i can't stop laughing everytime

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I literally can't stop laughing everytime I see your profile picture! It looks like she's having an existential crisis and is just staring off into space like a buffoon!

She have witnessed the deep secrets of the universe, the meaning of life itself, the true essence of the soul… all in a little fruit 

Hirose Tomoki 091215 Ameblo (extract)

For instance my hairstyle, or the colour (of my hair), I have unknowingly kept thinking about doing an image change.
I don’t know if it will suit me but I’ve been constantly thinking about it.
But, I can’t change it however I want, it is best for me if I change it according to how the production wants it but it’s “that”, I can’t really find the right timing (^-^)
When I receive my work, (the character has) black hair, the length (of the character’s hair) remains as long (as my current hair), many times I receive (characters) that has an image as per usual (my current image).

Something like a perm! Something like blond hair! Even bald!
I want to do it _____ ! (T/N: I don’t know how to translate ピシャっと to make it fit into the sentence)

Hm? Yes yes (^^)
I know that you wanted to say that straight black hair suits me (^-^)?
Thank you thank you (^o^)
But you know, if I changed it to Jobim (T/N: a songwriter), won’t it be fresh?
Definitely not Jobim but if I ever encounter the opportunity I will warmly accept it (^^)

I knew it, I posted yesterday’s picture before, I’m sorry (´・_・`)
As expected when I become unwilling (to post a photo), I become unclear on whether I have posted it before or not, that’s why I will do it like how I usually do it and not be unwilling (laughs).

You may think that this (photo) looks the same as before but there’s a subtle change in the expression!


It’s because I was playing love live!
My manager-san sneakily took this photo!

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東方神起 / 「TREE」SPOT<世界の木々>編

Trans (by me, pls credit if you’re taking this trans elsewhere (as sucky as it might be) ):

Man (Naturalist C.W. Nicol):

“Hello, I am C.W. Nicol. I came here to see the world’s many trees. Each tree has its own individuality, it’s an amazing field of study. However, there is no other tree that is as beautiful and sexy as this tree.” /points at TVXQ’s Tree

“This was C.W. Nicol.” /poses with TVXQ’s Tree







Talking with Soup - Vic Fuentes.

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I can't stop laughing everytime the antis said "it's not about the couples it's about the development" yeah sure. Where were these people when Sakura got 0 screentime in the final arc? where were they when Naruto got Jesus powers and made Sakura healing abilities useless? why did nobody give a fuck when Karin forgave Sasuke but went bat shitcrazy when Sakura did? why did nobody care that every fucking villian had a change of heart but when Sasuke did it ruined his character?

AMEN! They always say “chapter 699 and 700 doesn’t exist” which indicates that YES, they are only talking about the ships because that’s basically all that happened in those last two chapters. They are definitely just pissed about the ships and are trying to cover it up by saying “oh it’s a lot of other things, not just the ships.” Please. xD