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a beginner's guide: the jesus squad

band-god: wants to fight everything, lots of kids, married to orchestra god

orchestra-god: chill, mom friend, married to band god 

tuba–god: cool rich uncle, doing their best 

trumpet–god: usurped tuba god as the trumpet deity, mysterious, new

clarinet-jesus: mostly just fights donald trumpet???

clarinet-satan: the aforementioned’s sworn enemy 

saxophone-jesus: irl he’s clarinet-jesus’s boyfriend. he only posts when she tells him to

drumline-jesus: talks a lot, chaotic good, impossible to not love

flutejesus and the-flute-jesus: both angry and smol but not the same, sort of like the Weasley twins

viola-jesus: rebellious, bitter

trumpet-jesus: not around as much anymore but very good. pretends to be egotistical but is low-key a cinnamon bun

mezzo-satan: the first chorus pantheon member, probably a horseman of the apocalypse  

bagpipe-jesus: honestly i have no fuckin clue but their blog’s existence gives me joy, the epitome of chaotic neutral 

woodwind-goddess: our resident agender woodwind expert

The last of her

Pairing: Sirius x Marlene
Word count: 802
Summary: They’re loosing this war. Everyone knows it. One night, Sirius just wants to escape it all, and maybe Marlene could help him. Maybe she could just drag him down.
Rating: K

London was dark tonight, clouds hanging low over the sleeping city. But Sirius wasn’t asleep. He was sitting on the roof of his flat, watching the city. It seemed to slow down at night, seemed to breath slower. The late September air bit at his cheek. Two years ago, they’d have been sitting here together, the four of them. They were young then, careless. Now, they were falling, helplessly. Fighting a losing battle.

Something moved behind him and Sirius flinched, turning on the spot. He was always prepared that at any moment someone would find him, creep up behind him without him hearing it. Then, as Marlene’s head peered up from the fire stairs, he drew a breath of relief. Maybe he shouldn’t have, they hadn’t ended things on great terms the last time they saw each other, but at this point anyone who didn’t straight up want to kill him was to prefer over someone who did. 

“Hi.” He looked from her, to the ground. The small stone square was littered with cigarettes, most of them his, so when she reached him one, he naturally took it. 

“Hi.” She took a drag at the cigarette. 

“How did you know…?”

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anonymous asked:

do you know of any movies or music ddl likes?

Thank you anon for sending this question back. I think I may have accidentally deleted the first ask since I couldn’t find it in my drafts or my queue and for that I am so sorry. I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to do some research and discover/rediscover many things about him. However this task turned out to be harder than I thought since my memory is blurry, my bookmarking system is messy and DDL’s retirement news pretty much drowned many specific articles that I’m looking for.


Daniel Day-Lewis is a film fanatic. He loves wandering into a cinema and taking pot luck with whatever is on (I laughed whenever people tweeted they thought they just saw DDL queued behind them at movies). He loves even bad movies and likes to analyze the work of actors past and present. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the list of his favorite films although he always talks passionately about those whose work he most admires like Montgomery Clift and Charles Laughton. So I gathered some pieces from his interviews and articles and hopefully it will give you some insight into what kind of films DDL likes.  

He is intrigued by all kinds of performances.

DDL reveres the greats like Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro. He dislikes John Wayne, loves Gary Cooper and prefers the Jimmy Stewart of Capra’s classic pictures to the Stewart of Anthony Mann’s westerns.

He saw Taxi Driver at least five times when it first came out.

In 1976, when he was 19, Daniel Day-Lewis saw Taxi Driver.

“It was a real illumination. I saw Taxi Driver five or six times in the first week, and I was astonished by its sheer visceral beauty. I just kept going back – I didn’t know America, but that was a glimpse of what America might be, and I realised that, contrary to expectation, I wanted to tell American stories.”

He is fascinated by Clint Eastwood.

“I used to go to all-night screenings of his movies. I’d stagger out at 5 in the morning, trying to be loose-limbed and mean and taciturn.”

Ken Loach is the biggest influence in his life.

“I am rather surprised that I haven’t made more stories about my own country but it is a mistake to suggest that the biggest influence on my life in terms of movies has been America. It was and remains Ken Loach and his whole body of work, not that I have ever worked with him. There is something unique and pure about the way he works, without a taint on it. His beliefs have remained unwavering since he made Cathy Come Home.”

He gave Carey Mulligan a personal note for the movie An Education.

When describing the gift from Daniel Day-Lewis, she explains:

“He wrote me this beautiful handwritten note a couple weeks afterwards just saying how nice it was to meet me and that he’d like An Education. His penmanship was beautiful. The note was the most beautiful thing. If my house was burning down, I would save that. It is so precious.”

“If….” is his major early influence 

When asked about a movie he saw when he was young that made him say, “This is what I’ve got to do with my life”, Daniel mentioned seeing the movie “If…” about a rebellion at a British boarding school, with Malcolm McDowell.

“Certainly that was a very important moment, but not just because of Malcolm in that film. It was partly because I was at a boarding school at the time, and if I could have got away with setting fire to the place, I would have done it. And he created a banner around which all the outcasts rallied, and so that film was a big influence.” 



Some of these are really shocking since it’s hard to imagine what kind of music DDL listens to so prepare yourself.


This is one of my favorite DDL’s legendary tales. For Gangs of New York, DDL listened to the music of Eminem to get into his character, the infamously violent leader of the Natives gang, Bill the Butcher.

“Yes, every morning around five, especially the song “The Way I Am.” I’ve admired him for a while. I’m always on the lookout for music that might be helpful to a role. It bypasses the intellect in a particular way. With this film, I realized I was listening to Eminem more than usual.”

Classical music

He listens to Bach.

Folk music

In one interview, while driving up the Wicklow Mountains, DDL slid a CD of Irish folk music by the band Planxty into the sound system, and the writer said the car was filled with layers of mandolins and guitars while DDL said:

“Nothing I say will be more eloquent than this music.” 

(he loves not talking during interview) ;D

Snoop Dogg

This is the transcript from an interview with DDL back in 2003.

Q: What other music have you used to prepare for roles?
DDL: Sinéad O'Connor certainly has helped me. Bach. Nirvana. Snoop Dogg.

Q: That’s funny, I’m interviewing him tomorrow.
DDL: Are you! Will you, from this great distance, pay my respects? He won’t know who the fuck I am, but I think he’s very cool.

Jimi Hendrix

This is coming from his first son with Isabelle Adjani, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis:

“The first album I ever listened to was ‘Purple Haze’ by Jimi Hendrix; my dad gave it to me on my tenth birthday. My mom flipped out! I know there’s a lot of sex, drugs, and rock & roll all incorporated in his music, but there’s something I loved about that kind of rock & roll. It was so raw, and so authentic — it really spoke to me. My music is definitely soul, folk-oriented, and acoustic, though. “

We also knew he went to Adele concert with his son 

and to Bruce Springsteen’s as well and hung out with him in Italy with Steven Spielberg. 

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Hi! Hopefully you can help me find a sterek fic. stiles has magic and moves into this apartment building, that is also magical. the building then tries to set him up with derek, who lives down the hall. i can't remember much else but hopefully you can find it. thanks!

Pretty sure it’s this one ;)  -Emmy

Originally posted by yungputa22

When Sparks Fly by LunaCanisLupus_22 

(87,433 I Explicit I WIP)  *sterek, magical realism, magic!stiles

“Derek,” Stiles thunders. “Were you ever going to tell me your house is trying to hook us up?”

Derek’s head snaps up, eyes wide and scenting the evident crackle of magic in the air.

On ao3 it says it’s a WIP but the main story is actually complete. The author is adding codas and that’s why it says WIP.  So don’t be scared to read it if you don’t read wips. 

My hands hurt ‘cause I’ve been
cutting moons. But I’m still trying
to make something beautiful out of
all this space.
—  valentina thompson

bibliophileap  asked:

I'm sorry if I spoiled you for TAZ! Have you started listening to it? If so? How far have you gotten? And whether or not you've started listening to it, what is your impression of it based on what you've seen on tumbl?

Aha don’t worry about it!! You didn’t spoil anything about The Adventure Zone for me. I mean, I was spoiled for most of the big things, haha, but that was partly because of people not tagging and partly because I never thought I would get into it and didn’t try to actively avoid spoilers as much as I usually do for things I’m not in? And before I got to them, I didn’t know if they were spoilers or speculation or au

But yes, I have actually listened to the whole thing now aha? (I’m definitely an all or nothing kind of person and can really marathon a thing once I decide to do it)

And yeah I think tumblr did a pretty good job of preparing me for what the show was going to be like? Really awesome characters, compelling plot, lots of powerful moments…

It was my first contact with dnd which was kinda weird because I was trying to understand how the game mechanisms worked and get used to a podcast format and also keep up with what people were saying.

It was also a little more (lot more) nsfw in just the normal dialogue than I expected? I knew there was some language just because there’s language in the fanart too but I wasn’t expecting it to be that prevalent. Or for there to be so many jokes. The stuff I’m into normally doesn’t really have that kind of thing haha

But it’s a beautiful storyline despite that and I’m very glad I listened to it.

And dang the fanart is awesome. It’s so cool not having set character designs since it’s an audio medium so everyone gets to make their own design and take on the characters and somehow they’re all recognizable anyway and they’re all correct and they’re all fabulous to see??

But yeah I’m really happy now that I actually understand the impact of the posts I’m reblogging hahaha

cas playing with hannah’s hair when she falls asleep with her head in his lap

hannah and cas giving each other cute eskimo kisses (and also steamy open mouth kisses)

washing each other’s hair in the shower, which always takes forever

hannah wearing cas’ clothes because she can’t be bothered to find her own. plus, his trench coat is comfortable and smells like him

cas teaching hannah how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. not jam, jelly

hannah and cas sleeping together, cas pressed flush to hannah’s back

holding hands as they drive across the country

playing footsie beneath diner tables and trying to stifle laughs

stargazing and birdwatching together and having picnics

cas kissing every inch of hannah’s cute lil belly while she tangles her hands in his hair and makes adorable breathy sounds

hannah and cas being cute together as they fall in love uwu

Alienlock being completely confused when John brings a Christmas tree home because they’ve only ever seen trees outside, why is John bringing one into the flat, and they flutter all around John while John’s putting all the decorations on it, whirring and buzzing and sniffing at the ornaments, but when John flips off the overhead lights and turns the Christmas tree lights on Sherlock goes very still and silent, eyes wide, and they stay like that for so long that John starts to get a little concerned, but before John can say anything Sherlock’s skin starts to emit a dull glow, and then it gets brighter and brighter, and they just sink down in front of the tree, sitting cross-legged, just staring up at it and glowing, and John smiles and sits down behind them and hugs them around the waist, resting his head against Sherlock’s back, and Sherlock glows brighter and is vibrating very slightly, and they stay like that for hours with only the lights from the tree and the glow from Sherlock surrounding them in the darkness.