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okay but?? some cute exr things??:

  • grantaire painting on enjolras’ arms with watercolours when he gets anxious and sad about whatever cause they’re after that week cause it calms them both down 
  • grantaire cooking ~romantic dinners~ when enjolras has a stressful day
  • enjolras tries to do this for grantaire but he can’t cook for shit so they end up with a pot of burned pasta (how the fuck, enjolras) and some chinese takeout
  • grantaire is a GREAT DANCER!! enjolras, not so much. it doesn’t matter tho cause when they do dance together its slow and romantic and they have the time of their lives
  • sometimes enjolras practises his speeches in the mirror while grantaire is still in bed smiling cause his boyfriend is such a dedicated dork 
  • once enjolras made the mistake of wearing one of grantaire’s shirts to a meeting. everyone noticed. courf lost his shit. 
  • grantaire sends him selfies of him with every dog he sees on the street and enjolras saves them all cause he looks so cute
  • grantaire does what he can for enjolras’ anxiety and enjolras does what he can for grantaire’s depression in healthy and loving ways
  • basically just happy and supportive boyfriends????

thursday september 7th 2017

it feels like i haven’t posted in years! back to school season has wrecked me, we’ve only been back for a week and i’m already transferring chemistry notes that i’m behind on 😭 i guess it’s just time to get to work, i’m a senior now after all 😅

anonymous asked:

Can you please recommend me some really good eremin fics?? (fluff or smut)

You only want Fluff or smut right? No angst.

Fluff mainly:

Now for the smut: huhuhu

You can check my fic rec tag for more. And don’t limit yourself to the stories I posted here. Check out the authors other Eremin stories. If anyone has more fics recs on recent stories help anon here.