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Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘What If…’

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Headcanons for what Mori looks for/likes in an S/O? (I remember seeing something similar to this for Kyoya but can't remember if it was you or someone else.)

It wasn’t me, but I’m more than happy to do this! I hope you like it! Sorry for all of the short requests lately. After this week I’m going to try to get to the other older ones. 

Mori would look for someone caring. He would really want someone who shared his own concern for other’s well being. Your appearance wouldn’t matter to him. Of course he would prefer it if you wouldn’t be totally against going to the gym to work out with him every now and then, it wouldn’t matter that much in the end. Mori values silence, and the understanding that can be gathered from it, but, he also likes knowing that he is not pressured to carry the conversation. More than almost anything, he wants someone who he knows he can trust, and trusts him. Mori knows that sometimes he is intimidating, so someone who he knows isn’t afraid of him can trump basically any other preference he may have. 

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Galra!Keith is awesome right? Okay okay so, you know how Keith had no idea that he would be rescuing Shiro because when Space dad asked Keith was like "idk dude". So! What if he chased after the ship because he was hoping it would be an alien, or someone like /him/, someone who passes for human but he can't help but feel off or wrong in his skin and he's just hoping, maybe, whoever comes has some answers

*INTERNAL SCREAMING* OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS. I’m accepting this head cannon immediately. 

-So Keith very vaguely remembers when he landed as a child, but it was a long time ago and many foster homes ago, so it’s all a bit hazy. 

-He does know for a fact that he definitely came from somewhere else, but the crash caused memory damage, and he just can’t remember the details, and he’s stuck forever hoping that someone is out there looking for him.

-The memory damage also affects him in other things (i.e. all the pop culture references or simple chants) so he often found it hard to fit into Earth’s crowd and feel comfortable. 

-As he got older, he started focusing on possible situations that there were others who had already crash landed on Earth like him and he goes total conspiracy theory trying to find them, which isolates him as a person. 

-He thought he had finally made connections at the Garrison, but after the Kerberos Mission, Keith get’s suspicious that something else is going on behind the scenes and starts snooping where he shouldn’t.

-His suspicions are confirmed when he, like Pidge, doesn’t see anything related to pilot failure in the camera footage and he gets real hopeful and also very depressed that something happened to Shiro and it might have been indirectly related to him. 

-He ends up confronting one of the Garrison commanders, demanding real answers but it turns violent when Keith looses patience resulting in his dismissal from school, which actually relieves him because he was a step away from leaving anyways. 

-Equipped with the knowledge he has learned over the years and having sharpened them through the Garrison, Keith finds solace in the desert to pursue what might have happened out by Kerberos, praying it might be someone who can give him answers. 

-This is what leads him on the path of the blue lion, and ability to track down when a ship will be returning to Earth. 

-Imagine the hope Keith feels as he spends relentless amount of time setting up ways to get around the Garrison in preparation for what he thinks might be a lost family member coming to find him. 

-And as that ship appears in the horizon he jumps eagerly into his bike speeding there like a long lost child about to reunite with his mother he thought he would never see again. 

-Only to realize as he gets in there it’s not, it’s Shiro. 

-It hurts. Everything Keith has been preparing for, hyping himself too is nothing. It’s just Shiro and he know’s that sounds selfish and rude, but it’s the truth. 

-He feels abandonment all over again. He can’t remember his family, who he is other than he’s not from this planet and he looks so different in his true form and he’s all alone

-With a steely resolve, realizing he’s only been wasting his time, he resolves to put his foolish hopes aside and help Shiro, because he knows what it’s like to crash land like this

-Only to discover hours later after years of wondering and searching, his own species has been right here on their doorstep doing nothing for him except planning an invasion and he’s part of this race that is destroying lives

-It’s not enough to quell his curiosity but it’s bitter sting that lingers long after the realization. That he wasn’t just abandoned he was forgotten

So this turned so angsty and dark but to be honest I’m in love with this idea.I’m shelving this on my personal YES THIS IS TRUE. UGH thank you anon!!

But just imagine Victorian Sherlock constantly being like “Watson! I need you!” or “What’s this, Watson?” or “Tell me what you observe, Watson” when they’re in public, but then the minute they step into their rooms at Baker Street after a long day he just leans back against the closed door and breathes out “John” and John smiles and presses up onto his toes to give him a much needed kiss and murmurs “Sherlock.”