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Joker x Harley Quinn  (fanfic I’ll never finish)

-Joker and Harley fight. Harley leaves. Henchmen bring her back. Henchmen leave and Joker talks to Harley.

*****FLASHBACK - to the fight that made Harley leave **** 

“You’re so weak! Why do I even keep you around? All you do is mess things up for me!”

Joker yelled, stalking towards her and backhanded her across the cheek.

Anger blinded Harley’s rational thoughts and before she knew it, her open hand had hit him across the face right back. As soon as her slap hit him, all anger disappeared. Like the sound of skin hitting skin had flipped a switch in her mind and her anger was gone, and replacing it was guilt.

“Puddin,” Her mouth dropped open in shock, “I’m so sorry.” Tears filled her eyes and regret filled her stomach.

For a second, Joker eyes seemed almost as shocked as she was and then he blinked, his eyes flashed and fury was the only emotion Harley saw. She kept apologizing as he advanced towards her, his hands grasping onto her neck and cutting off her air supply. He shook her as she cried.

“How dare you!” Joker’s voice was so guttural, so furious, “You mess up my business deal, cheat me out of millions, and then strike me like it’s my fault?”

The tears flooded down Harley’s face as he slammed her head into the wall and stars rose in her vision. Joker pushed her up against the wall, caging her with his body, his arms shook with rage around her neck. His growls were enough to make a lion tremble.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Harley kept repeating her voice horse from the lack of air. But still she repeated her apology, for her slap for her stupidity, she kept apologizing until all her air was gone and she was just mouthing the words. Still she apologized, black spots appeared in her vision and just as she was about to pass out, Joker let her go.

Gasping for air she didn’t deserve, Harley fell to the floor at his feet. The black in her vision started to clear. Now the only object obscuring her vision was her tears as she continued to cry. Out of the corner of her eye, Harley saw Joker disappear out of the bedroom door. Gunshots sounding in the hallway as his fury raged on. She heard the front door slam a few moments after that.

Harley followed the Joker’s path out of the bedroom door, she almost tripped over a body laying facedown on the floor. A dead henchmen, his blood staining the carpets. Harley bent down, pushing the dead henchmen’s body over and grabbing his large abandoned gun. She held the gun in her hands and walked towards the door. She didn’t deserve to be in this house, didn’t deserve Mr. J. He was right it was her fault, her fault, her fault. Harley reached the front door and tore it open.

“Ms. Quinn,” One of the nameless henchmen spoke, “Remember, Mr. J doesn’t like it when you leave like-“

Harley fired off the weapon behind her, not even looking to see if she hit her target. She opened the front door and ran out of it. The pouring rain cleared her thoughts, woke her up, she walked right into the street. Shooting a driver as they sped towards her and stole their car.

Then, she drove.


Harley started to cry again at her memory. Now, she was now seated on the floor of a motel. She didn’t know exactly where she was, somewhere outside of Gotham she supposed. Harley also wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting in the motel room, only that the daylight outside had turned dark. She had driven with blurry vision until she happened upon this motel on the side of the road, bodies littered the floor in the lobby and hallways until Harley had found an empty room. My fault.

Every time they fought, Joker left to get the rest of his anger out by killing everyone he came in contact with. Then he would come back to their bed and hold Harley close to him all night long, in his own way of apologizing. But it wasn’t he who needed to apologize now.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Harley perked up as she heard people running, from how much sound they were making, Harley assumed it was men. And there were a lot of them. From sound alone, Harley figured there were more than ten. Maybe more than twenty. The cops?  The sound of running grew louder and louder, doors now started to slam open. They were in the hallway Harley was in. Harley check the bullets in her gun, she gripped the gun and pointed it at the door.

She heard doors being opened slowly now, she could imagine the police opening the doors as if a wild lion was behind them. Slow, careful not to disrupt the lion. What they didn’t know was this lion was already disturbed. This lion was prepared to pounce.

The feet were finally at Harley’s door, she readied her finger on the trigger of the gun and waited. Maybe this will make me feel better. The door knob turned slowly and the door opened even slower. Suddenly, Harley had a gun pointed at her too. Until the person on the others side of the door realized who they were pointing a gun at.

“Frosty?” Harley felt like smiling. He was in a tux, like always, with a bullet proof vest over it. Behind him were masked henchmen, in weird funny masked that could only be from Mr. J’s mind. Harley’s heart broke. My fault.

“Ms. Quinn, I need you to come back with us. Mr. J is expecting you.” Frost let out a sigh of relief, almost like his life was on the line. Harley’s giggle was hysterical, it probably was.

Harley walked out of the door of her motel room and towards the exit. She climbed into the front seat of a expensive black escalade. Frost and a few henchmen joined her, not looking or talking to her much. Like they were told not too. Frost was making a phone call.

“Boss?” Harley could hear Mr. J’s grumbled reply on the other side, “We got her. Driving back now. Do you want to talk to her?”  

Harley was hopeful for a moment, staring at the phone in Frost’s hand. Trying to hear what was said on the other side. Frost hung up the phone, he started the car, and turned onto the highway as if the phone call had never happened. More tears sprang to her eyes, she turned towards the window of the car so the henchmen couldn’t see.  My fault. My fault. My fault.


“Ms. Quinn?” Frost asked, his eyes down, “Boss wants to talk to you.”

Harley grasped the phone like a lifeline, she wished the henchmen weren’t in the car. One glance at them and they all turned their heads, all but plugged their ears. Frost started the car and turned onto the highway.

“Puddin?” Harley asked in an innocent tone, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to-“

“Come straight to my office when you get home.” He hung up.

The car ride was silent except for Harley’s quick crying breaths.

Harley walked toward Joker’s office with only Frost in front of her. Frost opened the door to Mr. J after knocking twice. He walked through the door and she followed him in. Mr. J was seated at his desk, his chair was turned away from the door. As they entered, he turned around. A

“Sit down.” Joker pointed at the seat across from his desk. His anger radiated off of him.

“Puddin, I missed you-“

He stopped her with a hand and pointed at the seat again. Harley sighed and walked to sit in the seat. Joker took a deep breath in and out before he started speaking, his eyes hadn’t left her face. She hadn’t even seen him blink yet.

“Would you like to explain why you didn’t come home?”

“You made an oath to me.” Joker placed his hands on either armrest of her chair, caging her in. “You belong to me.”

“If you leave again-“ Joker’s lips were an inch away from her.

Harley shook her head immediately, “I won’t.”

“If you do,” His hands clasped around the top of her arms tightly, “this will end very differently.”


“You belong to me.” Joker said clearly, deadly, “Don’t you remember your oath?”

“Yes, of course I do.” Harley’s eyes stayed locked on his, “I live for you. That’s been true since I met you, it will always be true.”

“Are you still mine?” Joker leaned towards her.

“I’ll always be yours.” Harley answered … “You know that, Mr. J.”

Joker ran a hand through his hair and walked around the desk until he was stood in front of Harley.

“Now, since daddy is so forgiving. I’m gonna let you sleep on the couch tonight and not the bench outside.” Joker said, leaning close and placing his hands on the armrests of her chair.

“No, puddin.” Harley cried, quickly cupping his face with her hands, “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. It’s so cold on the couch.”

He tried to twist out of her hands but she held on, running her thumbs over his cheeks softly.

“Get a blanket.” Joker snapped, “Harley, I don’t like to punish you but I can’t just let you walk out like that.”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. J.” Harley brought her face close to his, “I won’t do it again, I promise I won’t. Please, J.” Her lips were a breath against his she moved her arms to wrap around his shoulders, holding him close to her.  

Joker wasn’t backing down, “Enough.” He tore his body out of her hands and slicked back his hair again, “If you don’t stop now, I’m going to make your punishment more severe.”

Harley stood up out of her chair and ran her hands down his chest, “How severe, daddy?” She put on her most innocent voice.

“Harley.” He grabbed her hands in a tight grip. “You’re on thin ice. Go away or you’ll be sleeping on the bench outside with one hand missing.”

Harley lowered her eyes in defeat…

She slowly wrapped her arms around his chest, resting her cheek against his heart, hugging him tightly. His arms stayed at his sides.

“I missed you so much.”

Harley sat down beside him silently, he didn’t move. His head still in his hands. Harley moved to wrap her arms around his shoulders and he pushed her away.

“Harley,” He growled, “Don’t test my patience.”

“Puddin,” She whispered, “I’m sorry. Please.” She hesitantly wrapped her arm around his shoulder. “It will never happen again, I promise.” She whispered, slowly gently pushing his head onto her shoulder… Harley stroked her fingers through his hair softly, helping him to relax against her.

… He growled into her skin, his head twitched back and forth a few times, and then finally he relaxed. He took a deep breath and let her hold him.

After a long while, … She didn’t know how long they sat like that. Her holding him and apologizing softly. Joker purring and growling against her neck… like his head and his body were at war with one another.

A long time later… Joker pushed off her shoulder and quick as lightning, had her chin in between two of his fingers.

“If you ever leave again,” Joker growled, bringing his face close so she heard every syllable of his threat, “this will end very differently.”

“I won’t.” Harley shook her head as best she could with him holding her face OR Harley’s eyes stayed locked with his, the finality in her promise clear.

Joker took a deep breath. In, out. Then rested his forehead against hers.


Joker stared at her unblinking until the answer in her eyes became clear (???).

“You belong to me.” Joker’s lips brushed her as he talked.

“Forever.” Harley promised.

Harley’s eyes stayed locked with his, the finality in her promise clear.

“I’m sorry, J.” Harley whispered in her most innocent tone, “It won’t ever happen again. I’m so sorry.”

Joker stared at her for a while longer. …

“You’re lucky I’m so forgiving.” He said finally.

Harley smiled, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and hugging him tightly.

“I missed you so much.” She felt tears hit her eyes again.

Harley tears had finally ceased around three in the morning. She was curled up on the couch unable to sleep without Joker next to her. …

(???) Even with her eyes closed, she saw a light turn on and a door open.  … She opened her eyes and saw Joker’s silhouette in the light of the open door. He looked at her and seemed to find that her eyes were open.

He snapped his head back and forth, growled, and then rose two fingers and motioned her towards him. Harley was immediately on her feet and running towards him. She stopped in front of him. … Joker cupped a hand underneath her chin and forced her to look at him in the eyes.

“Don’t ever leave again.” Joker demanded slowly so she heard every word … and the threat behind them.

“Never again. I promise, puddin.” She promised desperate for his forgiveness.

“Harley,” He clinched and unclenched his free hand, “I will not tell you this again. This is my final warning. If you walk out-“ He cut himself off squeezing his hand under her chin, closing off her air supply.

Harley couldn’t help the desire that rose in her lower stomach.

“It won’t happen again.” Harley … declared.

Joker held her eyes for one second more and then let her go.

“Get in bed.” He said finally.

“Thank you, puddin.” Harley smiled, walking into the bedroom and climbing in. Joker shut the door, bathing them both in darkness.

They both lay still for a moment, Harley knew he was still angry at her. That he wasn’t in the mood to forgive her yet. But she was back in their bed, so that was a good sign. She tried to disguise moving closer to him as trying to find a comfortable spot, she ended up rolled up her side about an inch away from him. Not touching. Harley’s body burned, she wanted to touch him so badly.

… Harley looked up at his face in the darkness… she knew he wasn’t asleep. Usually the only way he could was when she massaged his scalp and body. …

Harley hesitantly, bravely, placed her head on his chest over his heart.

Immediately the Joker pushed her away from him.

“Don’t test me, Harley.” He said, “I’m still mad at you.”

“Yes, sir.” Harley decided to play good, wanting so badly to be back on his good(???) side. She scooted away from him.

A few more minutes passed of silence, Harley didn’t move. She tried to hold back her tears… Joker’s head was snapping back and forth. His growl like an angry lion who hadn’t been fed in days. … Suddenly, his arm grabbed her wrist and pulled her against him.


Request: You should write a soulmate AU where they have the first words their soulmate says written somewhere on their body with Thomas jefferson/Reader

Warnings:  none :)

Tags: @predomina-buna

Notes: and another one has been written
Kill me now


Soulmates. A concept so familiar yet, so different.

Letters, a sentence, something was engraved onto everyone once they reached the age of 12.

Someone was bound to you since they were born; since you were born.

Most people found theirs early on; others weren’t as lucky.

Most gave up.

Some didn’t.

You didn’t care much, but it didn’t hurt to try.



You stared at the back of your hand, the words “y’aint” engraved in such a delicate handwriting on the skin. You grimaced at the word.

“Who in the world uses y’aint?” You questioned aloud, obviously a little frustrated at the odd word. Your friend, Peggy Schuyler, glanced over at you, noticing your frustrated state.

‘Is that even grammatically correct?” You rubbed your temples in frustration. Why was y’aint a word you thought to yourself, scowling. You felt a hand on your shoulder and you looked up to see your friend. You sighed and put your head down on the table. Peggy grinned at you, obviously giving off the connotation that she had something planned.

“(Y/N)~” You grunted in acknowledgement of her presence. Her grin grew wider.

“I set you up on a da-” You jerked your head up and glared at her. She merely laughed at you.

“Don’t you dare continue that senten-” Peggy pulled you out from your seat and finished what she was saying earlier.

“I set you up on a date with my someone I know~”

“Stop right there. I am not going.” Peggy glanced at you with a sort of…puppy dog eyes. You held your ground.

“Please (Y/N?)? It’s going to be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!” You rolled your eyes. She pulled on your sleeve like a child would. You huffed.

“Fine. One condition though.” She cheered while you rubbed your temples; what had you gotten yourself into.

“Anything! What is it?” She questioned, looking at you for your response.

“You come with me.” She pulled you into a hug and squealed.

“Of course of course! Anything for you!” You tried to wriggle your way out of the hug as Peggy began rambling about all the fun you guys were going to have.


“Peggy.” You said in the most monotonous voice ever. Peggy hummed in acknowledgement.

“Yes, (Y/N)?” You reached for a hoodie before she slapped your arm. You frowned.

“Why am I wearing this?” You gestured to your outfit. It wasn’t anything to extravagant; just a simple, casual dress. A color that was such an eyesore for you; magenta. Peggy turned to face you while getting ready herself.

“You have to look presentable, (Y/N)! Haven’t you ever gone on a date before?” She responded before turning back around to apply more makeup.

“Er- no.” Peggy almost dropped her things once you said that. She whipped her head around with the most flabbergasted look on her face.

“Never?” You shook your head no to emphasize your point.

“Never.” She crossed her arms. You raised your arms in surrender.

“You must be lying- there is no possible way you’ve never been on a date.” You shrugged.

“Never really cared enough.” Peggy gasped before beginning to ramble on and on and on about how this had to be the /perfect/ date for you and your blind date. You shushed her and reassured her you didn’t care if it went well or not.

She almost smacked the life out of you.

Man is that woman scary.

“Let’s go, (Y/N)!” She cheerily said before dragging your fear stricken self out the door and into her car.

“Y-yeah. Let’s.”


“Jefferson, say that word again and I swear to God I will kick you into the sun.” You so happened to hear as you and Peggy waited for your date.

“What word, Hamilton?” You glanced over at the sound of the voices and saw 2 men arguing in a corner of the room. Peggy followed your gaze and a sly smile snuck onto her face. She grabbed your arm and before long, you were confronting the two men.

‘Hello Alexander.” The smaller man stopped mid sentence and waved at Peggy.

“Peggy.” The so called “Alexander” glanced over at you and blinked.

“Is that Jefferson’s da-” Peggy tackled him onto the floor.

“You’re going to ruin it-” She hissed and Alexander’s face was so pale, you could’ve sworn he died for second there. You raised a brow. The man next to you (who you assumed was the Jefferson he was threatening earlier) began to taunt him again.

“Y’aint gonna get up, Hamilton?” Alexander looked like he was ready to murder the man. You, on the other hand, wheezed before glancing at your wrist. That was the word-

“Say that word again and I’ll personally throw you into the sun.” You huffed out, rather upset with the use of that word. You noticed he tensed up slightly. Your eyes widened in realization. He looked at you, understanding what happened.

“We’re soulmates-” You both said in sync. You turned and saw Alexander and Peggy have the same look on their face. Peggy got up and cleared her throat.

“I’ll be leaving now! (Y/N), have fun~”

“Peggy I swear to god.” Too late, she was dragging an “upset” Alexander out the door; you and the man next to you knew he wasn’t actually mad. The man turned to face you and took your hand. Placing his lips near your knuckles, he began to introduce himself.

“Thomas. Thomas Jefferson.” You hummed in acknowledgment.

“(Y/N).” You responded, trying to your blush from appearing.

“(Y/N), huh? A lovely name.”

You blinked. You never really thought about your name much; you’ve lived with it for years. Your thoughts were interrupted as you felt a pressure on your mouth. Eyes widening in surprise, you snapped out of your thoughts and saw that Thomas was kissing you. Your face heated up at the sudden act of affection. You weren’t used to affection. Pulling away, Thomas looked down at you grinned at your flustered state.

“Want to head back to my place? It’ll be more interesting than this boring ol’ place here.” You shrugged; you didn’t care where you went. As long as you were with him, you were fine.

“Sure.” You responded, flusteredness from his surprise kiss dying down. He linked his arms with yours and walked you back to his house. And that’s when you made your mistake; he threw all the bad pickup lines he knew at you.

“I think you’re suffering from a lack of Vitamin Me.” You punched him in the arm as he laughed at your reactions.

“Thomas Jefferson- you stop that right now.”

“You still using Internet Explorer? You must like it nice and slow.” He purred out, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You were so ready to murder him. He chuckled at your cute expression before placing a quick kiss on your lips. Shocked, you stopped mid-step. Realizing what he had done, you growled slightly in anger and began to chase him, ready to kick him into the sun.


Adrienette for Seven Minutes

Is that title hinting enough? XD

(Don’t worry, it’s totally SFW. XD lol)

(Just take this, it’s like two months old, just take it and have it while I try to finish up this Stray Chat chapter)



“SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!” Alya and Nino practically screamed as soon as Adrien walked through the door.

“What?” he asked, completely confused.

“NO- ALYA- PLEASE-” Marinette looked like she was going to start crying.

“It’s an American party game Adrien, all the cool kids do it.” Nino said with a shrug.

The home schooled and sheltered boy furrowed his eyebrows in even more confusion and said,

“Whenever you say that, we always end up doing something my Dad grounds me for.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you write something for Harry with a shy/closed off girl where Gemma convinces him to ask her out as a friend and Harry thinks it was a big mistake and that he keeps messing up until the girls like ya can't wait for our next date😉😉 thanks

could you write something like that going bare blurb you wrote with harry but with niall, please? I loved that blurb so much, your writing is so good. x


This should’ve been the blurb request I answered.  Sorry y’all.

Can you do a niall blurb where he’s being very distant and on his phone a lot and he & his gf haven’t had sex in a while or spent much time together and they get in a fight about it and he leaves and comes back later on and apologize and explains that he’s just been busy and stressed? lol a lot to write but if you write it then thank you!

Joined these two.  Little angsty, fluff, smut for those of you who have been waiting.  Thank you for always being patient with me.

“Niall?”  I called out as I walked out our bedroom.  I’d left him an hour ago downstairs on the phone while simultaneously on his computer and watching a Golf tournament on TV.  Surely he was off the phone by now, I could at least attempt to ask him what he’d like for dinner.

“Niall?”  I called out again when I didn’t get an answer.

I rounded the corner, my mouth poised and ready to call out his name again when I saw him sitting on the couch with his finger in the air.  

Still on the phone.

I had to consciously make an effort to stop my mouth from falling open.  For the last two weeks, any time I wanted to talk to him about…anything…he was busy.  Either talking on the phone or Skyping with management or he was already two steps out the door headed to a writing or recording session.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but we hadn’t had sex, at least the meaningful kind in at least a month.  Our last interlude was interrupted by Willie at the front door and though Niall promised he’d make it up to me, I was still waiting.

I tried to control the feelings of neglect.  I tried to reason with myself.  He was releasing a solo album, he was organizing a golf management company, he was trying to schedule a few tour dates at some Christmas shows over in the United States.  He was busy.  Maybe too busy.  Maybe too busy for me.

Our relationship had been built on long intense phone conversations about nothing and everything all at once.  We connected in a way I had never felt a connection with anyone in my life.  But lately, since he’d released this new song and started this solo endeavor, we were two ships passing in the night.  I hadn’t told him about anything happening in my life in at least the last month.

I couldn’t stop myself.  I couldn’t help it.  My arms crossed over my chest and a scowl appeared on my face,

“I just wanted to know if you wanted dinner.”  I said, loud enough that he’d be able to hear me.

Niall shot me an annoyed look,

“Hang on, Justin.”  He covered his phone with his hand, “Babe, can’t ya see I’m on the phone?”
I nodded, my anger now boiling over,

“I can see, Niall.  I can see that whenever I wanna talk to you, you’re busy.  I can see that golf and music and your stupid friends are your entire world lately.  I can see that.  Know why I can see that?  Because I’m not blind.  However, you must be…to have missed how incredibly unhappy I’ve been.  But since you’re on the phone and it’s not the time or place to get into that discussion…I just wanted to know WHAT YOU WANTED FOR DINNER!!??!”  I finished in a scream.

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anonymous asked:

Hello :) I have a request for you. My friend tells me one of the Weasley twins fancies me, but she has no idea which one since she can't tell them apart and because I'm to shy to ask them so I kind of avoid them until they confront me about the matter. (You can decide which twin fancies me, since I really like them both)

Happy Halloween everyone! x Here’s the next one, really hope you like it and thank you for requesting!! have a spooky day and enjoy reading lol x

„(Y/N)!“ – your friend was scurrying through the Great Hall to your table, books and scattered papers under her arm, waving at you. People slowly took a seat at their tables; everyone gathered to do their homework, as it seemed. “What is it?” – For a moment, you were of the impression that your friend was going to deliver something frightening, considering how she hurried toward you in this (what you perceived as) almost outraged manner, but as she came nearer, you saw a glow in her eyes. “You won’t believe what I found out” she said, putting down her books with a thump, and sat down. People were turning their heads for a moment when she started giggling. “Okay, relax, relax. What’s going on? Did you get a good grade?” You put a hand onto her shoulder, whereupon she grinned cheekily at you. “No, no, it’s something better-“ – she giggled once more – “It’s about you!” You raised your eyebrows, internally trying to join her enthusiasm, but you found yourself feeling rather skeptical. “Brilliant” you said darkly, but her smile remained engraved on her face. “’Right, (Y/N). You know, I think I found out about someone liking you” she said teasingly. “Pardon?” – “Someone likes you, (Y/N)” – “What-“ – “Someone fancies you, to be more precise. I’ve overheard a conversation today and I was so excited-“ – “Wait, what?” – You interrupted her now, grabbing her wrist. “Who? I mean, what? When?” – Your eyes widened when she came closer so no one else would hear too much of your discussion. What she had said felt like a joke, but when she told you about what she had witnessed today, you suddenly felt a rush of excitement in your veins. “The Weasley twins. This morning. You were walking around the corner when I dropped my bag and that’s when I heard them talking about you. One of them teased the other by daring him to ask you out and stuff; he got really annoyed, but he did admit that he fancies you when he kept teasing-“ – “Well, are you sure-“ you interrupted her, for she could’ve easily been wrong or misunderstood the conversation she claimed to have heard. “Don’t start doubting the matter, (Y/N), I’m absolutely sure they were talking about you. He said your name over and over again, just clear enough so I could hear it” – Your friend was giving you a frown; she really did not want to discuss any doubts, whereupon you felt something warm rising up in your body and a bright smile traced your lips. “Wow- I mean, I didn’t- that’s so surprising, but who said this stuff exactly?” you asked breathlessly. “Hm?” – “I mean, which one of them… fancies me?”

Suddenly, your friend’s smile faded from her face. “Oh, well-“ – she cratched the back of her head – “That’s the thing… you know, they really do look the same. To be precise, I can’t distinguish them at all… only just remembered… I’m so sorry, (Y/N), but I couldn’t possibly tell which one of them is interested in you” Her cheeks reddened and she looked very apologetic when you remained silent for a moment. “What? I mean-yeah, don’t worry, it’s okay. I won’t blame you, but thanks for telling me. I’ll guess we’ll just… see what happens, right?” As much as you tried not to bother, you found yourself feeling clueless about finding out which one of the twins seemed to be fancying you.

The silent worry you kept a secret chased you all week; you knew that you’d be too shy to confront the twins about the things you knew, regardless of how much you wanted to know the truth. It somehow turned into you avoiding them violently in the end, just to escape awkward situations you had made up in your head. Of course you didn’t like the way you acted, but you really couldn’t get yourself to speak up – until one late afternoon, you were walking down a corridor on your own, absorbed into thoughts about Potions and the assignment you had been given. When you passed one of the big pillars in the hallway, a voice made you stop abruptly and you turned around. Fred and George were leaning on to the opposite stone wall – to your embarrassment, Fred frowned at you, which basically indicated that you were caught up in a confrontation now. “Haven’t seen you in a while” he said, crossing his arms, whereas George scratched his head, straightening up. “Yes, I’ve been pretty busy” you replied. As much as you tried to sound resolute while speaking, you knew that Fred had an assumption already, and that he would not be hesitating to tell you about it. “Of course, of course… It just seemed like you were avoiding us at all costs here and there, but I guess that must’ve been a silly mistake of mine” – Fred looked at you because he knew that he was right, whereupon you blushed. Discontent over your own behavior was coming over you; of course the Weasley twins would notice, especially since you did have a good chat or laugh here and there. And now, there seemed to be no way around admitting things. “Um- well, I really didn’t mean to avoid you, I was just… um… I’ve heard things… I mean, don’t take it personally, please. I was just too shy to ask you about something” you said while blushing even harder. You felt like a baby speaking to them like this, but you couldn’t help it, unfortunately. “Well that’s clearing things up, now” – Fred replied sarcastically. “You know, it was really inconvenient you decided to stay away from both of us exactly this week, because I think that George would have liked to tell you something-“ he started blabbering, sounding quite offended for a moment, but when his brother cleared his throat, he grinned. “Yes, thank you, Fred, you’re being very helpful” George countered. What were they trying to say? You found yourself in a mixture of doubt and confusion, so you frowned. “Um, yes- I’ve just heard that… one of you, um…” you started saying, but you didn’t know how to continue. Suddenly, a bright grin traced Fred’s face and he walked toward you a bit. “Brother, I think I know what this is all about. Merlin’s Beard, people, just spit it out!” he said triumphantly, Both George and you looked at him, and it was then that you knew what he was referring to before. “She knows you fancy her, mate” he said quietly, turning to George, smirking. Your eyes met George’s, whereupon you blushed heavily again, but at least you got rid of the doubt you had felt before. It was George, according to his brother. George seemed to be fancying you, and now that you were standing so close to him, you felt something tingling in your stomach. For a moment, he looked clueless, but then he smiled and gave his brother a slight bump into his waist. “Not exactly how I planned it, but still semi-reasonable” – Fred smirked at the reaction he had caused; he really loved being extra crude with his brother. You laughed at George’s comment, whereupon his eyes met yours again. “So was this the thing you wanted to ask us about?” – You nodded. “How did you know, though? And why didn’t you just-?” Fred asked, but you already started explaining. “My friend told me about it last week; she heard you in the hallway and I got really excited, but then she admitted that she couldn’t tell the difference between you two” – “Bloody hell, with me being the better looking one? She really needs to fix her eyes, then-“ – “Fred! Anyway, she really can’t distinguish you two… and then I avoided you for some reason. I guess it was to stay away from awkward situations because I was just so uncertain and way too shy to confront you, I guess. Sorry if I might have caused trouble” To your delight, George chuckled lightly at your story.

It was dark outside already when George put his sweater around your shoulders to keep you warm. You had spent the last few hours talking alone, with George telling you about Quidditch, his family and his plans for a joke shop with Fred, cracking jokes in between that had brought you close to spilling tears. It was like having an improvised first date, and whenever you heard teachers coming nearer, you scurried through the hallways to find a new place to talk without being disturbed. George was obviously very good at finding spots to hide, so he brought you to all kinds of different niches; some you had never even noticed before. Now, you were heading for the Common Room again. The castle was silent, and when you felt the soft texture of his sweater around your shoulders, you a rush of warmth was flowing through your body again. George gave you a charming smirk as you walked on – to return the affection he had showed, you softly took his warm hand. He turned his head for a moment to give you a pleased smile when you heard a noise from behind. “Who is walking down the corridors tonight? I’ve heard footsteps! Reveal yourself or you will be expelled!” – It seemed to be Filch who was guarding the corridors as always. George rolled his eyes and gave you a silent glance before the both of you started running to the stairs, chuckling in between – George actually sent off a little firework he had kept in his pocket, and it flew into Filch’s direction, as it seemed, since you could hear distant, outraged shouts. When you had almost reached the Common Room, both of you stopped for a moment to pant and laugh lightly at what had happened. “I will make sure you’ll be expelled, Weasley” you imitated Filch, circling him with a grumpy expression on your face. George laughed, his hand still in yours, before pulling you closer abruptly. “No, you won’t” – “Yes, I will, Weasley” – “No, you certainly won’t” – “I will-“ Suddenly, George had put his lips onto yours, smiling against them. When he felt you putting your hands on his arms, he brought his to your face and cupped it softly. It felt surreal to kiss him at first, but the longer you felt him close, the more you enjoyed it – and when he let go of you, you looked into his eyes. “Maybe I won’t” you smiled before he leaned forward once again.

business au pt3 - seijuurou coerces sousuke into giving him gou’s number, and everyone gets dragged into gou’s muscle obsession

Inspired by rocketssuggestive sourin ad I love it so much I want more sports models sourins…also there’s seigou in this part.

part 1, part 2

“Set me up.”

“No,” Sousuke answered without looking up from his computer screen.

“Do it,” Seijuurou said and pulled his chair closer to Sousuke’s office desk, leaning in on it.

“No.” Sousuke not-so-subtly leaned away but continued typing. “Will you go back to your office? I’m trying to work here.”

“Why not?” Seijuurou said, ignoring the second part of his answer.

Sousuke raised an eyebrow as he continued scrolling through whatever he was looking at. “Why won’t I set you up with Rin’s younger sister?” he said. “Are you seriously asking me that?”

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is that my shirt?

Well, guys–as you can see, this PROMPT WAS REALLY FREAKING POPULAR (thirsty people). BUT, I’ll try to do something magical? I got it basically for every side of the love square. help. 

for @alyseb630 and the three anons who asked for this trash

The inflection of her voice going higher than he has ever heard Ladybug ever speak before. It’s small and she actually squeaks it out again. “Is-is that my shirt?” 

Looking down, it finally dawns on Adrien that he is indeed wearing a Ladybug shirt, her symbol on his shirt just as bright red as her face. 

Words fall out his mouth, but they don’t actually make sense. “You–shirt–me—I–” he spurts, but the damage is already done.

Ladybug blushing over the fact he owns her shirt has already been imprinted into his mind. 

It’s definitely an accident that he’s here, but sometimes even Adrien Agreste caves and needs sweets. 

And he doesn’t think it will mean much when he rings the bell and hears thumping come racing out of the kitchen. Because it shouldn’t be a big deal when he hears a familiar voice and excepts her to just be covered in flour (and really–that’s just so much like her).

He’s right about the flour, but wrong about whether or not it’s a big deal, for it is the biggest of deals actually. For coming in such a hurry is indeed Marinette, flour smudged on her cheeks, maybe in her hair…

…wearing a big baggy t-shirt with his face on it. 

Green eyes go wide and he can’t stop the words as they question her themselves. “Is that my shirt?” 

Marinette doesn’t even get the chance to even say hello, looking straight down to see Adrien’s face plastered against her chest, and she shrieks. She tries to grab a piece of paper and hold it against her, but in the process she knocks over the stack. 

“I won,” she stars, her face, her neck, her hands turning bright, bright red. “In a contest…” 

Adrien can only bob his head. “Oh.” 

Then he turns around, speedily and quickly leaving as possible because he can feel a similar flush crawling up his neck. 

That was cuter than I was excepting it to be.

This time, the words are out of his mouth in an instant, his eyes caught on the green paw-print Marinette is wearing as he is running through Paris. 

“Is that my shirt?!”

Of course, when he does that, he misses his leap and falls directly two stories down and knocks himself out. 

There is someone shaking him, a voice finally reaching his ears, and when he opens his eyes, he swears it’s Ladybug. 

“–Noir! Chat Noir!”

But he blinks again and it’s not, just pretty blue eyed Marientte, her hair loose as he comes too. 

“Thank goodness,” she breathes, putting a hand over her heart. 

Chat Noir sits up, his body aching, but nothing broken. “Man, I thought cats always landed on their feet,” he mumbled. 

To that, Marinette laughs. “Well, aren’t you a boy?” 

He looks up and she smiles, still in shock as her hands are trembling, but smiles. The paw-print on her shirt really is official Chat Noir merchandise. 

With one hand rubbing the back of his head, he uses the other to gesture to it. “I like your shirt.”

And for the second time this day, Marinette goes beat red. The words don’t go unnoticed when she turns her head and mutters to herself. “Can cute guys stop meeting me in their shirts…?” 

This time he laughs, realization hitting finally hitting. At his absrud behavior, Marinette tries to see if he’s okay, but that makes him laugh harder. 

For right now, it’s hitting him like a ton of bricks, that Marinette has never been cuter. 

You can wear my shirts any day, Princess.  

The Dinner Date (and Truth or Dare!) rp with lovingfluttershy!!!

“And that, Crusaders, is how I escaped from the Great Phoenix Gathering exactly four thousand years, three months, and twenty days ago!”

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle blinked at the grinning Draconequus, using his tail to swing the CMC back and forth on the porch swing hanging from the orange rafter in his living room, amongst other things.

“Uhhh, what does that have to do with you and Fluttershy?” Apple Bloom asked, clearly confused.

“Yeah,” Scootaloo added, furrowing her brows at him. “The last thing you talked about was the fair, and then you started ranting about that!”

Discord shrugged, still smiling. “Oh, that’s because I already told you everything!  Just felt like telling you another story, is all.”

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo sighed, while Sweetie Belle grinned. “I knew it! I knew you two were in love! Hahaha!” She pointed a hoof at the other two. “I was right! You guys owe me two bits each!”

Discord broke out into laughter. “Pffft! Don’t tell me you all plan on getting cutie marks in gambling?” He snapped his fingers, and a gambling table floated between Discord and the three on the swing, Discord wearing a visor with a sugar stick in his mouth like a cigarette. He began to shuffle some cards with some fancy tricks, shuffling them with experienced hands in an expertise that made the girls clap their hooves.

“It’s just that Sweetie Belle here thought something was going on between you guys, and Apple Bloom and I didn’t, so we made a bet,” Scootaloo explained.

“And now I’m rich!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed. “And the first place I’m going to spend it on is—“

A sound that resembled a Chinese gong went off, making the girls jump from their seat. Discord caught them with his tail before they could fall off. “~Doorbell~!” Discord singsonged. He rubbed his chin, floating down to the ground and setting the three fillies back on the floor. “Now who could it be?”

“Maybe it’s my sister!” Apple Bloom suggested.

“Or Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo hoped.

“I hope it’s Fluttershy!” Sweetie Belle said, hearts in her eyes.

Discord shook his head at the last one. “No, not her. I’m to meet her soon at her cottage. She’s invited me to dinner and—“

“Oh,  a dinner date! That’s so—“

Yeah yeah yeah, so romantic and yadda yadda yadda,” Discord said, opening the door and walking through the kitchen, the CMC following him. “My dear, you are becoming far too much like your sister.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Sweetie Belle asked somewhat defensively.

“Nothing! Nothing!” Discord answered, raising his hands up. “I’m just saying, you two are quite obsessed with the harlequins, hm?”

“What’s a harlequin?”

Discord smiled, satisfied with her answer. “Nothing!”

Going through the hall, which the CMC had come through before (thought they still ‘oohed’ and ‘awwed’ the whole time). The hallway had paneled tile floors studded with pieces of crushed gems. Three sets of stairways of different colors seemed to go up and up into nowhere, confusing to the eye, surrounded by hanging chandeliers of crystals of different color. The reflections of the colorful chandeliers and the gem-studded floors made the air look like it was covered in rainbows.

“Who knew chaos could be so pretty!” Apple Bloom marveled.

Discord smiled at that as he answered the door, opening it at the hinge rather than the doorknob.

“Rarity!” Discord said, grabbing the fashion-saavy unicorn and giving her a tight hug, swinging her side to side. “What a lovely surprise! And what brings you here?!?”

“Oh, Discord, hello darling, p-please, put me down!” She pat at her hair. “You’re going to get my mane all in a tizzy!”

Discord rolled his eyes. “Riiiiight.” He put her down, and put his hand on his hips. “So!” He eyed the bag on the ground. “You bring me something? A present, maybe?!?” He said, his fingers dancing in anticipation.

Sweetie Belle and the others appeared behind him. “Hi Rarity!” Sweetie Belle said, the others waving a hello at her.

“Oh! Why hello, girls! Visiting Discord on another one of your, erm, escapades?” Rarity said with a hesitant smile. She knew Discord would keep them safe, but it made her nervous regardless.

“Yeah!” Scootaloo said. “Check out this place!”

Rarity’s eyes opened wide as she saw it. “Oh…Oh my! The stairs are not to my taste, but the chandeliers and floor are simply breathtaking! Did you do this yourself, Discord?“

The Draconequus smiled smugly. “Who else?”

“My, my! I may just have to ask you for something like this! Minus the stairs of course.”

“Aw, that takes the fun out of it,” he pouted. He eyed the bag again. “Present?”

“Hm?” Rarity said, getting lost at looking at her reflection in the gorgeous gem-specked tiles. “Oh! Yes, of course!” She trotted back over to the open door and got her bag. “You’re to see Fluttershy soon, correct?”

“I assume Fluttershy told you?”

“She did!” Rarity nodded. “You must be looking forward to it! I hear you were still sick the day after the fair?”

“You were sick?” Scootaloo asked.

Discord nodded. “Yes, I was sick. Nasty flower virus, it was. But dear Fluttershy took care of me!” A big smile was on his face.

She even sang for me. It was the most beautiful voice, I had never heard anything so wondrous. It was a lullaby, but who cares? It was magnificent. I’ve got to find a way to get her to sing for me again, something different, something—

Tadaaaaa! Don’t you just adore it?!?”

Discord snapped out of his thoughts and looked to see a suit being levitated by Rarity’s magic.

“You…made me a suit?”

“Yes! After all, you’re Fluttershy’s guest. And not just any guest, but her dinner date.” Using her magic, she put the suit on him, forcing the white undershirt on him and the brown jacket over it, and nearly choking him with the red tie.

“Oh, you look so handsome!” Rarity marveled.

“Yeah, you look really nice!” Apple Bloom said.

“Eh, I guess,” Scootaloo shrugged.

Sweetie Belle just sighed with a smile.

Discord didn’t think as much. “But it’s so boring,” Discord said, pinching it like it was infecting him with its supposed lack of fun. “There’s not even a single hidden compartment, no pockets with clashing colors, no hidden tricks, not even a mismatched button!”

“Well, of course not!” Rarity stamped. “Discord, please, I realize it isn’t to your taste, and I promise you if you ever want to wear something with a bit more of your type of pizazz, then I am more than willing to do that for you later. But I promise you, darling, Fluttershy is going to love this on you. The color goes so well with your coat, and the tie matches your eyes!”

Discord glanced at her, then at the CMC. “…You think she’ll really like this on me?”

A chorus of yesses were his response, the girls jumping up and down with enthusiasm at how great he looked. Rarity smiled in triumph, knowing she’d get him to go like that.

“Trust me, darling. She won’t be able to take your eyes off you!”

Discord’s eyes widened and his ears stood up at that, and he grinned.

…Then he realized that he was showing his excitement at that and immediately wiped his expression off his face. “Oh, well. Whatever. You know. I guess…I can deal with this boring thing. For you, Rarity. Since I’m such a nice, wonderful friend.”

Rarity and the CMC only exchanged knowing glances at each other. “Well, then, thank you for indulging me, Discord.” She pushed him out the door and went out herself, the girls following. “Now, don’t you have to get going?”

 Glancing at the watch that only appeared when he had to check the time, he nodded. “I do! Well then, I’m off! Arivederci! Thanks for the get-up!”

“You’re welcome! See you darling! Enjoy yourself!” Rarity called. “And don’t forget to be a gentlecolt!”

“Bye Discord!” The girls all chanted.

“Tell Fluttershy we said hi!” Sweetie giggled, the others giggling as well.

Discord was able to snap his fingers and teleport before they could see him blush.

He appeared straight at Fluttershy’s doorway, just in time. Snapping his fingers, a bottle of sparkling grape juice appeared in his paw. He knocked on the door.

When she answered, he gave her a big smile, already gazing at her with a fondness only she ever got. “Good evening, Fluttershy,” he said, his voice already softer than usual. “I brought you this,” he said, handing over the sparkling grape juice. “I thought that might be a drink you’d like? I tried some the other day, it’s not bad for a pony beverage,” he said.

He then took a longer look at her, head to hoof. “You look…beautiful,” he cooed softly.

watermage-surana  asked:

Another probably evil, hypothetical prompt: Solas is turned Tranquil while Lavellan is forced (or just present) to watch. Can involve the discovery of his true nature or not; can also be during the events of Inquisition or after the Epilogue. Do it however you see fit. It's just an idea that's been floating around in my head for a while and it makes my heart hurt. I also can't write fics well, so I can't get closure, lol. Thanks for your time.

Thank you so much for your patience with this prompt. It honestly took me a while to figure out how I wanted to tackle this one.

Another AU fic. The timeline is open-ended, but I would imagine this takes place sometime after the Battle at Adamant. Also, this fic is more violent than some of the others I have posted. Pretty tame by my standards, but I figured I would put out a warning out of courtesy. 



“You don’t know what you’re doing!” Solas snarled, thrashing against the hands that held him, metal gauntlets digging into his arms. The Templars were strong— stronger than they appeared. The men had forced him to his knees, arms outstretched to either side, unable to move. He tried to pull from the Veil only to feel the sickening blast of another smite, a hot white burning pain searing through his body as his connection to the Fade weakened even further.

“Stop it!” Isii screamed, struggling against the man who held her. She clawed at his armor, spitting out threats, invoking Elgar’nan’s wrath. Her voice strained as she spoke, choking back tears that threatened to break into sobs. There was nothing she could do. They had already neutralized her magic. She was powerless and everyone there knew it.

“Hold her head up.” One of the men barked. “Make certain she sees.”

The Templar who held her took a fistful of her hair, jerking her head back. Her lips curled, teeth bared as she snarled with the ferocity of a wounded animal. Solas could see the utter defeat behind her rage. There was pain there, indescribable and deep. Pain and a low, primal fear.

He knew what they would do to her. They would make her Tranquil. They would make her passive and compliant. Then they could use the power of the anchor for their own benefit, use it however they saw fit. Use her however they saw fit. He had heard of the abuses that came to beautiful women who were made Tranquil - when their ability to say no was all but stripped from them.

These thoughts renewed his struggle, his legs trying to press into the ground, to push himself up, but the shems were too strong, their grip too tight. It was humiliating. Humbling. In another time, he would have had these fools trembling. He would have burned himself into their thoughts, sent them into fits of screaming, howling terror before their true punishment began. But his power now was only a fraction of what it had once been. Rising from uthenera, disconnecting himself from his long walk in the Fade – it was a slow process now that the Veil blocked his passage. His mind and his body were here, but much of his power was still trapped beyond the barrier, gradually revealing itself to him. It left him feeling half-formed and weak – much like the mortals he now surrounded himself with.

Another Templar approached, a man draped in robes rather than armor. His hands were thickly gloved to protect him from the small piece of lyrium he held, carved into the shape of the Chantry’s sun.

Solas’s mind raced. He had no concept of what would happen if they tried to cut him off from the Fade entirely. Would it even be possible? He was a part of the Fade as much as it was a part of him. Would it cut him off from all of his power or only some of it? Would it make him mortal without the Fade to sustain him? The uncertainty made his stomach lurch as the robed man held his head back.

“Stop this!” Solas demanded but they did not listen. Why would they? He was nothing but a lowly apostate. This is what Templars did to mages who would not submit.

They enslaved them.

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iliveilaughiloveiread  asked:

Please continue that one night stand before Christmas Eve Drabble. I'd love to read the part 2 :)

you can largely thank @absnow for this. also, you can read part 1 here.

“Katniss,” Peeta blurts out in bewilderment, his face paling.

Peeta’s father looks between Katniss and his son, confused. “Oh, you two know each other?”

Katniss’ stomach drops, her own face growing ashen as she stares at Peeta, not sure what the hell to say.

Oh, yes, sir. We had sex the other night after only knowing each other for a few hours. Also, he almost knocked me up. 

Thankfully, Peeta shakes his head, pulling off a convincingly nonchalant shrug. “No. I just heard you yelling her name from the foyer,” he says, averting his eyes so he’s no longer gaping at her. As if he’s never seen her before in his life. She can tell he’s blushing though, his ears pink, but hopefully she’s the only one who notices, the only one who would even suspect.

“Nice to meet you,” she finally forces out, her lips barely parting, but she manages a gritted smile at him, at the rest of his family.

His family, Christ. How the hell did she end up having Christmas dinner with her one-night stand?

“Oh, well then,” Mr. Mellark smiles after all the introductions are done. He leads her and her father and his wife into the kitchen for drinks and refreshments. Katniss takes a cup of the hot toddy he offers her, her eyes cutting sharply to Peeta when he enters the kitchen. He meets her eyes discreetly, his expression frantic, but he just crosses to the fridge to get a beer. He takes his time opening it, and Katniss lingers, carefully sipping her hot toddy while the other three migrate back into the living room to join the festivities.

Once he’s sure they’re alone, Peeta edges closer to her. “Hey. Wow. Sorry about that. I didn’t think you’d want me to tell them we know each other and make this weird–even more weird,” he says, worrying a hand through his hair as he glances back toward the living room.

She takes a deep breath and sets her cup down on the island. “No, it’s fine. I don’t imagine the story about how we hooked up two nights ago would make for great dinner conversation,” she says then looks at him warily. “ And just so you know, I’m not, like, stalking you or anything. I had no idea my dad was going to bring me here, I didn’t even know your last name–”

He looks at her, wide-eyed. “What? No. I wasn’t thinking that at all. Believe me, I wasn’t even expecting a call back from you after the whole…condom thing.” He looks embarrassed and sips his beer quickly. Then he clears his throat, his brow furrowing as he drops his voice even lower. “Speaking of which, ah…everything okay? I mean, how do you feel?”

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anonymous asked:

hey I was just wondering if you could do RFA and if they were like, ticklish at all? for some reason I just can't get cute fluffy tickles out of my head for these cuties and I love how you do your headcanons~

Oh wow! I haven’t received a headcanon ask in forever xDXDXD okay I will try my best~

- Major tickly spot: Neck

-MC and Yoosung were kissing, when a strand of her hair brushes up against his neck.

-He tilts his head quick, trying to remove the sudden tickle from happening again.

-MC is confused. “What’s wrong Yoosung?”

-“S-some of your hair uhm…tickled my neck…” (Knows for sure that he was gonna get it for saying that out loud.)

-“Ohhh? Is that so, Yoosungie?” Sparkles in MC’s eyes.

-He’s blushing super duper hard and puts his hands on the sides of his neck and squeaks “please nuuuu!!!”

-Oh my goodness he was just too adorable.

-MC gives him puppy eyes. “Aww Yoosung, won’t you hug me? I want your arms around me~~~”

-Being the obedient pup he is, he willfully wraps his arms around MC and nuzzles her cheek.

-Such a gullible dork~

-MC quickly tickles his neck, as he jolts his head from side to side.

-Totally whimpers for MC to stop. Gosh did he sound so cute.

-But hearing it, just caused MC to want to hear it more.

-“Stopppppp!!! Gahh!!! Nuuuu!! Pwease!!!”

-“But you sound adorable~~~”

-He turns as red as a tomato. He pulls MC’s face suddenly close to his. Startling MC.

-She drops her hands a little, now making her guard down.

-He immediately drops his hands from her cheeks to her neck.

-Now MC’s doing the head jolt, pushing her shoulders up so he can’t tickle her.

-He totally whines, “ But MC~~~ I wanna hear your cute voice~~~!!!”

-Why does he have to be so cute?

-MC sneaks in some more tickles at his neck and becomes a constant back and forth.

-The two end up falling down. Both laughing in each others arms~

-Proceeds to go back to kissing.

- Major tickly spot: Feet

-Both were cuddling, watching some cheesy movie on the couch.

-His feet just too close to MC’s hand. His feet were just so asking to be tickled.

-MC looks back at him with a smile.

-He’s too engrossed into the movie he doesn’t notice.

-MC slowly shimmies her fingers to his foot and just goes full on tickle mode.

-Oml he ends up kicking her in the face from the sudden jolt due to tickling.

-He apologizes like crazy. “Oh god MC!!! I’m so sorry!! It was just my natural reflex!!!

-He grabs MC’s face and nuzzles it and gives a bunch of kisses.

-MC’s okay though. She decides to concoct another plan. One that won’t backfire.

-Hit foot is further away from her face. She tries again.

-“Whoa!!! Gahhh!! Careful!!!!” He shouts trying to keep his feet away. “I don’t want to hit you again!!”

-“But I want to hear you laugh~~”

-Seven just chuckles. “Wow MC. You’re just too cute!!!”

-Embraces MC and goes in to tickle her feet.

- MC just looses it. Too tickly!!

-He’s so happy to hear her laugh.

-Throws in a couple kisses but the constant back and forth of tickles leaves them spewing more at each other from the sudden laughing.

-Tickles till literally the movie is over.

-Stomachs so so so so sore.

-Seven nuzzles into the crook of her neck and proceeds to tell her how adorable she is.

-Major tickly spot: Arms

-Elizabeth jumps into Jumin’s lap, brushing her fur against the bend in his arm.

-He flinches at the sudden contact and coughs.

-MC’s confused at first. Like “you okay?”

-MC gently tickles that area. Barely touching his skin.

-He clenches his teeth and takes in a deep breath.

-“What’s the matter Jumin?” MC would tease.

-Jumin is trying SO SO SO hard not to laugh.

-Conveniently, a strand of Elizabeth’s fur was on the couch and she slowly swipes it across his sensitive skin.

-OML he can’t take it anymore.

-His laugh is ultra cute?

-MC wants to keep hearing it. “Jumin I love your laugh~~~!!”

-Jumin grabs both of MC’s wrists with one hand and looks intensely at her.

-MC goes into a immediate blush mode.

-“Someone’s been naughty~”

-“Looks like I’ll have to punish you~” he says with a sly smirk.

-Takes that strand of fur and tickles MC in the same spot she tickled him.

-MC is just dying. Oml too tickly~~

- “Gahh stahpppp!!

-” Oh? How will you re-pay me then?“

-Turns into a very heated make out session lol

-Major tickly spot: Tummy

-MC went to hug Jaehee from behind and accidentally hits those tickle nerves when wrapping her arms around her.

-It’s a tiny/soft kinda laugh.

-MC finds it mega adorable?

-She wants to keep hearing it so she starts to playfully continue tickling her tum tum.

-Jaehee can only blush and try to suppress her laughs but fails.

-MC continues to tickle more intensely that Jaehee laughs at the top of her lungs and squirms around MC.

-Her laugh is so cute to MC.

-MC nuzzles her cheek because she’s so adorable.

-Jaehee takes this opportunity to shyly throw in a couple tickles back.

-MC is alarmed and starts laughing like crazy too.

-Both tickle back and forth.

-Jaehee gets a bit more intense with the tickles. No more shy tickles~

-Ends up in them both hugging close and laughing in each other’s arms.

-Major Tickly spot: Just above the Knees/Lower thigh

-MC saw a post online about how if you put your hand up to your knee, the distance from the end of the hand to the knee would be the tickly spot.

-So she’s curious and decides to try it out on Zen.

-At first, looks all intimate resting her hand on his leg.

-He gets super blushy like "oh man! She she’s pulling the moves on me!”

-He sees her have this little devious look on her face.

-He thinks she’s gonna pounce him or something. (mentally preparing himself for what he thinks is naughty lol)

-About to say like “Babe, I didn’t think you were ready~”

-That’s when she tickles at that perfect spot on his leg and he immediately flinches.

-“Whoa that was tickly!”

-Got him!

-MC continues to switch between his legs and he keeps bouncing around in his seat. Saying “Stahppp!!! You tricked me!!!”

-MC just keeps tickling, hearing his snorty laugh he lets out.

-Zen tries hard to attack her legs with tickles, but MC’s tickles are just too strong.

-He kisses MC to distract from the kisses.

-Tickles her back. Ends up in an endless amount of leg tickles until boths’ stomachs are sore from laughing.