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Guardians of Notra pt. 1
  • Random New Blood, sets their hand on Cal's: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.
  • Cal: that's nice.
  • Random New Blood: You feel love.
  • Cal: yeah, I guess yeah, I feel a general unselfish love for just about everybody-
  • Random New Blood: No... sexual love...
  • Cal: No, no I dont-
  • Random New Blood, points to Mare: FOR HER!
  • Cal: NO!
  • Cal: Dude come on, I think you're overreacting a little bit.
  • Mare: blushing a lot
  • Kilorn, bouncing up and down and grabbing the New Blood's hand: DO ME! DO ME! DO ME!

Rebelcaptain Pirates AU

She’d heard the stories, sung by the maidens to frighten her, “The pirates will come if you don’t sleep right now.”

She’d closed her eyes, but she couldn’t sleep without her papa’s kiss on her forehead, so the next day she’d thought they would break the door down, their faces blackened by soot and with sharpened swords, ready to take her away.

What happened years later had been different. Their kidnapping much more elegant, Captain Cassian Andor was bent to treat her like the lady she was.

She ate at his table while he scrutinized plans and maps.

Some stories were true, they were dirty and crass, but they looked at the sea with longing. Something she was jealous of.

So she too looks at the sea, trying to see what they could see.

She licks her lips and tastes the salty air.

“Enjoying the view?” Cassian asks, hand on the railing.

She’s learned to politely answer, to bow her head and smile, but she doesn’t, she refuses to. “The same blue, the same waves,” she answers, with more firmness than she thought she had.

“You will get used to it.”

"Do you plan to keep me here for a long time?”

“Until we find your father,” he shrugs, his smile still on his face, as if it pleased him to irritate her.

“I told you, I do not know where he is.”

“Oh, but I do, and I need you for him to be more …” he is looking for the words, or perhaps playing the threatening card, “complacent.”

(80s) Bad boy Kuro, (80s) dancer Lance.
for @jupitertriton 💙💜

   Lance opens the door with a frown already formed on his gorgeous face.  Kuro looks at him and immediately wishes he could have the other’s permission to soothe that expression away with gentle fingertips.  He doesn’t ask for it, though, because he knows he fucked up.  Lance has every right to be upset.

   “Can I come in?”  He tilts his head to the side rather sheepishly.  With that movement shadows cast over his face that the dim light of the hall doesn’t bother dissipating.

   “It’s 5am,” Lance says, still not stepping aside to leave enough room for him to enter the small flat.  The frown on that gorgeous face deepens.  

   Kuro’s lips itch to place kisses on the now furrowed space between Lance’s elegant eyebrows.

   “I know,” he says, fidgeting a little under that electric blue stare, “I’m sorry.”

   “That’s too vague,” and now Lance shakes his head, a resigned expression crossing his features before it settles on acceptance, “but I guess that’s all I’ll get from you now.”

   With that, Kuro watches Lance turn away and walk the small distance from the main door to the kitchen.  The robe he’s wearing is thick enough not to be translucent but thin enough to leave little to the imagination.  Yet it’s not Kuro’s flesh that craves for the other man.

   It’s Kuro’s heart.  It’s Kuro’s mind.

   He allows himself in and closes the door behind his back, locking it.  Both of them know he won’t be leaving well after the later hours of morning.  Following motions that by now were so ingrained within him, he takes off his heavy leather jacket, not bothering to hold back his pained wince, before hanging it on the single hook nailed to the wall.  With Lance he has nothing to hide.  This is his safe haven.

   It takes him three short strides to get to the small old couch and then he plops down on it gracelessly.  He throws his head backwards, closes his eyes and-waits.  Allows himself a moment of relaxation.  Willingly puts himself in Lance’s trusted hands.

   He was perhaps falling asleep already when the other is back with him.  Kuro blinks away the heavy embrace of a dreamless slumber and lowers his head to watch just in time the moment Lance sits by his side on the couch, on his lap the by now well known first aid kit, on his hand a towel dripping with cold water, who knows how many ice cubes trapped within.

   “You are an idiot,” Lance tells him, and it makes Kuro smile despite his split lip.  He cannot help it.  Lance means so much to him.

   “I am,” he agrees easily, hissing as the other man presses the towel to the nasty bruise forming above his eyebrow.

   Blue eyes soften as they wash over him with a gentle gaze.  Kuro lifts his not bruised hand to hold the towel in place, letting Lance continue to look after whatever damage he’d manage to impose upon himself again.

   “But you’re my idiot,” the shorter man says, opening the box with the medical supplies to take out a roll of clean bandages.

   “Yes,” Kuro replies proudly, “I am your idiot.”

well! (O    v O) <3 this is the OTP i was talking about in >this< post earlier… heheh… (^   3 ^);; at the outset of this piece i was feeling really down, and thought it might turn out quite depressing… but (o    w  o) it was actually really cathartic <3 and i think it ended up kind of bittersweet (^    v ^) so~ i’m feeling oddly peaceful now. i… i really just want the angry boy and the sweet boy to be happy… *so much sighs* i’m being facetious of course~ lol ~ but i do hope at least some of you enjoy this. it makes me think a lot about the people i value and how much i hope they know i love them <3

MORE Seungchuchu stuffs bc I can't get enough of this ship!

-What if Seung’s laugh is like,,, really cute and dorky, like he’s snorting and hiccuping and he’s wiping tears from his eyes because Phichit whispered some meme to him
-On dates, (as opposed to when they’re just texting) Seung-gil doesn’t speak much, but he notices Phichit staring at him and pouting into his drink
“Something on my face?”
“Hmm~ I’m just wondering if you answer to my texts with that deadpan expression”
And Seung-gil goes silent, “oh, was I doing it again? People tell me I glare”
And Phichit goes into OhNoHe'sCute mode “it’s okay! Just take a selfie with me and we’ll be fine!”
“No!” Seung-gil covers his face
-But after a while of struggling he takes the phone from Phichit and snaps a picture of him kissing his boyfriend’s cheek, it’s a lil blurry and the position is awkward because it was a spur of the moment thing, but he managed to capture Phichit’s surprised expression at just the right moment so Seung-gil does something like a smile and gives Phichit back his phone, “here, you can post that all over your social media”
Phichit squeals
-although not exactly into pda, because they rarely get to see each other, you’ll always see one of Seung-Gil’s hands on Phichit when they’re together. Finger on the hook of his belt, hand clutching Phichit’s jacket, you name it. It’s just reassuring to both of them
-however!! When they are alone, there’s no way to keep Seung-gil’s *anything* away from Phichit. They find a place away from everyone else and they could make out for hours
-Celestino had the rest of the skaters looking everywhere for them
-Double dates with Yuuri and Victor!!!
-People are often like “why is this ray of sunshine dating a guy who never smiles” but Phichit pities them because people that have never seen the side of Seung-gil that he has don’t get to speak over their relationship
-anyway I’m in Seungchuchu hell

This TVFanatic article annoys me to no end.

Barry’s only serious slip up was the whole proposal issue, and even then he was misguided in his desperation to protect her.

That boy bends over backward to make sure she’s safe & happy & feels loved. He supports her in her career & never ceases gushing abt how much he loves her & how amazing she is. He does things like turning their kitchen into iHop & making her name in flowers & speeding them out to a romantic dinner in a gazebo on the waterfront.


That boy KNOWS he’s lucky to have her. He worships the ground she walks on. His one desire when leaving her to go into the SF was to keep living her life, keep being the amazing, fierce ray of sunshine that she is & keep RUNNING.

Iris is a saint & that whole proposal business was screwy, but he’s MORE than made up for it since then. Let’s not pretend like Iris isn’t just as lucky to have Barry as he is to have her. Barry is more than his screw ups, and he’s made up for them every time. Devoting his year to saving her life and then sacrificing the life they’d hoped to have together to save the world and her??? You can’t get much more selfless than that.

Plz stop hating on Barry for being human in the face of tragedy. Not everyone can be as perfect as Iris West.

me when i see hate under one of my ship/otp tags

(gif credits go to @liebemagneto. go check them out, their blog is awesome.)

foulparadisecycle  asked:

Why do you hate nalu so much and the fandom?I personally think the relationship between Natsu and Lucy (minus the fanservice and boob grabbing) is beautiful.The fact that when future lucy died he didn't say "one of my friends" he said "you took one of the most precious things to me".This whole alveraz arc in general.I also don't believe the whole nalu fandom is bad.The percentage of normal down-to-earth nalu fans is much greater than others.As mashima states."more than friends less than lovers".

I don’t hate the fandom. I am tired of the majority of the fandom calling sexual harassment and invasion of privacy cute, and I’m still disgusted by the largely positive response to the Stone Age omake. If you don’t think the above were cute or acceptable, then I’m generally not talking about you. 

I don’t even hate NaLu. I’m just sick to death of guys and girls not being allowed to be platonic BFFs, don’t think the main characters in a show about friendship should be lovers or that continuous sexual harassment’s indicative of a respectful relationship. I don’t begrudge anyone that likes it - its a decent ship, but most of me rejecting it is down to personal preference. 

aebod04  asked:

I can't man...I'm shipping Daddysepticeye and Chase now! And frickin antistein! Could I have some more headcanons for these ships, because I just can't get enough! :3 (Love your blog btw)

you got it, dude! hope these are okay!


  • chase just enjoys that feeling of dse looking out after him, it makes him feel a bit more confident in himself and he feels loved.
  • chase misses stacey from time to time, sometimes even crying in his room about it for a while, but dse always makes sure to take him out for ice cream every time that happens. chase is always thankful for that.
  • dse doesn’t talk about his late husband all that much, saying that it brings up too many memories, but chase makes sure to tell dse that he’s there for him to talk about that or anything. dse is always so humbled.
  • dse gives chase constant motivation throughout the day, sometimes even adding a kiss to the forehead into the mix. chase always splutters at that.
  • chase can’t help but stare at dse’s exposed stomach from under his crop top from time to time, and always ends up blushing and looking away. 
  • dse is a huge cuddler. he and chase enjoy watching tv every night, and he always ends up curling up around chase and laying his head on chase’s chest. chase tries his best to keep his cool, even though he fights every urge to run his fingers through dse’s hair. 
  • dse is more into romantic situations rather than anything coital. he’ll take chase out to dinner and a movie, or a nice night walk on the beach and they’ll hold hands. chase prefers this ‘taking it slow’ option, especially after his recent divorce.
  • chase always asks dse if he can kiss him first beforehand.
  • their favorite way of spending an evening together is taking their kids out to an arcade and having fun getting tickets and winning prizes. chase won a giant jackpot once and in his excitement, kissed dse. 
  • they probably share pineapple on pizza together on pizza night.


  • anti enjoys wearing schneeplestein’s lab coat and when he thinks he’s alone, he’ll wear it in front of a mirror and twirl around and try to speak in henrik’s accent. henrik always ends up catching him and watches with a smile. 
  • he probably gets anti his own lab coat for his birthday tbh.
  • henrik is the only one who can get anti to calm down after a really bad moment of glitching out. it hurts, but he’s willing to put up with it if it means that anti is okay.
  • henrik gives a mean backrub. it always makes anti weak.
  • henrik typically calls anti “antiseptic”, but when they’re alone together, he always calls anti “meine liebe”, which i believe translates to ‘my love’ in german. 
  • anti enjoys when henrik checks him out. it makes him feel desirable. but there are times when henrik runs his fingers along anti’s scars all over him that makes anti relax.
  • whenever anti gets distraught or chaotic, his neck wound opens up, and henrik hastily tries to patch him up after his little episode.
  • funny enough, anti enjoys when henrik kisses at his neck. henrik gingerly kisses anti’s closed neck wound from time to time, making sure that it doesn’t get infected. anti teases that henrik’s kisses make it all better.
  • anti can jump into any computer, and tends to stay there for the comfort and the memes and just wanting to be by himself. when anti gets in one of his moods, he locks himself away on the internet. henrik is the only one anti allows to ‘chat’ with him while he’s corrupting files and sleeping on the desktop. 
  • Someone: *ships something I don't ship*
  • Me: That's awesome, man. Good for you.
  • Someone: *proceeds to bash and ridicule other ships*
  • Me: What the heck, man! Not effing cool!