i can't reveal my sources

A conversation overheard at an Inauguration planning meeting
  • Michelle Obama: So, Barack and I want Amber (Riley) here to sing for us. We can have her singing at the kids concert and a couple of balls.
  • Joe Biden: (who just happened to be walking past) Oooh! You guys are having Amber sing? Any chance I can get her to sing for my event?
  • Michelle Obama: I don't know, I don't want her to get over-tired. . .
  • Joe Biden: Oh, COME ON, she can sing one song for me. You guys ALWAYS get to have her sing for you with your Easter Egg Rolls, and your Stevie Wonder tributes and your Convention opening days.
  • Michelle Obama: ~sigh~ Fine, Joe, if she's up for it, she can sing at your event, too.
  • Joe: Great! Now, who wants some ice cream? I was on my way to the shoppe.

anonymous asked:

As I told you before, I can't reveal my source but I can tell you that there are several reasons for Harry being the little spoon. My source told me that Louis loves the smell of Harry's curls and how they tickle his chin. He also likes to leave little kisses on Harry's shoulder to wake him up in the mornings. And Harry loves to feel safe in Louis' arms but he also loves the feeling of pushing back against Louis' cock, seconds after waking up, ready to go again. "Please Lou... just fuck me."

… And I bet Louis never chickens out because Harry is his baby, he’s been his since he was 18 and he will always be, and he could never deny him something (especially since everytime he wakes up beside Harry, Louis is a loaded gun that cannot contain it anymore).

anonymous asked:

I can't reveal my source but Klaine will be shooting tomorrow. For the samcedes fans they will be shooting ep. 515/516 on Sun. March16th. Ep5/15 (Jane's carousel-Brooklyn bridge park) Sam and Mercedes talk about their relationship. Mercedes sings "natural woman."

Well, I suppose time will tell if you are indeed correct my friend!  I know Amber is most definitely in NY so……to our NY friends - be on the lookout this WE!!!

anonymous asked:

I can't reveal my source but I can tell you that Louis loves to lick the skin benath Harry's navel. Sometimes he likes to suck heart-shaped lovebites onto Harry's belly and traces the hearts with his tongue.

Is this the same insider who told me that the first time Louis wore the crop top Harry got for him, they ended up having sex on the kitchen floor?

PS: come back with more information, please!