i can't stop doing close ups on his face

grimoiredoll  asked:

Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, Rin, Sousuke: they try to pull their sexy moves on their partner but their partner won't stop giggling at them at every little thing they do, except they aren't drunk, just in a giggling mood and can't stop laughing

Makoto: He flares up in a flustered shade of red before holding them close to his shoulder so they can’t see his face. “Jeez, I was trying to be serious, you know?” But he isn’t mad at all, of course, so he just ends up laughing with them and covering their cheeks in kisses. 

Nagisa: He lets out a loud wail of disbelief when his moves aren’t exactly going the way he wanted them to, and takes his partner’s face in his hands. “__-chan, I can’t do what I want to if you keep laughing like that! Serious, serious!” He tries to pull down their smile a little and have a serious staring contest, but he gives up too and kisses their nose from how cute they are.

Rei: “I-Is there something wrong? Have I done something?” Rei’s confidence in intimacy can be broken quite easily when there’s an unexpected reaction, but he’d still be confused even after his partner explains that there’s nothing wrong, they just can’t stop laughing. Still blushing, he awkwardly holds onto their hand. “W-Well, I don’t quite understand what’s so amusing, but… your smile is beautiful, that’s all.”

Rin: “W-What? What’s wrong? What’s so funny?” Thinking that maybe he tickled them or made them uncomfortable, he backs away a little only to see them giggling like crazy. “Stop laughing, dammit, I was serious just then!” He grows surprisingly shy and just buries his face into his partner’s shoulder like a tiny, embarrassed child mumbling that it’s not fair that they’re so cute. 

Sousuke: He sighs loudly with a smile of his own, giving up and ruffling their hair while bumping their foreheads together. “Come on, don’t laugh. I’m doing my best, for your information.” In the end they cuddle for the rest of the night, but not before he tickles them until they’re completely laughed out.