i can't sleep. don't judge me

Kit and ty fluff

- Kit and Ty start dating but no one knows yet. They’re not hiding it as much as they are avoiding being found together 
- There’s been multiple times when they’ve almost been found out and have saved it at the last second 
- The first time there were almost caught they were in the Kitchen. Ty being Ty had skipped eating dinner that night and had justified it with “I’ll eat later, I’m just busy right now” 
But it was 10 pm and Ty still hadn’t eaten at all. Simon was visiting with Izzy to pick locations for their wedding and was currently at the table eating all the cookies. 
“Are you eating all my cookies?” Kit asked, still skeptical of Simons presence. Simon looked at the box of cookies and took another. “They’re really good.” 
Kit just shook his head and sat down on a chair. As soon as he did he saw a flash of black by whom he immediately identified as Tiberius. 
Ty slowly stepped backwards until his was back in the dorway and spun on the heel of his foot. 
“Remember to eat.”
“Yes dad”
Kit picked up a piece of fruit from the basket on the table and threw it at Ty as he started to turn away. It hit his arm and he pretended to be hurt by it. “Owwww”
“Respect your elders.”
Simon just looked very amused as he ate his cookies and watched whatever was happening unfold in front of him. 
“Come on Ty you need to eat. If you haven’t realised after 15 yrs of life that food is essential to living than you might need to read up about it.” 
Ty reluctantly moved forwards and sat down at the table. Tapping his fingers on the wooden surface. 
“Well aren’t you gonna feed me?” 
Kit rolled his eyes and got up from the table and exited the kitchen, muttering something about *the things I do*
Simon just laughed and asked Ty “Is he always like that?” 
“Pretty much.” 
Kit returned soon after with tomato soup and grilled cheese. 
“There you go your highness.” Kit said as he placed the tray exaggeratedly in front of him. 
“Thanks Kit” Ty looked down at the food and back up at Kit. 
“What is there something wrong with it ?” Kit inquired. 
“No it’s just I’m a bit thirsty”
Kit muttered something that sounded suspiciously like *no kidding * before heading into the kitchen and returning with a bottle of water. 
“Will that be all?”
“For now thanks” 
Kit just rolled his eyes and sat down next to Ty and stole a piece of grilled cheese from his plate. 
“Hey! I slaved over a hot grill for this!”
“No you didn’t, I did!”
“I’m only kidding Kit. By the angel you can never take a joke.” 
“You know ever since you met me you’ve gradually started using more and more sarcasm. I may be a bit of a bad influence.” 
Ty looked over at Kit, with a look that said are you being serious or not. It was the equivalent of Julian drawing the expressions that Ty had never understood. Slowly but surely Ty was picking up on more and more of Kits questionable sarcasm. 
Ty, having identified that it had intact been sarcasm turned around to Simon to see him staring confused in there direction as if trying to decipher something. 
“What?” Ty questioned dipping his grilled cheese in his soup. “ why are you looking at me like that?” 
“Like what?”
“Like your trying to decide something.”
“Well… I don’t mean to be rude, but… are you too dating?”
Silence fell over the kitchen. Even the birds had stopped flying as if listening in too there conversation. Kit just looked at Simon confused. Ty turned bright red and took another bit of his food. Kit had stopped faking confused the second Simon cracked a mischievous smile and followed up with,“ you so are.”
“Okay maybe we are. Just don’t tell they others. Julian would have my head.” 
Simon laughed at the statement and stood up. “Don’t worry mini jace your secrets safe with me.” He left the room leaving Kit and Ty alone. 
Kit thought he had resolved something but Ty’s face said the opposite. “Is that why you don’t want to tell anyone. Because you were sacred of Julian.” 
Kit let out a breath he didn’t even know he had been holding and put his elbows on the table, hands gripping his hair. “Julian took me aside the other week and told me that he didn’t think I was good for you. That I was too disruptive for the peaceful atmosphere that you needed.” 
Now it was Ty’s turn to look distressed. His head flicked to the side his curls bouncing on his check bones. His fingers blurs on the side of the table, tapping a simple rhythm. “ Did he really tell you that?” 
Kit nodded. “ Among other things.”
“What kind of things?” 
“Oh you know the usual. If you hurt Ty I will kill you. Don’t hurt Ty’s feelings, don’t push Ty’s buttons, don’t do anything that could push Ty out of his comfort zone.” Kit looked down at the table.“ It’s not like I would do any of those things, if I was dating you or not.” 
Kit looked back up at Ty expecting him to still be looking at the table too and was surprised when Ty threw his arms around him. “I know you wouldn’t do those things. Don’t let Jules give you relationship advice. Just don’t.” 
Ty gave kit a quick peck in the lips before turning back to his grilled cheese, leaving Kit in awe.

On bi-cis

If I am a Bisexual cys male…Can I be a Bi-cy-c-le? What would the other C stand for? Can I misspell it on purpose to make a pun? Would it be such a great sin as a writer? Am I too silly to just realise this works better on Spanish?
Is it too bad to recycle puns from the age of the soup? trust me makes sense in Spanish. 

Sonic Boom Episodes 1-39
  • ...as told by someone who is really sleepy at the moment.
  • The Sidekick: Knuckles Jr.!
  • Can An Evil Genius...: Eggman is a horrible roommate and nobody likes him.
  • Translate This: TAKE IT EASY WHACK-JOB
  • Buster: Sticks gets a dog who barfs slime all over creation. Also Knuckles makes the best "WTF" face ever.
  • My Fair Sticksy: Red Crudicio Spread
  • Fortress of Squalitude: Knuckles uses uncooked poultry as puppets (which looks hilariously inappropriate due to where he's sticking his hands xP). Also he eats a napkin
  • Double Doomsday: "Who puts an off-switch on a doomsday device?" Eggman, Tails, meet Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
  • Eggheads: Sonic didn't get invited to MustacheCon. Also I'M AN EVIL MASTERMIND OF AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE!
  • Guilt Tripping: The frick is a Gogoba
  • Dude Where's My Eggman: That subtle Beatles reference tho
  • Cowbot: Sonic and Knuckles beat Sonic & Knuckles
  • Circus of Plunders: Amy is a sad clown
  • Unlucky Knuckles: Knuckles attempts to reset the balance of the universe by killing himself several times. Oh and Tails dies at the end
  • The Meteor: Probably the most well executed body-swap episode in cartoon history (the voice acting alone is fricking amazing)
  • Aim Low: RIP Knuckles' birdhouse ;_;
  • How To Succeed in Evil: Tails destroys everything and gets invited to an evil potluck. Also pizza (and pizzazz)
  • Don't Judge Me: Ace Attorney & Knuckles
  • Dr Eggman's Tomato Sauce: The love story of Tails and his plane
  • Sole Power: I can't do 6 'o clock, I have tickets to the opera! Oh wait no that's someone else
  • Hedgehog Day: Knuckles keeps the world trapped in a time loop so he won't have to go to the dentist
  • Sleeping Giant: Apparently the only way to make a rock giant go to sleep is to sing REALLY BADLY. Also Sonic makes a Princess Bride reference
  • Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple: I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR BOSOM, BUDDY!
  • Let's Play Musical Friends: Rock, Donut, Thursday--the game that will make your head explode. Literally.
  • Late Fees: "Did I ever tell you about the time--" "*internal screaming*"
  • Into the Wilderness: Sonic and Knuckles go into the wilderness and come out of the closet
  • Eggman Unplugged: My delicious whipped cream filling will shoot out like toothpaste ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
  • Chez Amy: I'm just convinced that Dave is stoned for the entirety of this episode
  • Blue With Envy: RADICAL SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE (please)
  • Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose: "I think I'm allergic to fish saliva" "THEN GET OUT OF THE FISH"
  • Chili Dog Day Afternoon: Knuckles gets high on peppers and hallucinates about the rejected VeggieTales villains who make him wear a kilt
  • Closed Door Policy: Don't worry Knuckles, I didn't understand a word of that either
  • Mayor Knuckles: That stamp is like the One Ring
  • Eggman the Auteur: When I said "Sonknux" that wasn't what I meant
  • Just A Guy: Tumblr in a nutshell tbh
  • Beyond the Valley of Cubots: Sonic makes underwear jokes
  • New Years Retribution: Sonic and Eggman have a dance-off, and it's fricking awesome
  • Battle of the Boy Bands: BEST EPISODE EVER!
  • Conclusion: I fricking love this show. <3
The signs as Twenty One Pilots songs
  • Aries:
  • -Blurryface: Not Today
  • -Vessel: Semi-Automatic
  • -Regional At Best: Holding On To You
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Implicit Demand For Proof, Isle Of Flightless Birds
  • -Others: Time To Say Goodbye
  • -Covers: All I Do Is Win
  • Taurus:
  • -Blurryface: Polarize
  • -Vessel: Truce
  • -Regional At Best: Lovely, Trees
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Johnny Boy
  • -No Phun Intended: Never Change, TB Saga
  • -Covers: I'm Yours
  • Gemini:
  • -Blurryface: Lane Boy
  • -Vessel: Ode To Sleep
  • -Regional At Best: Kitchen Sink
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Before You Start Your Day
  • -No Phun Intended: Prove Me Wrong
  • -Covers: This Is How We Do It
  • Cancer:
  • -Blurryface: Doubt
  • -Vessel: Trees
  • -Regional At Best: Be Concerned
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Oh Ms Believer
  • -No Phun Intended: Just Like Yesterday, Whisper
  • -Covers: Don't Matter
  • Leo:
  • -Blurryface: Ride
  • -Vessel: Holding On To You
  • -Regional At Best: Glowing Eyes
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Addict With A Pen
  • -No Phun Intended: Trees, Tonight
  • -Covers: Safe and Sound/Get Lucky
  • Virgo:
  • -Blurryface: Stressed Out
  • -Vessel: Fake You Out
  • -Regional At Best: Car Radio
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Taxi Cab
  • -No Phun Intended: I Want To Know
  • -Covers: No One
  • Libra:
  • -Blurryface: Tear In My Heart
  • -Vessel: Screen
  • -No Phun Intended: Taken By Sleep
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Fall Away, The Pantaloon
  • -Covers: I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
  • Scorpio:
  • -Blurryface: Heavydirtysoul, Goner
  • -Vessel: Car Radio
  • -Regional At Best: Ruby, Ode To Sleep
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Friend, Please
  • -No Phun Intended: Hear Me Now
  • -Covers: Jar Of Hearts
  • Sagittarius:
  • -Blurryface: Message Man
  • -Vessel: Guns For Hands
  • -Regional At Best: Clear
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: A Car, A Torch, A Death
  • -No Phun Intended: Falling Too
  • -Covers: Ignition
  • Capricorn:
  • -Blurryface: The Judge
  • -Vessel: Migraine
  • -Regional At Best: Anathema
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Air Catcher
  • -No Phun Intended: Drown, Hole In The Ground
  • -Covers: No Woman, No cry
  • Aquarius:
  • -Blurryface: We Don't Believe What's On TV, Hometown
  • -Vessel: The Run And Go
  • -Regional At Best: Forest
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: Trapdoor
  • -No Phun Intended: Realize That It's Gone, Blasphemy, Save
  • -Covers: Mad World, Ride Wit Me
  • Pisces:
  • -Blurryface: Fairly Local
  • -Vessel: House Of Gold
  • -Regional At Best: Guns For Hands
  • -Twenty | One | Pilots: March To The Sea
  • -No Phun Intended: Where Did We Go
  • -Others: Two
  • -Covers: Semi-Charmed Life

becauseforoncethisisme  asked:

How does narcissism play into Jaime never speaking of the wildfire? (Related: I understand why he did that for the sake of the story, but I don't from a Watsonian perspective. Dude, that will clear your name! You think Tywin can't manipulate singers and rumor?)

Because Jaime, quite a bit like Tyrion, has this anti-hero identity going on. The ignorant masses despise me because of the best thing I ever did, I’m so misunderstood, I’m also a bad boy because I sleep with my sister, but also I’m better than all of you and I don’t owe anyone an explanation, who are you to judge me, etc. etc. 

As we see here:

“Do you think the noble Lord of Winterfell wanted to hear my feeble explanations? Such an honorable man. He only had to look at me to judge me guilty.” Jaime lurched to his feet, the water running cold down his chest. “By what right does the wolf judge the lion? By what right?”

Things I Hate

I hate missing people.
I hate feeling lonely.
I hate the anxiety I feel swelling in my stomach at school.
I hate making a fool of myself all the time.
I hate how just standing and saying my name and what I did over the summer to the class leaves me breathless and shaking.
I hate being forgotten or ignored.
I hate hoping for the impossible.
I hate how hard things like your own life can be to change sometimes.
I hate lying awake at night thinking and worrying and feeling that anxiety when a name or a thought passes through my mind.
I hate being judged.
I hate finding myself judging people.
I hate how easy it is to lose someone, and how you never know when it could happen, and sometimes you never know why.

I don’t hate people, but there are things about them I do.

Unexpected Things The Signs Do
  • Aries: Raising of the voice ('I'm not yelling!')
  • Gemini: Talking until eternity.(sleep talkers are all Gemini. I don't care if you're another sign and you sleep talk. You're secretly a Gemini. They can't stop and they won't stop.)
  • Cancer: The judgement is real. Idk if you're really judging me or not but that look says otherwise js.
  • Leo: Snapping at you. I swear people are like Aries is scary but then you get Leo and I'm like whahhhttt? The lion is true they're def King.
  • Virgo: Never lose an argument. They're legit so smart and make great for the debate team.
  • Libra: They're kinda scarily intimidating. I've mistaken like 10 libra males for Aries cause they're so scary and I'm like stahp. Please.
  • Scorpio: Death Glares out of no where. Killer bitch face.
  • Sagittarius: THE COME BACKS ARE ACTUALLY REAL! Sometimes they're so stupid they're funny and other times they're puns and then it's just like oh shit she went there.
  • Capricorn: SASSSSSS!! It's scarily beautiful. Put a cap, a sag and a Virgo together on the debate team. It'll either be hella good or like "NUH UH!! I'M RIGHT, YOU BITCH!"
  • Aquarius: If they don't like you, they will have like 0 respect for you so like it's kinda scary. They will be salty af and like killing you.
  • Pisces: When there's a fight Pisces has 3 levels depending on your other signs, "CHILL!!", *laughter*, or *cries* idk which is more unexpected but uhh...
  • ~sag girl (and like Scorpio boy for Aquarius over FaceTime and he just really wanted his name on here so bam bitch you know I love you cause your name is here)
BTS doing 'my boyfriend does my makeup' tag
  • Jin: jagi.. You can't just rely on makeup products.. You need morning cream and night cream too.. See this skin? You think it happened in one night?
  • Yoongi: whyyy.. Let me sleep..
  • Namjoon: ... And i thought i was smart. I can't even name one thing.. Wait! I know this one! *break pencil eye liner*
  • Hoseok: ooh this is so funn! Can i try them on, jagi? Can i can i can i pleeeeasseee??
  • Jimin: jagi.. You don't need makeup. You're naturally beautiful.. *flirty face*
  • Tae: uwoohh what is this for? What about this one? This looks funny. Jagi what is this for?! Removing eyes?! *holding eyelash curler*
  • Jungkook: omo! Where did you get this lotion? And this perfume? I couldn't find them anywhere! *stealing them away for his collection*

anonymous asked:

I'm lost... I can't sleep.. I barely eat.. I put in a smile so no one asks what's wrong, because i know they would judge me if I let them in... My life is falling apart and I don't know how to put it back together...

Here’s what I do when I feel like my life is falling apart (which is pretty frequent recently):

1. Get a notebook. This is your life.

2. Get four brightly coloured pens. These represent your goals, fears, problems and the things you should be thankful for.

3. First, write down your problems. If it’s heartbreak, write who and why. Write it all down and pour your heart and soul out. If you need more than one sheet of paper, fine; do it.

4. Now write your fears. One of my fears is always that I’ll never be free of the scars he left. I’m terrified that I’ll never fall in love in the same way I did with him again.

5. Write down your goals next. Recovery is a goal. Getting better and letting go is a goal. Write down your dreams and make sure you dream big.

6. Now that you’ve gotten all the bad out of your system, record all the things you have that make you happy. Write down what makes you smile and brightens your day. Maybe right now you won’t have that many things, but if even one thing makes you smile a day, it’s worth putting down.

7. Keep this notepad and add to it frequently.

8. Look back. The day your notepad has more things to be thankful for is the day you’ve succeeded in winning life. You don’t have to be happy all the time, but at least you can be content.

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