i can't stop crying


Annabeth becomes pregnant but doesn’t know it yet until one day Nico came up to her and just simply stared at her stomach before saying “congrats” and Annabeth and Percy (who is there at the time) gave him a confused look asking about what. And Nico saids, “on the baby” Annabeth gasped, “baby?!” And Nico replies, “yeah, I can sense it’s soul already” and smiles and walks away and I AM NOT OKAY PLEASE SOMEONE PROFESSIONAL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS I AM JUST THE IDEA PERSON THAT WONT STOP CRYING DX


“Coming back to New Zealand is interesting because I had this amazing journey and since this whole thing started, some of you are here when we were ten years younger, fourteen years younger, and the thing’s always struck me was just the spirit of New Zealand, the people, all you guys, I’m so grateful to be able to come back to experience again.”