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The Last Shadow Puppets’ final act: Rock En Seine 2016

most hilarious/amazing moments


In the renewed Cliff Climb undertaken by sakumoto, Sho-kun ends up ‘resting’ in the tube-like aperture when time winds down.  After saying that the game is just “too much fun”, Jun-kun is about to comment, when Sho-kun swings back down in an arc and lands squarely, immediately and smoothly in front of our youngest.  

Jun: I wanted to go-

Sho (trying to catch the end of Jun’s words): What?

“Too close, too close!” according to the producers… I’d have been PERFECTLY fine with even closer. (^_^)

Cr: VS Arashi 3-hour New Year Special 03.01.2016

Paying $4.59 for a route? What the fuck? Voltage inc should make them free!!
—  The girl complains as she takes another sip of her $5 pumpkin spice latte

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“I knew that’d be your answer. That’s why I never told you before. It's why I can't stand to be around you two together. They're nice and I hate myself for not liking them just because I'm jealous but it's the truth." (For jackaboy from Ry in an au?)

“Wait. Hold on, you’re jealous of her? I’m sorry you’re jealous, but I’m not just going to stop bringing them around.” Jack shook his head before pausing, his eyes narrowed. “Hold up…you like me. That’s it, isn’t it?”

  • Luke: "W-We shouldn't be doing this here," you mumbled in between kisses. As cliche as it was to say that, it was nothing but the pure truth. He was your Math teacher, for Christ's sake. "Are we going to have this conversation again, (Y/N)," he chuckled, breaking the kiss. "I, just, I don't want us to get caught. I don't want you to be in trouble," you said, caressing his cheek. "Babe, we're not going to get caught. You know I'm only a substitute teacher, I'll be out of here soon. And then we'll be able to show everyone how happy we're together," he assured you. "I know, but we need to be more careful," you leaned against his desk. "That's why we're waiting for the school to be clear to leave the classroom," he came closer, standing in between your legs. "I know, but we shouldn't be making out here," you bit your lip. "Well, you didn't seem to think that yesterday," he smirked eyeing your reddening cheeks. "Shut up," you pushed him. "Make me," he challenged you. You rolled your eyes, but leaned in, pressing your lips together in yet another kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. "I'm so glad I took this job," he mumbled, biting your bottom lip. "So am I," you whimpered in his mouth.
  • Ashton: "Babe, you know I gotta go," Ashton broke from another of your needy kisses. "Can't you just stay for a little longer, please?", you pouted. "Ah, don't make that face. You know it breaks my heart to see you sad, but I really need to go," he kissed your forehead. "How much longer, Ash?", you sighed, leaning against your pillows. His only answer was a sad sigh, putting his shirt back on. "Seriously, when will I stop being 'the other one'? When will I finally be able to hold your hand in public? And tell everyone I'm out of the market? Because when you're with me, Ashton, you're cheating on her. And, when you're with her, you're cheating on me. And I can't tolerate this anymore, I can't stand seeing you two together in the hallway and not knowing if you're actually as in love with her as it seems to be, and I can't help thinking if I'm just a stupid booty call. This is wrong, Ash. You can't do that to me anymore, and to her," you proudly finished your rant. "I know, (Y/N)," he sighed sadly, laying next to you, "Trust me, my feelings for her stopped when I met you. I just couldn't break up with her yet, but I'll do it soon. It's wrong, and I feel like a piece of shit for doing this." "You are a piece of shit for doing this," you played with his hair, "But you're my piece of shit." "I love you," he kissed your nose, then your cheek, and, finally, your lips. "I love you too, Ash. But, no more until you break up with her," you gave him a small kiss before pulling away. "One more? Just so I don't miss you too much?", he pouted. You giggled, pulling him closer to you and gluing your lips together, on your last kiss as the lover. "Bye, babe," he smiled, climbing out of your window.
  • Michael: "Fuck," Michael mumbled against your lips, hands making their way to squeeze your bum. "Michael, your sister will be home at any minute," you mumbled. Yes, you were hooking up with your friend's brother. "So?", he didn't give much attention to what you had said as he started to press kisses down your neck. "She can't see us," you bit back a moan. "Do you want to stop, then?", he stopped kissing you, but his hands remained finding new spots on your body. "I don't want to," you bit your lip, "But we have to." Michael sighed, pecking your lip innocently. "We need to find better places to meet," he mumbled, pulling you closer to him. "It'd be easier if you actually invited me over sometime, instead of randomly grabbing me and pulling me into your bedroom whenever your sister invites me over and I get here first." "Your point is valid," he chuckled, kissing the top of your head, "But you could invite me over to your house too." "We'll see about that," you smirked. "(Y/N)? Are you here?", you heard the front door open and your friend's voice echoed through the house. You and Michael shared a look, before you quietly pecked his lip and left his bedroom. "Yeah, I'm here," you smiled, fixing your hair. "Sorry, I'm late. Hopefully Michael didn't annoy you much," she walked up to where you were, leading you to her bedroom. "Oh no, he was just fine," you smirked slightly.
  • Calum: It was something like a meet up, but with your parents friend's and their kids. It was pretty obvious your parents were trying to pair you up with a boy about your age and, he did seem nice, but he was nothing compared to Calum. Your parents didn't know, and you were pretty sure neither did Calum's, but this wasn't your first encounter. You had met at a party previously and, let's just say you knew he wasn't who your parents would want you hanging out with. He had captivated you the second you saw him, and you seemed to have the same effect on him. Yet, your parents were trying so hard you figured you shouldn't say a thing about Calum. That's why you were now in your bathroom in a heated make out session. "Cal, we should really head back downstairs," you mumbled. "Why? So you can go back to flirting with that moron?", he bit your lip. "I'm not flirting with him, I'm just being nice," you tried to reason with him whilst playing with his hair. "You're clearly flirting with him, babe. You're not even trying to hide it," he chuckled. "It's just for my parents and you know it," you mumbled. "I know, but it doesn't mean I'm fine with it," he pouted. "What do you want me to do then, Cal?", you sighed. "Oh, you don't have to do anything. Let me take care of it," he smirked. Before you could ask what he had meant, his lips were already on your neck, leaving quite a nice amount of hickeys there. "Calum!", you shrieked, pushing him away and looking at your reflection in the mirror. "Now he'll know you're not interested," he winked.

Kaidan and Lola’s little moments 1/ ∞ - That moment when they forget the pain and make a plan and it is just like old times. He can’t stop watching, even when the ground literally shakes them off their feet. He sees her for the first time in forever.