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GintamaWeek 2016 → Day 4, Naraku: Favorite Scene | Gin-chan, I can’t sleep!

“What is sleep? When we close our eyes, we’re just shutting our eyelids. Our eyeballs are still darting around. It’s completely dark, but that’s because we’re looking at the inside of our eyelids. It doesn’t mean we’re asleep. To prove it, if you close your eyes during the day, it’s completely red. What do I do with my eyeballs if I want to fall asleep? Should I just stare at the inside of my eyelids? Or should I look up? And do we breathe with our mouths when we sleep? Or with our noses? Should I cross my arms? Should I leave them at my sides? Outside the covers? Inside the covers? How should the pillow be placed? Face-up? Face-down? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What’s beyond the edge of the universe? Why doesn’t anime make lots of money? What is sleep again?”

1D Hiatus: Day 375

* Liam is in Wolverhampton

* Liam surprises young patients at New Cross Hospital with Christmas presents

* Louis once again thanks everybody for the support for ‘Just Hold On’ via Twitter

* Harry is in Holmes Chapel, meets fans

It’s Dec 22nd, 2016.

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OOH OR HOW ABOUT vampire robbie who doesn't realise he's a vampire and wanting to sleep during the day is normal for him. wanting to bite sportacus' neck, maybe not so much

“Now what was that train of thought…” he mutters, his eyes still fixated on Sportacus’ neck. It was not unusual for Robbie to think about someone leaving their mark on him- but never before had he felt this… possessive?… about someone else. Never before had he imagined himself biting in someone’s neck and leaving an imprint of his teeth behind. He was especially surprised that the one he imagined doing this with was the town’s very hero, the one he always attempted to rid himself off, and that he would go as far as wanting to draw his blood. Yes, Sportacus would definitely think less of him if he ever found out; not that he could possibly think much of him to begin with. After all, he was Rotten.

Headcanon that Robbie thirsts and doesn’t still his thirst in any way for so long that he passes out. Sportacus, being an elf, had noticed that Robbie’s magic changed somehow (because it’s canon that he’s “very magical”; I like the part Fae theory; and I like it especially when Robbie doesn’t know about it), but wasn’t able to pinpoint it. His instincts told him to check up on the other man more and more often, but Robbie would just tell him to leave with increasingly frustration, and even stop playing as many tricks on him. Then, his crystal goes off, because Robbie’s collapsed, and he hurries to get to him- but injures himself a little as he gets down the bunker. Robbie immediately jumps on him and “cleans his wound”, only to freeze and look at him in mortification and back away again. Cue Sportacus talking to him and eventually baring his neck, much to Robbie’s growing frustration, and even going as far as leading Robbie’s mouth to it.

I damn near wrote my own fanfic with that one. I could. But I probably won’t.

I like the night. It’s more than a period of time; it’s another place. It’s different from where we are during the day…when life is most like a dream.
—  Chiyoh - HANNIBAL Season 3, Episode 5: “Contorno”

This is Parker Cannon hugging me and it was the greatest night of my life. Parker and I have the same chest condition where our chests cave into a dent. It’s called pectus excavatum. Right after TSSF played Face Value during their concert in Bloomington on 10/30, I took my shirt off and hopped onstage to show Parker my chest. I was really nervous at first because he has a reputation as a kind of reclusive guy, but when I got up there and showed him what we had in common, he fist bumped me and hugged me. After that, I dove into the crowd and heard Parker say “See, I’m not the only one.” Then I pretty much just cried/sang all the way through Empty Space. Parker is the reason I’m not insecure about my chest anymore and to actually meet him and show him the confidence he inspired in me made it all the more special.

Dark Fate Kou Heaven 03 Translation

Heaven 01     Heaven 02     Heaven 03

[Note: Heaven Scenarios are just extra situations not necessarily tied to the plot. They can be found in the “special” section on the main menu. You unlock them by choosing the correct word choices at the end monologues during Chapters 06-10 of each arc] 

-Scene: Mukami Kitchen-


Yui: (After a long time, I’ll make something delicious for Kou-kun to eat today)

(Vongole with salad and soup! That’ll make him real happy)

Kou: Ah, I thought you were here.

Yui: Ko, Kou-kun!

Kou: Eh, what? Is it bad I came?

Yui: No, but… …

Kou: … …Ah, I know. You’re making this for me?

Yui: Yeah… …I am. I thought I’d secretly make it and bring it to you as a surprise… …

Kou: You’re packed with sweetness, M Neko-chan. I just came here because I smelt something very strong and delicious.

But, I’m happy. Thank you! Can I help with anything?

Yui: No, it’s fine. I’ll be quick, so wait.

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I’ve spent the night staring at Emily’s tour dates and a calendar…

There has been speculation that when Emily said she had to be in NY for filming that she was actually in Georgia filming.

My tin foil hat and social media analyzing makes me believe she filmed these two days she was in Atlanta.

Her opening act said they were returning to Atlanta during their 4 days off after their show in Alabama.

This covers episodes 601 and 602.

After that, the second leg of Emily’s tour is jam packed. I’d imagine she would not be able to film at all during that time.

However, using the average of 9 days to shoot an episode, the second leg of her tour puts her out of commission for 603 and 604 filming. And free to return to Georgia during 605 filming.

The structuring of this tour is brilliant. It gives the illusion that she’s unavailable, but really she hasn’t been. She will be, but in the grand scheme of things, what’s two episodes?

In Comparison, aka Milky Way 2.0

Here it is, after three days of chewing on paint brushes and minimal sleep, here’s the fruit of my labour. Horrible lighting aside, I’m pretty happy with it. Submitted it for the competition earlier today (the trip was wild). Thank you everyone who’d supported me and followed my indecisive saga of which-reference-should-I-use, especially @thebibliosphere, @niyaow, and @ame-kage. Your kind words made the sleep-deprived headache all worth it ^^

@elementalcrystals & @hamletlaertes, do you think this is better than my 1.0?

Side note, the universe really didn’t want me to finish this damn thing. In my way were random ass backache, numerous paint spills, outlets that died on me, a fire alarm testing, and a general lack of proper work surface that probably caused the backache in the first place. Well suck it.