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I love tabi’s bone structure so much. It’s perfect from head to toe. Just look at him. His forehead, nose, cheek bones, ears, jawline, back of his head and nape, collarbones, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, knuckles, fingers, shoulder blades, his back, maybe hipbones?(never seen this one tho I just imagine it.. ew sorry), long legs, ankles, toes(I’m not sure if I actually saw it somewhere or I’m delusional)

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hey,, i'm looking for a fic where draco and harry get together after the war and i can't remember much from it other than it was HEARTBREAKING and they both smoked and went to concerts together and harry was an auror and draco was sad every time he left and there's a line where harry says something like "stop caring so much for me" or something like that i don't know really and draco says "as if i had a choice" ik it's not much i'm sorry but that's all i can remember

In Fire and Blood
They’re wizards living in Muggle London, and it is the summer after the Battle of Hogwarts. One held out his hand, and the other grabbed on. They’re just boys, really, trying to find their way out of the rubble.

A story in which Draco and Harry are lost after the war. A story in which they find life in love.

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I know you've answered this before but for the life of me, I can't find it! So I'm so sorry for making you repeat yourself! I've a cosplay where I need to have bare shoulders (Belle's pink winter dress) but I'm a bustier girl so I kind of need a bra, but a strapless bra kind of slides down weather I want it to or not. I've seen you suggest some alternatives or ideas. Do you remember what those were? Again, I'm so sorry for making you repeat yourself!

OYO Strapless bras are such bullshit, but here’s a trick to stop them from sliding down to your feet like the skeezy bastards they are. 

It should look like this:


no but Calum being a demon and coming on earth and his target is you but he watches you and he realises that his tarnished soul belongs to you and only you and day by day he falls in love with you and he spends time with you and you fast realise that he is in every meaning of the word your soulmate but he knows that he can’t be with you but he can’t be without you and you’d have to sacrifice everything to be with him but before any decisions can be made his demon buddies Michael and Luke appear with their own soulmates in tow and so they pull him back down and the girls look over you before they follow and then driven insane by your need for him you commit an act against God and nature and you murder someone before realising and in your despair you take your own life but what you did was an act of love but as you reach heavens gates you beg and cry to be allowed with him because you don’t want to live in a place where he’s not there but they force you through the gate and there he’s stood, white wings with some rumpled black feathers and you throw yourself into his arms crying but he’s so happy because your absolute love for him saved him from eternal damnation and hatred and he couldn’t love you more even if he tried.

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(1/2) I read in a fic or meta somewhere years ago (can't remember the name sorry!!) that there only seemed to be an increase in Muggleborns and Squibs in the 20th century, because before that point, pureblood families with Squib babies would secretly kidnap and adopt a Muggleborn baby and leave the Squib baby in its place (which is where Changelings come from in our world!). And by the 20th century,

(2/2) Muggle civilization was too advanced, with censuses and photographs etc., for that to be a viable option. So pureblood families were forced to keep their Squibs instead of kidnapping Muggleborn infants and pretending the magical babies were theirs all along. This lead to a *seemingly* huge increase in Squibs and Muggleborns in the 20th century, which pureblood elitists who supported Voldemort used to their advantage to sow seeds of fear and panic about the ‘disappearing’ magical society.

Oh wow this is a fascinating theory. Putting this out there for those who might be interested and thank you for telling me this! It’s an interesting perspective for approaching the muggleborn/pureblood population question in the wizarding world.

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(cont) wHERE DID THIS EVEN COME FROm I don't know if it's bc of my awful day that I can't rly remember what happened but I'm not too sure how he suddenly sprung back into being really happy 707 in the chatrooms and saying he'd be protective of MC for his life... then again I'm really stupid and I can't process things very well ;-; I was hoping you could possibly explain what happened?? I'm on day 9 if it helps... thank you so much oh man I'm really sorry for bothering u & writing such a long ask

(seven route spoilers underneath)

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hello! I've read a lot of your theories and such but I can't find anything about Yuuri touching Victor's head. I can't understand what's on Victor's head? like, do you think it's a scar or something? sorry this is silly lmao.

Haha oh my gosh , thanks for taking the time to read them? <3 <3 <3

Oh i’m assuming you mean this scene?

Well , its important to remember three facts. Yuuri has been a fan of Victor for almost his whole life , Yuuri is 5″8 , and Victor is 5″11.

So this moment where Victor is leaning down to clear the ice residue from his skates is probably the first time Yuuri has ever seen the top of Victors head ever. Even when they are sitting down , Victor’s head is out of his sight range.

So Yuuri impulsively pokes his hair whorl, which in general touching someones head or hair without permission is considered impolite. And then we find out Victor’s hair is receding and he is extremely sensitive about it (especially considering he used to have incredibly long hair as a young man) So Yuuri did this impulsive action because he was excited to see something from his idol he had never seen before , and Victor took it as an insult that this younger man was making fun of his insecurity about his thinning hair.

It’s also important to consider that this is the first time we see Yuuri actively seeking out casual touching from Victor , when before it has always been Victor doing so. Imagine poor Victor being like , the first time he casually touches me back and its to tease me about one of my biggest insecurities? This was an especially funny moment because after this scene , the artists tended to draw attention to Victors receding hairline by adding a cute highlight to his forehead to accenuate his widows peak , this is a detail that they keep consistent in the series to! So partly this is Victor just being over dramatic because he is a bit of a Diva , and part of it is a bigger piece to the ongoing theme in YOI that time keeps moving even when you dont want it to , and that Victor is ageing , he doesnt want to be , but he is , and thats going to affect his physical condition. If his hair is receding , of course things like his body being less flexible compared to younger competitors is happening to. Victor’s worry about his hairline may seem shallow , but to him its a bigger indicator towards other things that will affect his career.

and then theres this scene in episode 7 :The head poke , revenge style

So Yuuri and Victor have just had their first big fight in the parking garage , and now Yuuri has to perform his FS. Him and Victor have expressed their feelings and our in the midst of reconciling but are not quite there yet. So Yuuri purposely drops his tissue so Victor had to dive for it…..and then he goes in for the kill. He pokes Victors hair whorl again , knowing he’s sensitive about his hairline. ….. Yuuri is kind of an asshole. The first time he did it , it was accidental teasing , but this time it is 100% teasing. Victor has just been incredibly demeaning to him about one of his bigger insecurities , so he uses the only arsenal he has against Victor , his hair. Yuuri is still pissed of in this scene and during his routine as well. He calls Victor stupid , makes fun of the way he handled everything in his head , even allowing himself to smile and joke about how hilarious the whole thing was including Victors reaction to his tears, and by allowing himself to be mad (and a little petty) at Victor he ends up feeling better and on even ground with him again , which leads to his attempt at a Quad Flip to surprise Victor , and then the kiss scene that follows.

But this is also important to

He’s upset and petty and teases Victor about his receding hairline , but he does so…and then pats Victor’s hair in a gesture thats meant to be comforting and reassuring. Even Yakov notices and makes a statement that if Yuuri is comforting Victor he has a long way to go as a coach.

The last scene we really get that adresses Victors thinning/receding hair is in the ED , and one of my favourites

Victor does eventually get comfortable/secure enough with Yuuri that he’s fine with Yuuri intimately touching his hair.

But seriously guys,

if the theory about Killian and Emma travelling back in time to get Snowing together is right, what if they see this scene play out:

and of course they both remember:

And Killian just arches his eyebrow and says:

“So this is the normal way of greeting your true love in your family.”

Because I’d die. I think we’d all die. Again.

the worst kind of cultural differences are polite kissing differences…. they make everything awkward… 

when you kiss with one cheek but they’re european so they go for the double kiss and you leave them hanging awkwardly… when they’re from somewhere that does three kisses and it’S FUCKING WEIRD WHY THREE, when they’re from somewhere in i think northern south america? where they actually put their lips on your cheek and you’re left feeling gross like why did u do that that’s wet and disgusting… when they’re from somewhere where they don’t kiss at all and you go for it and they kinda jump back and it’s awkward af….the worst…

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I'm terribly sorry if this isn't allowed and you can delete this ask if so, but I didn't know who else to ask. I remember seeing a scene from the manga where the team is practicing and Tadashi serves and Noya can't receive it, it's just a small scene and I was wondering if you knew what chapter it was? Thank you.

you mean this beautiful scene? 

It’s from chapter 107: Growth Spurt 

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Hi Mollyhall. You are the most me-like adult I know. I moved back in with my parents after graduation last May and I'm contemplating moving out, but I keep being told that it's a bad idea and I can't afford it and I should stay home. I'm going a little crazy, though. What should I do??

oof!!!! this is a HARD QUESTION that doesn’t have a RIGHT ANSWER, especially because there are so many nuances to it. i also just want to be up front here about where i, personally, am coming from, because my perspective is DEFINITELY not standard.

i have had a lot of support from my parents, both financially and otherwise. i am incredibly lucky in that regard, because it means that i was able to do things like up and move to chicago without being worried that if worst came to worst i wouldn’t be able to pay my rent. if you’re using me as a barometer for what is normal/what you “should do” with regard to that, don’t. i have a safety net that not everybody does.

my situation is not normal. i know that. before you listen to any thing i say, YOU should know that. AS SUCH, audjpodge has been awesome enough to say that if you want some more advice from the perspective of someone who did move out, despite student loans and a less extensive safety net, etc., she’s totally willing to talk to you about it. i really recommend that you pay 5X more attention to what she says than what i say.

so i guess the best i can do for you is to ask you a series of questions. these are real talk questions, not Gentle Loving Mollyhall questions, so please know that i’m not trying to be accusatory or anything. i honestly have no opinion on what is right for you, because i don’t know your situation. these are just things you need to consider.

  1. what is your relationship with your parents?
    1. are you being driven crazy because you’re a college graduate and they’re treating you like you’re 14 again, or is your relationship actually unhealthy/complicated to the point where it’s genuinely messing with your mental health?
  2. CAN you afford to move out?
    1. i don’t mean “can you literally afford rent somewhere.” i’m not sure if you’ve ever lived on your own before, but if you haven’t, there are a LOT of small things that cost money that you might not expect. rent, utilities, small things going wrong in the apartment, groceries, internet, cleaning supplies, plates, furniture, parking maybe, move-in fees, etc. etc. etc.
    2. these things HELLA ADD UP, even if you have a roommate.
  3. do you have a job? is it a job you want to stay in for the duration of a lease?
    1. leases are, typically, one year. do you want to be at this job for at least one year?
    2. does this job pay you enough that you could pay for rent, et all, AND save a little money? if your relationship with your parents isn’t a dangerous or unhealthy one, seriously do NOT underestimate how much of an advantage it is to be able to stay with them and not pay rent so that you can put some money away (and/or use a larger portion of it to start paying down your student loans).
  4. are you going crazy because you’re living with your parents, or are you going crazy because you’ve graduated and just feel adrift?
    1. it’s okay if it’s the latter. i felt that way, too (sometimes i still feel that way). you just have to be honest with yourself about which it is. if you don’t know what you want yet, don’t know what you’re doing, if the world seems kind of like that scene in the bell jar where she’s looking up at the tree with all the plums and can’t pick one so they all die, hey. it’s okay. we’ve all been there. but i promise you that moving out of your parents’ house isn’t going to solve that feeling. 
    2. seriously. i promise.

if you answered all those questions, and you DO think that moving out is what’s best for you, hey! that’s great. best of luck, and do you. (SERIOUSLY GO TALK TO audjpodge FOR SOUND ADVICE ABOUT IT.) if not, that’s okay, too. maybe try sitting down with your parents and having a honest conversation about how you’re feeling.

it’s really, really hard to redraw the lines about parenting when you grow up. your parents love you and are used to being YOUR PARENTS in all caps. it’s hard to figure out how to just be your parents, lowercase, where you listen to what they say and consider their advice but don’t necessarily take it. i remember, for example, a time last year when my mother told me i couldn’t do something and i had to be like, “well, i understand where you’re coming from, but i’m an adult and i’m going to do it anyway.”

that was hard. and unpleasant. but you learn and move on and grow, which is just a part of any relationship. remember that it’s just as hard for your parents to figure out how to be the parents of this shiny new adult you as it is for you.

…so THAT was a long answer. i hope it was at least a little bit helpful!

took me 6 months to completely forget him. today, i no longer remember what his voice sounds like. i don’t remember what the rush felt like to kiss him. i don’t remember the goosebumps i got whenever he placed a touch on me. i can’t even feel him at night anymore like i used to. i can’t feel his breath across my neck driving me insane. i can’t remember his laugh, or his eyes. but, the thing i can and only remember is the way his mouth curved when he said he loved me. and that’s because that was the biggest lie he had ever told me.
—  I found this in my notes on my phone from a year or so ago

I went to the TLOS signing today! I met up with jhatesyourcrocs (who took the first picture), sassyblaien, sadlittlesuperburrito, and kurthazuki/coIferstreet on twitter and they were all really nice and awesome. Obviously I was very early in the line, and Jasmyn and I were positioned so that we could see Chris when he came in. The crowd didn’t make too much noise when he arrived, which I thought was nice.

Chris is very lovely in person, and honestly being able to see the imperfections in his skin without all the makeup he wears for TV is nice because it really made it sink in that he’s definitely a real person. And he looks very good in navy blue.

Anyway, when I got to the table, he asked me for my name and so I introduced myself and by that point he was signing my second book, so I explained that it was for my sister (dinocert) who’s in Germany for her gap year and that she said “Guten Tag!” I handed him my letter and explained that it included a story from the town my sister is staying in that’s like a real-life fairytale so I thought he’d appreciate it.

As I was walking away, I suddenly remembered that I’d forgotten to tell him one thing, so I quickly turned around before the next person came up and told him that I was the person who sent him the link to the video of Beyoncé saying the infamous sandpaper quote. His eyes got really wide and he was like “That was you? Oh my god, thank you so much for that!” I said “Thank you!” and walked away backwards. I saw Alla turn to him and ask for clarification about what had just happened and he told her something like “She’s the one who told me where that sandpaper quote people used to think I said really came from” (I can’t remember exactly what he said, but that was the gist of it).

Then I went past a bookshelf and lost sight of him and spent the next hour or so freaking out about the fact that I’d just talked to Chris Colfer.

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Do you know the fic where Harry is a vampire and everyone avoids him but Louis thinks everyone is ridiculous and goes up and speaks to him, it all sort of blossoms from there! I also remember them doing some sex stuff in a car but I can't remember exactly what it is. They're in university and Louis shares a room with Zayn, erm, Harry gives Louis a bracelet with vervain, Niall lifts a TV and that's all I can remember sorry😭 Louis also quotes Twilight if that helps? Thank you

I think you’re talking about finding you was so hard (but loving you is easy), dear! :)

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Hi! I'm looking for an old prof!tom fic where a student accidentally sends in erotica about herself and him instead of an essay, would you happen to know where I could find it? She winds up having to confront him and it's wonderful and terrible. I'm sorry if this is a vague description, i really can't remember anything else.

Hi Nonny!

That sounds like a very interesting and sexy plot, and in fact I’m quite sure I’ve read that one… but we have so many Professor Tom stories that we can’t quite find it right now.

Dear readers, can you help a lost Nonny find the story they’re looking for?

- THF Admin Team

Professor!Tom fics

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