i can't stop giffing him!

a little rant

it breaks my heart to know and realize that kenta had to perform on mcountdown knowing that he was eliminated still he delivered such an amazing performance and did his best as always, there was a photo of kenta crying after the performance and it makes me cry so much because he knows that it’s his last stage, that he won’t be able to perform on stage anymore 😭 the fact that he told mnet to give him screen time yet he got nothing and kenta kept getting cut off makes me so mad because mnet was so terrible and awful to him since the start, and now he got eliminated and we didn’t even get to see his last words?? they have always showed him crying whenever the trainees were eliminated and kenta was saying goodbye to them but with kenta getting eliminated we got nothing….NOTHING i swear mnet can choke i hate this bye


Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)


Doyoung taking back Taeyong’s smile with his cuteness attack😆😆

How people react when they see Sebastian (Shadowhunters)

Those who haven’t read the book series:

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Those who have read the book series:

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Those who have read the book series and feel confused about their feelings toward this character cause they know the truth about him but in the same time they can’t stop starting to like him (#me) :

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