i can't stop laughing about this line

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  • on a nighttime walk, Priya did a pogo-stick leap straight up in the air to catch a moth dancing around a street light. She made it to nose height, I’d guess. (I’m 5′3″.)
  • Chalo and Priya both really like plantain chips.

I love how Urie’s reaction to Donato’s attempt at manipulation was replying somewhere along the lines of: “nah man, are we even talking about the same person? Sasaki doesn’t know what he’s doing 99% of the time, 1% being when the lead is not his.”

because it goes to show how well he knows him

Kaneki, who, by the way, confirmed that Urie’s right just one page before that very scene:

“this sounded like a better plan in my head”

“where is this train even headed”


So I was just thinking about Harry and Louis reading fics right. And like CAN YOU IMAGINE THEM JUST TRYING TO RECREATE THE SMUT?! Like Louis getting pissed like “FER FOOKS SAKE HAROLD WHUT D’YA MEAN I ‘AV TO PUT ME LEG O’ER YER SHOULDAH I’M STILL ON ME STOMACH?” “WHAT D’YA MEAN YA MISSED THE LINE WHERE I FLIPPED OVA?” oh god I can’t stop laughing. Why am I like this?

ok so i’m watching this v live from sometime during run era, and they were reading comments and one was like ‘jungkook is turning twenty soon what will the members give him as a gift’ or something along those lines. and they kinda just all start laughing and talking over each other and yoongi looks over at jungkook (jungkook is looking at yoongi) and yoongi points to his lips and idk what yoongi was trying to tell jungkook butmy first thought was that yoongi’s gift to jungkook would be a kiss and i’m fuckin dying