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Dauntless: I Can't Stop (Part 1)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, Smut

Camille was driving me insane.

If she wasn’t pissing off the superiors with that big mouth it hers, she was pissing me off.

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Tig Trager - I Can't Stop Loving You |Part 1|

Imagine being cheated on by Chibs and finding comfort within Tig.

It was over that was for sure. Chibs had shown that he had lost interest in you the moment he laid eyes on that new female sheriff that came to town. You were heart broken to say the least, but your emotions were numbed by the mask you wore to cover up your pain.

But Tig noticed the pain. He noticed because he cared deeply for you. He had always cared for you ever since the day you had rolled into Charming on your bike with your Female MC. “Daughters of Anarchy” your MC was the sisterhood of the Sons. Your mother was a Teller who married a Morrow. Kind of ironic that Tig would fall for a Teller-Morrow.

And that’s what was funny now.

Laying next to you, Tig watched you sleeping peacefully under his covers at his home in his bed. He sighed deeply as he ran his fingers through your hair. He sighed deeply wondering what could have been different if he hadn’t fucked up everything all those years ago. If he hadn’t thrown you away, thrown away the good thing the both of you had going.

If he hadn’t pushed you toward Chibs and had broken your heart not once, but twice all because of how stupid he acted. He always wondered about it. But most of all he never stopped loving you.

He couldn’t stop loving you.

Let me know if this should have several parts, I came up with it off the top of my head.

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I can't help but add my two cents about Moftiss and their take on Sherlolly and post series 4 interviews. I totally agree with you that they deliberately kept all shops possible and ambiguous enough so any shipper can be happy (except for jl as TPTB went out of their way to show those two men are attracted to female part of population ;) alas it still can be shipped as two guys raising Rosie together etc etc) anyway. I like that's it all left to our interpretation yet I can't stop feeling (1/2)

However the showrunners feel about the ship, they definitely gave us a lot in a very economical manner. If I had to pick a quote to encapsulate my feelings about both Molly Hooper and her screen time, it would definitely be “Though she be but little she be fierce.” Thanks for sharing.

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So I always find my self thinking negatively about a lot of the things around me and about myself. I know I have to have a clear mind and remind myself to stay positive in order to live healthier spiritually but I can't stop the negative thoughts

1. Don’t ignore warning signals in your body. Frequent petty colds, stomach aches, and headaches may all be a sign of stress.

2. There is no need to be strong all the time, and even less of a need to maintain an image of strength in front of others.

3. Achievements and titles mean nothing if they’re not something you’re passionate about.

4. Creativity is therapeutic, and it’s in everyone, just sometimes suppressed.

5. We need to matter the most to ourselves—over any job promotion, meeting, excel spreadsheet.


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