i can't remember urls

  • Pidge: Lance, knock it off. Now.
  • Lance: Aww... whatcha gonna do if I don't, Pidgie?
  • Pidge: I will delete all your music files and replace them with Altean Rockabilly.
  • Lance: ...
  • Lance: That's low, Pidge.

anonymous asked:

hey emma since you're tagging system is so good i have to ask, wasn't there talk about louis' website's url a while back?? like i can't remember if it was the exact same louis-tomlinson but if i remember correctly someone saved it and there was similar of harry's saved too at the same time ????

Yeah, louistomlinsonmusic.com was being held by Mark Hiscox, who is associated with Sony. So this is a different website from that one!

  • I can't remember the URLs of most of the blogs I used to follow so uh, you guys should suggest blogs for me!
  • Also, like or reblog or comment or whatevs if I don't follow you yet and your blog has:
  • - Video games
  • - Animals
  • - Fire Emblem (especially Tellius)
  • - Horror games
  • - Indie games (Extra points for .flow, Yume Nikki and Lisa the Painful/Joyful)
  • - Salt and Problematic Shit cus I'm the sort of terrible person who loves reading discussions and drama 😛
  • - Video game hacking
  • - Video game mods (Especially Skyrim mods, Dragon Age mods, Fire Emblem mods and Stardew Valley mods)
  • - Food
  • - Art references
  • That all I can think of for now? Anyway, I'll check out your blog if you like or reblog or comment.

All the urls I can remember having:
caitlincamille (first one, I was nervous and couldn’t think of anything creative :/)
h0tvenom (when I was a Summer Blog ☀️)
socratears (edgy emo phase)
bralessandflawless (baby feminist)
hotsoccermom420 (my brand)
lilflowerbabe (hiding from my parents after they found hotsoccermom420)

…and counting

Coming off of the high of a fantastic world tour, Michael believed his life was set. He never expected Liverpool striker Calum Hood to come stumbling into his life, and now everything else seems to come up short.

or, Michael and Calum’s relationship, in snapshots

Something you should note about this story before you begin: each chapter will be a separate month in Michael and Calum’s relationship. Updates will not be regular, but I promise a new chapter AT LEAST once every two weeks. Maybe more, if possible. Then again, I do work two jobs, and life is hectic.

The first chapter is more of an introduction to things, so it will not be titled after a month. Further updates will be as such. Enjoy :)

(The Beginning)

straight from my sister || Part 1 || starter sentences
  • “If you had a penis, our children would have two heads.”
  • “Are you fondling my chocolate?”
  • “I have a genuine craving for human flesh.”
  • “I don’t think my leg hair is unattractive.”
  • “You do have really dark leg hair.”
  • “You’re boobs look like they’ve been possessed by an angry monster.”
  • “I am tiny and angry.”
  • “You can’t see it, but I have my fists balled.”
  • “Time to take some clothes off.”
  • “I didn’t contaminate anything!”
  • “I was suggestive but-”
  • “I’d go straight for Damian Wayne.”
  • “Those gel-pens are lit.”
  • “My boobs are like limp noodles sticking out of my chest.”
  • “Here is my butt cheek.”
  • “Look at my powerful thighs.”
  • “You are squeezing my head with your powerful thighs.”
  • “She’s like a tiny pet.”
  • “There’s bread in my shoe.”
  • “It doesn’t effect me. I’m like a Pokemon.”
  • “I forgot about Jesus.”
  • “I have a life as a drug addict.”
  • “Which way does it go in?
  • “Oh, that’s gone all the way in.”
  • “It probably doesn’t tell you till the end.”