i can't stop doing close ups on his face

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I can't stop laughing about that kiss. Lmao he pulled away so quickly. Seriously. It's funniest thing that I ever seen in my life.

Zayn Malik is definitely the king of kissing G chin instead of lips.

True, my anons!! As obnoxious as it was, it’s hysterical too because Zayn’s lips are completely closed the entire time and nowhere near hers. She doesn’t do much better. It looks like she’s trying not to laugh tbh.

This sums up the entirety of that kiss:


His lips aren’t even touching hers lmao. (Look at her face, too!) Cringe City!

Honestly, Zigi are the epitome of try-hard phoniness I’ve ever seen. Why do they bother? They couldn’t summon passion or intimacy if their very existence depended on it.

Sigh. Enough.

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keith does his very best to stop feeling so fucking sad. he exiles himself into the training room and fights until his muscles are too tired to move and his body has long since forced him to feel present. hunk brings him food, and keith thanks him and apologises, feeling so fucking ashamed, but he can't make himself sit so close to lance, and can''t face having explain why he'd moved seats either. he types up tables of data for pidge for hours until he's no longer thinking about anything else

hey anon i have a quick question for u

what the fuck

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The first time they knotted Bucky didn’t really know what was happening, he and Steve knew in theory that Bucky was able to knot but when you are fucking your best friend in your childhood bedroom with your family due to come home anytime while your dick is getting bigger and said best friend is threatening to stab you if you stop. Well noone would be thinking back to their alpha health classes, right? he realised after but at the time it was 'WTF!?' (now I can't stop thinking these up save me)

(I can’t stop thinking about this too ups)

“What the…?”
“Don’t stop” and Steve’s legs pushed him deeper inside him, his blue yes were closed and Bucky looked at his blushing face. “Please, Buck… don’t stop…”

He has stopped, indeed. But for a good damn reason because he wasn’t actually understanding his biology today and Steve was starting to move desperate to feel some friction, what on Earth was he supposed to do? At the end, Bucky keep going on it, getting into Steve with slowly movements, Steve’s wet walls surrounding him in the most amazing way and oh, this was happening. He was making love to his best friend, the only person he has ever felt in love with. Because of course, this was obviously love. We all know when our house is burning while inside, he just knew it.

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Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, Rin, Sousuke: they try to pull their sexy moves on their partner but their partner won't stop giggling at them at every little thing they do, except they aren't drunk, just in a giggling mood and can't stop laughing

Makoto: He flares up in a flustered shade of red before holding them close to his shoulder so they can’t see his face. “Jeez, I was trying to be serious, you know?” But he isn’t mad at all, of course, so he just ends up laughing with them and covering their cheeks in kisses. 

Nagisa: He lets out a loud wail of disbelief when his moves aren’t exactly going the way he wanted them to, and takes his partner’s face in his hands. “__-chan, I can’t do what I want to if you keep laughing like that! Serious, serious!” He tries to pull down their smile a little and have a serious staring contest, but he gives up too and kisses their nose from how cute they are.

Rei: “I-Is there something wrong? Have I done something?” Rei’s confidence in intimacy can be broken quite easily when there’s an unexpected reaction, but he’d still be confused even after his partner explains that there’s nothing wrong, they just can’t stop laughing. Still blushing, he awkwardly holds onto their hand. “W-Well, I don’t quite understand what’s so amusing, but… your smile is beautiful, that’s all.”

Rin: “W-What? What’s wrong? What’s so funny?” Thinking that maybe he tickled them or made them uncomfortable, he backs away a little only to see them giggling like crazy. “Stop laughing, dammit, I was serious just then!” He grows surprisingly shy and just buries his face into his partner’s shoulder like a tiny, embarrassed child mumbling that it’s not fair that they’re so cute. 

Sousuke: He sighs loudly with a smile of his own, giving up and ruffling their hair while bumping their foreheads together. “Come on, don’t laugh. I’m doing my best, for your information.” In the end they cuddle for the rest of the night, but not before he tickles them until they’re completely laughed out. 

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I can't get over how Jason's cupping Piper's face in that drawing... He looks so devastated in the first part and he's so gentle with her in the second, I'M CRYING

didn’t think it looked gentle but i like that idea!! & to be fair, jason’s pain tolerance is……..really fucked up………..reaaallly fucked up. so seeing her hurt probably registers more with him than his own injuries? and he’s sort of like “are you bleeding–wAIT NO, THAT’S NOT ALLOWED?? HOW DO I STOP THIS” so devastated is probs right.