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Who wants to talk about polymachina soulmate marks? I’m a sucker for fics with soulmate marks, especially ones where people get more than one, and like there’s so many ways to spin in like, does the symbol represent the person? Is it their name? Is it the first thing they say to them? 

All the options are great, okay. I’ve seen the first two a bunch and I love them, but let me submit for consideration:

  • Vax with a big ‘NO’ on his back, just over his heart (it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s one of the first things to come out of his sister’s mouth)
  • Vex with ‘Mine’ written in the same spot in the same deep navy blue color (no one’s surprised, twins are often platonic soulmates, and it’s clear Vex and Vax are two halves of a whole)
  • But they have other words too
  • There’s a rich purple ‘well hello to you too’ running down Vax’s side (and somehow when Gilmore says it, it sounds exactly the way he always thought it would)
  • What makes less sense is the great gray handprint on his lower back and the magenta music notes curling around his arm
  • (It makes sense when Grog introduces himself with a smack to the chest that knocks Vax off his feet and Scanlan does so with a wordless melody)
  • The ‘oh, um, hi’ on the inside of his his left arm makes perfect sense when he meets Keyleth (what’s weird is the matching words they both share on the inside of the right that they don’t recognize until they meet Kashaw)
  • Vex and Vax share the same golden word running down their spine and Pike has their greetings wrapped around her wrists
  • Grog’s not sure what to make of his until he meets Pike. Goliath’s typically have imprints of hands, not words (she first reads out her own words that stretch across Grog’s shoulders almost like wings)
  • She laughs gently as she reads out ‘well aren’t you a big fella’ and ‘please don’t step on me’ 
  • He tries to sound out her words when Pike lets him see them. He does alright with the big ‘I’m so sorry’ on her shoulder (the ‘hello gorgeous’ on her right leg gives him a bit more trouble)
  • Sometimes he wishes his were words too, but that fades when he finds just where his hand fits (on Vax’s back, Vex’s waist, Keyleth’s shoulder, Percy’s leg, Scanlan’s ass) 
  • Pike’s always liked the big gray hand that covers one of her own, it’s her favorite (the neat scrawl in celestial on the side of her neck is a close second)
  • It’s a shock to Percy that he seems to be covered in words, a ‘hey there handsome’ across his lower back and a matching ‘are you alright, darling’ over his chest, and a long rambling string of words in red that covers most of his back 
  • He’s never sure just when the words on his back turned gray, but he notices when the matching red on Keyleth’s arm fades just the same
  • Keyleth loves her words, they’re a rainbow on her skin (the deep gray handprint and dark brown words on her right arm give her pause, but she comes to love them just the same)
  • Her fingers like to trace the golden greeting on her clavicle and the ‘you poor dear’ on the back of her hand in vibrant teal
  • She used to love the bright, almost glittering ramble that ran down her arms (it feels like a part of her rips away when the letters fade and grow dull)
  • But it hurts less after a while, the words become a sad memory, but at least she always has a piece of him on her skin. If she closes her eyes, she can almost hear the wind whisper the words to her

I just really like these kinds of aus, might do more like this later. But I would also love to see what other people prefer in terms of what the marks are. I’ve seen a bunch of fics with this au and they’ve all been amazing, and I think there’s always room for more!

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hi!! i'm new to your blog and have been binging on your imagines (i love them) haha. i really like the idea of the rfa ( + v and maybe saeran too if that's possible, i mean, can't leave them out !!) accidentally meeting mc before the party and if it's possible i'd like to request them accidentally meeting an artist mc painting in a paint and sip studio, if that's okay? thank you sm ^^

Oooooh I’ve never heard of that. Sounds fun! 
Italicized writing means MC is talking, and V’s has spoilers about his route~
Also, I’m so sorry anon but I didn’t include Saeran because there was absolutely no good way to write it. Like, I could not make any sense of how or why he would be at a paint and sip after recruiting MC but before the party? There was no way I could make that make sense. I’m sorry. I tried! D: 
~Mod L 

♡ One of the clubs he tried joining was a painting club 
♡ Initially he wasn’t that good, but he was convinced to stick with it 
♡ He actually got pretty good at it, and his friend convinced him to go to a paint and sip studio 
♡ He was really nervous because he didn’t think he was good enough, but tried it anyways 
♡ He also wasn’t super into drinking, so he kind of just had his glass with him but wasn’t drinking much
♡ All his friends wanted to be towards the back of the room, so his spot was a few spaces behind yours 
♡ When he first saw you he thought you were absolutely gorgeous, but especially so when he watched you paint
♡ You were so focused on your work, and it showed in the beauty of it
♡ He realized halfway through he hadn’t pained a single thing and fumbled to catch up 
♡ He was already nervous enough and so now having to rush meant his art wasn’t the best it could’ve been 
♡ One of his friends noticed and couldn’t help but tease him for it 
♡ “Jeez Yoosung, you have to focus on your art man!” 
♡ Hearing his name got your attention and you turned around immediately 
♡ He tried to hide at first because he was blushing so much from you noticing him but you were able to help him realize it’s you
♡ He’s over the moon and spends the rest of the day with you

♡ One of his directors invited everyone from a play he was on to go, and he wasn’t super excited about it 
♡ He wasn’t an artist, and he was mostly going to please the director 
♡ Also alcohol 
♡ Alcohol always helps
♡ When he got there he was way more focused on the wine than the painting, but he eventually he had to pick up a brush 
♡ As he focused in on painting you noticed him from only a few spots down, and you recognized him from the millions of selfies he’d already sent to you 
♡ You were so shocked you accidentally bumped into someone, spilling wine all over yourself 
♡ That caught Zen’s attention, and you were looking back and forth between him and trying to apologize to the person you bumped 
♡ He pieced together that you were focused on him, and went over to help clean up the wine 
♡ “You’re eyes can’t seem to leave me. I know I’m handsome, but you’ve got to be a bit more careful~” 
♡ Cue a groan from his coworkers 
♡ He just assumed you were a fan until you managed to stutter out who you were
♡ He couldn’t believe it at first, but as soon as you explained that yes, it really was you he couldn’t have ran out the door with you faster

♡ After quitting her job, she was still trying new things to see what other hobbies she’d love 
♡ She wasn’t planning on going to this, but rather saw the poster and made the spontaneous decision to go 
♡ Which was very rare but so exciting for her 
♡ She saw you while everyone was setting up, and she couldn’t help but think you were absolutely stunning 
♡ Once everyone began painting she focused in on her art but couldn’t keep you out of her mind 
♡ She couldn’t see you from her space, but that didn’t stop all the thoughts about you 
♡ She wondered if you noticed her, or was looking at her painting and if you thought it was any good 
♡ Even though she couldn’t see it she was positive yours was gorgeous 
♡ You had in fact noticed her, and you thought it was her but you couldn’t fully tell 
♡ Once everyone was done you hesitantly walked over to her, and soon as she noticed you approaching she felt her heart skip a beat
♡ “Jaehee?”
♡ When you said her name you almost gave the poor girl a heart attack
♡ Once you both realized yes, it was in fact each other Jaehee was so excited to meet you
♡ She messaged Seven to make sure it was safe to take you out for the rest of the night, and that’s exactly what he did 

♡ His dad had invited him to attend for him to meet his new girlfriend
♡ Jumin was not happy about this, but to make his father happy he agreed to go
♡ The wine helped
♡ His father’s girlfriend insisted on going to a regular sip and paint rather than a more expensive one or renting out the entire place, which brought Jumin a certain amount of relief that she didn’t seem to be using his father for money 
♡ He had a conversation in the messenger with Yoosung and Jaehee that he was going, but you didn’t read the log until you were walking in the door 
♡ When you looked up lo and behold there he was 
♡ He was looking over the wine selection, and he seemed dissatisfied with what he was seeing 
♡ You walked up to him, and rather than immediately introduce yourself you decided to talk to him for a bit first
♡ “You know, this white wine is fantastic”.
♡ He didn’t see you approach him, so he was taken aback by your sudden words but you wouldn’t be able to tell from his face
♡ “I’ve never heard of this brand before. It must be-”
♡ “A commoner brand? Yeah, it’s not that expensive, but just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s worst~”   
♡ Jumin gave you a confused side eye, and you just winked as you took a sip of your wine 
♡ He decided to take a sip, and was pleasantly surprised at the taste
♡ “.. You’re right. This is a rather crisp wine. Thank you for the recommendation. But I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of an introduction?”
♡ He was surprised at himself for being so willing to meet an absolute stranger with no business relation, but something about you just caught his attention
♡ When you introduced yourself, it suddenly made complete sense 
♡ He insisted on leaving the sip and paint, with the excuse that there was no way you were safe from the hacker there 
♡ And he said an early goodbye to his father and took you back to his home

♡ Vanderwood was upset 
♡ For a job Seven insisted they needed to go undercover to a sip and paint 
♡ He thought it was incredibly unnecessary, and was upset he had to go too
♡ “Agent, don’t we have more work to do on the computer? And don’t you have that RFA girl to watch over?”
♡ “Vanderwoooood, I told you a million times. I can do the work quickly, and we need to be here to gather information. Also, she’ll be fine so long as she doesn’t leave the apartment~ I told her not to. She’ll read the log and stay put, and everything will be fine!”
♡ You did not read that log
♡ You were getting ready for the sip and paint 
♡ When Seven and Vanderwood entered and Seven saw you, his jaw just about dropped through the floor 
♡ He immediately took Vanderwood out and explained that everything, in fact, was not fine and you were in there
♡ Vanderwood almost killed him on the spot 
♡ “We need get her out! But we have to be subtle!… Listen, come back inside and just follow my lead, okay?” 
♡ Vanderwood didn’t trust Seven at all but went with it anyways 
♡ You were set up right next to the wine table, and Seven scooted the two of them up until they were right behind you and then shoved Vanderwood into the table
♡ “O-Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I think my friend has had too much to drink, oh no oh no- Uh, miss, can you help me carry him out?” 
♡ Not recognizing Seven you offered help and both of you helped carry Vanderwood out 
♡ Seven has a bruise from where Vanderwood dug his hand into him
♡ When you were all out and Vanderwood was pissed at Seven you had no idea what was going on
♡ While somehow not getting killed by Vanderwood Seven explained himself and introduced the two of them, and decided the safest thing to do was to just take you back to his home with him 

♡ V was walking home when he saw the poster for the sip and paint
♡ He couldn’t help but be reminded of his mother, and thought about the last time he’s ever painted 
♡ His eyesight was only getting worst, and he figured if he was ever going to do it it would have to be soon 
♡ Despite feeling very conflicted about it, he decided to do it 
♡ As he entered he chose a spot to set up, coincidentally right next to you
♡ His eyes weren’t able to make out the images of you very well, so he didn’t recognize you but you felt so familiar to him
♡ But he shook the feeling off and tried to focus on the painting 
♡ As he painted he felt frustrated that he couldn’t get it just right, and halfway through was feeling completely distraught 
♡ He accidentally mumbled out loud, “Ah, this was a mistake,” before softly setting his tools down to leave 
♡ “I think it looks nice”.
♡ You had whispered to him, so initially he wasn’t sure he actually heard you
♡ “I mean, half the people here have had too much wine and yours looks like a Picasso compared to theirs”
♡ But he couldn’t help but chuckle at your joke, and decided to pick his brush back up and continue 
♡ You two continued with small chatter as you painted, and V found he was genuinely enjoying himself in your company
♡ Time flew by quickly as you two quietly talked and painted, and before either of you knew it it was time to go 
♡ V realized then that you two never properly introduced yourselves, and as soon as you said your name everything clicked in his head
♡ He then became very worried about why you weren’t at your apartment, and walked back you back home safely

My feelings About Levi and Mikasa’s relationship

I really love the way Mikasa’s and Levi’s relationship has grown through the story. 

We’ve seen Levi being a responsible leader to his subordinates,  tough but caring, exigent but understanding, and that was the captain in him. Now with Mikasa .. it’s the first time Levi is actually involved with someone from his squad on a personal level.

Levi has always recognized Mikasa’s abilities, trusted her enough to place her next to him in missions, and the way I see it, treated her a bit differently than the other squad members! – it could be because Mikasa proved herself reliable or because he saw a piece of him in her, or it’s just a feeling of whatever is this thing that relates them.. or all of this!-.
(for one .. she’s definitely his protégée! )

I always found it funny that whenever Mikasa retorted on Levi roughly he never gets mad or give it much thought.. like Yo I’m your captain where’s manners! 
If anything he makes sure to explain things or clear his idea.

And Mikasa –despite the not so encouraging start- definitely looked up to him as a competent soldier and captain, and this was obvious from the female titan Arc where she decided to assume the responsibility for the Humanity’s strongest soldier ‘s injury, and this, is her clearly admitting his worth and statue ! 

-as opposed to some who picture her as self-delusional who considers herself better than levi.. Mikasa is wiser than that!-

 And with time, she has come to trust him. Even after he displayed roughness when dealing with Historia and everyone doubted him, she still chose to believe in him! And I don’t think she would’ve done that if she didn’t catch a glimpse of the person he is behind his tough cold exterior.


Lately it looked as if Levi has started to crack, he’s lost so much, endured so much, and now that Kenny has reappeared evoking questions about his past and who he is, Levi doesn’t seem that level-headed and unflappable person he used to be, If anything  a hint of vulnerability has started to creep in. 

So maybe it’s time for Mikasa to help him! Not only in matter of strength and fighting –which I think will indeed happen in the Ackerman showdown-  

But maybe Mikasa will even act as a new stabilizing force for him, an unspoken close support in this whole past/origins thing they share!  And I’m sure Mikasa has the strength needed to knock him out of whatever can absorb him .

If she becomes a person that he cares for and wants to protect, this might even give him more determination, kind of like when Eren is stronger when he needs to protect his loved ones .

It would be nice to see this side of Levi, he was good to Eren but that’s what any good captain would’ve done, I want to see a more personal aspect of the way Levi shows his care!  

Not to say this will protect him from danger, since the presence of such a person might only expose him more to it! And I totally see a scenario of Levi dying for someone else but that’s another story!

And It goes both ways..

For Mikasa, this new discovery about herself and origins will certainly trouble her in a way or another, and I’m certain that Levi’s presence will make things a lot easier for her.

Think of how it’ll be great for her to know that she’s not alone in this, that she has a support?
Not someone from her peers, not exactly a friend, someone more mature, someone she can rely on, and can lead her through this unknown path that opened from her past.

She had and will always have Eren and Armin, but her bond with Levi will be different and I think it will help her to mature more and will add a lot to her personality.

I don’t want to expand so much on what I WANT to happen rather than what’s ACTUALLY HAPPENING!  I already did though

but I’m really looking forward to a close -really close- duo dynamic!

In short this growing bond between Levi and Mikasa has a great potential and will hopefully help both of them grow even more :)

Isayama has put quite an effort in building their relationship and I really want to see where he will take it!

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Can we talk about Director Sanvers for a minute cause like, I have this OT3 prompt in my head and it's like, nightly ritual of Person A playing the piano and their partners sitting on the couch listening? And like Person B's head is in Person C's lap and C is playing with B's hair?? Which of our babies do you think would be in each role?? (also no pressure but I love this as a fic idea and can't write it myself so feel free to take it)

Friend, we can always talk about Director Sanvers for a minute. And now these ideas are swirling around my head so I’m giving you some thoughts/headcanons not quite in fic form from the subway (while giving myself carpel tunnel typing on my phone probably), so here goes:

I think Lucy Lane is our piano player/person A. Alex can sing, though unlike Kara “I put the kara in karaoke” Danvers, she’ll kill you if you mention it in public, but I see her skipping piano lessons in favor of staying out and surfing a little longer. And I think Maggie appreciates both of her more musical girlfriends and will rock out on an air guitar and sing along loudly with the radio but is not at all musically gifted. (Is that a self-aware self-insert? The world may never know…) But I can see Lucy having learned piano while taking dance classes growing up just to desperately try to be as good as big sister Lois who was always getting recognized by teachers and dance instructors for her achievements (then secondhand through the “Oh, you’re Lois’ baby sister!” comments she got at the start of every year) and, dammit, Lucy wanted to show that she could do it too and just as well, if not better, even if she was several years younger.

Now partners B and C could go either way. As much as the existing Director Sanvers (and Sanvers) stuff would seem to make Alex person B, thanks to a lovely prompt from @sarcasticallyinspired that I haven’t gotten to yet about the headcanon that Alex and Lucy enjoy playing with Maggie’s long hair because she has so much more of it than they do, I’m making her person C. 

I think Maggie would make them all tea. Alex used to drink coffee to stay up far later than was advisable catching up on medical journals and trying to stay abreast of new developments and trends in the field, but Maggie has insisted “there’s really only one good reason to lose that much sleep at night,” so she makes them herbal tea instead; Alex loves it, but she won’t admit it. Whenever Lucy travels for work, she brings them back a new tea to try.

While Lucy plays, Alex will hum along if she knows the song. Maggie adores it, but she’s careful not to make too big of a deal out of acknowledging it because the first few times she did, Alex got embarrassed and stopped, which was the very last thing Maggie wanted. Now they’re all more comfortable around each other, but Maggie still pretends like she can’t hear the melodious humming, and Alex pretends like the small smile pulling up the corner of Maggie’s mouth is caused by literally anything else.

After days of working the night shift or having to pull doubles or be on call for long stretches of time, Maggie often falls asleep–something Lucy and Alex both tease her about even though they find it beyond adorable. Whenever this happens, Lucy plays longer than she normally would to make sure that Maggie is sleeping soundly enough for Alex to carry her to bed without waking her. This is why they only start their nightly ritual already in pajamas now (because pulling off those impossibly tight skinny jeans was next to impossible, and every time they tried, Maggie would wake up, still half-delirious from sleep, and wiggle her eyebrows and ask if they were trying to start something and to make sure they were going to finish it, thank you very much).

The first time it happened, it wasn’t meant to become a ritual. They’d been out with the full gang of Superfriends when Kara said something about most of the group being really musically talented, then looked over expectantly at Lena and Maggie to see if they had anything to offer in the way of musical talents (or if they’ll be the silent additions to @performativezippers‘ Anonymous Zippers band). Lena shrugs; even though her days in boarding schools left her with basic proficiency in a few instruments, she’d never call herself particularly talented at it. Meanwhile Maggie’s like, “Uh, yeah, of course I can” because she’s a cocky shit, and her girlfriends love the bravado. Only this time they call her on it–they want some proof. So she insists she’ll show them at home (she’s got some joke all lined up about being able to play their bodies perfectly and make them sing, which totally basically counts as being musically gifted). But Kara wants everyone to see, so somehow they end up with an impromptu talent show of sorts in their living room, and Kara and Winn do a duet before Winn tries to rap with James laying down a beat in the background that gets them booed off their impromptu stage. Next up is Lucy who just shrugs and sits down at the piano (shh, I know one doesn’t exist in the current apartment, but the new place they’ve rented to fit all of them and Lucy’s extensive wardrobe, plus all of Alex and Maggie’s leather jackets has one…let’s go with it), and Maggie finds herself shook at just how good she is. Then Alex joins in singing, and Maggie bows out of their musical competition as gracefully as she can before even trying. She only gets her way out of some of the teasing (they can’t let her live it down completely) by promising to be the best fan they’ve ever had. So now every night she gets their tea and sits excitedly on the couch, cheering and clapping and acting as Lucy’s own personal hype-woman before they settle down to listen. 

Anywayyyy hope you enjoy! I’m at my stop now, so I’ve gotta go before the tourists catch me. 

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Random but I'm still peeved about the Alex/Kara argument in 2.02. Especially the part where Alex claims to have given up a career in medicine to protect Kara. I mean, I'm not sure if that's bad writing or Alex IC blatantly ignoring reality because Alex was not gonna graduate due to academic probation plus she was in jail for at least public intoxication if not a DUI (I can't remember if she got arrested before putting the keys in the ignition or not). 1/

She wasn’t exactly ‘days away’ from graduating med school or anything. Now Alex may have taken the job with J'onn to protect Kara but I’m pretty sure J'onn made the offer to throw a lifeline to a drowning Alex not to protect Kara. But the whole protect-Kara angle really doesn’t hold water since Alex didn’t give Kara even an ounce of potentially life-saving information that she learned at the DEO. Nothing about Kryptonite or secret anti-alien agencies who could blackbag her. 2/

It feels more like Alex enjoyed the leverage of knowledge even while Kara expressed dissatisfaction with her own life. (Did she like lying to her sister? Probably not. Was there a selfish satisfaction to knowing more the Kara, to being part of something bigger? Yeah, I think there was a bit.) 3/

But outside of the influences of redK Kara would never pick apart an argument like that IC but IDK it seems like a very significant character flaw that fandom tends to ignore which is disappointing because the selfishness plays so well off Alex’s deepseated guilt and sense of duty. Alex!Discourse usually focuses on her relationship with Eliza or making her a martyr for her sister which does as much disservice to the nuance of her character as it does to write Kara only as a space puppy. 4/4

This ask made me so happy.

I just finished my S2 talk time project a few days ago and then went back and rewatched the pilot, and let me tell you it is very easy to forget just how much progress Alex and Kara have made, because wow is it jarring to see them at the start of S1 where Alex is so much worse at emotional vulnerability and amped up on passive-aggressive snark.

I really loved that scene in 2x02, which I have written about before, because it highlights all of those flaws without taking away from the fact that Alex still makes a valid point that Kara needed to hear.

Nobody is perfectly consistent in how they express themselves. Ever. People are chaotic and messy and complicated, and they find ways to rationalize bad choices to themselves. They find ways to rationalize good choices, too. They forget about the emotions that motivated a decision over time, or their relationships change and suddenly a memory is recolored into something that isn’t quite reality anymore. A person’s internal logic or truth is not always *the* truth. But none of that means they are “out of character” the second there is a mismatch. 

It just means they’re human.

And you hit the nail on the head: Alex was not telling the objective truth in 2x02, but she might well have been telling a truth she believed. Alex has spent years inventing excuses to justify her life choices and coming up with lies to tell her sister and her mother to keep them off her back. At some point the truth and the fiction are going to start blurring in her mind, at least a little. That’s just how our brains work.

Plus, we’re talking about a woman who was so confident she could beat a polygraph that she didn’t even break a sweat about having no time to prepare. The mental self-trickery that requires is insane. Alex Danvers is good at lying to others, but she’s even better at lying to herself.

So, when it comes to Kara and the complicated relationship they have as siblings? Alex can absolutely be petty, and mean, and hurttful. That doesn’t mean she loves Kara any less. It doesn’t negate all the things she does that are generous or compassionate or selfless.

What it does is make her a well-rounded character. Just like how Kara is more well-rounded  for being impulsive and self-centered and stubborn in addition to all of her good qualities.

To return to your point about that period in Alex’s life where she was struggling and J’onn pulled her out: yes, she was absolutely giving Kara a revised interpretation of events. Alex’s memories from 1x17 were not actually things she spoke out loud during that interrogation. (At least, I am 99% confident she was not sharing all of her personal failings in explicit detail, especially since long-winded rambling is not part of a polygraph.) So Kara, as far as we know, still remains in the dark about the exact depth of her sister’s issues. And Alex clearly doesn’t ever want her to find out, because that would be damaging on a wayyyyy worse level than her occasionally being an asshole when they fight.

But, within that scene from 2x02, do we know for sure that Alex is lying? We can’t see into her head, after all. Maybe she genuinely believes she would’ve clawed her way out of her funk eventually and gone into medicine if J’onn hadn’t intervened. Maybe she legitimately wanted to be a doctor even though she was a depressed, self-loathing mess and on the verge of failing out. Maybe she only said yes to the DEO because she was afraid Henshaw would blackmail her or her family, or get Kara carted off to some creepy government lab if she turned him down.

All of that, however, does not negate your point, which is that once she got to the DEO, that choice became about her. Not her family, not her sister. Just her.

For possibly the first time in her adult life.

That had to be powerfully liberating. And I agree, it probably gave Alex some immense satisfaction to know that while she might not have Kara’s superpowers, she could still be out there in the world kicking alien ass anyway. We also know she felt good about the fact that her coworkers and her boss recognized her efforts and her talents, and that she was happy to find a space where that was even possible. Those were not things she’d ever had before. And yeah, she guarded them rather selfishly.

I am iffy, however, on criticizing Alex for not telling Kara about Kryptonite and such, because it’s one of the very first things she and J’onn explain to Kara in the pilot ep. (I’m also iffy because Clark knew Kryptonite existed for way longer than Alex did, and he never told her about it either!) And I don’t think Kara would’ve needed a warning about “secret anti-alien agencies,” at least not prior to her decision to start superheroing. Given that strange men showed up at their house when she was a kid and her foster dad changed jobs almost immediately thereafter and her family was constantly afraid she’d be taken away, I have a feeling Kara was already aware of that risk, at least on some level. You’ll note that she never questions the motivation behind Alex’s “never do something like that again” in 1x01, even though Alex is extremely harsh and hurts Kara’s feelings.

tl;dr: Alex, like the rest of us, has her flaws. She has a nasty tendency toward repressing or hiding negativity at her own expense, in part because she’s afraid to disappoint her loved ones, but also because her sense of empathy runs deep and she doesn’t like seeing others suffer. She can be passive-aggressive. She loses her temper in immature, ugly ways.

None of this means she’s a bad person. She’s usually a very good person! But it also doesn’t mean that we get to handwave the ugliness away as “shitty writing” just because it presents a challenge as far as understanding her character.

PSA: Rhetorical Posts

To start, for those of you who don’t recognize the term rhetorical, it’s when you ask a question or make a statement not expecting an answer because the statement or question itself is making a point.

Now, what does this mean in terms of posts? Allow me to explain.

A Rhetorical Post in my mind is when a character does something utterly unrelated to your character in a thread, with no discernable reason, cause, or even ability for your character to react to it. To you, this post from your partner will seem like they’re making a dramatic statement of some kind instead of attempting to roleplay, and it’s entirely understandable when this leads to confusion. Especially when this post is not meant to be the end of a thread.

This is, perhaps, the worst kind of post for a player to get mid-thread. Usually, this kind of post is one where a player who does it deliberately is trying to bring a graceful end to the thread, summarizing things or tying them off so there’s no need or way to answer, and thus both players can move on. It’s one way to keep a thread from going on forever when you want to move on to other things.

On the other hand, people who do it on accident don’t consider what position they’ve put the other player in. Any thread that is littered with posts where the other player expects yours to go chasing after them, whether or not they would even know something is wrong, for instance, be this verbally or physically, is not someone who is respecting their partner. It’s one thing if this was discussed, or makes sense in the context of a thread. It’s another if it’s just thrown out there as a way to continue when it makes absolutely no sense.

Another problem is when people try to initiate a thread but start with one of these posts. I’ve had this happen a few times and I’ll honestly say that it’s usually more work than I’m willing to put in when they didn’t even leave me a way to go about it. Allow me to give an example. My character does not know this other character and has absolutely no reason to notice them because they’re just standing there, looking normal. They don’t attempt to speak to my character or in any other way initiate contact. Now, in such a situation, you can, of course, talk to the other player if you’re invested in making it work, but this kind of post shows a disregard for the player they’re reaching out to that I personally find quite offputting. 

Role play is about give and take. It’s not about setting your character down and expecting the other player to move around the boulder you just created and twist themselves into knots to accommodate your laziness.

So please, if you make a post, reread it and go ‘how would my partner answer this?’ not ‘how do I want my partner to answer this?’ because that matters. If you can’t come up with an answer that involves less than at least three unlikely actions from your partner, you should rethink your post and try again. You should never assume your partner’s character is omniscient, or that they’ll understand what your character’s silence means if you have no written cues in their body language. You should never take for granted that if you put your character somewhere else, out of sight and out of hearing distance, that your partner’s character has any reason to go looking for them.

So, yes, a little courtesy, and a little thought for your posts, alright guys?

Because Rhetorical Posts? Great thread enders. Crap posts just about all the rest of the time.

cchngkyuns  asked:

Hello!! I love your blog. I wonder... What about a RFA react to a MC having real bad menstrual pain? Sorry If it's too harsh ;; I experience it myself. I just can't sleep, I cry and struggle a lot bc I have cysts and I can't get a surgery atm ;;

Hey ! Could u do MC on her period and RFA+saeran(if u’d like to) what will they do and how would they react to her being super moody and stuff, thank u and have a great day ^ ^

dude I get godawful cramps too if I forget to take my birth control, I know exactly how you feel (I haven’t been diagnosed but my mom seems to think there’s a really good chance I have cysts too ;v; ) I hope you’re able to feel better soon friend! <3


  • Initially, PANIC
    • He’s sooooo worried to see you in such pain; he frets all over the place and practically jumps at any chance to do something for you to help you feel better
  • Once he’s used to it, though, it still upsets him to see you suffering like that but he’s gotten super good at coming up with nice ways to help you relax and take your mind off the pain
    • Boy spends half his monthly budget on you; chocolate, heating pads – he also researches online “best remedies for cramps” and buys pretty much anything those articles list
    • A common thing he’ll do is gather all the blankets in the house and have you buried in them with a cute movie on and a mug of hot chocolate. He’s right there under the covers with you for both moral support and heat, heheh
  • At first he’s shocked by your mood swings, but after a few times he recognizes that it’s just a part of the whole process. As long as you apologize for any injustices against him (snapping, yelling, etc), he’s able to handle things pretty well


  • On your bad days, Zen is practically your personal butler, at your beck and call no questions asked
    • Tries his best to make food for you from scratch because he wants to show you how much he cares! He tries recipes that include ingredients that supposedly help cramps
    • …but will be discreetly relieved if you say takeout is fine
  • He read online that exercise helps, so he urges you to work out with him or go for a walk/jog (idk about anyone else but exercise does legit work for me as unfortunate as that is lol)
  • Will give you really nice massages wherever you’re achy and it’s sooo good


  • Jaehee’s gotcha, my friend. She knows the drill
    • Although her cramps don’t seem to be quite as severe as yours… she offers her sympathies, for what they’re worth (THEY’RE WORTH A LOT, JAEHEE SHH)
    • That’s probably for the best tho since your guys’ periods start to sync up, and it would suck if you were both completely incapacitated
  • Mood swings? She understands those too, of course. Always ready with your favorite blend of tea or coffee and a sympathetic ear for when your mood drops
  • Continuing from synced periods, on days where both your cramps are bad you take the opportunity to snuggle under a big blanket and marathon Zen’s musicals, drifting in and out of sleep
    • If things get real bad for both of you and you happen to complain in the messenger, cUE ZEN HIMSELF BUSTIN’ DOWN YOUR DOOR WITH CARE PACKAGES and he stays till you’re both feeling better


  • The first time he sees this whole thing he COMPLETELY PANICS
    • Boy thinks you’re legitimately dying and is ready to frickin call in a helicopter to airlift you to the hospital or something before you calm him down and explain that this is, while painful and inconvenient, completely normal
  • He is… very uninformed about periods. Like honestly I have a feeling he doesn’t even know what periods are before you come along
    • But of course he takes it upon himself to research the topic extensively (JUMIN NO JAEHEE DOES NOT NEED TO WRITE A REPORT ON IT FOR U DO IT URSELF)
    • By the end of it he knows more than you do oh god
  • On days you hurt especially bad, he’ll work from home so he can stay with you and comfort you any way you want. 
    • At first he tries to suggest a bunch of stuff that his money can buy or other people can do for you, but he’s stunned into silence when you tell him you’d just like to cuddle. He just hadn’t even considered that might help 
    • But then he happily obliges <3


  • Hates hates hates seeing you in pain, so he tries to get you to laugh even more than usual to get your mind off it
  • Adds a “heating pad” functionality to the robocat, where it’ll heat up and lay on your abdomen
    • “Seven you know I could have just bought a normal heating pad…”
    • “But MC, this one’s shaped like a CAT. And it’s free. And made from scratch with my love~”
    • …can’t argue with that lol
  • Takes your mood swings in stride; he’s prepared with an arsenal of bad jokes to diffuse crankiness (but is also 100% ready to offer serious comfort if your mood falls really low)


  • Boy knows even less about periods than Jumin does lbh
  • He can’t empathize with it and certainly won’t pretend to, but he believes you when you describe the pain you’re in
    • He’s actually rather frustrated/angry because 
    • 1) why can’t he punch the thing that’s causing you pain and make it STOP 
    • 2) who the hell thought “you know what’d be good? making people with uterus’ bodies turn against them and cause them extreme pain once a month for absolutely no reason”
  • Goes and buys you your supplies without batting an eye, which you’re grateful for. If anyone gives him weird looks at the store he just gives them his Withering Glare™ and whaddya know nobody bothers him (god people are stupid he thinks)
  • He can relate to mood swings. But, at least at first, he’s not quite sure what to do about it
    • Slightly to his chagrin, he goes to ask Seven for advice in the beginning
    • When Seven’s advice is found to be utterly useless, Saeran eventually finds that actually just sitting and listening to you helps a lot

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As the former collections manager of an Edgar Allan Poe museum, I can't resist. "Berenice," with dealer's choice of characters.

Me @ myself: damn

[Um ok this got a bit long, like 1941 words long, but it’s Scriddler and I hope you’re ok w that bc I gotta get back to writing my boys. Well. I guess you can say mentions of Scriddler, but nothing solid. Also a bit dark on the relationship part.]

Berenice: loss, fixation, memory.

[ But as, in ethics, evil is a consequence of good, so, in fact, out of joy is sorrow born. ]


Often when one enters a career that binds them to work until the early hours of the morning, when the sun is tentatively peering its head up from the horizon and the city lights are fading away as an indicator to the people to wake up, they know better than to get expectations. When this career further includes activities that many would deem dangerous, or immoral, these expectations are further to be limited. The only expectation a criminal can have is the expectation that they will be inevitably caught. They cannot even anticipate success; if you do, you gain a large ego, and this is how you collapse.

Jonathan knew of a man who had begun to anticipate his success. Yes, he knew of this man quite intimately; he had spoken through bars to him and had been forced to share showers. Often when you share showers with someone that’s about the time you stop trying to be shy around each-other. There is nothing sacred when you’re both inmates at the exact same institution. Even when you try to hold your tongue from others, the walls whispered for you.

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anonymous asked:

Rob and Kristen both have many wonderful, loyal fans. I've met quite a few and hope I count as one. Therefore, it's upsetting to see childish, immature, hostile and vicious fans attacking the FSR writer for writing about two people who have always been (yes, still are) each other's greatest fan & support. Sad that in a piece lavishly praising Rob, they can't handle even brief mentions of Kristen who he relied on and confided in as his fame took off, as he found his way in Hollywood. Fuck 'em!

I’m back to add a note on the Film School Rejects piece: Rob’s true fans would have done FAR better protesting the author’s insulting, unfounded psychoanalysis of why Rob has chosen certain roles. It was NOT respectful or based on facts, yet instead petty fans choose to focus on K, K, K rather than truly supporting Rob’s work.

Hello RKFan…

I agree that they do have many many loyal fans and based on your comments here I would count you in as a fan as well.

I will never understand these childish “fans” that insist on voicing fandom pettiness with professional critics.  I don’t get the petulant ones that invade my inbox daily.

Even though I very much know that Rob and Kristen are still together, I can no longer really blame those that believe that they aren’t.  RK have done a really good job of confusing and controlling their true relationship status so it’s no wonder that ppl are confused.  


That will never give these assholes justification for being immature asshats!  Maybe someday their learn that it doesn’t work to fight me!

As for that article.  I read it and was also frankly irritated by it.  

NOT because the writer discussed Twilight or that he brought up Kristen.

I WAS irritated because he, as many male critics do, dissed Twilight.  I’m really sick of them dismissing the film franchise as “less than” when it engaged audiences as much as it did.  HOW can a film franchise that earned over $3BILLION just at the box office be underrated?  Were there flaws?  Sure.  As there are with all movies.  But no flaws that deserve the ranker the film as well as Rob and Kristen endure.

But, wait that’s because these are stupid men and are dismissing what women embrace.  Someday hopefully sooner rather than later filmmakers and critics can start making films with female audience in mind even better than Twilight.

I also take issues as you did FAN, with how the writer discusses Rob and his film choices since Twilight.  It’s very clear that he is analyzing Rob and hasn’t bothered to read any interviews where Rob discussed the hows and why’s of how he chooses the films he wants to do.

Rob and Kristen’s mirror each other a lot in how they choose the films they want to tackle.  But it makes sense doesn’t it?  The main difference in their process  Rob seems a bit more analytical and Kristen relies more on her intuition and emotional connection with the material.  But neither are as concerned with whether they are the lead in the film and both make decisions based somewhat in who they will be working with!  And neither seem that concerned with how much money or attention a project will garner.

Finally, I could not disagree with the writer more in regards to Kristen’s acting.  


Is he smoking a bad batch of crack??  

Kristen is anything but detached.  That’s why she’s so good.  She could never participate in a film that she wasn’t connected to that she didn’t see an aspect of herself in.  Again this is why she is so fucking good at what she does.  She embodies these characters because they represents aspects she either recognizes within herself or aspects she wishes to bring out.  She doesn’t play them!  As for her tics that she brings to her characters, what I find amazing is that she can and does often rid herself of her own personal tics.  She will bring other characteristics to her roles to bring those characters to life.  But even if we do see that she runs her hand through her hair in some of her films…guess what ppl…many of us run our hands through our hair.  We do it in all kinds of situations, so why wouldn’t an actress in appropriate moments run their hand through their hair in a scene?  Or bite their lips…etc.  How is this a bad thing!

Is that what this critic expects? That actors be wooden and not act naturally in a film?   Kristen and Rob both bring natural, realistic “tics” to their characters.  Just as every actor have their own tics and trade marks to each of their characters.

One of the things Rob can’t help but bring to every character he inhabits is how he holds his hands.  The “rubber” aspect of his fingers.  He can’t change this…it’s a part of Rob and a part he’ll never be able to bury.  And why would we want or expect something like that to change??  Oh, and Rob often licks his lips.  Ohhhh the horror…..LOL

Anyway I had not planned on posting anything regarding that article because for anything that I found positive, there was much more that I found to be dismissive and utter horseshit.  But for anyone keeping track.  I discussed these issues behind the scenes and here on my blog.  I did NOT attack the writer directly.  These may be his observations and he’s free to have them as much as I think they suck.  

“I’m in the wrong place” → A brief insight into Saitama’s character

Sometimes I feel like Saitama doesn’t get all the love he deserves, only because he doesn’t have a “tragic past” or doesn’t pose as a deeply-wounded-cursed-by-fate Hero™.

[Spoilers ahead for the ones who haven’t caught up with the manga yet]

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anonymous asked:

do u think that genderbends perpetuate cissexism? genderbending always changes the body as well as gender identity and i feel like it says that you can't have certain gender identities without those body parts. this post phrases it better viria(.)tumblr(.)com/post/116908105638

No, I don’t think that. As a trans individual who enjoys a variety of genderbending things, I do not think that at all.

I mention that I, myself, am trans, because I read the post you suggested, and the OP says that a cisgender person expressing an opinion that disagrees with their view is unqualified to do so, which– it is important not to let the experiences of a minority group be defined by people who are not members of the minority group, yes, but on the other hand–well, that sounds a bit like ‘out yourself or be invalid’…maybe there isn’t a perfect way of looking at that particular side-debate.

The OP of that post also says that this type of story “gives fans yet another excuse to ignore female characters in favor of focusing on their male faves.” Which rather smacks of You Are Not Allowed To Like What You Like; Eat Your Vegetables; Mother Knows Best. 

Fandom’s supposed to be fun, remember? You’re allowed to like whatever characters you like. You’re allowed to like whatever stories you like.

I’m getting a lot of purity police vibes, with that post. A lot of You Are Bad And You Should Feel Bad. 

You’re Allowed To Write That I Guess As Long As You Feel Appropriately Guilty For It And Also Publicly Self-Flagellate About It.

(icky puritanical nonsense)


I say again: no, I do not believe, as a trans person, that genderbends inherently perpetuate cissexism. Can there be cissexism in a genderbend story? Yes. There can also be biphobia in a slash story; that doesn’t mean all slash is inherently biphobic.

Now–the first thing to do, I think, is to define what, exactly, ‘genderbending’ is. It actually covers a fairly wide range of narratives. We will divide them into story types. Then we can discuss them, and the OP’s issues with them.

TYPE A: Character X is presumed to be cis male in canon. In the fic, they are presented as cis female. OR Character X is presumed to be cis female in canon, and in the fic, they are presented as cis male. 

Example: my fic, Harriet Potter Is.

This story type is what people are usually talking about when they talk about genderbends. They are also sometimes referred to as girl!CharacterName or boy!CharacterName. 

Obviously, the language here is not ideal–the conflation of sex and gender is not good. 

AO3 offers a tagging option that I think works better, and does not conflate the two concepts. #Alternate Universe: Always a Different Sex #Alternate Universe: Gender Changes. The separate tags makes the point that they are separate issues.

(Really, I think the language we use to talk about this story type is going in this direction. The word ‘genderbend’ honestly seems less popular in general, these days, and I think it’s gradually phasing out.)

TYPE B: Character X is presumed cis male in canon and, in the fic, wakes up one morning in a afab version of their own body. OR Character X is presumed cis female in canon and in the fic wakes up in an amab version of their own body.

Example: An Ever Fixed Mark by elsepthdixon (avengers comics-verse)

This story type is sometimes referred to as genderswap or sexswap and sometimes as genderbend.

TYPE C: Character X is widely presumed cis male in canon. In the fic, they are a trans man. OR Character X is widely presumed cis female in canon. In the fic, they are a trans woman.

Example One: Liminal Paraphilia by dontdierob (Rogue One, Cassian is a trans guy)

Example Two: my fic, Fit Together (Megamind, Roxanne is a trans woman)

Example Three: the Bulletproof series (RocknRolla, Johnny is a trans guy)

I give multiple examples of this type because the OP of that post says they’ve never seen any stories like this.

TYPE D: Character X is widely presumed cis male in canon. In the fic, they are trans female. OR Character X is widely presumed cis female in canon and in the fic they are trans male. OR Character X is widely presumed to be cis anything, and in the fic they are nonbinary. 

Example One: Only She, Who Is Beautiful (anonymous fill on disney kink meme, Beauty and the Beast, Gaston is a trans woman)

Example Two: my fic, Fit Together (Megamind is a demiguy)

Example Three: my fic, Code: Safeword (again, Megamind is a demiguy)

Example Four: You Called Her Dot by Dibsanddabs (avengers movie-verse, Steve is nonbinary.)

Again, the OP of that post says they’ve never seen stories like this. So there are multiple examples.


(that post accuses fandom of not treating gender as a spectrum; evil gods, how long ago was it written?)

Now, I understand if you dislike Type A. I understand if you feel uncomfortable with reading these stories. But as a young trans person just beginning to question my assigned gender identity, reading Type A stories gave me a vital tool to do so. 

I was able to think to pretend I was writing one of those stories about me. How would I have been different if I had been presumed by society to be a boy? Would I still be me?

I would still be me, but society would have treated me differently. And as I wrote this story in my head, this story about me-as-a-boy, I began to realize that I did not fit in the original story. I did not fit the me-as-a-girl, supposedly ‘canon’ version. It wasn’t right.

The me-as-a-boy story wasn’t quite right, either, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t need to tell it to myself.

The best and most necessary Type A stories are, I believe, about recognizing that society treats people differently based on their apparent gender. And they help show how gender is, at least in part, a construct–it’s something that develops, that grows, in a person. And part of the way that it develops is through ‘gendered’ interaction with society. 

Often a person doesn’t question the gender that society has assigned them because it simply never occurs to them that they can do so, that it’s allowed, that they can still be them, even if it turns out they’re not the gender they were assigned. 

Reading Type A #AU: Always a Different Sex #AU: Gender Changes stories lets these people know that it’s okay to think about their gender. 

By questioning a character’s gender, a fic author can inspire a reader to feel able to question their own gender. 

It did me.

Sometimes you aren’t ready to start with a Character X is Trans story–it can feel too much like admitting you might be trans and that can be a scary thing. 

Sometimes we need Type A stories to take us there the long way around.

Like I said, I understand if you don’t like Type A stories and don’t want to read them. You don’t have to. I happen to dislike Type B stories; they creep me out. That doesn’t mean that they’re inherently bad, or even inherently creepy, though! Just because it’s true for me doesn’t mean it’s true across the board.

I don’t read Type B stories, but that doesn’t mean that other people aren’t allowed to enjoy Type B stories, or that they should feel obligated to publicly Confess Their Sins And Admit They Are Problematic for enjoying them, as the OP of that post seems to be saying people who enjoy Type A stories should do.

The OP seems to think that people should only feel allowed to write Type C and Type D stories–there’s that ‘you are bad and you should feel bad’ thing going on–the puritanical purity thing. Ew.

Your OP claims that “ ‘Genderbending’ does harm trans people.” 

I say in response: labeling the genderbending narrative as inherently cissexist and transphobic takes a vital tool for self-understanding out of the hands of trans people–like me–and replaces them with nothing but guilt and shame and silence. 

That harms trans people.

anonymous asked:

What would you say are the biggest changes to Luffy's character post-ts? I've been trying to put it into words but I can't put my finger on anything.

I don’t think that Luffy’s character has changed very much between pre- and post-time skip. There are some little things that I think are different, which I’ve written about in place like here and here (as of now the anime hasn’t gotten to those scenes yet FYI). But on the whole I don’t think his character has changed very noticeably. 

In fact, over the course of the entire series, Luffy’s character has been highly consistent. Luffy is certainly a very multi-faceted character with a wonderful amount of depth to him, but he hasn’t really changed/developed that much between when he set out to sea at the start of the series and now. Most of the character exploration that Luffy has gotten during the series involves his reactions to different kinds of stressful situations. Some of the main ones include:

None of these things really changed Luffy. Not in the long-term at least. Ace’s death was probably the most traumatic experience of Luffy’s life, and it seriously shook him. One of the many scenes that reflects that was Luffy’s cry of “I’m no Pirate King! I’m still… so weak!” Luffy has always been insistent that he’s going to be the one to be the Pirate King, and he’ll fight anyone on a moments notice if they challenge him on that front. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran pirate with a bounty triple what Luffy’s is with a far superior Devil Fruit who already kicked Luffy’s ass on another occasion or whatever–Luffy’s confidence in himself and his ability to achieve his goals has always been unshakable. But after Marineford, after Ace died protecting Luffy from an enemy neither of them could stand up against, Luffy recognized just how far away he really was from his dream, and was filled with pain and regret over Ace’s loss, and denounced his earlier confidence in himself.
However, it didn’t stick. Shortly after the time skip, Luffy announced his goal of becoming Pirate King to Rayleigh, signifying that he has regained his confidence and belief in himself. All this certainly was a hell of an experience for Luffy to have gone through, and it explored his character and fleshed him out, but it didn’t change him.

Many shonen stories are about their protagonist changing. Changing for the better to become something more, as a person, than what they started as. A lonely child with no family or friends, growing up through many difficult battles and becoming beloved by his whole village. A kid who starts out powerless in a society full of people with powers, finding out that he too can become a hero. A meek boy who suddenly finds himself thrust into a position of great responsibility that he never asked for slowly growing more and more confident with himself as he overcomes the struggles he is forced to face. Lots and lots of stories in this genera have this kind of underlying theme, explored in a variety of different ways.

But I think One Piece is a little different. One Piece doesn’t really seem to be about Luffy growing, changing, learning new lessons and improving who he is as a person. If anything, One Piece is about a person who is already fine as he is–about a person whose great confidence in himself, his absolute faith in his friends, and his unyielding determination, are the keys he needs to achieve his dreams, and keys that he already holds. Luffy can be pretty darn stupid, impulsive, selfish, gullible, and silly. But none of things are presented as things that he needs to “grow out of.” Of course, Luffy still learns lessons from time to time. He still experiences grave losses that he needs to overcome. And of course, he’s grown tremendously in strength. However, the fundamental parts of his character like his confidence, the ease with which he makes friends, his ability to inspire the people around him, and his conviction have been with him ever since he set out on that tiny little boat from Foosha Village without a single crew mate or a single beli to his name. Just look at what was going on at the very, very start of the series

And at the Baratie, Sanji started off as a character who believed that it was stupid to follow your dreams if it meant risking your life 

But Luffy demonstrated to Sanji, with a bit of explanatory help from Zeff, that confidence and resolve can be even more powerful than an entire fleet and a massive array of shiny weapons: 

But you know, Sanji… No matter how many hundreds of weapons or armor one is equipped with, they’re no match for that ‘one special spear’ that comes from your guts… On the pirates’ battlefield where life and death are decided, the one who fears death and hesitates for even an instant shall fall to their doom. Within that boy, if nothing else…

And by the end of the battle, Luffy had changed Sanji’s understanding of the subject and left quite an impression on him 

Luffy’s confidence is meant to be inspirational–his conviction, his resolve, his determination–has been a force of good for many of the struggling people he has met. Coby, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Brook, and plenty more. Luffy has provided an example to others that has given them the confidence to do the things they never believed they could, such as become a Marine, set out to sea in pursuit of their dreams, and find new hope when they believed they had lost everything. Luffy isn’t so much a character that learns how to be great, but a character that inspires others to live up to the greatness that everyone has the potential for. Luffy has arguably always had what it takes to be Pirate King, has always deserved, flaws and all, to achieve his dream. The story isn’t so much about Luffy changing in order to become a better, different person, but about him fighting to achieve and earn his dream while remaining true to the person he is in the face of adversity, and serving as an example to others in the process.

(Update: I answered some follow up to this post here)

The Quinx Squad

My thoughts so far on the four little shits.

Urie Kuki

Urie has some issues obviously. His father’s death after being “abandoned” by his squad seemed to have a major impact on how he views others. 

Urie tend to mistrust everyone and seems to have translated in two ways The first being that he thinks ”I can only trust myself to get anything done and protect myself.”

The second is his derisive “almost everyone must be an idiot, shallow an a coward but myself” attitude. This possibly as a defense mechanism. I say it’s a defense mechanism because I think if he admits to himself that other people have worth and understandable worries then he’d have to admit that there was an understandable reason his father was left behind. That’s probably why he seems to purposefully find the worst things about people, because they can’t be worth anything, he has to have the moral high ground.  

He has to become the strongest he has to join S3 because he has to be above the ones who hurt him, he has to be more important  He envies and idolizes the strong, he has to become indispensable and self sufficient because he doesn’t want to get left behind not like his dad.

Urie is a danger to himself and others. Urie keeps everything inside his head he lets his anger and derision and stupid ass plans rot.

Urie is smart but because he never tells anyone anything he can’t tell when he’s over reaching himself. He seems to put other people in danger A.) Because he’s put himself in a place where they don’t matter to him and B.) He figures it’s not his problem if they can’t protect themselves.

Sasaki was right when he said Shirazu would be a better leader because he cares for the team. Urie has no business being a team leader when he’s shown over and over he doesn’t care about the team’s welfare or success as a unit. 

.Urie is a danger to himself because he often overestimates his own abilities and goes into situations he can’t get out of because he is so desperate to gain power and rank. He even goes so far as to mistreat his own body in the name of gaining more power, by having the frame opening procedure that could lead to the end of his humanity again medical and personal advice, and biting out chunks of his flesh.

If Urie and the rest of the team survive this arc, and he doesn’t open up to someone, or start trusting others I feel like he’s going to start falling into the dark depths of ghouldom and his own head, and eventually explode like an atomic bomb.

Urie Represents Kaneki’s I have to do everything myself attitude.

Saiko Yonebayashi

Saiko seems like a lot of students from back when i was in High School. When you pushed these types of students into an area of study where they felt out of their depth and did not voluntarily want to be they tended to stop trying. 

Saiko from what we’ve seen and heard never wanted to be a ghoul investigator and through her dialogue doesn’t think she’d ever be good enough for it. As a result she hides herself away and avoids her job at all costs.

Saiko’s relationship with her mother seems a little complicated. Saiko seems to have a very dependent nature both for her emotional and physical needs. She still seems to love her mother, having called her mommy and worked in her mothers snack bar despite being mistreated by her.

 I get the feeling that Saiko often tried for her mothers attention and did what she could to get it but in the end because her mother was so wrapped up in her success never got much affection. She also seemed to develop a similar coping habit as Kaneki with his books only in her case it was manga, anime and nerd culture. 

As she grew up she was probably so wrapped up in it and lacking any real skills in coping with and living in the real world (she can’t even cook) because her mother who was dependent on her husbands and now daughter for money never taught her them. and so she became a neet. 

On the bright sideI really like Saiko’s rather silly sense of humor she does seem to liven up a room whenever she talks or teases.

Going on with the school analogy. People that don’t have a lot of support in their own lives will often attach themselves emotionally to some other authority figure who shows them affection often a teacher. Haise is like Saiko’s nickname suggests her surrogate mother who provides her the affection she desparately wants.

People in these types of situations often do not want to disappoint their surrogate parent. As such Saiko doesn’t want to disappoint Haise and will at least try to do her job even if she has no real idea what she’s doing.

In the end I only three different options for Saiko to survive. 1 Saiko shapes up and start training. 2 She can attempt to stop working for the CCG. 3 She can show some previously untapped potential that goes with her title of most compatible quinx (which she seems to be doing now haha).

Saiko represents Kaneki’s initial unwillingness to fight, as well as his past with a poor uncaring parental figure.

Mutsuki Tooru

One of Mutsuki’s biggest struggles so far has been fear. Fear of people and ghouls, fear of losing humanity. Mutsuki is constantly trying to overcome these fears.

Funnily enough Mutsuki’s two fears solutions seem to be in stark contrast with one another. In order not to fear ghouls Mutsuki must r become a better investigator and learn how to use a kagune. However Mutsuki fears growing stronger will mean losing humanity. 

One way Mutsuki seems to try and overcome fear is through analysis. Mutsuki always seem to want to know everything possible about a situation before entering into it and as probably is probably the most critical thinker of the group on long term projects.

I feel like Mutsuki can be overly self critical at times, and quite obviously has self worth issues. While in some ways such as being unable to use a kagune Mutsuki is seen as somewhat weaker than the rest of the quincke.

Mutsuki definitely has strengths. When in situations of great fear Mutsuki’s does fight with determination and sincerely seems to want to help, and while freezing at first isn’t the best option Mutsuki has never run away from a fight with others involved.

I think it’s safe to assume that some time in the past Mutsuki was probably sexually assaulted. There is many suggestions towards it from an overall fear of the male gaze, the scar on Mutsuki’s breast, the way Mutsuki can recognize a predatory male stare and seemed to imagine a club goer thinking “Rape,rape.”

The funny thing about this though is there never a direct indication that this is connected with a ghoul, it’s always just “men”. This paired with the fact that the death of Mutsuki’s parents and brother are often gossiped about being Mutsuki’s fault makes me think there could be much more to this back-story than there first appears. 

As for Mutsuki’s gender I’ll be brief. I don’t know. Mutsuki felt very uncomfortable living as a woman and wanted to live as a man but at the same time thinks aloud that their mind isn’t like a man. So maybe Mutsuki doesn’t feel comfortable as either. That’s why I’m only referring to Mutsuki by their name, I’m waiting to pass judgement until I get solid confirmation, please don’t hate me.

Mutsuki’s future is a little uncertain in my eyes. It has been suggested that Mutsuki may have already fed on a human to survive.

 I hope Mutsuki grows stronger and more secure overcoming fear but there is always the possibility Tooru could fall in the pursuit of strength much like Kaneki.

Mutsuki represents fear of losing his humanity, as well as his original shy and naive nature, and his contrasting purposes.

Shirazu Ginshi

I adore Shirazu Ginshi. Shirazu has a very kind nature overall even if he often insults the ones he cares about. He also honestly seems to care about the others in his squad (even people who don’t deserve it). 

Initially when he became angry with Sasaki and went off rebelliously with Urie his main reason was he was lied to and told that Sasaki was only out for his own promotion and didn’t care about the group. 

Shirazu seems to value those who care about others, which we see when he defends Haise for being a half-ghoul which and makes sense giving his own kind nature.

When in a lower position Shirazu seemed more rebellious, but once he was put in a position of power and learned to respect his leader Shirazu became much more diligent even if he feels unworthy at times. As he feels unworthy he’s trying very hard to live up to his new rank.

Also Shirazu, honestly cares about the success of their mission and the group’s safety as a whole.

Even if I know he joined the CCG for the money his nature an integrity makes me feel he has a very good reason (possibly someone named Haru?).

Shirazu is an important linchpin in the quinx as he is the lone extrovert amoungst them. Urie doesn’t want to work with anyone, Saiko is a neet, Mutsuki is just plain shy, for all Haise tries to do he’s generally softhearted and quiet in nature, and fears hurting feelings most of the time. Shirazu is loud and active pulling people out of their rooms starting conversations with Tooru, kicking Urie in the face. Without Shirazu I think you’d find the quinx household a very quiet place indeed.

He can also sometimes set the lead for how others should behave and I think it’s important to note that Shirazu was the first person to become comfortable enough with Haise to joke around him.

Some people act as if Shirazu is an idiot when he really isn’t. Shirazu is brash and tends to react immediately which means sometimes he says and does things without thinking them through properly (and has a bad temper). 

He speaks his mind and often acts on his emotions. Shirazu’s greatest strengths seem to lie in his quick thinking, empathetic and perceptive nature. 

For instance in Chapter 28 he was able to figure out how Nut’s traps work and quickly hatched a plan to use her own strength against her. 

Plus on a side note Shirazu’s quick reacting nature pairs well with his Ukaku kagune.

I fear for Shirazu sometimes. He has strength and intelligence on his side and seems to be getting his brash nature under better control. but as far as we have learned he’s a fairly innocent character who hasn’t suffered badly in life, and we all know what happens to innocent characters in Tokyo Ghoul (just ask Takizawa and Hinami).

Shirazu represents Kaneki’s protective nature, as well as his ability to think on his feet .

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Request from anon: Steve Rogers imagine? The reader gives Steve a list of songs that he should know from when the time he missed. The list includes famous songs and her personal favorites. One night, they’re both at her apartment and she has her music on shuffle. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli (from the list) starts playing. They dance around the living room and share their first kiss. Flash forward. Steve and the reader are dancing their first dance as husband and wife to the song. Thanks much. :)


“So, I finally had time to listen to a few of those songs you suggested to me. Seems like a missed quite a bit.”

Steve smiled as he stood up from the couch, walking into the kitchen as he grabbed a bottle of wine from the counter.

“Well, nearly 70 years of music culture is bound to be a pretty extensive thing.”

Giggling, you shut off the credits of the movie the two of you had just finished viewing and walked over to the iHome you had recently purchased Steve, in hopes of helping him catch up with the times.

“I guess so. Wine hasn’t seemed to change too much though, and for that, in grateful. Would you like a glass?”

“Yes, I would. Thank you.”

You flashed a sweet smile back at him over your shoulder as you hooked up your iPod to the device.

“Hey, where’s the remote for this thing? I wanna make sure you know how to use it, Gramps.”

Glancing around, you scoured the coffee table for the small black remote, until Steve cleared his throat. Lifting your gaze to look at him, you could see he had the remote in his hand and a smirk on his face as he clicked play.

“Let’s leave the name-calling to Tony.”

With a grin, he walked toward you, extending his arm to hand you your glass of wine. However, before you could take it, he set it down on the counter beside you, where he also placed his own glass.

“Nice try, but my hand is over here.”

You laughed and went to reach for the glass of crimson liquid, only to have your hand stolen away by Steve’s own.

“We’ll get to that in a minute. This is one of your favorite songs, right?”

Listening to the song laying through the speakers, you recognized it as “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli; a song you had made it a point to include on the list.

“Yes, it is. You remembered.”

Returning the smile that he beamed down at you, you placed your free hand on his shoulder, allowing him to slip his other hand around your waist delicately as he began to lead you around the living room of his apartment, swaying you back and forth to the music as he began to him the tune softly in your ear.

You sighed gently, allowing yourself to relax in his hold as you pressed your forehead into the crook of his neck, thinking sadly about how the words resonated with your own personal feelings towards the man before you.

‘But if you feel like I feel
Please tell me that it’s real
You’re just to good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off you’

“This one is my favorite too, you know.”

Steve spoke thoughtfully as he pulled away, just slightly to gaze down at you.

“Why’s that?”

You gazed up and found your eyes locked with his.

“Because it reminds me of you.”

His gentle voice sent shivers up your spine as he loved closer once again, this time leaning in to press his lips to yours, sending fireworks shooting off in every nerve ending your body held.

You closed your eyes, savoring the moment. This was one of those moments that you would remember for the rest of your life.

'The rest of your life together.’ You thought to yourself happily as you pulled away from the kiss, smiling brightly at the man who had just become your husband.

The both of you blushed as everyone around you clapped and cheered, watching you take your first dance together as husband and wife.

“You know, I still can’t take my eyes off you. I don’t think I ever will.”

Steve was as suave as ever, looking so handsome in his tux that you swore it should be a crime. You bit your lip as you took in the magnificent sight of him, lifting your eyes to his as you spoke.

“I don’t think I will either. Great song choice, by the way.”

“Well, I had a little help.”

With a small wink twinkling in his eye, he leaned down and pressed his lips yours once more in a sweet, chaste kiss.

loremasterhelix  asked:

Do you think Tsunderplane is out of place in Undertale? All the other monsters are pretty similar in appearance. Most of them look like they could be organic, and none of them are all that much larger than a person; but Tsunderplane is a literal airplane. Not to mention the fact that the monster/human war probably took place many years before the invention of any sort of flying machine, so how could it have such a strong resemblance to one?

At first glance Tsunderplane feels very out of place in Undertale. However, with a little examining, it actually fits in quite well with the consideration of another monster: Alphys.

First, here is a summary of what sets Tsunderplane apart:

1.) Mechanical

Tsunderplane is the only other mechanical monster next to Mettaton. Upon defeat, it will not turn to dust, but rather fall to the bottom of the battle screen, crash, and explode. The only other monster who explodes is Mettaton EX / NEO, whose body was created by Alphys. 

2.) Can identify humans

Tsunderplane is able to recognize humans, an unusual characteristic considering most monsters don’t recognize Frisk at all. Alphys is quite familiar with humans thanks to her appreciation for anime. Human knowledge and anime seem to go hand in hand.

3.) Anime

Tsunderplane is a flying collection of anime tropes, particularly the “tsundere” archetype. Throughout the battle, it says line after line of cliché tsundere phrases. As an added bonus, Tsunderplane appears to be wearing a hat very similar to Remilia Scarlet, an iconic character from The Touhou Project. While other monsters make occassional anime references, Tsunderplane seems to be the only creature that is dedicated to anime tropes. Of course, Alphys is the leading anime fanatic of the Underground. Alphys even uses the word “tsundere” in one of the ending calls.

While it cannot be proven outright, one speculation is that Alphys is responsible for Tsunderplane’s existence. She has the skills necessary to build it from scratch, as evident by the success of Mettaton. Tsunderplane’s rampant anime references would be included due to Alphys’ love for anime. Its ability to recognize humans is also due to its connection with anime.

But why an airplane? Well… why not? Perhaps Alphys found images of commercial airplanes in the dump and thought it would be a fun challenge to build a smaller one from scratch. Then, the anime was added in as a result of her obsession with it. It also makes for a great joke. Tsunderplane is a thinly veiled pun, pronounced similarly to the word “tsundere.” It’s also a non sequitur gag, seeing as there is something funny about hearing cute anime phrases coming from a huge, mechanical vehicle.

Mettaton is described as a robot with a monster soul, making it seem as though he is one of a kind. So it is possible (though impossible to confirm) that Tsunderplane does not have a soul, and rather, is a highly intelligent AI made of metal and magic. Unlike other monsters, including Mettaton, there is no killed / spared sound effect when Tsunderplane is defeated – there is only an explosion. Whatever its origins may be, Tsunderplane is certainly a fun and memorable character.

anonymous asked:

Clarification between CP6w7 and 8w7? Been looking everywhere and I can't find satisfying answers. Can you put it into context too? Like let's see you get into a new workplace and you're in the lowest position and people have to boss you around, what are both reactions like? Also are 8w7's always aggressive? Do they always intimidate people around them? And can an 8 be taught to not be aggressive and therefore LOOK like a CP6? Would appreciate the answers, thanks.

And when an 8 disintegrates, can he look like a CP6? And to identify with a type, do you have to FULLY identify with it? As in agree with everything in written descriptions and core motivations?

One more thing, let’s say a CP6 and an 8 gets into an argument with each of their own friends. They both act aggressively towards them and go all-out and the friend then apologizes. They both realize they were maybe too harsh, what do they react like? Will the CP6 immediately comfort the person and the 8 will shrug it off? What’s most likely?

I love when people ask me interesting questions. 

First of all, the person who asked these questions is a 6. There are two reasons for this: the first is that 8s can almost always tell that they aren’t 6s, but 6s can’t always tell that they aren’t 8s. The second reason is that asking all of these questions exemplifies the systematic approach of 6.

At the core of every 6 is anxiety. Fear. Worrying that something might go wrong. This is because they are right in the center of the head triad, which deals with anxiety and fear. A counterphobic 6 is working against this fear; repressing it and doing what they’re afraid of. This can look like anger; they’re afraid, then they’re angry that they’re afraid, and then they do it. 

At the core of every 8 is anger. Raw, sharp energy. This is because they are in the gut triad, and they deal with anger by moving through it. An 8 moves through this energy in order to get what they want. 8w7s are more direct and active about this, while 8w9s are less direct but often unintentionally give off a vibe of subdued anger that causes people to bend to their will. 

The difference is that 8s aren’t angry because they’re afraid. This might be hard for a mistyped 6 to recognize about their own behavior, but you’re doing the counterphobic things that you do because you’re afraid. An 8′s core “fear” is being controlled by others, but I say “fear” because they don’t respond to it with fear; the thought of being taken advantage of or being controlled makes them angry. Again, for a 6 it might be difficult to differentiate between these two, because (as I said earlier), counterphobic 6s may mistake their counterphobic behaviors for fear. But I would classify Cp6 aggression as unfocussed, spilling over in multiple directions and for no real reason. 8 aggression is focussed, and is directed in specific directions based on what they want. 

In a work situation, 8s might be ok with being bossed around. As long as the 8 can leave the job and knew what it entailed before they took it, and the person or people bossing them around isn’t or aren’t doing it for fun but just because they have to give orders, then 8s tend to be rational enough to accept this and persevere. I’m not entirely sure how a Cp6 would act in this situation, but I’m guessing they would be more likely to quit and deal with the potential consequences from doing that. 

8s are always aggressive unless they have integrated. But this aggression isn’t necessarily obvious. But in 8s, especially 8w7s, there is a constant assertiveness and dominance. In my experience, yes, they always intimidate the people around them. It isn’t necessarily constant, but anyone who has been around them a couple times will have picked up on their intimidating energy. 

“Can an 8 be taught not to be aggressive and therefore LOOK like a CP6?” LMAOOOOOO this is such a non-8 (and a 6) thing to ask. No, an 8 can’t be taught to not be aggressive. 8s respond to being controlled with aggression, so someone trying to force them not to be aggressive would only make the 8 act aggressively towards them. Also, even if it were possible (again, it isn’t), an 8 taught not to be aggressive wouldn’t look like a Cp6. A Cp6 is aggression flying in multiple directions without a reason (unfocused). It isn’t a lack of aggression that makes me think “hey, this person is a Cp6, not an 8”, it’s a specific kind of aggression. If you want to compare aggression types, I would take a look at the blog @nerdnerdnerdistheword (he’s a Cp6), and @mbtiguy (she’s an 8).  

Yes, when an 8 disintegrates they can seem more like Cp6. But the core motivation of the 8 is now that they’re basically just in a bad mood, not because they’re being counterphobic. It’s also less of a general “I’m not afraid of anything” mentality and more of a “I’m angry and I want to pick fights with people”. Counterphobic 6s tend to be counterphobic in more aspects than one, so they’ll crash a party just to get a good selfie (true story) or do other risky and potentially dangerous things just because. 

Yeah, general rule of thumb when it comes to enneagram is that you should agree with 90% of the things about your type at the very least. If it feels more shaky than that, you need to study enneagram more and go through every type to get a complete picture. You should study enneagram even if it does feel about 90% fitting, because the more you study enneagram the more fitting your type should feel. 

If an Cp6 and an 8 get into a fight with their friend and then the friend apologizes, the 6 will probably be quicker to regret their actions. As I’ve said, Cp6 spews aggression in all directions without a purpose, which means if they realize they’re wrong they’re quicker to take it back, simply because their aggression doesn’t always fall in line with who they are. By contrast, an 8 will employ aggression when there’s a specific reason for it, so they will be unlikely to regret their actions. However, a 6 buried deep in counterphobia may temporarily regret it less. 

The best advice I can give you is to study enneagram thoroughly. Take a look at my enneagram: a guide post. But based on all of this, and if this is who I think it is, you’re a 6. 

notgoodnotnicejustright-deactiv  asked:

Hi Caitlin, I hope you don't mind me asking this question, but you are like the biggest Leroux expert I know (I can't wait to buy your full translation!) I know Raoul would get disinherited for marrying Christine, but after Philippe's death, who would be around to disinherit him? Sorry if this seems silly.

Hi there! This is a really great question, and it doesn’t have a straightforward answer.

The shortest answer is that, with Philippe out of the picture, it is doubtful that Raoul could have been disinherited for *only* marrying Christine. It would have taken one (or both) of his older sisters challenging Raoul for his inheritance, and even then, I don’t think it could have been done.

Due to French inheritance laws, which I’ve discovered are even more convoluted that I’d previously understood, it was (and is) very difficult to disinherit an heir, since the French at the time didn’t use wills to transfer estates and so on, but instead used Napoleonic Code (the French still don’t use wills to transfer property, but instead are required by this outdated Code to divide their estate evenly between their heirs, which makes it very complicated for people who have children from second marriages, etc.). There is some precedence for disinheritance, such as Henri d’Orléans, comte de Paris (albeit a 20th century example), who disinherited several of his children for marrying below their stations. However, his son and heir overturned these acts of disinheritance after Henri’s death, and they were never widely recognized to begin with.

So if Philippe had survived and had been so inclined, he could have disinherited Raoul for marrying Christine, but it would have been difficult, not to mention damaging for the family, and it could have been overturned by Philippe’s appointed heir after Philippe’s death.

The way that Raoul could have lost his inheritance for good, however, is if he were tried and convicted of Philippe’s murder. In French law, if one is convicted of being principal or accessory to murder or attempted murder of a person from which one was in line to inherit, one is barred from taking any interest in that person’s estate.

If Raoul had been found after Philippe’s body was discovered, Raoul would have gone to trial, and would quite possibly have been convicted of Philippe’s murder — remember that M. Faure, the examining magistrate, thought that the Persian (Raoul’s primary alibi) was a lunatic. With Raoul’s whereabouts unknown, M. Faure was unable to truly close the case. For lack of evidence, he concluded that Raoul had gone mad and disappeared, and that Philippe’s death had been an accident. But Raoul had already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. The majority of people believed that Raoul had killed Philippe. And if Raoul had resurfaced to claim his inheritance and his title, he would have been dragged through the mud. More than this, his whole family would have been dragged down right along with him. Raoul knew this. He couldn’t go home. Perhaps he stayed in contact with his sisters, but he couldn’t claim his title and inheritance. I’d like to think that maybe his sisters were charitable enough to send him money so that he and Christine didn’t have to live in utter poverty, but Leroux’s narrator gives no indication of this in the story. He simply says that no one ever discovered what had become of Raoul and Christine, which means that if his immediate family knew of his whereabouts, and were helping him survive, they kept it a very close secret.

According to Leroux’s narrator, Raoul and Christine left France, and traveled north to Scandinavia, eventually settling in Norway, a place where neither of them had ties, and where they could try to start anew with each other. But even there they were not free from their past, for as Leroux writes, “Peut-être un jour, entendrai-je de mes oreilles l’Écho solitaire du Nord du Monde, répéter le chant de celle qui a connu l’Ange de la Musique?…” — “Perhaps one day, shall I too hear with my own ears the solitary Echo of the North of the World recall the song of she who knew the Angel of Music?…”

Pauvres malheureux…

anonymous asked:

You're my go-to person for DA questions, so here goes! I'm on my second play through and I just encountered Mihris again. Solas was in my party (I can't help myself) and they had some words that seemed to make her pretty mad. I have a bug that doesn't let any of the subtitles come up though. What is he saying? They seem to know each other. Am I missing something about Mihris from another game? Thanks for your time.

This answer is a bit of a long one. First - their dialogue:

Inquisitor: How did you come to be here?
Mihris: I was - Am - First of Clan Virnehn. I left in service of my clan and saw that great tear in the Veil on my journey. I know more of magic and the Veil than any shemlen, so I hoped to help.
Solas: Ma harel, da’len.
Mihris: (shaken) I… we should keep moving.

Later, after activating the Elven Artifact:

Mihris: Well, that should prove useful. And it seems the ancestors left something for me as well. Interesting. I believe our alliance is concluded. Go in peace, stranger. 
Solas: Ma halani, ma glandival. Vir enasalin.
Mihris: I… perhaps you’re right. Here. Take it. 

Translation time. This will get into some spoiler territory for the novel Masked Empire.

Ma harel, da’len.

There is a popular translation that is floating around saying that this means “fear me, child”. Honestly, I don’t know why. It makes no sense in this context. To her, he’s nothing more than a flat ear who she literally JUST met. There is no reason for him to threaten her, nor does she have any reason to respond fearfully. 

The wiki says that harel means something that causes fear, but when you check the cited source within World of Thedas vol 1, “harel” is translated as “to trick or deceive”. I think the confusion is over the translation of Fen’Harel into Dread Wolf… which, realistically should be more like “Trickster Wolf” or “Deceiving Wolf”…. and if you take it back to it’s root word, it should be “Rebel Wolf”… but that’s another whole can of worms. I’ll stick with the canon translation - harel means to deceive.

Ma can mean “you/your” or “me/my” depending on the context. (ex. Ma nuvenin - your wish/as you wish; Ma vhenan - my heart; Ma halani - help me). 

He’s not saying “fear me”. He’s saying “you’re lying”.

She is no longer the First of Clan Virnehn and she did not leave them freely. Her clan was massacred. Solas either knows this or can sense that she is not telling the truth (more on that later). She is shaken because she was just caught in a lie and is redirecting the conversation away from the subject.

Ma halani, ma glandival. Vir enasalin.

This one is less straightforward. Glandival only appears here as well as in the ancient Elvhen poem in WoT vol 2 (pg 201):

Ir tel’ena glandival, vir amin tel’hanin.
When we could no longer believe, we lost glory to war.

Ir (very/more/I/I am) tel’ena (no longer appear/emerge/show the way to)… so perhaps glandival means belief/faith.

“Ma halani, ma glandival” could be something like “help me, your faith/belief”. Phrased differently, it could mean either “help me, in good faith” or “help me, believe me.” Vir means “way or path”. Enasalin means “victory”.

So, in total:

“Help me, in good faith. This is the path to victory.”
“Help me, believe me. This is the path to victory.”

Mihris comes from the novel The Masked Empire. Whether or not Solas and Mihris know each other, though, is a harder question to answer. 

There is a theory that Solas is actually an elf named Felassan (also from Masked Empire) who is serving as the vessel for Fen’Harel. If that were the case, they would know each other quite well. Felassan had a long-standing relationship with her Keeper and she was First of her clan. The idea that she would not recognize him is part of the reason I do not believe in this theory. I only mention it because, if it is true, they know each other quite well.

There is also a strong possibility that Felassan was an agent of Fen’Harel (in much the way Abelas served Mythal). If this is true, then it’s quite possible Solas is familiar with who Mihris is and/or the fate of her clan, though he would not know her personally.

Fun fact: if you tell her to leave, she angrily says “then may the Dread Wolf take you, fool!” 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a new fan of The NBHD's music. I can't call myself an Hoodlum (yet) bc I have a silly rule for myself: If you don't know & love all the members, don't call yourself a fan lol. I'm 14 and live in Asia so I don't even have the slightest chance to meet them, also the info about them is very rare :( I have been hopelessly searching about them since last week then came across your tumblr & omg I love you and your blog! Could you give me some info about each members? Thanks :)

You’re already a fan because you like their music, but I completely agree, in order to be a hoodlum, it takes much more than that. Hm okay, so where do I start? (and thank you so much by the way for saying you love my blog, it seriously means alot). So first off, The Neighbourhood members USED to be

Jesse, Mikey, Zach, BRYAN SAMMIS and Jeremy
They never spoke too clearly about why Bryan had to separate from the band. At first it seemed as though he had chose to leave so he could work on his own music but as time went on, in interviews it would be hinted out that there was some tension and being together felt more like a job than it did working with friends. Bryan was my favorite member. He knew who I was before we even formally met. He was the most interactive with the fans and one of the funniest. His solo music is pretty good, if you want to give that a listen here’s the link to his soundcloud (he goes by both Bryan and Olivver, and no the second v was not a typo) https://soundcloud.com/olivver-1

This separation didnt happen too long ago. The band itself is fairly new. They grew immediate attention after writing sweater weather (which was also the first song they all wrote together) They all knew eachother before becoming a band, (Zach and Mikey are the closests though). 

Jesse, Zach, Brandon, Mikey, Jeremy

Jesse is the lead singer and the member people know most about. Not just because he is the lead singer but also because he puts himself out there a lot. He is present in if not all, most interviews and therefore its easy for most fans to fall in love with him. Before the neighbourhood became popular, he was in a serious relationship with a girl named Serena. He wrote a couple songs about her (or at least we believe he did, songs like STING) and we’re not sure why they broke up but most fans were really happy about their relationship. He was single for quite a while before getting together with Anabel Englund, the fan base seemed to be very upset about it. Most argued it was because of the way she presented herself (some people thought it was skanky) but it didn’t stop them from being together and with time people began to love them (Ship name was/is Anese). Now, its not certain but it’s argued that they broke up (they unfollowed eachother on Twitter and Instagram). Jesse is also very sensitive. If you haven’t seen it already in their Afraid video, he is completely naked and he felt very unappreciated when the video didn’t even reach a million views because he completely put himself out there and he went on a sad rant on twitter. It broke most fans hearts and it sparked a fan page trend. I believe at least one fourth of the neighbourhood fan pages that are active today were made after that. Asides from all that mushy stuff, he’s super funny and a confident guy. 

Zach Abels is one of the guitarists of the band and is by far the second most famous member of the band. Its funny because on twitter he is described to be the more sassy one and he always has been but in person he isn’t like that at all. He might not be as tall but he’s just as sweet as Jesse when it comes to the fans.

Mikey Margott is the bass player. He is the youngest of the group and grew up knowing how to play the drums but they really wanted him in the band so they taught him how to play bass (Bryan was already the drummer). He is super sweet and asides from Brandon, he is the member we may know least about, personality wise. He doesn’t have anything but instagram and he doesn’t use it that much. Also, he isn’t present in most interviews so its hard to really say you love him from anything other than maybe meeting him after a concert or the pictures posted of him by photographers and fans. What we do know is that since young, his best friend has always been Zach, he is the band’s barber and for over four years he’s been in a committed relationship with the lovely Lauren Leekley. (which all fans love)

Jeremy Freedman is the other guitarists and the most unappreciated member. I remember meeting them after the iHeartRadio live series and everyone flocked around Jesse while Jeremy was pretty much by himself. After talking to him for a bit I realized how funny he was and being the selfish person I am, I was sort of happy that I could have a conversation with him without being interrupted by other fans. He gives himself these crazy nicknames that work and it only shows about 2% of his sense of humor. Jerry Hot Licks, The Pussy Destroyer and more.  

Bryan Sammis was their drummer. I spoke about him before but he really was my favorite. He always responded to fans on twitter and was even nicer in person. The first time I saw him I didnt have to say anything, he saw the gift I was ready to give him and he knew who I was and that really meant a lot to me. The second time I saw him he recognized me (as did Jesse, they do a good job of remembering faces) and he was very chilled and cool about having a one on one conversation with me.

Brandon Fried is the new drummer. Although he may be a new member, he’s known them since highschool. He’s into Seahawk football and eating gyros and that’s pretty much all I know. He seems like a really funny and chilled guy he just hasn’t been in the band long enough for me to say much in confidence. 

I wish we knew more about their personal lives but the only person who we can really say we all know is Jesse and even then, we dont know everything. I hope this helped, if you have any more questions let me know!

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oh c'mon, you can't ship everyone with everyone. stallison? really? they didn't even have more than 5 scenes (maximum) together, please stop it. oh i know, let's ship isaac with scott's mom. what? he was in her house lots of times. who know what they've been doing? see? it is ridiculous

So, I didn’t really want to answer this, because I try to be 100% wank free, but I feel like I have to because ship shaming is my least favorite thing. 

First, in defense of Stallison, in canon the two are shown to be best friends, not like Allison and Lydia or Scott and Stiles, but still best friends and a strong team. For starters: 

  • In season one, Allison makes sure to invite Stiles to come to parties.
  • He makes sure that she gets a ride home before helping Scott in the pilot. 
  • He checkes on her whenever she could be in danger.
  • Scott, Lydia, Jackson and Stiles are the first and primary friends she makes in Beacon Hills.
  • Her friendship with Stiles is independent of her relationship with Scott.
  •  When Scott and Allison are fighting, she is still talks to Stiles. In fact, he basically smoothes over their relationship multiple times. They talk pretty frequently canonically. 
  • Literally of the Argents, were easily able to identify Stiles.
  • Kate recognized him easily and knew that he and Allison were close friends. 
  • No seriously, all the Argents seem to know Stiles well. 
  • Stiles and Allison are Team Human. They’ve saved everybody’s asses together. Multiple times. 
  • They plot together. 
  • They banter and it is adorable. 
  • Also, 2x05. Enough Said. They really trust each other. 
  • Allison and Stiles have a really trusting relationship. She trusts him to tell her everything, and he trusts her to tell him everything, especially when they had to be quiet about things in Season 2. 
  • They protect each other constantly. 
  • I’m bringing this up again because I think it is important: They talk quite frequently in canon. (Though, her parents do see a spike once she is involved with the supernatural.) In Season 2 and Season 3, after Scott and Allison break up, Stiles and Allison still appear to be close and communicating. 
  • The sacrifice scene when they all look to each other for comfort. 
  • Stiles literally says, ”I guess the only good thing is it looks like I’m dying, too”

And i think that last quote is what really sums it up, okay? Teen Wolf is terrible at showing friendships, it mostly just tells us that they exist, and Stallison is one of the many victims of this sloppy bit of writing. But Stiles and Allison were close, and after Allison dies, Stiles says the only good thing is that maybe he will die too. They are close friends canonically that love each other in a friend way. And that’s great, their friendship was amazing and underrated, but really important to both of them. As the only humans in the group, the two constantly worked together and were kind of each other’s human anchors. AND THAT IS ALL CANON. 

I, personally, think that this canonical chemistry, works as both a friendship and a potential romance. (Their banter is fab) I like them as both and celebrate their great friendship. And just because we don’t see every moment of their friendship doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It clearly does. 

And to go back to your arguments that they onle have five scenes together, that invalidates a good amount of Teen Wolf ships: Derica, Dennifer, Sterica, Scisaac, Stisaac, Allica, and STEREK.

I guess that I’m saying is that Teen Wolf doesn’t really like to develop nonromantic relationships, which means that we, as a fandom, tend to forget that these KIDS are best friends who would die for each other. Stiles and Allison did love each other, as friends, and that is enough for me.