i can't stop send help

Imagine meeting Sebastian at a convention. Out of all the people in the crowd, he chooses you - he wants to hear your question. But what you have to say is better than any question; you have a story. A story about a dream you had in which you and Bucky put the jet on autopilot and joined the mile high club.

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I've had this girl in my ethics class for the last 5 weeks who's always really irritated me for some unknown irrational reason and this week she came in wearing a camo bomber jacket and red lipstick and it hit me like a punch in the gut. im so attracted to her. that's why im on edge every time she speaks she's so beautiful I can't physically handle it and the only response im capable of is anger. now that I've figured it out I can't stop staring please send help how do I tell someone I love them

oh honey that’s really gay

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Darling I long to be deep inside of you, owning every inch of your precious skin. Feeling your curves under my fingers, hearing you gasping out my name as I pleasure you endlessly. I am ready for you, I will wait patiently for you my dear. - Ignis Scientia

*goes on lunch break at work*

*grabs a drink and sits down, opens up Tumblr*