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thursday september 7th 2017

it feels like i haven’t posted in years! back to school season has wrecked me, we’ve only been back for a week and i’m already transferring chemistry notes that i’m behind on 😭 i guess it’s just time to get to work, i’m a senior now after all 😅

Can’t Stand It

The song in this fic is Can’t Stand It By Never Shout Never

Jonathan was playing a game in his off time when his Skype pinged with a notification. He looked at his left screen and grinned when he saw that it was Evan, asking if he was available to talk. Jonathan paused his game and swiveled his chair to face the screen. He clicked the call button and grinned when he saw his boyfriend’s face. 

“Hey there gorgeous.” Evan said with a wink.

Jonathan laughed. “What’s up?”

Evan held up his guitar and beamed, his white smile making Jonathan’s heart skip a beat. “I wrote you a song." 

Jonathan’s eyes widen. "You did what?”

“Wrote you a song. So sit back and shut up, bitch.” Evan said as he pulled the guitar on his lap and played a few chords. 

“Baby, I love you, 

I never want to let you go, 

The more I think about,

The more I want to let you know:

That everything you do,

Is super fucking cute, 

And I can’t stand it.”

Jonathan’s mouth dropped open. Evan wasn’t looking at him, his brown eyes focused on his task, but Jonathan was mesmerized by the way his fingers moved flawlessly across the strings. 

The song was upbeat and goofy and Jonathan was grinning the entire time Evan was singing. His voice was like velvet, and made Jonathan practically melt into his seat. 

“You, you, got me where you want me

Cause I’ll do anything to please you

Just to make it through:

Another year.”

Fucking hell, Jonathan was so in love with this man. Everything about him brought new meaning into his life. Evan brought him out of the darkness when no one else could and Jon wasn’t sure he could ever begin to thank him for that. 

“You, I saw you across the room

And I knew that this is gonna

Blossom into something beautiful.

You’re beautiful.”

Jonathan disagreed. He wasn’t the beautiful one. Evan was so beautiful that Jonathan was afraid to look at him sometimes. Not only that, but he was beautiful on the inside too. He did so much for charity and he was always there when people needed him the most. Jonathan didn’t deserve such an amazing human being. 

“Baby, I love you

I never want to let you go.

The more I think about,

The more I want to let you know:

That everything you do,

Is super duper cute

And I can’t stand it.

No I can’t stand it.

No I can’t stand it.”

Evan put his guitar down and looked at Jonathan expectantly.

“I love you so much.” Jonathan said, his voice raspy. “That was amazing.”

“I’m glad you liked it. I have a few more surprises for you.” Evan reached for a folder on his desk. 


“Didn’t I tell you to shut up earlier?” Evan asked, laughing. He held up a piece of paper and Jonathan nearly jumped out of his seat. 

“Are you fucking serious?”

“Yes. I am officially a United States citizen. And you know what that means, babe.” Jonathan could tell that Evan was barely able to contain his emotions and he was right there with him. His face hurt from smiling and he felt his eyes glistening with unshed tears. 

Jonathan looked down at his hand and ran his thumb over the engagement ring. “It means we can finally get married without the government thinking I’m just trying to smuggle your sexy ass into the country.”

“I’m packing now, babe. The ticket is already booked. We’re about to start the rest of our lives together. You ready for this?" 

"You better hurry the fuck up, Vanoss. We got shit to do.” Jonathan winked.