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Carrie!! I need help! My sister and I were discussing a chicken nugget fic and it's bothering us that we can't remember who writes it (although I'm 80% sure it was you that wrote it). I even tried googling it and went through my own sterek tag and I can't find it all!!! 😭😭😭

oh that’s me! you were right!  ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Special Order (T, 2k) Stiles is twenty-nine years old, lives alone, travels way too much, doesn’t know when the last time he had a home cooked meal where no one was trying to impress anyone, and he’s just tired of all the fancy bullshit. His face is too recognizable; he can’t even attempt to try a new restaurant without the chef requesting the honor of plating something special just for him.And right now? Stiles really just wants some chicken nuggets.

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❤️❤️hi :) I'm looking for two Fics. Both smutty. The first one: I can't remember it really. But it was like: Bellamy and Clarke are in the Forrest and it stated raining. They find shelter in a tree and then it gets smutty The 2.: Bellamy works in an office and jasper is his secretary. Then Clarke comes into his office wearing a hot dress and Bellamy gets a boner. Thank you so much 💕💕💕💕

1. It Stopped Raining

2. A Hard Situation

as yet another reminder, please send separate fic requests as separate asks! it’s just a lot easier on our admins (they can post/queue each part as they find it) and our tagging system.

Hey I am just making this post quickly to say that nobody needs to feel bad or isolated for shipping something or liking something, it’s a free country and if you are capable of loving multiple ships at a time it’s great, no need to apologize for that, but let’s just remember every ship has their own tags you wanna flail over a certain ship tag that ship please don’t tag all the other ships cause not everyone is capable of multishipping and hence they might not want to see those posts that is all, c'mon SWEN is lovely and strong and a great fandom and I appreciate all of you for always being so supportive and encouraging and I can’t thank you all enough for always being there for each other, love you guys*GROUP HUG*<3

(Forgot to add, this is for everyone who made a request that had a tree in it, i.e. climbing a tree, carving initials in a tree…)

ok so since someone requested a pruhun headcanon/scenario/au thingy (yes folks, i do check your tags xD): 

Hungary walking around in Germany’s house when visiting him one day and stumbling upon a sleeping Prussia under a pile of books and papers and covered with ink and stuff and she picks him up like “what the hell are you doing here, sleeping on the floor like a goddamn idiot” and on her way to his room in the basement she gets a super flustered shock when she hears him mumble her name his sleep.

More constant than a star
I close my eyes and I am where you are

'Disney Prince'

requested by prettyinhotpunk

summary: working at Disneyland was a joy, especially with him

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