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Trying to organize my FMA folders and found some concept art for Daughter of the Dusk


Happy birthday to our recently crowned strawberry prince Sunggyu! 
He might act like a grandpa, look like a hamster and suck at almost every game played on variety shows. This man also leads 6 boys with a burning passion and a wit to no end. A face so dazzling it makes all the maidens swoon and a voice as sweet as strawberries. He will make you know him!


Starry Eyed- Michael Clifford


and probably my last…haha combined two requests that were so obscure I just had to go this far…so ya…tell me what you think??

Next thing, we’re touching, you look at me it’s like you hit me with lightning…

Michael couldn’t help but admire her legs in that mini-dress. He found himself staring at the v in her legs, and how tight that skirt was over her ass. She sat down next to Calum, placing a kiss on his cheek.  

That’s right…she’s Calum’s girlfriend. Not yours Michael. 

That’s one thing you hated about being roommates with Calum, you were constantly around his girlfriend, Lacey. Even her name was provocative. 

Just then you felt an arm link with yours, Crystal. Here she was in nothing but a bikini, body better than perfect. More than enough. But yet you still felt your gaze drift towards Lacey. 

“Are we going swimming or what?” Crystal asked you, pouting her lip. 

You then heard screaming, and turned to see Calum throwing Lacey in the pool.

“Calum! I didn’t even get a change to take of my sun dress! It’s wet now!” She yelled

“Oh come on Lace, hey watch out!” He said, jumping in next to her.

“I’ll take that as a yes” You winked at Crystal, picking her up too.

“Michael!!” She screamed as you jumped in the pool still holding her.

Calum and Lacey laughed, holding up their arms to prevent the splash from hitting them. As if that really did anything.

“Ugh let me take this off before it’s completely ruined” Lacey sighed, while pulling herself out of the pool. She slowly stepped out of the dress, hanging it on a chair to dry. Her actions did nothing to stop your staring, her tiny bikini leaving little to the imagination.

You guys stayed in the pool for awhile, laughing and having some beer. After a few hours though, Calum received a phone call.

“Hello? Luke? Ya. Seriously? Ok where are you? Ya. I’ll be there soon. Yes! Alright. Bye” Calum said, hanging up the phone.

“Everything ok?” Lacey asked.

“He drunk again?” You added.

“Yeah, I gotta go pick him up. I’m going to take him home, and I think I’m gonna stay over at his place for the night. He sounds completely wasted, I don’t want to leave him by himself.”

“Would you mind giving me a ride home? It’s on the way” Crystal asked.

“Ya sure, let’s just hurry ok?” Calum said, giving Lacey a quick kiss goodbye and going to change real quick.

Soon they were both gone, and that left just you and Lacey.

“It’s still early…you wanna watch a movie or something? Or do you have to go home?”

“No I don’t have to go home yet. A movie sounds nice”

“Great” You smiled, and helped her out of the pool, watching the water slide off her stomach.

You grabbed some towels and headed to the couch. You both were pretty buzzed, but you grabbed some more beers while she chose the movie. Wasn’t long until you both were now completely drunk. With every sip you moved closer and closer to her, making casual conversation and both of you laughing at the movie.

When the movie ended, you turned off the tv, and shifted to face her.

“So whatcha wanna do now Lace?”

“I-I don’t know” She said, seeming to fully realize just how close you both were.

“No?” You asked, taking another sip of your beer. Your gaze drifting down her body, still in her bikini from earlier.

“Is there something you had in mind?” She asked, biting her lip.

There was some sort of unspoken communication between you both, both of you silently telling the other exactly what you wanted. Because suddenly you both went towards each other, and soon you were both a mess of tongue and teeth. She wrapped your hands around your neck, grabbing fistfuls of your hair, as you moved your hands along her back, grabbing her ass and lifting her up to your room.

You threw her on the bed, climbing on top of her before returning your lips to hers. Your actions caused your hips to brush each other, her moaning and bucking her hips up to yours. You moaned, and kissed down her neck, reaching her bikini top. You quickly untied the strings and pulled it off of her, then kissed down her chest.

“Mmm…Michael…please do something”

You laughed, and kissed down her stomach, passed her clothed core, down her thighs, before slowly making your way back to her sweet spot, kissing her inner thighs.

“M-Michael please…” Lacey moaned.

You moaned in return and slowly slid off her bikini bottoms, running a finger through her folds.

“Oh, so wet for me baby…”

“Michael, please, no more teasing”

You began to slowly pump your fingers inside her, loving the way she was a moaning mess underneath you.

You rubbed her clit as you took off your swimming trunks. Then without warning you slammed your cock inside of her, thrusting fast.

“Oh..Michael…oh fuck…oh fuck..” Lacey moaned. You loved her moaning your name. It made you thrust even harder, feeling your orgasm coming and knowing she was approaching hers.

“Oh fuck, so tight for me baby, mmm ya…you gonna cum for me?”

“Ya…almost there…”

“Come on baby” You moaned, thrusting as fast as you could. Your thrusts were becoming sloppy as you got closer and closer, so you begin to rub her clit to make her come faster. That did the trick, soon she began to scream, her orgasm washing over her.

“Oh Michael…oh shit…” She moaned.

Your thrusts began to pick up a bit, riding out her orgasm and approaching your own.

“Lace…I’m gonna…”

You couldn’t take anymore, you let go, your load filling her up. You were a moaning mess, so was she as she came for the second time. When you both rode out your orgasms, and you collapsed on the bed next to her. Both of you drunk and tired, so you practically instantly fell asleep.


You hadn’t been asleep long, you knew that much as you heard screaming.

“Holy shit! Fuck Michael what the fuck did we do…Calum…shit!!” Lacey screamed, tears in her eyes.

It took you a second to figure out what was going on, why Lacey was in our room. Then images of you and her together flashed through your mind, you kissing her thighs, her digging her fingers in your back, you both moaning in pleasure.

“Oh fuck…this didn't…I mean…”

“Oh it happened Michael…how could we both be so fucking stupid?”

“Look this stays between us k? No reason for Crystal or Calum to find out alright?”

“That’s your solution? Whatever Michael…I’m just gonna go…I can't…no…” She said, walking out the door.


You didn’t see her for awhile. Calum was going to her place instead, although after a few weeks it seemed as if Calum had seen Lacey as much as you did. And that was saying something considering Lacey was avoiding you like the plague.

You were sitting in the living room, playing some video games when you heard a knock on the door. Calum wasn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow, he decided to go visit his mom since Lacey was pushing him away.

So imagine your surprise when you opened the door and found Lacey standing on the other side.

“Lacey what are you doing here?” You asked, completely shocked.

“Can I come in?” She said nervously

“Yes of course, come on. Calum isn’t back yet-”

“Yeah I know…I need to talk to you…” She began to play with her hands, obviously wanted to say something but seeming hesitant about saying it.

“Everything ok?” You knew something was wrong. Lacey was so out spoken, she was never nervous about saying anything. And she was also coming to you…

“There’s no easy way to say this Michael…”

“You can tell me Lace…what’s wrong?”

She laughed, although there was no humor in it.

“I’m pregnant”

  • Sohinki: [messing with a Rubik's Cube] Ugh, I just can't get it.
  • Joven: Sohinki, just spin it anti-clockwise.
  • Sohinki: What the hell does 'anti-clockwise' mean??
  • Joven: It means the same as 'counter-clockwise'!
  • Sohinki: Then just say 'counter-clockwise'!
  • Flitz: Are you two still playing with that thing? It's just a stupid colored cube.
  • Sohinki: You're a stupid colored cube!
  • Flitz: You cut me deep.

talking to people you grew apart from is weird. your snapchat name is the same nickname i called you back then, but now we’re basically strangers, what went wrong? i miss old friends, i miss the old times, i miss our stupid talks and discovering music together and playing that stupid drawing game. i miss how things used to be, i wish nothing ever had to change but i guess we all move on and grow up eventually

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So I was playing with a mercy (off my friends list) in comp today (Off season right now fyi) and I was having a great Zarya game, basically because this mercy was propping me up and letting me take stupid risks and getting away with it. Now of course, genji thinks it's all him, but I don't want to say anything cos why would I, and me and mercy giggle about it in group chat. But then he starts taking more risks. He goes further out and mercy can't save his ass anymore. (1)

He starts using his ultimate to “attack” our mercy, refusing to help her if she got caught out, generally being a model toxic genji. To top it off, he insists that she never healed him all game and that she’s the reason we lost (in reality it’s because I naively set up graviton for him and he wouldn’t take it *sigh* so they teamwiped) Ps: Mercy got a card for healing 40% of damage taken and a POTG rez. Genji got nuthin’ (2)

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I can't believe I just watched Taliesin Jaffe and Ben Diskin argue over fucking beetles I need this game




Sam’s in one too! And so is Matt! 




Also Laura kind of got a shitty part but she’s in one too and she does get into a boss fight with someone over a bath (also the girl with purple pigtails is Morgana in P5)



  • Way too often when I play Mercy in Overwatch: Girls always play Mercy I swear.
  • Me: Actually my most played character is Lucio by a pretty wide margin, followed by Pharah, but I'm playing more Mercy lately because I can focus her heals more. And I don't actually TRY to main healing classes, but wouldn't you know it 9 times out of 10 I hop into a comp game and 4 manboys with something to prove instalock as DPS classes. Eventually a couple will begrudgingly switch to tanks, leaving me to heal their stupid asses because I'm the only one who will play what the team needs as opposed to strictly what I want.

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I haven't played the game yet (waiting for stupid school semester to be over) so sorry if it's explained but how did Sara get her scar and is that a tattoo on Scott's neck?

When they were kids, their dad bought them some toy spaceships (that they fought over) and a game of tug-of-war got a little messy. 

And yep! Scott’s tattoo stretches from his jaw to his shoulder and down his chest a bit. I’m toying with the idea of putting it on his thigh too.

I can't... (4/4)

A/n: I already apologize in advance for Calum’s. 

 Luke: “…reach it.” You smiled sheepishly at your boyfriend as you attempted to grab the jam that was on the top shelf. An exasperated sigh left Luke’s lips as he pushed himself off the couch and came to your aid. 

 "You’re lucky I love you.“ He grumbled as he twist the cap off and handed the jar to you. 

 Mike: ”…beat you!“ You whined as he passed you and won first place in some stupid game he tricked you into playing.

“I know, I just like seeing you all flustered.” He grinned and pecked your temple. 

Calum: “…do this anymore!” You shouted and silence filled the room, making it awkward because two seconds ago you both were screaming at each other. 

“I can’t do this anymore.” You repeated, breaking down as Calum just stood and watched with a clenched jaw. 

 Ash: “…cuddle!” You reminded him as you sniffed to prevent your nose from running. Tissues piled up in the trash that was moved right next to your side of the bed as you watched the program that was on, Ashton becoming impatient and unable to control himself from engulfing you in his arms. 

 "I’m sick.“ You said yet again and pushed his pouting face away from you. 

 "I don’t care if you’re contagious.” He smiled and leaned in only for you to turn away with a giggle. (*tries to subtly incorporate ptv* soz)

The Arcade

Fandom: The Vamprie Diaries
Reader x Kai Parker
Warning: none

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How Draco and Harry decide who tops and who bottoms at some point of their relationship...
  • Draco and Harry: Rock-paper-scissors... Shoot!
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Harry: OH, come on! You've gotta be kidding me!
  • Draco: Nop... And you're bottoming again.
  • Harry: You can't tell me you're not cheating!
  • Draco: I'm not.
  • Harry: So how do you explain how you ALWAYS know what I'm going to choose?
  • Draco: ... Magic?
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: What??!!! You never said I couldn't read your mind!!!
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: Honestly, Potter. I don't even know why I accepted to play this stupid-muggle game on the first place.
Playing Ouija
  • Draco: Spirit, are you there?
  • Blaise: Well it's not fucking there, this game is plain stupid
  • Hermione: try saying something else, maybe? if you just ask if it's there it might think you're boring
  • Draco: so what do I say? Spirit, are you there? hmm.. and after?
  • Theo: we will cut your head! Spirit are you there, we will cut your head! It rhymes, say it!
  • Blaise: it doesn't rhyme mate
  • Hermione: the thing is dead, you can't cut its head --
  • Theo: oh, 'that' rhymes though!
  • Hermione: *rolls eyes* ..Plus, if you say that, it won't want to reveal itself
  • Draco: fine. Spirit are you there, since you're dead, have we cut your head?
  • Hermione: wait, no, Draco, don't say this, ask it to shut the door so we know it's there!!
  • Blaise: Granger, if the spirit was there, we'd see it
  • Draco: true. we're wizards, have you forgotten?
  • Hermione: ah, shut up
  • The door: bam!!
  • Draco: *screams* oh fuck what was that
  • Hermione: the spirit! you see, it listened to 'me'
  • Theo: it's a stupid spirit then
  • Draco: hey!
  • Theo: what? I wasn't talking about you.
  • Pansy: draco, did you just..?
  • Hermione: shhhhhhh!!!
  • Theo: what, Granger? have you heard somethi--
  • Nick: just cut my head already
  • Draco: what the
  • Hermione: oh my god nick, I am so sorry, Nott is an idiot
  • Theo: am not, why do you say this?
  • Blaise: that's just Nick, who cares? for a moment I thought one of my stepdad would --
  • Draco: their heads were already cut, mate
  • Blaise: still. you should have married my mother, Nick.
  • Nick: *sighs* why does nobody want to cut my head..
  • Theo: hmm, fuck that guys, let's play chess, ok?
Exo playing flappy bird
  • Tao: A HEUHEUHE. I GOT TWO. TWO. MY HIGHSCORE IS TWO. *Chokes on saliva*
  • Xiumin: Oh it's not too bad, my high score is 67
  • Kyungsoo: *puts phone in bender*
  • Suho: D'aww...this game isn't so bad. Let me do a review...
  • Sehun: fucking shit nugget *chucks phone out window* yehet my ass

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Headcanon that one time, maybe only a few weeks after the war with Gaea, Nico gets roped into babysitting Coach Hedge's kid, and at first he's terrified because /oh my gods I can't take care of a child why did I agree to this?/ But by the end he's making faces to him playing stupid baby games like "got your nose!" And singing lullabies to him. And that's how Will Solace finds out that Nico has a surprising soft side for babies. Or maybe it's just for Hedge's kid.

Nico would never, ever admit it, but he is a huge kid person. (And I’m not saying Will and Nico will adopt when they’re older but I’m totally saying Will and Nico will adopt when they’re older.)

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Do the creatures have extra jobs on the sides? just wondering, bc i can't imagine youtube pays very well....

Nope, we all do this and only this as a career.

The entertainment industry isn’t something to be mocked or scoffed at, and often times YouTubers hear “Wow you play video games for a living? That sounds really useless/stupid/pointless, get a real job”

Nobody plays video games on their channel because they have to, we post video game content because we choose to. Anything could be uploaded to the channels, and so long as it’s viewed, our job is being done.

Our job is content creation and entertainment, and like anything that pays via commission/CPM, the potential revenue generated is very high.

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Why are you disappointed in Harry? Is it because you feel like he's deceiving us? Do you not like Kendall? I'm just curious. Not trying to judge you. I don't hate Kendall, but I don't think she's a good match for Harry. And I don't think he's lying to us. I just feel like the boys think we're idiots, & can't put 2 & 2 together. And I feel a little like he's playing games with us, when he won't give an answer. That's what I think. Have a nice weekend (if that's possible)!!!

A. The Kardashians, oh god dont give ne this shit shes not like them bc I do watch the show. The fact she uses her mom’s and sisters connections to get jobs, she and her little sister date only famous guys to get famous. Kendall obviously wants to be a supermodel but shes not treated like one. (understandable bc she wouldn’t get anywhere without her family) magazinezs call her wannabe model. And well shes not well known all over the world and she wants to be and thats why Harrys there.

B. they honestly think fans are stupid to not understand what pr is and that it’s haylor all over again.

C. He always chooses these girls that he knows will use his fame to get famous. Lets see Paige, Kendall who wants to be a famous model. He acts naive.

D. He doesn’t act like the guys (Lou,zayn) who are honest about life and dont create drama, they choose good girls that are interested in them.

E. he always lies about his love life and i like guys who say everything straight, you date someone? say it. and then in interviews he says he’d never lie about his life.


update: stop thinking i stopped loving him.