i can't remember their real name

How is it this far through December and I still haven’t posted anything about him. This is absurd

But yesss, take a quick sketch !! It’s late for me, but I hope y’all have a great night and December <3

  • Steve: hey buck remember that time we rode home in the ice truck? And you dated that girl? Remember how hard you worked to win that prize? Lol memories.
  • Bucky: I can't believe it's been 95 years and you still don't get that I'm gay as fuck for you I played that game to impress you you are blind as shit why do you remember her name you wanna know what I remember your shirt was white and your eyes are as blue as the sky Steve listen to me punk it's been actually 84 years can we kiss or what
Season 9 Opener of Popular Show Steffon's Unicorn
  • Steven, playing frisbee with Blue Diamond on the beach: woohoo im having a great time with my big new mom
  • Amethyst: *dies and is never seen again*
  • Garnet: hey Steven are you sure this is a good idea? Someone told us that the diamonds are evil and horrible tyrants.. Wasn't her name like... Idk... Barney the dinosaur?
  • Steven: Now now Garnet we gotta give the diamonds a second chance! Reverse racism is real
  • Garnet: ...ok *walks away and is also never seen again* God I can't fuckin remember who she is? Becky, uh... Beelzebub... Shit.
  • Steven: Oh boy here we fucking go again what's wrong Pearl
  • Pearl: I jsuutt,,,,, *sniff, honk* murdered 50 huumaans because I miisds Rose so mcuh I'mm, so s;asdd
  • Steven: Aw Pearl it's okay we forgive you!
  • Blue Diamodn: wow that bitch needs therapy
  • Steven: We can't afford it
  • Blu: Isn't your dad a multimillionare or somethin tho
  • Steven: :)
  • Steven: Oh look here comes Peridot and Lapis!
  • Lapis: Crawling in my skin. These wounds they will not heal
  • Peridot: She says hey Steven! AND I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU ALSO *starts shrieking incoherently*
  • Lapis: How can you see into my eyes, like open doors?
  • Peridot: She says you need to come to the barn immediately, we found approximately 50 dead bodies in there and we were going to use them in our QUIRKY MEEPMORPS but they all really smell bad
  • Pearl: oh FUCK they're onto me *audible wink at the audience before she runs away*
  • Peridot: Quickly, AFTER THAT PEARL! *she strains to run, but her feet are stuck in the ground, unable to move* What the heck?
  • Lapis: *also straining against the ground and flapping her wings uselessly* These wounds, they will not heal
  • Steven: Oh, are you asking why this is happening? Well, in this show Pearl isn't allowed to have lasting consequences for her actions, or at least not ones she can't cry her way out of
  • Peridot: She was actually asking where you kept the weed
  • Steven: Oh
  • *The scene does that Star fade out thing over Lapis, who starts humming an MCR song, and then the credits roll*

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I remember when "ALWAYS YOU" happened, and many people wrote posts like "Guys, what if ALWAYS YOU is the name of one of his songs?" I can't believe this is real, now!! 😱

I know!!!


highcutstar #하이컷 200호 기념 영상이라 쓰고 심쿵 영상이라 읽습니다. (Feat. 무한재생)🤘🏻
🙋🏻 어제와는 또 다른 스타들의 영상을 공개합니다. ☝🏻준비 동작은 같습니다. 오늘도 심장을 부여잡고 함께 보아요.💘
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highcutstar instagram update on 170616 celebrating their 200th issue

Featuring Gong Yoo, Nana,  Minho. Taeyeon, Seuigi & Irene, Chaeyeon, Gong Myung, Sohyun, iKon, Crude Play, and Jo Insung and more!

If I had to draw it then you all have to look at it. 

So premis: a superhero au in which nothing ever goes the way they meant it to. Hashirama as “Tree Man” and Yamato as “Tree Bae” because @copyninken found out that’s what I call them. Kakashi as the Deadpool-style antihero “Silver Fox” in love with Yamato and bringing him dead bodies as a very odd act of courtship. Look how proud he is of himself. Tobirama insists he’s just the very tired butler but Butlerman is secretly the most deadly of them all (and so tired of all their inept shit).

Kakashi hangs out with Obito a lot and calls him Catwoman no matter how much he insists that he’s “Pantherman”. Yamato thinks they’re together and Obito and Tobirama spend a lot of time together commiserating about how very Done™ they both are. 

Madara is the villain who is terrible at villaining. He thinks he’s their primary target but really he just always happens to be near the real crime while he’s busy stealing all of the world’s teapots. He doesn’t have a villain name because “I am Madara, the evillest of all evils! Fear meeee!”

No one fears him. 

Edit: I need everyone to know that Sarah and I came up with way too much backstory for this au so if more art follows please forgive but the level of ridiculousness we created in just a couple hours is something I will never achieve again. 

I knew the name Baron Von Steamer was familiar! 

When Fred was giving everyone different comics in the movie, everyone was listing off the names of the villains.

And when it got to Gogo, she said, “Baron Von Destruct” 

Maybe it’s the same guy with a slightly different name, maybe Steamer is his real name while Destruct is an alias, but it can’t be a coincidence! 

Ninjavember Day 8: Favorite Season 2 Episode “Living In Shooblivion”

Sorry if it’s bad quality. I’m still getting use to my bros computer and stuff.

This ep is pretty cool to me. I like the message it sends, as well as just watching Randy fall down but pick himself back up again. It took me a bit of time to get that mindset of not caring whether or not someone called me stupid or fat or whatever. But I have it now and that’s where the importance lies.

Also because let’s be real I don’t sugarcoat things and I wish that instead of getting so butthurt and acting like the world is ending, my peers who I affect negatively would either talk to me about it, or just brush it off.

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I know what you look like from ur selfies but I always imagined you looking like that main character from the mighty b whose name I can't remember

This is too fucking real for me cause I 100% understand the  association with the vibe that radiates off this with me.

I get it completely and it’s freaking me out now…

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You excited for the new season of JAUNE and freinds?

You know it!!!

I can’t wait for my main girl *looks at smudged name on hand* Rudy to help the main character, Jaune, grow and develop!!!

Real talk though, I won’t be buying RT’s First to watch V5 episodes the day it airs.

That’ll be a… first for me.

I’m officially crashing through my almost-writer’s block right now, which means the name-fic might actually get done this weekend! 

In other words, I just wrote these paragraphs and now the voice of my Frank is happily married to the events that happen in-show:

She’s already walked past him when he finally finds his voice. “Say, lady,” he beseeches, “I’m real hungry. You got any change?” He remembers to be polite almost belatedly. “Please?”

That stops her in her tracks, as he had hoped it would. Isn’t sure what he would’ve done if she’d kept walking. Would probably have trailed after her like some blanket-wearing moron until he got a bullet in his ass for his troubles.

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Hey dad. I renamed myself over five years ago, made it legal and everything, but then I got into a really bad accident summer before last, and it messed my memory up so badly that I don't identify with my name anymore, because I don't remember picking it out or anything that went along with changing it. At the same time, I'm still super uncomfortable with the name my parents gave me, so I can't go back to that. I just don't feel like a real person because I don't know who I am.

Hey kiddo.
I am so, so sorry that you got into an accident. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to reinvent yourself now. 

You always have the option of changing your name to something else, if you’d like. It could help you down the path of rediscovering yourself and reinventing yourself.

I wish I could offer more solid advice. I’ll be thinking of you, kiddo!



anyone remember my Star Wars self-insert/OC, Ari? no? that’s cool cause Ari’s with the Empire now. still don’t know what exactly they do tho…maybe they could be a spy…?

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heya, i lost a fic ( typical anon 😂 ), it's about betty being a photographer & she enters a contest to take pictures of a band "the Serpents" ? ( I think that's their name ) Jughead & Archie are in the band, maybe Joaquin & Kev? i can't remember. lol but Jughead starts crushing on Betty & doenst want to directly ask her out so he asks her to teach him photography....i can't remember if i ever finished it or not. would be a great help!

Hiya! Happy Thanksgiving! You’re looking for I’m blue, she’s golden by @bugheader


Rating: Mature    Chapters: 8/?

Summary: “Um…I’d like to continue these lessons if you’re willing. I think I could learn a lot from you.”“I’m flattered, really,” she smiled, “but don’t you want to learn from a real photography teacher?”“You or nothing,” he said, looking at her meaningfully, “You have an eye that I haven’t seen in other photographers I’ve met.”Well, okay then,” she beamed at him, “What days work for you?”

*Story on hiatus until further notice*