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If this falls under Sam Advises, please disregard! Dear Internet Dad, I feel like I've read a few different posts you made about how to save by cooking your own food? My sister is going to be short on money for the next year and asked for suggestions for cutting costs. I thought of your blog. I'm apparently terrible at this because I'm sure you've written about it but I CAN'T FIND THE POSTS. Help? Again, if this falls under Sam Advises thank you for reading but ignore! Sincerely, Internet Spawn.

Nah, I think this is fine! I do want to make a small distinction though, which might be why you were having a hard time finding it. I tend to write about the intersection of food and money, but usually in the sense of “Well, cooking from home can save you money, I guess, here’s how I cook” rather than something more systematic about money like the “how to survive on $4 a day cookbook” (do recommend the cookbook btw, the PDF version is free and it should be very helpful). 

Here are some links that may cover what you’re looking for: 

Setting and keeping food budgets
Cooking for the Week
Cooking for the Week Redux (more about packing lunches vs. eating out)
Learning To Cook when you have Zero Cooking Skills

And here’s a post explaining and linking to my own online cookbook

One final suggestion – if you have the money and want to help, it’d be a great idea to send her a care package every month or every few months, with some food in it that she may not normally be able to afford, like a fancy chocolate bar or some snack bags of her favorite potato chip or one of those “throw this in the crockpot and add meat for a tasty meal” pouches from the soup aisle. Or send her a grocery giftcard every now and then; grocery giftcards are great because they’re money you didn’t expect, so you feel ok using it to get yourself a treat.

Hope this helps! Readers, feel free to chime in with links or advice, but remember to do so in comments or reblogs, since I don’t post asks sent in response to other asks.

Disney Lyric Starters
  • [ Classic, modern, golden days, you name it, i got it. Feel free to change pronouns etc. Also this is a looong post]:
  • "Some day, my prince will come."
  • "Some day, we'll meet again."
  • "Some day when spring is here, we'll find our love anew."
  • "And soon you'll find you're dancing to the tune."
  • "There isn't any let up. I hear them calling, calling."
  • "Every time she/he'd find a minute, that's the time that they begin it."
  • "They always keep her/him hopping."
  • "She/He goes around in circles till she/he's very, very dizzy."
  • "They have stars in their eyes."
  • "Side by side with your loved one, you'll find enchantment here."
  • "The night will weave its magic spell when the one you love is near."
  • "This is the night, and the heavens are right."
  • "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?"
  • "Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?"
  • "How many wonders can one cavern hold?"
  • "I want to be where the people are."
  • "I want to see, want to see 'em dancing."
  • "Flipping your fins, you don't get too far."
  • "What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand?"
  • "Sick of swimming. Ready to stand."
  • "And I'm ready to know what the people know."
  • "When's it my turn?"
  • "I can see what's happening, and they don't have a clue."
  • "With all this romantic atmosphere, disaster's in the air."
  • "She'd turn away from me."
  • "He's holding back. He's hiding."
  • "Why won't he be the king I know he is, the king I see inside?"
  • "Love is where they are."
  • "If there's a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I've already won that."
  • "No man is worth the aggravation."
  • "Honey, we can see right through you."
  • "It's too cliche. I won't say I'm in love."
  • "I thought my heart had learned its lesson."
  • "You keep on denying who you are and how you're feeling."
  • "Get off my case. I won't say it!"
  • "I steal only what I can't afford."
  • "These guys don't appreciate I'm broke."
  • "I can take a hint, gotta face the facts. You're my only friend."
  • "I'd blame parents except he hasn't got 'em."
  • "Tell you all about it when I got the time!"
  • "I think I'll take a stroll around the block."
  • "Let's not be too hasty."
  • "They're quick, but I'm much faster."
  • "Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly."
  • "Both a little scared, neither one prepared."
  • "Finding you can change, learning you were wrong."
  • "Certain as the sun rising in the east."
  • "There's something sweet and almost kind."
  • "I wonder why I didn't see it there before."
  • "Who'd have ever thought that this could be?"
  • "True he's no "Prince Charming"..."
  • "Who'd have guessed they'd come together on their own?"
  • "We'll wait and see a few days more."
  • "What I love most about rivers is you can't step in the same river twice."
  • "To be safe, we lose our chance of knowing."
  • "Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming?"
  • "Is all my dreaming at an end?"
  • "For a long time we've been marching off to battle."
  • "Our aching feet aren't easy to ignore."
  • "Think of instead, a girl worth fighting for."
  • "I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars."
  • "It all depends on what she cooks like."
  • "Bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer."
  • "Yet the only girl who'd love him is his mother."
  • "Whatever you do, I'll do it, too."
  • "Show me everything, and tell me how."
  • "It all means something, yet nothing to me."
  • "It's all so close, and yet so far."
  • "I wanna know. Can you show me?"
  • "I wanna know about these strangers like me."
  • "Why do I have this growing need to be beside her?"
  • "Come with me now to see my world."
  • "Don't you disrespect me, little man!"
  • "You're in my world now, not your world."
  • "And I got friends on the other side."
  • "Sit down on my table, put your minds at ease."
  • "I can read your future. I can change it around some, too."
  • "You come from two long lines of royalty."
  • "I'm a royal myself on my mother's side."
  • "Your lifestyle's high, but your funds are low."
  • "Mom and dad cut you off, huh, playboy?"
  • "You've been pushed around all your life."
  • "Won't you shake the poor sinner's hand?"
  • "I hope you're satisfied, but if you ain't, don't blame me!"
  • "All that time never even knowing just how blind I've been."
  • "At last I see the light, and it's like the fog has lifted."
  • "If she/he's here, it's crystal clear I'm where I'm meant to go."
  • "All at once everything is different now that I see you."
  • "Come on, let's go and play!"
  • "I never see you anymore."
  • "We used to be best buddies, and now we're not."
  • "I've started talking to the pictures on the walls."
  • "It gets a little lonely, all these empty rooms."
  • "People are asking where you've been."
  • "They say "Have courage," and I'm trying to."
  • "We only have each other."
  • "It's just you and me. What are we gonna do?"
  • "Okay, can I just say something crazy?"
  • "I love crazy."
  • "I've been searching my whole life to find my own place."
  • "I've never met someone who thinks so much like me."
  • "Say goodbye to the pain of the past."
  • "We don't have to feel it anymore."
  • "Can I say something even crazier?"
  • "I've been staring at the edge of the water for as long as I can remember."
  • "Every road leads back to the place I know where I cannot go."
  • "It calls me, and no one knows how far it goes."
  • "I can lead with pride. I can make us strong."
  • "I'll be satisfied if I play along."
  • "What is wrong with me?"
  • "But no one knows how deep it goes."
  • "If the wind on my sail on the sea stays behind me, one day I'll know how far I'll go."
  • "Now I know I can be happy as a clam because I'm beautiful, baby."
  • "Scrub the deck and make it look shiny."
  • "I just love free food."
  • "Ouch! What a terrible performance!"
  • "You don't swing it like you used to, man."
  • "Send your armies, but they'll never be enough."
  • "You try to be tough, but your armor's just not hard enough."

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Feel free to ignore this message, but... I'm so frustrated with my art. I can't enjoy ANYTHING I draw and , no matter how I try, every little thing I lay on the canvas looks absolutely horrible to me. It's gotten to a point where I start to cry and have panic attacks if I don't get satisfied with my work (this has lasted for 5 months straight.). Do you perhaps go through the same thing? What do you do in this kind of situation?

I’ve had similar experiences, yeah. Maybe not quite EXACTLY the same as you but I’ve had doubts about my own art before. For me personally, I just take a bit of a break from drawing anything big and pretty. Just go a bit easy on myself until I’m reeeaaaally feeling it. Just scribble around while listening to a good podcast or something.
I also usually Look through stuff that inspires me and hope that my desire to draw will pick right back up from there. I don’t think it helps to try to force it if you don’t have to. If you aren’t feeling it then you aren’t feeling it.

On the other hand though, you could try a different art medium just for the sake of trying something new. sometimes drawing too much of the same thing or drawing the same way gets kinda.. dull.. for lack of a better word(well, for me at least). Sometimes trying out something different (even if you aren’t fantastic at the “something different” yet) helps too.
For example, maybe you’re super used to putting a lot of care into line art. Maybe instead, try and figure out how people do the lineless art style stuff, yknow?

I also tend to look through tutorials and art tip posts, to see how I could possibly improve how I draw, as well. They’re usually really helpful.

That’s just me though. I’m sure there’s many ways to go about dealing with art block but that’s mine.

Just remember to take it easy, you’ve got plenty of time to get good at art.

Hope that helped… or… made any sense I guess. I tend to get super rambly with these kinds of things.

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Hi Emma, I'm a first year law student who just finished HSC last year. I'm completely over my head in terms of study techniques - they basically don't exist. My main concerns are what notebooks to use for everything, what stationery, and obviously mainly how to go about studying. I understand that it's something I have to figure out myself, but I just can't - how do I start organising everything??? I still end up freaking out the night before due dates and I hate it.

Hey! For notebooks, I’d recommend purchasing the A4 poly Arc Notebook from Staples.com.au. Here is a link. I used it for all my HSC and the last two years of uni. It’s fantastic and I love it. It is a little bit expensive but honestly, it is the best bit of stationery I have ever purchased. For pens wise, I’d recommend getting your hands on a pack of Staedtler 432 ball pens. They’re available at Officeworks or Big W. They’re nice pens, a great set of colours and easy to hold. Muji pens are also nice but gel so if you’re a leftie, not always fantastic. I think highlighters are important too. My favourites are the Zebra Mildliners (I purchased them from the UK Amazon site) and Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters (from Officeworks). I don’t think you need to go over the top on stationery. Just a small selection of things that you will actually use! For organising here are a few things you could try to do - you may already be doing some of it so just ignore those:

  • spend a full day/weekend going through your desk - throw out old stationery that doesn’t work, pile up unused notebooks, and recycle old scraps of paper! Make sure anything you might have from HSC is away (unless you need it) or you’ve recycled it. Try to get your desk only for university. If you’ve got drawers make them for certain things. I have one for things I use regularly (post-it notes, usbs, stapler, etc), stationery in general (to-do pads, stickers, etc), a drawer for uni (my binders, course information, etc), spare stationery (unused notebooks, diaries) and a drawer for accessories/spare paper for my Arc notebook. I recently did a clear out of my desk (it was supposed to be a ‘tidy’) and it took me like 4 hours). You’ll feel so much more clear and organised once it is done. I’d also recommend tidying your desk once a week - making sure everything is in it’s correct place - and then clearing it out properly each semester.
  • organise your laptop/desktop - have a folder for the year > add in a folder for your semester > add in a folder for each class > add in a folder for each week and general stuff. I find it so much simpler to have it super organised instead of having one folder to drop files in. Remember to save things in the actual place and the correct name!!!! 
  • try OneNote (if you aren’t already) - honestly, it is the best note-taking app you can have and it’s free! Everything is automatically saved, it doesn’t create a million different files per class, easy to format, etc! If you prefer writing notes that is your choice, but I find typing much easier for university! Here is a post on how I set mine up.
  • find a planner - again, a kind of simple one but if you’re not using it properly then it shows! Find somewhere (either a notebook, your phone, your computer) where you can write down what is due. Always add in reminders two weeks, a week, a day before something is due. That way you won’t be as likely to forget. You can also use it to make schedules for working on your assessments. If you can say, set yourself 2 hours every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to work on an assignment due that coming Monday you’ll have more chance to get it done - rather than just winging it over the weekend! You could also check out my printables so you can plan your time without spending money!!
  • plan as much as you can - for big assessments this is key! I will also spend a few hours drafting up what I want to include in it. Sometimes I’ll spend a day (not a full day, just part of it) planning it out, finding my references, my main points, evidence and then breaking up the structure and word count. Then I’ll go back either the day later or a few days and start working. It makes tackling assessments much less stressful if you’ve prepped before hand. 
  • have a binder per subject - since you’re doing law I assume you get a lot of worksheets/readings/case studies that are printed! Get yourself a 4 ring large binder from Officeworks, some extra wide dividers and thick plastic sleeves to house it all. I do the same and I put my notes from my Arc Notebook into plastic sleeves once I’ve finished with them.
  • determine a notetaking system - I organised mine during HSC and still use it. It makes life a million times easier if you can just understand your notes. Mine is here if you wanted to look. Other people use the Cornell method! 
  • organise yourself with a productive and efficient study method - try to find out what type of learner you are by taking this quiz. Then use this infographic to help determine what would be best for you! My study routine is here.
  • use productivity apps - these are so helpful, I cannot stress that enough! I love the app ‘Forest’ for keeping me off my phone and focused. Here are some apps to try.
  • Other things to help: beating procrastination; preparing for a new semester; managing your time whilst note-taking; revising notes; overcoming self-doubt; staying focused in lectures/class.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with everything! xx

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I saw your post/video that you reblogged about how the general public is "sleepy" and not responding to climate change. I personally feel that the general public, even if they *did* care about climate change, can't do anything meaningful to stop it. They feel hopeless about it, how corporations and governments are dragging us along the ride of climate change without our consent or approval. It seems like no matter how many people know about the dangers, nothing can be done by the average person.

Your lack of optimism regarding the “power of the people” is warranted, given the current state of affairs in the world along with the historic trends clearly visible to us. However, keep this in perspective: we’ve never been a well-informed society.

When you live inside of a pseudo-empire where those who directly effect the course of our civilization (whether city, state, province, or country) are more concerned with short-term gain rather than long-term survival and innovative longevity, the outcome is not unpredictable, but actually very predictable. The laws of nature do not care what color of political party this or that human being associates themselves with.

Carl Sagan waxed philosophical (as always) in this excerpt from ‘Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space’ which reinforces what I just said:

“We seem compelled to project our own nature onto Nature.

"Man in his arrogance thinks himself a great work worthy [of] the interposition of a deity,” Darwin wrote telegraphically in his notebook. “More humble and I think truer to consider him created from animals.”

We’re Johnny-come-latelies. We live in the cosmic boondocks. We emerged from microbes and muck. Apes are our cousins. Our thoughts and feelings are not fully under our own control. And on top of all this, we’re making a mess of our planet and becoming a danger to ourselves.

The trapdoor beneath our feet swings open. We find ourselves in bottomless free fall. If it takes a little myth and ritual to get us through a night that seems endless, who among us cannot sympathize and understand?

We long to be here for a purpose, even though, despite much self-deception, none is evident. The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage.

We are the custodians of life’s meaning. We long for a parent to care for us, to forgive us our errors, to save us from our childish mistakes. But knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable. Modern science has been a voyage into the unknown, with a lesson in humility waiting at every stop.

Our commonsense intuitions can be mistaken. Our preferences don’t count. We do not live in a privileged reference frame.

If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal.“

Richard Feynman’s statement The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool, is something we, as a collective species, must take very seriously.

When a scientifically illiterate person looks at an apple and they’re asked to describe what they see, "one apple,” may be held as a correct answer. But that answer is just that - a response - not a description. It tells you nothing whatsoever about the apple. The same could be said when looking at “a single person” or even “a single planet." 

When you multiply these types of bland responses across a wide spectrum of people amongst a population, it’s becomes quite clear that, again, as Carl Sagan asserted, ”we’ve arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understands science and technology; and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces.

There’s more than just "one” apple, person, or planet. It’s a complex arrangement of atomic and molecular properties all bound together by laws of nature which must be understood in order to solve similarly complex problems.

Now, take this example and turn it around to the address the pessimism you and and others rightly have regarding corporations and governments, which are one in the same, as far as I’m concerned.

Carl continues: “Who is running the science and technology in a democracy if the people don’t know anything about it? Science is more than a body of knowledge. It’s a way of thinking. A way of skeptically interrogating the universe, with a fine understanding of human fallibility.”

I share the pessimism and cynicism you feel, very often. But just as it’s been said that “you can’t see the forest through the trees,” we must remember that we truly are amidst the forest right now. 

I’m much more optimistic about the future than in any other time in my life. I’ve shared this before, but in case you missed it, I encourage you to watch Peter Diamandis’ TED talks and learn more about this man. He’s one of many people in our world who are actively working to encourage the pursuit of STEAM, launch society toward the next evolutionary phase as a spacefaring civilization, illuminate the importance of exponential technology (which includes robotics, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, big data, synthetic biology), and incentivize innovation toward literally changing the world. 

His book with Steven Kotler, 'Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think’ is a must read, and his interviews and presentations around the world that further extend the topics present in his book are inspiring and enlightening to say the least. He’s not just a visionary, he’s actively leading the way in doing what governments and big corporations have only been capable of. Visit his website to learn more.

Why is he important? Let’s just say children of this and upcoming generations will know him by name (especially considering he is the founder of Singularity University, whose mission statement and educational platform is literally to change the world by solving the grand challenges of our time) and he will go down in history as someone who spurred what he refers to as “evolution by intelligent direction.”

The reason I bring up Peter Diamandis is because no one in our time (since Carl Sagan) has most effectively conveyed how far we’ve come, where we are, and where we’re headed. One of the major aspects of our society we must keep in mind is that the main source of information about “what’s going on in the world” has been the news/mainstream media. The internet is not just a place anymore, however, it’s a means of actively disrupting the way we’ve traditionally approached problem solving, and one of those major problems we’ve faced has been the accurate relay of important, world-impacting information to the public. 

The internet is disrupting how people have been held back from realizing their own strengths and abilities to invoke change, understanding human (let alone Earth life) history, education regarding the pillars of progress (Science Technology Engineering Art Math), and being alerted to the ways politics and religion have swayed the general public away from critically thinking, alongside the true priorities of our time with a firm understanding of the reality we live, and our place in the universe.

Peter Diamandis brings up a point which I’ve only heard physicist Lawrence Krauss mention. Krauss states, “we evolved as human beings a few million years ago on the savannah in Africa to escape tigers, or lions, or predators. So, what makes sense to us, is the world on our scale…how to throw a rock or a spear, or how to find a cave, and we didn’t evolve to understand quantum mechanics. And, therefore, it’s not too surprising that on scales vastly different than the kind of experience we had as we were evolving as a species, nature seems strange and sometimes almost unfathomable, certainly violating our common sense…our sense of what is common sense and what’s intuition. But as I like to say, the universe doesn’t care about our common sense. We have to force our ideas to conform to the evidence of reality rather than the other way around. And if reality seems strange, that’s okay. In fact, that’s what makes science so wonderful; it expands our minds because it forces us to accept possibilities, which, in advance, we may never of thought was possible.”

Peter Diamandis reminds us that when we were evolving on those savannahs, our preferences and priorities were much different. We were growing up in environments where our survival depended on being aware of immediate dangers: threats to our family, our tribe, our civilization, our way of life, and ultimately, our survival. Whether it be changes in weather/climate which influenced where we would be able to obtain food, store supplies, or migrate at a moment’s notice, our preferences were geared to negative influences. 

We carry this type of negative preferential bias still, thanks to our evolutionary inheritance. The “news” - as we are all well aware - is not actually “new”, nor is it of immediate importance in terms of the information being relayed to us and the “breaking stories” we’re being told are imperative regarding our day-to-day lives.

The internet is certainly breaking it up and has helped us to filter out what we need to know from what we don’t, but we must remind ourselves that we still live in a society where the predominant majority turns to these traditional sources to obtain their information about their world, whether it be the world on a scale of towns/cities, regions, countries, or the global community at large. 

That’s a very big point. An entire population can be convinced to “feel hopeless”…whereby, as you said, “nothing can be done by the average person.” This thinking is wrong. It’s not unwarranted, but it is most definitely wrong. 

When confronted with this kind of pessimism that I once shared, I encourage others to realize that, as simplistic as this sounds, “anything unsustainable cannot be sustained.” An oxymoronic statement, certainly, but it’s true. Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman encouraged many to view Earth from the perspective of an extra-terrestrial Martian observer, looking upon our civilization. What kind of opinion would they have of us? What merits toward our stewardship of our planet would be attributed to our species? 

Due to today being Thomas Jefferson Day, Carl Sagan waxes philosophical once again, “If we are not able to ask skeptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us that something is true - to be skeptical of those in authority - then we’re up for grabs for the next charlatan, political or religious, who comes ambling along…it’s a thing that Jefferson lay great stress on. It wasn’t enough, he said, to enshrine some rights in a constitution or bill of rights…the people had to be educated, and they had to practice their skepticism and their education, otherwise, we don’t run the government, the government runs us.”

And that, right there, is what this all comes down to: education. Period.

We’re moving at an insanely fast pace in terms of our technological achievement and we’re in the midst of a transition which will supersede all other eras of time throughout history. As I said before, we have never experienced a life living amidst a well-informed society, but we will, in this generation or the next, it’s inevitable.

The way people are being educated and able to educate themselves is speeding forward in a near-unpredictable outcome (as long as we don’t wipe ourselves out first, or give nature the opportunity), and it’s a brilliantly hopeful thing to witness and to be a part of.

Once we are moving in lockstep with the way in which we must educate to continually produce and innovate, our civilization will no longer look back on these times as “what not to do”, but instead, will be ever looking forward, asking “what can we do next?”

Stay curious*

long-ish meta about glen ichinose, feel free to ignore!! (contains manga and novel spoilers)

POSTING THIS IN REVELATION OF CHAPTER 38 BECAUSE GODDMANIT I WAS RIGHT (don’t be surprised about the past tense, this is 4 months old)

Okay with chapter 34 out I’ve begun to start becoming sure of some things I’ve been considering since I read the first chapter with Glen and Mahiru-no-yo. Specifically, the fact that Glen is probably being possessed by Mahiru on a regular basis.

Hear me out. There’s a lot of stuff that seems very sketchy in retrospect. Glen’s always considered love in the same breath with family, so when he talks about Mahiru like he’s idolized her, it’s already very strange, considering how dismissive he is of his feelings for her in the first novel. She’s untouchable but not inhuman - not yet. And considering that she’s already being taken over by an unknown demon in the first novel, this becomes even stranger.

Let’s see what we know: Glen’s out for power, all right, but he won’t sacrifice his own people for it, especially not family or people who are more or less innocent. And he values his own life - we’ve seen it in the latest chapters of the manga, and in the novel as well. But it’s not more important than those of his family - his teammates, and including Yuu as well.

Mahiru is a possession type weapon- we already know that she’s possessed him once before - it’s practically canon, but is she doing it on a regular basis? When you look at Glen’s smile when he’s about to be stabbed by Mika

and compare it to his entire “fuck” expression when he’s faced with Crowley and his pod people in the latest chapters, there’s a pretty big difference.

Bringing the subject back to Mika: Glen was pretty much stabbed by Mika, and he was still injured but standing and well. Points to Mahiru healing his wounds like Ashuramaru can heal Yuu’s wounds.

Pretty much everyone thinks that it’s either Glen or Kureto who’s selling information to the vampires, but we’re not sure who it is. Here’s my onion - Glen’s the one selling them out, but it’s probably not him. Aka, Mahiru’s been possessing him to do it. Or, in a worst case scenario, it’s Kureto and Glen is on their hitlist, but really, this is me being wild at this point. Still, Ferid’s throwaway comment about humans being fake and untrustworthy doesn’t sit right with me, so I’m assuming it’s Glen and he doesn’t know it anyway. Another strange thing: Glen has the Hyakuya sect documents with him in chapter 33. Where did he get those from? It’s supposed to be classified information - is it because Mahiru knew the location and she was the one exchanging Hiiragi secrets for that information? The prophecy about the Seraphs too - the one I’m assuming Mahiru made - was mentioned ONCE in the manga/anime and never brought up again? There’s a lot we have to question at this point.

Let’s also talk about Glen’s plans, shall we? Shinya’s probably privy to these - or at the least, the fact that he has a plan, and maybe this is just me putting my shipper glasses on, but it feels like Shinya’s already aware of what’s happening to him. And following him regardless. Please don’t make this a point of woobifying Shinya, fandom, he hates the Hiiragis as much as we do, but he probably loves Glen more. And he’s been checking to see if Glen’s retained his humanity. Which, can I just say again, it was so rewarding to see Glen concerned about Shinya in chapter 33, proving how mutual their regard and affection is? Even the team knows ;_;

And what really clinched the deal for me, along with the steep personality shifts and Shinoa’s suspicions (please remember Shinoa’s good at this, she’s the daughter of a demon possessed woman AND Mahiru’s sister) is the recent spoiler about Glen’s blood type changing after an “incident”. We don’t know what the incident is, hell, it could just be a blood transfusion gone wrong. But I don’t think it is.

In fact, I think it’s Mahiru’s blood flowing in him.


p.s. this is all conjecture, and we have no idea how much of this is actually Glen’s Grand Plan, but it raises a lot of concern and questions as to what Glen’s real character is, not to mention how much free will he still has etc.

Well this is going to be more like a huge thank you note rather than a follow forever, I just didn’t know what to call it lmao. I never ever expected this to happen, I remember when I had 50 followers and I thought that would be the most I would ever have, like that’s more people than I can fit in my house? Honestly 2000 feels unreal to me, that’s so many people. I don’t see my follower count as numbers, but as friends (except for you random porn blogs who are you um) and I still get excited when I get a new one or I when I receive an ask. I’ve had people call me their “tumblr senpai” from time to time and that is just so weird to me, like I’m just a random girl with no life spending countless hours on the internet, lmao I’m no senpai. But thank you guys for thinking that I am, I appreciate every single one of you so much. I wish I could write a note for everyone but my fingers would probably fall off. Thank you again! 

- Nicole :)

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anonymous asked:

Some might call what you do hate as well. I don't understand why you constantly need to point out what some tinhatters are doing. Can't you just ignore them? I expect you don't follow any of those blogs, so why do you refer to them? I admit that it's sad to never post anything including Mia or Will, but what is it to you? I like your blog but this part of it irritates me. And before you say it, nope I am not a tinhatter myself :)

“You are such a stupid bitch. Darren is GAY. This isn’t even about cc - Darren is gay and you’re just too stupid to see that.” (an anon message sent to me three weeks ago (deleted obv) tho I suspect I know who that was).

“Oh no not again. All I see is a horse in a dress.” (a post in the miarren tag yesterday about Mia and Darren at the wedding when I went to find a pic I couldn’t find on my dash).

“lol just a look at that attention whore. I can’t believe people think Darren is with that slut. Can’t she dress respectably?” (a post in the miarren tag about Mia at Elsie fest).

“Will is a homophobic, transphobic jerk. Chris would not be with that guy.” (paraphrase from nonsense last year about Will).

“Did you see Darren in that interview with Alan Cumming? lol straight. Your gay is showing, Darren.” (Summary of many comments).


“What is it to you?”  You asked that question as if there is no effect or harm to what the tinhats do - ie spread lies, misogyny, homophobia and negativity about celebrities (and while this is absolutely not unique to this fandom, this is the fandom that I am an active part of) on social media - sometimes tagging them or their friends on twitter. 

So I want to be really clear about the opinion I have that is the following - I believe tinhatting in the way it has manifested itself in the public social media of this fandom causes harm. It is not neutral, or cute, or harmless or without consequence. 

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ardenkai  asked:

Have I told you how awesome you are today? No? Ok, you are awesome! I'm so happy that you are continuing Remember Me. 🙊 And I just wanted to let you know that I miss Free to be me.🙊🙊🙊🙊(no pressure).

The parts are here: Part I - Part II 

Gail stirs in her sleep, finding her normally soft bed quite hard and stiff. It takes her a moment to realize she’s not actually in bed, when she catches the sounds of cheering from below.

What the?

Gail wakes up only to find she actually fell asleep at the top of the bleachers, and a moment longer to realize why. She was supposed to be flunking that math test, by not writing it. And the bleachers had become her favorite place to haunt ever since she spotted Holly here the other day.

She would have continued with her sleep, if it weren’t for the damn cheering.  Gail tries to sneak a peek at the grounds, where there was some match of some sort. It takes you a while to realize it’s a soccer match, the girls team. Not really caring about the match, Gail lies down again, to squeeze in a snooze before she had to get back home. Trying to shut out all the cheering of the audience members below, Gail tries to go sleep. Except that they’re squealing like a bunch of madcaps. Deciding that that was the end of the nap, Gail gets up and walks down the bleachers to the few rows where there were a handful of people cheering for the team.

‘What a bunch of lo-’

She’s about to finish that comment when she spots Holly on the field, the long-limbed, warrior faced goal keeper who was keenly watching every movement of the ball.

Nerd’s a Jock?

Gail’s groans out loud at that thought, and some of the students there actually turned back to give her weird looks, all of which she ignores. Besides, she knows she stands out of from the normal jock crowd, with her black leather jacket and short blonde hair, unlike all these guys standing with the school teams bright red blazers.

Terrific, Peck. Fall for the know-it-all all-rounder. How apt of you.

She sees Holly in those tight soccer shorts and a part of her just really wants to walk onto the field and make out with her in the middle of the field.  Besides, it’s not like the goalie does much in the game, and she was sure Holly could spare some time. She sees Holly pounce at a foul ball and she’s salivating.

Those shorts should be illegal.

At that moment, the opposing team’s striker knocks a curve ball right towards the goal. It almost defies the laws of physics, the angle, the absolute lack of space to actually get the ball in, it was insane. By logic, the ball should have flown way above the crossbar, but by some feat, it managed to curve right into the goal. You can see Holly lunge at it, but by the tiniest of margins, she misses it and the ball hits the back of the net. There are all-round groans at that, but all the jocks around Gail where all amazed by the sheer awesomeness of the goal.

Gail asks about and finds out that the scores were 1-0 and apparently both teams were evenly matched. It’s about 4 minutes till full-time - and the home team didn’t have much time to equalize. Sure enough, the game ended in 4 minutes, and both the teams sauntered off the field into the locker rooms. Except Holly, who was lying flat infront of the goal post, staring at the cross bar. A few team-mates call out to her, but she waves them off. They leave her out there, alone and a part of you feels a little bad for her. Surely she wasn’t beating herself up over that goal? No one could have saved that.

Soon, all the jocks around you leave the bleachers, and you’re alone as well, waiting for the nerd to pack up and come sit at the benches as she always did. Except she’s still on the field, now clutching the crossbar of the post and hanging from it. She did look pretty frustrated, and Gail assumed she wouldn’t be joining her this evening.


Gail walks down to the locker rooms for the teams, finding that empty as well.

Everyone’s left Nerd, come on.

She finally spots the brunette trudging off the pitch, and walking towards the rooms.

'Didn’t know you were a Jock, Nerd.’ Gail starts, giving Holly the fright of her life.

'Geez! I thought there was no one here!’

Gail shrugs off that, continuing with her pestering.

'If you told me you’re a Jock, I wouldn’t have started calling you Nerd.’

Holly sighs at that, clearly not in the mood for Gail’s annoying questions.

'Not now Gail’ she mutters, heading towards her locker, pulling out her clothes.

'You can’t possibly be feeling down because you didn’t save that.’

'I should have. I’m the Goalie.’ she huffs, sitting dejected at one of the benches in the room.

'That was an impossible goal! I don’t think anyone could have saved that!’ Gail tries to appease the brunette, who was clearly beating herself about it.

'I should have.’

'Come on, Holly. You can’t possibly expect to do everything!’ Gail reasons with the ambitious brunette, who looks back at her with a scowl.

'Are you serious?’ Gail replies. Here she was failing math, and there’s Holly, who wanted to make wonder saves and save the world from cancer.

'I don’t see why I can’t do everything.’ Holly replies, standing up and going to change into her normal clothes.

Gail was having the hardest time not going into the changing rooms and running her tongue all over the brunette and her hot body. In a few minutes, Holly does reappear, in a clean shirt but in the same soccer shorts, and Gail was almost digging a hole with her hands in the pockets of her leather jackets as she eyed the brunette’s long tan legs.

Holly completely ignores Gail’s ogling, and walks about the changing room, stuffing her clothes into her bag.

'What can I not do?’ she turns back to ask Gail, who immediately snaps her attention back to the brunette and her brooding.

'You can’t fail a Math test like me.’ Gail starts, and Holly immediately shoves her shoulder for that.


'I thought I told you not to fail anything.’

'Not my fault, I overslept.’ Gail explains. Damn the brunette was powerful.

And such a freaking turn- on.

'Well, all I’m saying is you can’t win every championship in the world.’ Gail hurriedly continues, not wanting to seem that utterly desperate infront of Holly.

'This was a friendly. Tomorrow’s the match.’ Holly replies, walking out of the locker room.

Gail’s jaw drops at that, and it takes her a moment to actually process what Holly said.

'Are you kidding me!’ Gail yells, stomping out of the room.


Later that evening Gail came to realize that the Principal had called her mother and told her about the exam-skipping.

That, however wasn’t the problem ‘coz Gail wasn’t failing math in anyway - as she did actually have enough marks to pass.

Turns out, Gail was flunking gym.