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BTS Reaction to you picking them up from the airport

Request: Hiya! (I love your page btw☺️) I was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction to you picking them up from the airport entrance after they come home from tour? (if that makes sense?) Thank you so much, have a great rest of your day!

Thank you~~~ have a nice day too ! :)


He would be so happy to see you he’d almost be moved to tears. He would see you across the entrance and would just smile from ear to ear, not believing that he was finally seeing you. Because he was so shy and tired and very close to tears he’d just waddle over close to you slowly and would just let his head fall onto your shoulder. He’d lay there for a while before eventually pulling away and appreciating you up close.

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He wouldn’t even notice you at first, he would assume you went to bed considering how late his flight was. He was about to walk past you when you grabbed his hand and gave him a pretend angry look. He would get scared at first but then melt into happiness as he was able to see you even faster than expected. He would thank you non stop and keep telling you how you should’ve stayed at home but he couldn’t have been happier that you came.

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He wouldn’t believe his eyes at first, he’d just keep blinking trying to make sure that he wasn’t just going crazy. You were supposed to be waiting at home but he could swear you were right in front of him. When he was close enough to realise that it was actually you and he wasn’t insane he would jump up and run at you in full speed and immediately pull you into a huge hug.

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He would be so happy. The whole time he was walking towards you he would have a huge grin plastered on his face, he just couldn’t be more excited and happy to see you after such a long time. Not caring if anyone saw you two he would immediately shower you with kisses, each time telling you how much he missed you and how happy he was that he was finally able to come home.

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When he first sees you he would be so surprised he wouldn’t even be able to speak. He would just smile to himself and wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about how perfect you were. When he was finally ready to talk he would shower you with compliments and would keep on reminding you how lonely he was and how much he missed you. He would keep apologising that his work was this way but when you reassured him that you understood he would just smile and tell you how much he loves you.

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He would be so overwhelmed he’d completely forget about everyone around him. He would make his way over to you in the weirdest way possible while trying to express how happy he was about finally meeting you. He would leave all of his bags and would just immediately go to you. Once you both tell each other how much you missed each other you would walk back laughing to get his stuff. 

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Seeing you there would get him so emotional. He would just quietly make his way to you while smiling. When he saw you get teary eyed he himself would feel his eyes watering. He would cup your face and kiss your forehead before patting your head. He would tell you everything about his tour and how much his hyungs would tease him about him always complaining that he missed you.

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Would you mind showing us what you get as your early birthday gift? Once i'm curious i can't stop sorry, you don't have to if you don't want to but that actually sounds like you have two amazing friends, i'm kinds jealous

oh, no problem, so HERE I GO:

first of all, I GOT A HANDWRITTEN LETTER!!!!!!!! so like, it’s obvious I cried lol
I also got some face masks, Korean candy and green tea (it’s in the kitchen, sorry, I forgot to take a picture hahha):

ANDDD, as the main gift I got some amazing polaroids of Jungkook and J-hope:

and of Jennie and Lisa!!!!

THNAK YOU @jungkook-gifs once again ILYYYYYYY~ 

And yes, I’m so blessed to have so many amazing friends that I love and that care about me so much. I have no idea what I have done to deserve them but I had to do something right in my life to have met them!!!!!


Ohmiya x Samba - Arashi ni Shiyagare 2015.10.24

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Jayln, I'm so- why did you point out Zayn's hand in that Zilo gif? Now I can't stop staring ;-;

rere let’s sob together.

not only does zayn seem to have his fingers at liam’s bum crack but he’s moving, um caressing… uh. and the look liam’s face? like he’s confused yet pleased? and i’m sorry but zayn knows exactly what he’s doing look at the tongue and eyebrow action there.

the real magic breaks down in the 5th slide of the gif:

i outlined liam’s bum to back-of-thigh line to demonstrate… yes zayn is indeed getting wild on camera. good bye cruel world.

Hans - Bad Guys Have Feelings Too

I just want to talk about Hans for a minute.

Over this past week I’ve seen this post on my dash at least six times.

Where we see this picture  

Hans looks over Elsa, and the OP declares, HANS’ EXPRESSION IS A SYMPATHETIC ONE, pretty much. As I dug through the re-blog list today, (not an easy feat seeing as how it has over 4000 notes) I noticed a trend. Very few even wanted to let Hans express sympathy.

Countless re-blogs basically boiled down to, “OP you’re crazy, Hans is a sociopath end of discussion.”

This puzzles me.

Why do we want the villain to be a one-string, one-note villain who doesn’t express a range of emotions? We’re turning Hans, who is easily the most interesting villain in Disney history, into a one-dimensional character. He becomes flat and boring, boiling him down to nothing more than a plot-twist. In actuality he’s realistic; he’s not motivated by evil for evil’s sake, he’s motivated by his lust for power.

The fact that he CRAVES power so adamantly does not mean that’s all he feels about. Don’t get me wrong, he’s scheming the entire way through, but can we take a minute and accept that no matter what he feels, or who he feels it for, his lust for power is what comes first?

This scene has infamously divided the fandom over Hans (yes he loves her or no he’s acting). My argument is why can’t it be both? [not the love part, let’s not go overboard]


So maybe he does express a little interest in Anna, and he smiles. Simultaneously he realizes he can use her insecurities to his advantage to weasel his way onto the throne. I wouldn’t mind spending my years with this girl as I rule over Arendelle. His goal never left his thoughts, he just wanted to be a king. He had no hopes of gaining rule over the Southern Isles, due to being thirteenth in line for the throne. Despite that, I don’t care no matter what way you twist it, eyebrows don’t raise that way when you’re scheming with evil intent. He’s clearly infatuated here. Seriously, Anna is mega cute what’s not to like?

[Or he could just be smiling at my stupid pun.]

Alright so…going back to the original picture. What exactly is stopping Hans from feeling any amount of regret here? Nothing, really. And he probably did feel regret at the circumstances of where his goals have led him. His goal of kingship at all costs. He likely would have preferred a path of least resistance, but this is where he is. He regrets that he had twelve older brothers barring him from rightfully inheriting the throne. He regrets that Elsa had ice powers and the crazy set of circumstances that occurred as a result.  Or he could even regret that he has to get blood on his hands, and that he already has with Anna.He might even feel sorry for her.

[Can we also take another minute to appreciate that his plan C was as simple as just trying to talk to Elsa when she did not bless his and Anna’s engagement at the coronation party?]

Aside: One re-blog suggested the sympathetic face was bleed over from when Elsa was still facing him, but I re-watched the scene and he starts smirking the minute Elsa turns her back. However, when she collapses it returns to what we see in the screencap. He then expresses surprise at the storm’s sudden stop, so there’s definitely a range. I don’t know how to make gifs…and have had no luck finding one. So I’ll just leave it to your devices to watch the movie and pay attention.

This is where he’s a sociopath. Despite his regrets and even sympathy he still goes through with it. No matter what happens, or what gets in his way of his ultimate goal, he won’t back down from it.

There’s no more options, he has to do this.

Despite seeing all this turmoil between Anna and Elsa in the Arendelle family, he can’t stop scheming because he absolutely has to be King.

And finally when the blade is coming down he’s happy because he succeeded. He wins, he’s king. He’s not happy because he gets to murder somebody, which is…what I see some people saying weirdly enough. He just spent days[weeks? I honestly can’t figure out the timetable of the movie] courting Anna, battling the frigid winter, fighting snow golems, playing politics, letting Anna die in a closet and now all he has to do is put the blade through Elsa’s back and he did it. Take that my brothers, I am King!