judge me it was dark and he looks different without the wig) and I nearly died. He begged us not to make a big deal of it because he didn’t want to be crowded but he took a photo with us when we got to the station. He said he recognised me because we were in the second row and I was the first one to stand up to clap when they came out on stage at the end! Anyway I had a heart attack and I haven’t stopped smiling 😆😆

Nadalind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 6 x 13 Deleted scene

Wu: If I lost any one of you, I think I would have just quit…everything.

Adalind:  I don’t even want to think about what that would be like.

I just can’t get over the way Nick is looking at Adalind. So intense. He can’t stop looking at her. She is talking about not wanting to even think about a life without him because it would be too much…Devastating.  And he can actually confirm it because he actually knows what it feels like to lose her and it broke him. He was lost without her. But he got her back. A second chance. A reset. She is the one for him. This is love. 

Waaah. I miss them! 


well it was nice knowing you anchan


Ren has no chill. Ren stopped thinking at “accident”.
Inks and colours by me, editing @kromitar (they made this look so good)!

Coffee shop AU


the cutest;ㅅ;)/♥

  • Me: Night sweetie
  • My husband: Goodnight honey... wait, are you really going to bring that thing into bed? Again? When are you going to get rid of that thing???
  • Me: Get rid of it? How could you say that about my husbando.
  • My husband: I don't give a shit what that is I am not sharing a bed with it.
  • Me: This is just what Carol said you'd say
  • My husband: Wow *scoffs* so now you're talking about me behind my back? Is that what we're doing now??? Talking about each other with third parties that WE KNOW ARE GOING TO BLAB ABOUT IT?!
  • Me: You are so possessive, you know that, right?! And yes, Carol is a bit loose lipped but the fact that you want to hide this in the first place shows that there is something wrong.
  • My husband: Well there is something wrong. I feel like we're drifting apart, and that picture is just another wall between us. Am I not enough for you?! Why do you need him as well? He's not even real!
  • Me: I've told you, I get night terrors, And Ryuji helps with them.
  • My husband: And? I sleep right next to you, why can't you look to me for help?!
  • Me: ugh... it's not the same.
  • My husband: Great. My own spouse trusts a piece of paper more than me.
  • Me: Come on, Greg, does everything have to stem from your inferiority complex?
  • My husband: My what?
  • Me: You know, your inferiority complex. The reason you won't let me do the groceries alone, or why you're having an affair!
  • My husband: Wha- no, I... How did you know?
  • Me: Come on. You come home late from the office smelling of their deodorant and expect me not to notice? You let your insecurities tell you that you weren't good enough for me so you cheated on me to relieve that pressure. If I broke up with you it would because of that, not because of your horrible personality.
  • My husband: Really now?!
  • Me: Yep. The only reason I stuck around after that was for the kids.
  • My husband: Well at least I'm not in a codependent relationship with a fictional character!
  • Me, to my picture: Don't worry Ryu-baby, it's just the Jealousy talking.
  • Me: Look what you've done, you've woken up the kids!
  • My daughter: Dad, why are you yelling?
  • My husband: it's nothing sweetie, we're just-
  • Me: breaking up! Me and your father are breaking up.
  • My little son: What? No, you can't!
  • Me: Sorry Tommy, but this was a long time coming. Me and your father have just started to grow apart.
  • My husband: what are you doing?
  • Me, as I pick up my keys: leaving with my kids.
  • My husband: They're my kids too.
  • Me: Doesn't seem like it. After all, you always come home late. You barely even spend time with them. Or me, as a matter of fact. That doesn't matter though, because Ryuji has always been there for me when you weren't.
  • My husband: Oh for fuck's sake!
  • Me: Goodbye Greg, and kids, say hello to your new Step-Dad.
  • My husband: What the fuck?
  • Me: You can get married to pieces of paper. It's 2035, stop being so close minded. After the waifu wars of the 2020s fictional characters gained the right to marry too.
  • My husband: ...
  • Me: Ok kids, into the mini-van. We're staying over at nana's house for a while!

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Red, I really need help. I need to clean my apartment because movers are coming in two days to take everything to another country. My husband has left me in charge and I just... fell apart by myself. There's flies everywhere, the rice cooker is filled with maggots. It's like no one has lived here for months and it looks like a sewer... I'm having a massive panic attack and can't really face up to all the work that needs to be done. I want to just... disappear

Hey, listen to me for a second, now we’re gonna breathe. Stop for a second wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Breathe until you’re doing it calmly and then open your eyes again, alright? 

Now, with a bit more clarity of mind, I want you to know it’s okay. It might be a lot of work but nothing’s impossible if you organise everything and pace yourself properly. All you need is a plan and a bit of mental order and I can help with that. Don’t think about all the things you need to do, pick one single task, and complete it. Pick a room, say the kitchen, since you mentioned it, and forget about the rest of the house completely for a minute. You have enough time, I promise you. 

Grab a bin bag and throw in anything that’s rubbish in the room, anything that can go straight into the trash can. Any leftover food, useless garbage, throw it all out. Once you’re done with that, clean the rice cooker. If you have any dirty dishes that need washing, do that after the rice cooker. If you have any bug spray, get rid of the flies. If not, don’t pay attention to them for now, just clean around the room and leave the windows open. They will leave once everything’s clean. Pick your tasks, one by one, baby steps… don’t overwhelm yourself. 

Clean the dishes, then clean the cupboards, then the counters, then the fridge, and then floors. Do it like this, and follow the same rule for the rest of the rooms, focus on one thing at a time. Calmly, and breathe. Remember to breathe. You’ve got time. You can do it, step by step. 

Good luck, baby. 



GUYS. So, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but I keep watching this trailer and I realized something: in the first screenshot it looks like Zelda is trying to protect Link and then in the second one Link is trying to protect Zelda. I just have so many feels right now oh my god this game is going destroy me

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I'm reading what you say about your boyfriend, and you two are so cute. Please continue to be happy, because I hope I can find a relationship like yours. Best of luck to you two!

We’ve been through hell and high water both apart and with each other. Do you know that the first day we met, it’s because he literally flew across the country to get me out of an abusive situation that I felt I could not leave on my own? I hadn’t seen or talked to him prior to that day I packed up all my things and never looked back at something that had been a part of my life for 7 years.

Then half a year later, I got him out of his similarly abusive situation. Only way to return the favor, fam. lol

He’s seen me at my absolute worst, and vice versa. We’ve most def had our ups and downs like any relationship. There have been times that neither of us thought that our relationship would survive it. BUT WE STILL HERE, DORKY ASF

(Not a great pic of us but it was on Halloween and he made my Cleopatra costume for me)

… and here’s one that LV was like “OH I SEE OLDER!GLADIO” and I was like “…look, he was pissed when older!Gladio appeared cause he ain’t want his least fave chocobro to look like him at all”

His hair is longer than mine and I’m salty about it, but lemme stop before I gush forever about mah mans

I don’t like to be trite and say corny things like “everyone will find their soulmate someday!” But I do trust that you’ll stumble across something fulfilling and life-changing when you least expect it, anon. Because that’s how it seems to always happen. May your kind words and blessings given to me help expedite your fortune.

petition for more wlw representation in the “it’s the morning after and I am wandering around your house wearing just your button-down” trope

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Okay but seriously, sometimes I get overwhelmed with these feelings of... of I don't even know what to call it. Extreme destiny for others? You know.. there are just some roles that are just MEANT to be played by specific people at specific points in time? Like how perfect is it that RDJ is cast as Tony Stark and how it almost makes me righteously angry that Chris Evans is this beautiful creature that is just so innately STEVE and I just - ... I can't even describe it. It gives me life.

(Part 2) Because I can’t seem to stop: Like I look at gif sets of Tony in IM1 speaking to Pepper about her birthday and it just -… it will never NOT make me grin like an idiot because there’s this fascinating, amazing person playing Tony Stark who’s been given a second chance in life and it can literally be NO ONE ELSE on the planet to give Tony Stark that life and smirk and grin and make his stupid little endearing faces that I can’t stop staring at. There has to be something to that…

I really think RDJ identifies with Tony and his redemption arc very much.  I think he has even said so explicitly, though I’m not all that familiar with his interviews.  But, whatever the reason, whether it is sheer talent, destiny or some deeper understanding of and connection to the character, he really embodies Tony so well.  I trust him more than the writers, to be honest.  

And Chris is just perfect. Because, really, that is a tougher sell in many ways, being the “straight man” without making it corny.  Giving Steve a real personality under all that Americana is such a fine line to walk and Chris does it brilliantly.  In lesser hands, Cap would be a walking joke, but instead, he has real gravitas.  I’m in awe of both of them.  I know the MCU and the actors must move on one day, but I really will miss these two.

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Daniella hears someone say "why is Benny even with Usnavi when he can do so much better?" and she's like "not on my watch" and spreads rumors about Usnavi being the Ultimate Sex Kitten (her exact words) who's perfect in bed and suddenly every gay in Washington Heights wants a piece of Usnavi (who is just confused as Benny is perpetually like "what the fuck leave my man alone I can't turn my back for five seconds to get a drink without like five dudes crowding him I don't deserve this ???")

Benny is confused and annoyed by all the people hitting on his man, but also a little amused at how completely taken aback Usnavi is. Like, Usnavi just keeps looking over at Benny with this absolutely perplexed expression on his face, silently begging him to come help.

So Benny just walks over with a fake kind of nonchalance and pulls Usnavi into a deep, slow kiss, making everyone around them watch it.

People stop hitting on Usnavi as much after that, but it was one of the hottest kisses anyone there had ever seen.

I love our fandom, because our reaction to literally anything Ed does is just to love him more:
  • Seriously though, examples.
  • Ed *has long hair*: oh God it's so sexy and rough and dear God he just looks so wild and untamed.
  • Ed *has short hair*: aww, he looks so little and I just wanna ruffle it, it looks so fuzzy and cute!
  • Ed *loses weight*: aww baby, we're so proud you look so good oh my God how you're so amazing!
  • Ed *gains weight*: aww precious Teddy Bear don't be sad, you're so beautiful and cuddly and everyone loves you so much aww I just wanna hug you!
  • Ed *has loads of tattoos*: God, they look so good and so colourful I just wanna touch them wow!
  • Ed *posts old pic with no tattoos*: oh my God, such foetus feels, he's such a baby aww!
  • Ed *tries to be cute*: AWWW you're literally the most adorable creature in creation I want to hug you so much!
  • Ed *tries to be sexy*: dear sweet Jesus Christ don't do this to me you're literally the God of sex stop, I can't!
  • Ed *makes millions of snap chats*: wow guys look at this Ed's so cool and he loves us so much, look at him talking to us!
  • Ed *goes on long hiatus*: aww Ed, we're so proud of you, you deserve this so much, we're all here for you we love you Ed!
  • So if Edward Christopher Sheeran thinks for one second we're not going to be here when he gets back then by God he's got another thing coming!
  • Keep being amazing, fandom : 3