i can't really tell anyone apart now

  • (Following "Revelations")
  • Iron Bull: I used to think it was just me who thought you humans all look alike.
  • Blackwall: And now...?
  • Iron Bull: Clearly, you guys can't tell each other apart, either. How the crap did you live as some other guy for all those years?
  • Blackwall: I grew a beard.
  • Iron Bull: Really? Puts some hair on your face, and no one can tell who you are anymore? That's some disguise, big guy.
  • Blackwall: And I didn't talk to anyone for months at the time.
  • Iron Bull: All right, that probably helped.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic where Kara is brought back for Barry's dimension but she was seriously hurt? But since Barry doesn't know where the DEO is now so he is running around town looking for the DEO to help Kara, and the DEO (especially Mon-El) is freaking out and chasing him around national city? (I really thought this through if you can't tell)

Here you go!

Title: Hurt

Pairings: Karamel; Superflash friendship.

If anyone had been inside of Kara’s empty apartment that night, they would have seen a large blue light fill the room and two people appear inside of the apartment from the portal.

Barry was in his Flash costume but the hood was left down exposing his identity. His face was bloodied, bruised and full of sweat from fighting in a battle. In his arms was an unconscious Kara who was barely breathing. A knife made out of green rock protruded out of her chest. Barry felt terrible,, feeling like her current injuries were his fault. He had absolutely no idea that there was Kryptonite on his Earth, let alone that their enemies would somehow have some on them.

“Hold on Kara, I’m going to find help”, he promised her as he ran with her from her apartment and through National City. He panicked, realising that he had no idea where the DEO was. Kara had told him that they had moved their headquarters but hadn’t told them where they had moved to. She wouldn’t have realised that this would happen and Barry would be running around in a panic trying to find someone who could save her life.

Meanwhile at the headquarters, J’onn stared at the monitor in front of him with concern. Twenty hours ago Kara’s dot had disappeared off the monitors. Ever since CADMUS, they had placed a tracker in her suit so that they’d be able to find her if she was ever to go missing. And since she always wore her suit under her normal clothes beside from when she was sleeping they always knew where she was.

Then Winn had called J’onn and Alex telling them that Kara had literally vanished off the face of the Earth. Things got worse when no one could contact her and Mon-El had shown up wanting to know why Kara wasn’t answering his calls. He’d begun to panic when they informed him that she didn’t seem to be on the planet anymore.

Now her dot had suddenly re-emerged but it was flashing all over National City as though she was appearing in several places at once. They knew she was fast but she wasn’t that fast. Something odd was happening.

“We need to go after her”, Alex exclaimed full of worry for her little sister.

Mon-El looked up immediately. “I’ll go after her. J’onn can fly but he’s not as fast as her. I am, I can chase her down without a problem. We’ve been working on my speed during training and I can keep up with her now”.

“Fine then, go”, J’onn nodded.

Without hesitating, the Daxamite grabbed an ear piece that would allow them to communicate with him and tell him where she was going, and then after placing it in his ear, he shot off into National City. He spent a while going to various places that her dot appeared in front of but only to find that she was already gone by the time he got there.

Hours passed and he was beginning to grow increasingly frustrated at his lack of progress in the search for Supergirl but then a red flash of light caught his attention and his eyes narrowed in on it.

“I think I’ve found her. She’s with some guy in a red suit but he’s carrying her. Someone’s wrong!”

Mon-El didn’t bother waiting for further instructions. He went ahead and chased after the pair. If this guy had done something to her then he was going to kill him. He didn’t care what their policy was on killing bad guys he wasn’t about to let someone get away with harming Kara.  

Barry felt it the moment that he realised he was being followed. He sped up but the person was keeping up pretty well. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought that Kara was flying beside him. Realising that the guy wasn’t about to let up anytime soon he ran to the outskirts of the city and stopped to turn and see who was following him so amazingly well.

Mon-El stopped in his flight when the red costumed man did and flew to the ground. The guy looked pretty beaten up but his blood turned to ice when he saw Kara lying lifelessly in the man’s arms with a knife of Kryptonite sticking out of her chest. “Who the hell are you and what did you do to Kara?!”

“You know Kara?”

“She’s very important to me”, he said, feeling like calling her a friend wasn’t enough to describe what the blonde meant to him.

To his surprise, the brown haired man seemed relieved by Mon-El’s response.

“Do you know where the DEO is? I need to take her to them”.

“What happened?”

“I’ll tell you as soon as Kara’s safe”, the man replied and Mon-El nodded, developing a respect for the man who was prioritising Kara’s safety first. He knew now that whatever had happened, this guy wasn’t behind it.

Mon-El told him to follow behind him and flew off in the direction of the headquarters. He knew the team would be ready for him since they could hear everything over the communication device in his ear.

Sure enough when they entered the main room Alex was already there with a stretcher and a team of people ready to take Kara to the medical bay. “What happened to my sister?!” she cried out as she saw the knife sticking out of Kara’s chest.

“You’re Alex right?” the brunette guy asked.

“Yes”, she stared at him for a moment before realisation came over her. “You must be Barry Allen, Kara’s friend from a different universe”.

“That’s me”, he confirmed. “She jumped to my Earth to help with some really powerful aliens that we didn’t have a chance against and at the last minute she was stabbed. If I had known that there was Kryptonite on our Earth and that they somehow had hold of some-“.

“Stop, don’t blame yourself. Kara’s been in worst situations and this won’t be the last time. She’s a superhero, it’s in the job title and your Earth needed her. You didn’t do anything wrong”, Alex assured him just before she followed the guys wheeling her sister away down to the medical bay. Barry made to follow but was stopped by an extremely strong grip on his arm. He turned to see Kara’s friend holding it tightly.

“What did Alex mean that you are Kara’s friend from another Earth?!”

“My name is Barry Allen. I met Kara when I accidentally got trapped here a year ago and since then we’ve been going back and forth to each other’s Earths to help each other out”.

“She didn’t tell me about you”, Mon-El accused, looking slightly hurt. “Do you love her?”

Barry stared at him in disbelief for a moment before letting a laugh out. “Kara’s a good friend and she’s a beautiful woman but I have my own girlfriend back on my Earth. You must be Mon-El though right?”

“You know who I am?”

“Well yeah”, he smiled. “Kara told me all about you the last time she was on my Earth”.

Mon-El blinked in surprise, his hurt quickly fading away.

“And just so you know”, Barry added continuing to smile. “I think she loves you. And I can tell that you feel the same way just from looking at the panic on your face and I think that you should probably tell her someday”.

Then Barry’s smile grew wider as he took a step closer to the Daxamite. “But you should know that if you do anything to hurt her, I happen to have a couple of friends on my Earth that would love to come help me kick your arse”.

Before he could formulate an answer to Barry’s friendly threat, Alex appeared in front of them with a big relieved smile on her face. “Kara’s going to be fine. She’s healing quickly under the yellow sun now that we’ve removed the knife from her chest”.

“That’s good. Is she awake?”

“Not yet”.

“Well I’ll stick around until she is and then I’ll have to get back home to my Earth”, Barry decided before giving Mon-El a smirk. “Until she’s awake, I’ll just keep talking to my new friend here”.