i can't stop decorating


halerogers  asked:

Elisa, I thought about Stiles and Derek decorating their first kid's room and now I can't stop, help

Okay, this is literally the cutest thing ever and I can’t stop thinking about it without smiling like a goon, either.

But what are you thinking like a mpreg thing, maybe? Where Stiles is pregnant and Derek is the alpha and since he discovered that he’s going to have a pup to look after really soon, he’s gone on full I-must-protect-my-family kinda mode and is the most annoying and most adorable overprotective shit that doesn’t let Stiles lift anything, not even his pillow that he takes around the house when he’s moving from their room to the living room, and Stiles is pretty sure that if Derek had his way, he’d probably try to hold his tissue wile he blew his nose too, but he’d put his foot down, saying that he was perfectly capable of carrying his pillow on his own, and Derek had opened the mouth to argue but closed it when he saw the super-Stiles-glare that yeah, it was totally scary but Derek had only avoided yelling back ‘cause the stress was bad for Stiles and the baby.

And Derek is in this constant state of ‘I can’t wait until they (cuz they refused to know the sex before it was born) are born’ and ‘Oh no when they’ll be born, they’ll be out in the world and then it will be harder for me to protect them’.

And maybe when they are decorating the baby’s room in soft tones of ivory and brown Derek is happy and painting the room with Stiles and looking at his mate while they work and it hits him, you know? that the baby will be out soon and he sees all their life ahead of them, how they’ll grow up and leave to go to school and then to college and then work and then they’ll hardly see them and maybe he has a breakdown over it? and Stiles is there rocking him and running his hands though his hair and smiling fondly and shaking his head a little, first because the baby isn’t even born yet and Derek is crying thinking of the day they’d leave them for college and second because, for how Derek was behaving one would think that he was the pregnant one, on comparison Stiles pregnancy hormones were just fine, he’s the zen one tbh.


Stiles and Derek are in the canon world and they are happily married and they always talked about how they wanted a big family and finally took the first step towards it, applying for adoption in a werewolf centre for kids that lost their packs for whatever reason (Cause they totally exist).

And after being approved, they are so excited and happy that they cannot stop smiling even for a second, cause finally they will have their first kid!

And they buy so much stuff, Stiles is probably the worst since he cannot go anywhere without making a round in the kids section and getting something, but Derek is not that better either, cause he totally does the same thing.

And let’s say that the kid is a girl and when they ask her what her favourite colour is, she says blue and purple, so they decorate her room in these colours. They paint the ceiling in a deep blue and they put all kinds of those little stars that glow in the dark and draw an actual copy of the solar system up there.

and then they paint the side walls in a cute light purple shade and buy lots and lots of soft toys that they put on the rocket-shaped bed (cause the kid has a real obsession with space okay).

And all the while they’re laughing out of giddiness, and when the day finally comes for Lila to come home, they’re kinda nervous, cause what if she doesn’t like it???!!!? But Derek and Stiles had already agreed that if she showed any kind of distress over it they would start over and change everything according to what she wanted.

So, as soon as they open the door to her room, both of them turn to look at her face, and Lila is looking around wide-eyed and sees the soft toys and then the awesome wolf howling at the moon drawing on one of the walls and that makes her look up and see the solar system up there and her eyes are filling, and Stiles and Derek start to panic and kneel down beside her and ask her what’s wrong, but then she buries her face in Derek’s chest and starts sobbing “I’ve never had a family and a room all mine. this is prettier than anything I could imagine.” and then Stiles is crying too and Derek pulls him close so that all the three of them are hugging and murmurs, “Well, you do now. this is all yours and we are your family.“ and it’s okay now, it’s perfect.

Cause they all had experienced pain but they found each other and that’s what’s important.