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Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^

I sing the blues (and swallow them too)

Summary: In which Phil is a thunderstorm and Dan is captivated. 

(Otherwise known as the teacher!au)

Genre: Angsty fluff

Word count: 5.4k (I know I’m sorry)

Trigger Warnings: none (I don’t think please let me know if there are)

(author’s note at end)

Dan slammed his mug against the draining board a little too hard considering the sun was shining. The remaining coffee lashed against the sides of the mug, spitting out in protest. Dan could feel a headache coming on. And the guy was still telling the same story.

The walls peeled orange paint that had long since faded into beige. Strategically placed frames hung over chips in walls, but they were overrunning. They owned all the walls. There was little they could do but sit upon their chairs like moss upon rocks and wait for the end. There was a fog that constantly clung to the windows no matter how much you scrubbed at them. But the capped man still cleaned them; every Wednesday at 10am, the scraping ladder pushed against the bricked wall, a race against the bell.

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anonymous asked:

i didnt think tae was weird at all until i noticed your anons, do you think he has changed?

yeah, i really do. i think he’s changed quite a bit in the last year and some. it’s gotten to the point where i have to wonder how people don’t notice it. especially when he’s in a group/with the other members. he really has withdrawn/receded and mellowed recently.

taehyung really truly seems like he has a bit of his guard up recently, more than usual. he’s always had barriers here and there, even when he was more wild and goofy when he was a teenager. but now, it’s gotten a bit more clear that he’s matured at the very least.

You know what just hit me?

The guys have said that there is a confirmed transgender character in a future arc.

Now, since for the current arc it seems Ballast’s Crew™ isn’t going to appear in Dungeon Truck, I’d like to point out that maybe, just maybe , Jeremette Badgirl could be that character. Maybe?? Please???? I just really want more of that entire team tbh.

Shinya and Guren confrontation scene dialogue full translation

This scene begins on page 6 of part 3 of chapter 47 posted by @namanari (where Guren’s walking down the hall toward Shinya’s cell). Each page is blocked in separately and numbered. I didn’t have time to edit or paste the dialogue in the raws themselves but hopefully everything makes sense from the context.


Guren: Open up all the locks on the cell. 

Guard: Eh…?


Guren: And you can leave.

Guard: but… then the prisoner could esca…

Guren: There is no prisoner here. I’ll take responsibility for whatever happens.


Guren: … Shinya.

Shinya: You shouldn’t open the prison like that, Guren. I’ll kill you.

Guren: Do it.

Shinya: I’m serious. You betrayed and killed your comrades.

Guren: Yeah.


Shinya: You betrayed and killed your subordinates.

Guren: Right.

Shinya: …I’ll forgive you so defend yourself. Explain your reasons.

Guren: It’s true that I killed them.

Shinya: Byakkomaru.


Shinya: Shit!!




Shinya: Fuck!

Shinya: Explain your reasons! Explain!!

Shinya: You aren’t the kind of guy who would do such a thing!!

Shinya: A demon… You were possessed by a demon, right?

Guren: I was in control. There was a new drug.


Shinya: It’s a lie… It’s Mahiru in there right? You, you did something to Guren…

Guren: Shinya calm down.


Guren: Mahiru’s dead. She’s not here anymore.



Shinya: … what should I do.

Shinya: I’ve… become unable to forgive you.

Shinya: If you aren’t being possessed, then why on Earth did you do what you did…?

Guren: I…

End Scene.

my-name-is-long  asked:

How long did it take you to get used to Chinese pronunciation and tones? I'm thinking of trying but the main thing holding me back is the pronunciation! Like, for example, the difference between x and sh, j and zh, how to do the r sound, and I can't tell if I'm doing the tones right... (I'm least confident in the 3rd tone)

How long did it take me…? Well, considering that Mandarin is my native language, I’d say I had to get used to it pretty quick :P

Don’t be afraid to try! And don’t worry about being perfect, either, especially in the beginning. Chinese people are generally very impressed when they see someone trying to learn Chinese, and if you try a little, you’ll probably be flooded with compliments (actually though, this is a real thing).

For pronunciation of the sounds, IPA is very useful if you’re familiar with it (and even if you’re not, it’s worthwhile to learn it to help with general language studies). Having audio or a Chinese-speaking friend is also helpful, and hearing the sounds a lot will help you differentiate between them. 

As for tones, I think that’s generally just a lot of practice. There are a couple different ways I’ve seen people learn tones – you can practice them in pairs so that you learn to differentiate between them very well, or you can colour-code your notes so that each tone is assigned a different colour if that helps you remember them (the app Pleco does this). The third tone specifically is like a falling-rising tone, but if you listen to actual Chinese speech, you might find that native speakers don’t actually enunciate the falling and the rising – it often just sounds like a low-pitched tone, like near the bottom of your vocal range if that makes sense.

A few additional resources to help you: 

  • Standard Chinese phonology (also from Wikipedia – this is useful if you have a linguistics background, but even if you don’t, I think it’s quite fascinating)

Good luck! Chinese is a great language, don’t let it intimidate you! :) 

So, I met this really great girl on Tinder (not the best way to meet someone, I know, but at this point it’s one of my only options) and we started talking on Snapchat & via text, and she was such a nice person. But after a couple of days, I got scared and blocked her number and social media accounts. I could tell she was immensely attracted to me, and I was to her, but I’ve never felt that before. And it was really weird. Someone whom I was interested in actually showed interest back. Maybe it was because she’s a girl, and I am still not out to a majority of my friends and family. Maybe it was because I have never been in a relationship, or anywhere near one. All I know is that I want my fears to go away. 

Inspired by floopersMakiPana Werewolf AU

Possessive gayther wants attention so nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle smooch hug smooch cuddle snuggle smooch (when no one’s watching ofc); Pana, being the adorable precious rice babeh she is, happily indulges her gf X3333 ok you can’t really tell Maki’s a werewolf here except for slightly slightly pointed ears and sharp nails

Bonus: when they’re really alone…

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Look, i don’t want to start any fights here, but there’s just a few things i’d like to point out about the ShiroxAnyone ships.

First of all, the description of the show itself is “Teenagers transported from Earth become pilots for robotic lions during an intergalactic war.”
Shiro is one of the pilots, meaning Shiro could very well have been 18 when the Galra captured him.
In addition to that, the fandom seems to believe that Shiro either graduated very young or was sent on the Kerberos mission very soon after gratuating, so he’s probably younger than he looks.

Secondly, the Garrison is a military school. If Lance and Hunk are roughly 17/18 when they starts their simulators and battle training im going to assume that the Garrison trains cadets until they’re about 20/21. (If shiro went to kerberos immediately after graduating that puts him at 22 maximum with the year he spent in the empire. If we assume that he did actually graduate early he’d be 21. That gives us a max difference of 4 years, which is pretty reasonable)

Thirdly, Shiro in general is younger than we often portray him as. Especially with the whole “Space Dad” thing we have going. Shiro is a military man. And he JUST escaped being a POW. That shit does things to you. Suddenly he’s dealing with PTSD, the aftermath of his failed mission, plus whatever he went through in the arena (dont tell me that doesn’t haunt him), and he feels responsible for the lives of the other paladins. He doesn’t have the time of freedom to kick back and be a kid. He’s been forced to grow up almost overnight (the stress may have been what caused his hair to go white, who knows). He knows that if he lets his guard down too much someone could die, so he’s on full alert almost 100% of the time.
Sometimes we do see his youth come out in his personality a little bit, like their early training sessions, and some of his interactions with Coran, and when he squabbles with Allura about the gun in ep 11, it was a youthful (almost childish) way to phrase his point.

On the same note, i think we often think of Pidge as being way younger than she is. Yes, Pidge is much smaller than the other paladins, but she’s young and female. She probably has another growth spurt in her before she hits 18. Pidge is a student at the Garrison, meaning she’s likely in the 15-18 age range like the others. Yes, she used a fake identity to get in, but i think someone would notice if a 12 year old was trying to pass for 16, regardless of gender. Pidge is most likely betwewn 15 and 17, which doesn’t put her in the safe grey area for Shiro ships (except on the high end), but she could very well be shipped with the other paladins with no problem.

While im glad to see the fandom taking an active stand against unhealthy relationships, let’s not villify anyone until we have solid numbers.

You know what’s just really sucky? My lesbian/bi/pan internet friends keep suggesting tv shows to me that they love and that they feel are a good LGBT representation… And then.. We all know what happens.

This is not an exaggeration.

When PLL started to bore me with the drawn out “lesbian plot” I started watching Orphan Black.

When Delphine got shot on Orphan Black I started watching the 100 to cope.

When -sigh- Lexa got shot.. People started telling me to watch PoI

We all know what happened there.

So now I’m at this point where I am literally nervous about watching a show where there is a lesbian/bi character or a f/f relationship.

I don’t want to get attached, just to have it ripped away from me.

Sigh. I’ll just stick with OITNB & Wentworth. Where the only place lesbians are safe is in prison.

Unconventional/unrealistic/cliché WicDiv Endgame predictions

You heard ‘em here first:

  • It was aliens all along
  • Ananke is really trying to do the right thing for the pantheon
  • At least one of the pantheon survives past the two years
    • bonus points if they are immediately hit by a bus crossing the road
  • The remaining gods stop Ananke, but that means “the darkness” wins and the world ends a la cabin in the woods
  • The phonogram cast shows up and commits more deicide 
  • Through a convoluted series of events, the entire cast ends up completely naked and confused and is running around screaming.   
  • In a major plot twist, the readers do not leave with their hearts broken
  • Ananke takes off her mask to reveal it was a miniature Kieron standing on McKelvie’s shoulders the whole time
  • When all the action is over, In the afterlife, Laura wakes up and gets ready for a show
    • Alternatively: on the second to last page laura wakes up in a hotel bed and is like I just had the weirdest dream and you turn the page and luci rolls over and says “Oh really? tell me about it, Persephone” 
  • Time travel storyline to go back and stop the darkness/ananke
  • Sex criminals AU
  • Luci was not a natural blonde

Plot point for DA4: the key to the latest earth-shattering crisis lies within dwarven thaigs. Luckily the heroes have Morrigan to bring along because she is also apparently an expert in dwarven lore. She does such a good job they make her the first ever human Paragon. Meanwhile all the dwarf characters that could’ve easily been brought back to naturally fill that role are out of the picture with no explanation. They’re not iconic enough or the writers don’t like them. Wow. 

AoU Highlights
  • Language!
  • Nat and Clint holding each other when walking into his home
  • Aunty Nat
  • Sassy Ultron
  • Thor’s face when Steve tried lifting Mjölnir
  • Everyone’s face when Vision was able to lift the hammer
  • Steve discussing Mjölnir at the end 
  • Sam looking for Bucky
  • Wanda kicking ass
  • Stan Lee cameo
  • Tony telling Steve not to take from his pile
  • Natasha pointing out Stony flirting
  • “I was born yesterday”
  • Peggy fucking Carter
  • Some Natasha backstory
  • Nick Fury
  • Tony trying to calm the Hulk
  • Bruce sassing Tony about Ultron
  • Tony being Ultron’s old man
  • “I can’t actually throw up in my mouth”
  • Farm boy with a tractor Clint Barton

According to Keegan, we all know who A is. He said that it’s really clear in every episode and that, when it’s revealed, we could literally go back to season one and automatically understand the clues. This show gives me such anxiety, I have a feeling that when they reveal who A is I’ll feel like the dumbest person in the world because it probably is someone that I thought about but ruled out at some point for whatever reason.