i can't stop laughing everytime

Hirose Tomoki 091215 Ameblo (extract)

For instance my hairstyle, or the colour (of my hair), I have unknowingly kept thinking about doing an image change.
I don’t know if it will suit me but I’ve been constantly thinking about it.
But, I can’t change it however I want, it is best for me if I change it according to how the production wants it but it’s “that”, I can’t really find the right timing (^-^)
When I receive my work, (the character has) black hair, the length (of the character’s hair) remains as long (as my current hair), many times I receive (characters) that has an image as per usual (my current image).

Something like a perm! Something like blond hair! Even bald!
I want to do it _____ ! (T/N: I don’t know how to translate ピシャっと to make it fit into the sentence)

Hm? Yes yes (^^)
I know that you wanted to say that straight black hair suits me (^-^)?
Thank you thank you (^o^)
But you know, if I changed it to Jobim (T/N: a songwriter), won’t it be fresh?
Definitely not Jobim but if I ever encounter the opportunity I will warmly accept it (^^)

I knew it, I posted yesterday’s picture before, I’m sorry (´・_・`)
As expected when I become unwilling (to post a photo), I become unclear on whether I have posted it before or not, that’s why I will do it like how I usually do it and not be unwilling (laughs).

You may think that this (photo) looks the same as before but there’s a subtle change in the expression!


It’s because I was playing love live!
My manager-san sneakily took this photo!