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Mimi I need your help ! During Bon Voyage 2, Jimin was looking for Namjoon and he created a little song... It was soooooo cute but I can't find so video anymore !! (Ps: I love your blog sm, you're my #1 reference <3 <3 <3)

It’s from Bon Voyage season 2 Behind Cam 3 (2:20)

  • You can find the clip HERE
  • Bon voyage S2 links HERE

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stars on our skin [insp.]     

(two versions for different screen settings)    [ON REDBUBBLE]

Shiro: Get your head in the game!



Huh, I wonder where Puppe got the idea to make such strange little dolls?

Well, no use keeping them to ourselves! Let’s give them out to our friends!



New icons/new header - I’m doing a new thing with this multi where, whenever I change the theme with a character in mind, the header/icon is changing as well.

Alice Morgan from Luther is literally my life and she deserves the world, jewels, and to always look at the stars.