i can't stop crying


Drummond, I have been thinking about our interrupted dinner. Whether it could be revived. I understand I have no right to determine your future, but I think it would be a shame if you never tasted the oysters at Ciros. I will be there this evening. Yours, Alfred.

after this episode i’m 100% sure dany is going to get pregnant of jon, the amount of foreshadowing is unbelievable, after boatsex and multiples sex encounters (we’re talking about a 30 days voyage, they’re not going to do it just one time lmao) she’s probably going to carry a targaryen baby in her belly, that baby is going to be THEIR HEIR and to be honest i can’t wait to see both reactions. In my mind it’s something like this:

“Dany enters the room with her hands touching gently her belly, she finds herself watching Jon with teary eyes, she’s shaking but she doesn’t seems to notice; Jon does notice, he takes one step towards her, he thinks something bad happens but then a nervous but beautiful smile is crossing her lips and the worry dissappear from his face.

“Jon… I’m pregnant” She mumbles, looking  down at her hands and proceeds to look at his face, waiting for his reaction.

Jon doesn’t understand at first, he’s just watching her with no emotion in his face but after repeting her words in his mind over and over again he just can’t help but smile in the most sweet and surprised way and with no doubt he goes to her, lifting her up from the ground and hugging her so tight, he doesn’t have to ask her if she’s sure, he has an unwavering trust in her, he believes her without a second thought; both of them are closing their eyes, avoiding to shed tears, thing that is impossible because they can’t believe what’s happening, there are so many emotions overflowing in their hearts… they’re going to have a child… they’re going to have a child”


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