i can't not like him when he's like this okay

ok so me and @bakkoush-naesheim discussed this for like three hours today, and we have a theory on the mikael and even situation. it might be reaching, but, well, this is skam, so let us reach haha.

it was mikael who kissed even. 

so, mikael liked even. maybe even actually liked mikael back a little too, but he was with sonja. so, when mikael kissed him, even pulled away. and that’s when mikael starts to freak out. even tells him it’s okay, and he promises not to tell anyone, and that there’s nothing wrong with liking boys. but that panics mikael more. and so mikael says something along the lines of, “of course you’re not telling anyone, there’s nothing to tell.” and the more even tries to calm mikael down, the more mikael gets freaked out. and he tells even something about islam and homosexuality, and how the quran says it’s a sin, and generally, just…mikael is freaked out. which gives even the idea to start reading the quran, to help his friend out, to help mikael come to terms with his sexuality. and when he tells mikael what he’s doing, maybe mikael freaks out more, and says something along the lines of “you said you’d drop it, nothing happened, just leave it.” 

so mikael begins distancing himself from even because he’s scared because even isn’t dropping the subject. mikael, freaked out about people finding out and even telling everyone, becomes paranoid and decides to get in there first. and he tells the balloon squad that even tried to kiss him. even, at this point,  was probably getting closer to a manic episode, so his behaviour would have been a little…off. so the balloon squad believe mikael, and maybe mikael even exaggerated a little bit and said things like, “he’s obsessed with me, he kissed me and won’t leave me alone” etc. and thus the entire squad begin to distance themselves from even. even maybe comes up to mikael a couple of times and asks to talk, and again, this just comes off as even being “obsessed” with mikael. and it’s all one big understanding.

with all this going on, even is still researching the quran; he’s manic, so his impulse control, reasoning and judgement are all a little impaired right now. he begins to post any passage that is to do with homosexuality from the quran. not necessarily negative, just anything that mentions it. yousef, at this point, is maybe already questioning his faith, and so he only picks up on the more “negative” passages that even’s posting; the stuff that says homosexuals will go to hell, etc. this “obsession”, of course, given what the balloon squad have been told (even tried to kiss mikael), can easily be interpreted as even trying to “cure” himself with the quran/islam.

amongst all this, obviously, mikael feels awful. but he’s in too deep now. he can’t tell the boys the truth, because he’s still scared, and now there’s the added guilt of how all this is effecting even. so he stays quiet, and gradually, the balloon squad all lose contact with even completely. 

even trying to kill himself wasn’t a result of him thinking homosexuality is a sin. it’s very likely he crashed after his manic episode (depressive episodes aren’t always triggered by life events in bipolar disorder (although they can be); it is sometimes simply the neural chemistry trying to overcompensate for an increase in 5ht that’s seen in a manic episode, so the body decreases 5ht to compensate, but this results in abnormally low levels which=depression). even was very lonely at this point, he was depressed, and that led to his suicide attempt. but for yousef, and for the other boys, i mean, the story writes itself:  even tried to kiss mikael which must mean he’s gay, mikael freaked out bc he’s religious, now even is reading the quran so he must be trying to cure himself. even never corrected anyone on this, because correcting them would mean breaking the promise he made to mikael; the promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone what really happened.

the thing is, this theory explains a lot. it explains:

  • why mikael would still have even’s number (because if he truly was freaked out that even had kissed him, he probably would’ve deleted his number to get rid of all contact with him)
  • why mikael laughed nervously at the mention of even in the sms roulette video, and why he was so quick to shut mutasim down about it - he probably feels incredibly guilty now, hence why he said, “it’s not important”; he doesn’t want to lie anymore, but also isn’t ready to talk about it
  • why even is so terrified. on the one hand, this could be bc yousef’s version of what happened is the truth. obviously that version would still scare even. but on the other hand, it’s one thing being afraid of someone finding out the truth, but it’s so much more terrifying for someone to hear a lie, or a rumour, and for them to believe it. you can’t control what someone lies about. and even can’t necessarily deny what happened, because again, this would lead to mikael getting exposed.
  • why even told sonja about isak immediately. on the one hand, even is a Good Bean™ and probably wanted to let sonja know out of respect to her. but also, he didn’t wait for rumours to spread about him and isak. he wanted to tell her himself this time.
      • on a related note, it could’ve also explained the distance in their relationship. maybe he didn’t tell sonja the truth, out of respect to mikael, and sonja knew she wasn’t getting the whole truth, even if she heard even had kissed mikael. this drove a wedge between their relationship, leading to her not trusting him completely, because she knew she wasn’t getting the whole truth. this is another reason why even told her about isak right away.
  • why even is avoiding talking about the topic. again, he could be scared. that could be the answer. but it also could be because he doesn’t want to lie, but he also doesn’t want to break his promise to mikael.
  • it fits with the theme of the show!!! misunderstandings. mikael isn’t homophobic. he did a shitty thing, regardless of whether our theory is true, or if yousef’s version of events turn out to be true. but imagine this version: he lied, then…all this happened. of course the right thing to do would be to come clean, but imagine how terrifying that would be. it would not only mean he had to come out before he was ready, but it also would mean admitting he ostracised a friend, lied about him, etc. he probably feels incredibly ashamed and guilty, even though he’s in a better place in his life right now, he just wants to forget the whole thing happened.

so to conclude, the situation is misunderstanding after misunderstanding. which fits with the theme of this season. and with the theory that not everything is as it seems (sana assumed yousef is muslim; magnus and vilde appear to be in love but aren’t really).

whose to say yousef isn’t wrong when he says it was even who kissed mikael?

  • what she says: i'm fine

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Listen I can't stop thinking about pre tfc when Kevin watches Neil's tape and can't stop talking about how good he is and maybe Andrew bein like congrats you found someone who plays like his life depends on it maybe you can be soulmates and idk just andrew and kevin talking about neil before they even meet him

okay but this shit fascinates me endlessly like characters talking about each other before knowing how much they’ll come to mean to them like kevin showing andrew’s neil’s tape and he’s like ?? is this guy supposed to mean something to me? SIKE BITCH !! U WILL BE WILLING TO BURN THE WORLD DOWN FOR HIM IN LESS THAN A YEAR’S TIME 

also neil literally spent the spring before coming to palmetto researching everything he could find on andrew like neil my sweet child u have no idea that u are stalking ur soulmate rn u have no idea how much this guy is going to mean for u how happy he’s going to make u and i just

MORE Seungchuchu stuffs bc I can't get enough of this ship!

-What if Seung’s laugh is like,,, really cute and dorky, like he’s snorting and hiccuping and he’s wiping tears from his eyes because Phichit whispered some meme to him
-On dates, (as opposed to when they’re just texting) Seung-gil doesn’t speak much, but he notices Phichit staring at him and pouting into his drink
“Something on my face?”
“Hmm~ I’m just wondering if you answer to my texts with that deadpan expression”
And Seung-gil goes silent, “oh, was I doing it again? People tell me I glare”
And Phichit goes into OhNoHe'sCute mode “it’s okay! Just take a selfie with me and we’ll be fine!”
“No!” Seung-gil covers his face
-But after a while of struggling he takes the phone from Phichit and snaps a picture of him kissing his boyfriend’s cheek, it’s a lil blurry and the position is awkward because it was a spur of the moment thing, but he managed to capture Phichit’s surprised expression at just the right moment so Seung-gil does something like a smile and gives Phichit back his phone, “here, you can post that all over your social media”
Phichit squeals
-although not exactly into pda, because they rarely get to see each other, you’ll always see one of Seung-Gil’s hands on Phichit when they’re together. Finger on the hook of his belt, hand clutching Phichit’s jacket, you name it. It’s just reassuring to both of them
-however!! When they are alone, there’s no way to keep Seung-gil’s *anything* away from Phichit. They find a place away from everyone else and they could make out for hours
-Celestino had the rest of the skaters looking everywhere for them
-Double dates with Yuuri and Victor!!!
-People are often like “why is this ray of sunshine dating a guy who never smiles” but Phichit pities them because people that have never seen the side of Seung-gil that he has don’t get to speak over their relationship
-anyway I’m in Seungchuchu hell

@konzendoji #literally how is this done#ardyn did the same shit and he fucked himself over bc of it?#so how is it different when the ORACLE is healing starscourge afflictions#i need answers square enix#I NEED ANSWERS ANYONE#HOW DOES THIS WORK#W H Y DOES IT WORK

The origin of Ardyn’s magic is unclear, whether he was born with it or gifted. Since a gift is never once mentioned on this but is in matters of the Oracle and the Crystal, I assume he was born with it. (But this is certainly debatable, especially since Ardyn was wiped out from history records. He could’ve been a prototype or something for the Oracle’s magic.) But his magic worked differently where he took the Starscourge into himself.

Meanwhile, the Oracle’s magic was gifted by Bahamut, along with his trident, and gives her the ability to purge Starscourge on a small scale. So rather than taking it into herself as with Ardyn, she eliminates it entirely.

((But I’m inclined to believe Ardyn was born with his magic cause the Oracle was gifted BEFORE the Crystal!))

As for how Ardyn is still alive like this… My personal theory based off the info we have, is that within the Crystal live the spirits of the passed Lucian royalty, and Ardyn isn’t able to join them because of how tainted his soul is. Noct has to kill him twice, first in body and then again within the Crystal before he revives again. It’s by killing him within the Crystal that his soul is fully destroyed as well, and he stops getting pushed back into Eos and rejected by the lifestream (lol)

And then with him gone at last, no longer able to keep tainting the planet, the Crystal releases all of the energy it has saved up in order to purge the world completely of the scourge, like a huge burst of Oracle magic.

…Anyways, there was no way Ardyn was ever supposed to be the King of Light like he claims, cause the Crystal didn’t have enough magic to purge Eos without deaths of Lucian royalty to power it. …Which has nothing to do with the original question, really, but honestly, Ardyn was just a glory hound who felt jilted he didn’t get to be a legend and I really had to get that off my chest and it’s at least related XD


Although Seungri was only imirating a fangirl’s voice, this still counts. You should hear his voice. Also the part when GDYB look at each other and burst in laughter [x]

What Happened (In the Room Where It Happens) part four


Warnings: Swearing, (lowkey and highkey) humiliation, daddy kink, thomas jefferson, thomas cant cook and hes insecure about it, one lil spanking, alexander is a slut and wants to be used
Word count: 5284

Part One Part Two Part Three

Chapter four: Sunsets in New York

Hamilton awoke shortly before Jefferson, the afternoon light seeping through the windows, illuminating the room as Alexander slowly opened his eyes to see Thomas cuddled next to him, mouth slightly open as he breathed slowly, still sleeping. Alexander placed a light kiss to the Southerner’s jaw before peeling himself away, sad to leave Thomas’s side, he stood by the bed for a moment, watching in awe as his chest gently rose and fell.

Smiling, Alexander walked to the study where his and Jefferson’s clothes had been tossed around the room. Collecting his clothes, which were beginning to feel grungy after the last day of use, he pulled them on, smoothing his vest as he went to the kitchen.

“Good afternoon, Mister Hamilton.” Joanna said to him, noticing his presence in the room as she washed a dish that Thomas had neglected to take care of.

“Good afternoon, Joanna!” He said cheerily, meeting her by the sink. “Thomas and I spoke, he decided to give you the next few days off to show his gratitude. Paid, of course.”

“Mister Hamilton…” Joanna said, drying the plate then returning it to a cabinet. “Are you sure?”

“Thomas insisted. You work so hard for him, you deserve the next few days–three, to be specific– off for yourself.” Alexander began meandering around the kitchen, shifting through Jefferson’s cabinets.

“Thank you, Mister Hamilton. Tell Mister Jefferson I said thank you so much for his generosity.” Joanna thanked the Treasurer before bowing out of the room.

Finishing his search, Alexander began to go to work in the kitchen, fixing the two of them a nice meek as he waited for Thomas to wake. go go go go!

Thomas blinked awake, squinting as sunlight filtered in through the windows. He groaned, rubbing the gunk from his eyes as he rolled around for a moment. The Secretary slowly pushed himself to a sitting position. Half the day gone and he slept through all of it. Hopefully Joanna has been cleaning what I didn’t. He thought as he slid out of the bed.

He looked around for his clothes, then paused as he noticed that Alexander wasn’t in bed with him. He did hear clattering in the kitchen, so he assumed that was where his partner had gotten off to.

“Humph.” He snorted, finding his trousers. He chose to only pull on his pants and his shirt, not bothering with the frills and layers. He wasn’t going anywhere, so why get dressed?

He shuffled into the kitchen, trying desperately to tame his unruly dark hair. His brows furrowed in confusion upon seeing Alexander alone, rummaging in the cabinets.

“What are ya doin’?” He asked quietly, looking around. He still didn’t see Joanna. “You don’t need to fool with that stuff, Alexander. Joanna can handle it.”

“I sent her home,” Hamilton responded without missing a beat, not bothering to look up at Jefferson as he poured two glasses of water, pushing one to Thomas. “I told her that because you were so grateful for her service, you had decided to give her the next three days off–paid.” He spoke nonchalantly, harsh emphasis placed on paid, as he turned to check the stove.

Thomas’s confused expression snapped into one of shock, then anger. “Are you kidding me?!” He exclaimed. “You can’t just fork out money to my maid if she isn’t working, much less dismiss her in the first place! That isn’t your role here, Hamilton.” He snarled, grabbing the glass of water harshly.

He looked towards the stove, then glared back at Hamilton, “You’re overstepping your boundaries. I know you don’t like slaves, but she’s only a maid.”

Hamilton didn’t even raise his eyes to look at Jefferson as he fumed, he instead focused on the sandwiches baking on the pan– a meal Lafayette had made him many a time. “You seem to have an excess, and with all your slaves, it won’t hurt you to pay a little extra to the one worker you do pay.” He took a sip of the water. “And besides, you don’t need her, making a few meals a day and cleaning up after yourself is nothing.”

Jefferson awkwardly shifted, walking to sit on a stool. “I need my money to produce cotton, Alexander. You don’t understand.” He sniffed, then sipped on his water. The Secretary of State looked back to Alexander. “I’m too busy. I need her to do the simpler work for me.”

Alexander cracked an egg over each sandwich, flipping them to cook, attentively watching them. “You don’t pay for your slaves Thomas, these few extra dollars to Joanna won’t hurt you. And, besides, she works hard for you. She does all your cooking and cleaning, she deserves to take a break. Thomas,” he finally turned to Jefferson, his eyes locking with his, “you’d be less busy if you stopped concerning yourself with matters in which you have no place.” He turned back to the stove, watching the food cook.

“I could say the same for you!” Jefferson spat, slamming his glass down. “You come into my home at my invitation. You are my guest, yet you act as if you own the place! You had no right to let her take off!”

Hamilton smiled when the food was finished, sliding a sandwich onto each of the two plates he had pulled out, turning to Thomas, he gently set it down before the man. “Croque Madame.” He said, pointing to the dish, “I’m sure you had it many times when you were in France.”

He sat down next to Jefferson, placing his own food in front of him. “I don’t remember so much of an invitation so much as it was a contract, remember, Thomas?” He teased, smiling to himself. “And really, you don’t need her all the time. If you reward her now, she’ll work harder later. But, Thomas, she already works very hard. She’s very dedicated to this job. You should show your appreciation.” He took a sip of his water. “Do you like the sandwich?”

Jefferson gazed at the sandwich and nodded. “Lafayette used to make these for me.” He confessed with a halfhearted, far away smile.

“It was a contract you consented to, so you’re my best and thus have the same rights as any slave, by contract.” The Virginian countered firmly. “I do need her. By rewarding her now, she will become expectant of such things that she will never receive.” He huffed.

Thomas looked back down at his sandwich, then lifted it and took a bite. He closed his eyes, memories of his life in France flooding his mind. “Yes,” he mumbled, “it’s good.”

“Well,” Hamilton said, looking up at Thomas through his eyelashes, “maybe you’re not as great of a slave master as they say, hm?” he prodded before taking a bite of the sandwich. “Thomas,” Alexander laughed, “you don’t need her. You can cook for yourself just fine, can’t you?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“I need all of my slaves.” Thomas countered, glaring at Hamilton. “I would much rather not break a sweat.”

He went quiet for a moment, taking another bite of the sandwich. He chewed thoughtfully, then took a long swig of water. “Sure I can. I cook just fine.”

A smirk grew on Hamilton’s face as he sat the sand which down in the plate. “Thomas, can you not cook?” He teased.

The southerner held his sandwich tightly. “Of course I can! Everyone can cook!”

Alexander shook his head, his jaw going slack. “Oh my gosh, you need Joanna because you can’t cook, can you? No wonder mac and cheese tastes so bad!” He laughed before taking another bite of his sandwich, shooting a playful wink at the Virginian.

“I-I can!” Thomas exclaimed. He put his sandwich back on his plate and pushed away from the table, heading to the living room. He searched for the morning newspaper and huffed, finding that it wasn’t there. “Must I do everything for myself?” He shouted at Alexander before stomping to the front door and opening it, grabbing it from the porch before returning indoors.

Softening, Alexander stood up to meet Thomas at the door as he walked in, leaving his sandwich at the table. “Thomas,” he said, looking up at the flustered Southerner, “it’s only three days without Joanna, you’ll live.” He placed a hand on Jefferson’s shoulder, gently  rubbing a circle with his thumb, taking the newspaper from Thomas, he led him back to to the table, setting the newspaper down at his seat. “You hardly do anything for yourself, Thomas,” he poured more water into the Virginian’s glass, “it’ll be good for you to take a few days to learn how to do that, or at least give Joanna a break.”

The southerner’s mouth parted and then closed again, trying to find something to say. He finally sat down and sighed, “What are you, my mother?” He grumbled, but grabbed ahold of Hamilton’s shirt. He slowly tugged Alexander closer, taking the pitcher and setting it on the table.

Thomas gently pressed a soft kiss to the other man’s lips, then slouched so he could press his forehead to Hamilton’s chest. “I like it when you touch me like that. On the shoulders, all…. comforting, but in charge.” He admitted softly. “And…. you can cook for the next three days. I can't…”

Hamilton let out a small grunt when Thomas kissed him, then wrapping his arm around Jefferson, looking down at him as the Southerner curled against his chest. Stifling a laugh, Alexander nodded, “I can cook for us, don’t worry, pretty boy.” He used his free hand to take Thomas’s jaw in his hand, lifting his face so that his gaze was locked on Hamilton. “It’ll all be okay,” he murmured before gently kissing Thomas, his arm still tightly wrapped around the Virginian.

Jefferson sighed contentedly against Hamilton’s pouty lips, enjoying their soft texture. He pulled away gently and smiled, brown eyes bright. “Come on, finish breakfast with me.” He said, reaching for his sandwich. He began eating once more, pausing to sip at his water and read the paper.

Sighing, Hamilton nodded and moved to sit down across from Jefferson, watching as Thomas enjoyed the food he had made for him. “Is there any important news?” He asked, reaching for the newspaper, taking it from Thomas, skimming the headlines, “maybe something about my debt plan…” He smiled a bit.

“The vote is Thursday, Alexander.” Thomas smirked. “All the papers are doing is mulling over whether it will pass or not.” He shrugged and finished his sandwich, then gulped down his water. “Can we go… relax for a while? In the living room?”

“It better pass,” Alexander mumbled, finishing his water. “Of course,” he said, standing up, extending his hand to help Thomas up. “I’d like nothing more.” He cooed, a content smile on his face.

The Virginian accepted the man’s hand and stood, going to the couch. He pushed Hamilton down into it gently, then settled down along with him. “Lay back,” Thomas whined, shifting down and stretching out so he could put his head on Hamilton’s chest.

Hamilton did as he was told, relaxing into the couch as Jefferson cuddled on him. He moved his arms to evelop Thomas, one thumb rubbing small circles into the Southerner’s bicep as he slowed his breathing, settling in with Jefferson. “Are you okay?” He asked, a bit concerned by the dominant man’s sudden docility. He moved one hand to Thomas’s hair, gently pushing it behind his ear in attempt to soothe him.

The southerner shrugged and nodded. “You just… you tire me out so quickly. I need time to just relax. And you’re very soft, so… this is nice.” He murmured, pressing his nose against Alexander’s clothed chest.

Alexander’s muscles relaxed, allowing him to more comfortably hold the larger man. “What do you mean, ‘I tire you out’?” he pried gently, sighing contentedly as Jefferson drew nearer to him. His eyes fluttered closed, feeling as Thomas seemed to cling to him, enjoying the quiet moment.

“Your arguing, and the sex drive you have….” Jefferson groaned. He laughed lightly and shook his head, gently stretching his arms upwards so tangle his hands in Alexander’s hair. “You’re so young… I guess I’m just realizing that I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“I’m not that much younger than you,” Smirking over the comment about his sex drive, Hamilton adjusted himself, allowing Thomas to fist his hands in his hair, pulling the Southerner closer to him, humming quietly as his warmth floated onto his skin. “Don’t worry about it, okay?” he said, placing a kiss on Jefferson’s forehead, comforting the man as he tangled his arms around him, holding him close.

The Virginian shrugged and nodded, looking upwards. “Speaking of sex drive…” he tugged gently on Alexander’s hair. “How bout we get goin’?” He smirked, shifting upwards. He rolled his body as he pushed himself closer to Hamilton’s face, looming over him. His hips slotted easily between the immigrant’s thighs, grinding against him. “What all do you like, Alexander?”

Letting out a soft moan as his hair was pulled, Alexander looked up at Thomas, his chest heavy at the sudden change in Thomas’s demeanor, instantly craving to be used by the Southerner. “Fuck… Thomas…” was all Hamilton could manage as he felt Jefferson’s growing erection rut against him.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” Thomas murmured, leaning down to brush his lips against Alexander’s. His erection throbbed as he rolled his hips against Hamilton’s once more. “How should I claim you today?” He asked, chuckling lowly. Jefferson nipped at the Treasurer’s lip, then pulled away. “Or maybe I shouldn’t, and we can keep cuddling.”

Taking a sharp breath in, Alexander pressed his hips against Thomas’s, trying to gain more sensation. “Please, Thomas, use me. However you want.” He whimpered, moving his hands to fist in the Southerner’s hair, “please, let me be good for you.” he begged.

The Southerner let out a ragged breath, diving back down to roughly slam his mouth against Alexander’s. Thomas practically growled, the muscles in his arms twitching as he hastily removed Hamilton’s clothing. “You’re going to be my good little slut, do you understand?” He hissed, biting the man’s lip a little too hard.

Letting out another whimper at Thomas’s words, Hamilton bucked up his hips against Thomas’s. He nodded quickly, the Southerner’s bite stinging his lips as the pain radiated through his body. His hands found Jefferson’s shirt, making quick work of the buttons as he threw the shirt off of Thomas, hands now exploring the Virginian’s chest.

“I want an answer, whore!” Jefferson snapped, pulling away. He smacked Alexander’s ass, which he assumed was still sore, then grasped the man by his dark, Silky locks. “Answer daddy,” he commanded huskily, his brown eyes dark with lust.

A scream escaped Hamilton’s mouth as Thomas’s hand landed on his ass, the impact causing him to shake as his hair was pulled, craning his neck backwards. “Y-yes, Daddy,” he struggled, suppressing a moan, “I’m your good little slut,” he echoed Thomas’s words, staring into the Southerner’s hungry eyes, shrinking beneath his gaze.

The Secretary of State smirked and released Alexander. He stood, shucking the remainder of his clothing, then settled back on the couch to kiss his lover. “Good boy,” he praised, cooing softly. “So much for you taking care of me, huh?” He teased, allowing his hard cock to rub against Hamilton’s. “Why don’t you go to the bedroom and fetch the oil, then come back?” He suggested, but his tone conveyed that it was an order.

Hamilton melted at the praise, letting himself kiss Thomas as he felt the friction of Thomas’s cock against his. He kissed the Southerner once more before standing up, allowing his hips to sway a bit, giving Jefferson a show as he approached the stairs. “Yes Daddy.” he said eagerly, his footsteps heavy on the stairs as he ran up them, rushing for Jefferson’s bedroom to find the oil they had used earlier. In a short moment, he found it, heading back down the stairs with the jar in hand, stopping in the doorframe, his gaze meeting Thomas’s. “This one?” he asked, holding up the bottle slightly.

Jefferson had been lazily stroking his hardened cock as he waited on Alexander. When the younger man returned with the oil, he smiled. “That’s it. Good boy, Alexander. Come here,” Thomas praised and beckoned Hamilton

Taking a shaky step forward, Hamilton neared Jefferson before dropping to his hands and knees, electing to crawl to his lover, holding the oil in one hand as he looked up to Thomas submissively. Once he reached the Southerner, he stopped and rocked back to sit on his knees, his eyes meeting Jefferson’s.

“Damn, Hamilton.” Thomas whispered, spreading his thighs. “Do you want a taste, slut?” He reached out and grabbed the oil, setting it beside him. He then reached for Hamilton again and gently ran his fingers through the man’s dark, soft hair. Gogogo

“Yes please, Daddy,” Hamilton breathed hungrily. His chest fell heavily before he stuck out his tongue dramatically, opening his mouth wide, gently wagging his tongue at the Southerner. “Please, anything you’ll give me, I’ll take. Thomas, I need it.” He continued, craving to taste the Virginian’s thick cock as it throbbed in front of him.

The Virginian gently pulled Alexander forwards, shifting so his cock reached Hamilton’s mouth. He gently rubbed the tip along the other man’s lips, smearing precum across them. “You’re such a good little whore,” Jefferson murmured, finally resting the head of his cock on the immigrant’s tongue. “Go ahead,”

Hamilton let out a muffled whimper as he closed his lips around Jefferson’s cock, flattening his tongue against the other man’s girth as he begs in to bob is head up and down, saliva pooling in his mouth and dripping out the sides of his mouth. He pulled off for a moment to lick a stripe across the bottom of Thomas’s cock before returning to his bobbing motions eagerly.

The Secretary groaned and shifted his hips slightly, tugging on Hamilton’s hair. “Not too much, darlin’.” He warned, gazing down at Alexander. His abdomen was taut, muscles twitching as Hamilton blew him.

Grunting, Hamilton slowed down at Thomas’s words, steadily fucking his face onto the man’s cock as he felt his own cock throb. He watched Thomas through his eyelashes, admiring the way his face contorted with pleasure at each movement.

“Fuck,” Jefferson whispered, his eyes closing and his mouth parting slightly. He gently thruster his hips into Hamilton’s mouth, then pulled him away. “Enough.” The Virginian murmured. “Oil my cock and climb up here.”

Hamilton was removed from Jefferson’s cock with a gentle popping noise before he reached for the oil, pouring some onto his hands before beginning to work on Thomas’s cock. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” he mused, attentively massaging the oil onto the Virginian’s throbbing election, “Love when you use me like your good little whore.” He finished with the oil, climbing onto Jefferson’s lap.

Jefferson smirked, taking the oil from Alexander and spreading some on two of his fingers. He hummed as he gently worked them into his lover’s hole, his free hand kneading Hamilton’s ass. “You know I’m going to use you like the little fuck toy you are,” Thomas murmured, kissing Alexander’s chest.

Moaning obscenely, Hamilton’s mouth fell open as Jefferson pumped his fingers into Alexander, stretching him. “Fuck, Daddy…” Alexander moaned, using a hand to grip onto Thomas, steadying himself. “Please, use me, use me to pleasure yourself, please.” He begged, pushing himself against Jefferson’s fingers.

The Secretary of State let out a soft groan, his cock twitching. “Nah-ah, my little slut.” He removed his fingers and shifted, pushing Hamilton onto the couch. He moved the man to the armrest, placing one large palm on the skin between his shoulders, “You want me, whore?” He asked, positioning his cock at Alexander’s entrance.

The New Yorker let out a grunt as he was manhandled, pushed over the couch as he was forced down, Thomas’s cock teasing his entrance, taunting him. “Yes, please,” he responded, feeling his erection throb, “I need you, Thom– Daddy, please.” He shook a bit in anticipation.

Hearing Alexander’s mistake, Thomas spanked his ass and growled. “That’s right. You better call me Daddy.” He then grasped the immigrant by his hips and slowly slid his cock inside him, groaning. “Ah… you’re so tight…”

Alexander bit down on his lip to muffle a moan at the impact of Jefferson’s hand on his ass. He pushed himself back onto Thomas’s cock, feeling it fill him as bliss ran through his veins. “Fuck,” he grunted, trying to adjust to Jefferson’s large size, “tight for you, Daddy, only for you to use.” he babbled, his hands gripping the couch.

“Damn right. It better only be for me.” The Southerner moaned, leaning back as he slowly tugged his cock in and out of Alexander’s asshole. The oil made it slick, but still allowed them some friction. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of Hamilton’s hips, finally thrusting harder.

Hamilton let out a small scream at Thomas’s cock being pumped in and out of him, the slight friction causing him to yelp with each hard thrust. “Yours, only yours,” Alexander promised, moving a hand down to wrap around his own cock, giving him the much-needed sensation.

“Ah ah..” Jefferson scolded, swatting away Hamilton’s hand. He leaned over, still thrusting, and grasped Alexander’s cock. He gently pumped it, panting as he multitasked. “Fuck…mine…”

Eyes screwing shut, Alexander began letting out small yelps with each of Thomas’s thrusts. He moved his shooed hand back to the fabric of the couch, giving him support as Jefferson slammed into him, each thrust catching him off guard. As Thomas’s hand worked his cock, Hamilton’s breaths became shaky. “Yours,” he promised again through a moan, “your whore, your depraved little slut,” he degraded himself, getting off on it as he enjoyed Jefferson’s thrusts.  

“Good boy… talk like that some more. Tell me about how much you like my cock.” Thomas muttered huskily, leaning down to bite the treasurer’s shoulder. He shortened his thrusts but made them harder, causing the couch to shake. “Tell me how you want me to cum in you, fill you up with my seed.” He said, the head of his cock slamming into Alexander’s prostate.

Hamilton shook at the new sensation, letting out a loud scream as Jefferson’s cock hit his prostate, sending a wave of pleasure through him. “Fuck, so happy to be used by you, by your thick. big cock,” he mumbled, his thoughts incoherent “I just want to worship you, your cock, for hours, make you cum again and again, covering and filling me with your seed.” He fantasized aloud, “I love how big it is, I feel so– fuck– full.” He became louder as Jefferson’s thrusts remained relentless. “Please, Daddy, mark me,” he turned his head slightly to look at Thomas. “Please, I promise I’ll be good, Daddy,” he shuddered a bit, “fill me up with your cum, claim me, fuck, make me yours.” He breathed heavily, trying to maintain what dignity he had left.

Thomas’s eyelids fluttered shut at Alexander’s words. He pulled Alexander up, so both of them were on their knees, and began thrusting faster. “Good little slut… your hole is mine to ravage, mine to breed, mine to cum in.” He hissed, biting down on the juncture between Hamilton’s shoulder and neck, sucking harshly. His hand stroked the immigrant’s cock, squeezing. “Cum for me.” He murmured in Hamilton’s ear.

Screams now were freely from Hamilton as he was held up by the Southerner, his cock thrusting deeply as he shook. “Yours, Daddy…yours… yours…” Alexander yelped as he began to cum, his whole body shaking as he writhed in Thomas’s grasp, the man’s cock still thrusting, hitting his prostate. Spilling, Hamilton’s cum dribbled down Jefferson’s hand as his own mouth fell open, moving as though to say something, silenced by the overstimulation of Thomas’s thrusts.

With Hamilton’s ass tightening around his thick cock, Jefferson stilled his hips and came hard inside Alexander. He let out a groan, muffled by his lips on the treasurer’s skin. He gently sat back after a moment, pulling Hamilton with him. “Lay still, I’ll go get a rag.” Thomas murmured, sliding off the couch and stumbling to the kitchen.

Hamilton did as he was told, his body resting against the soft couch as he watched Thomas. “T-thank you.” he half whispered, still coming down from his intense orgasm and letting himself come down from the intense subspace he had been in.

Thomas returned with a damp rag and a blanket, setting the latter to the side. He gently wiped Alexander down with the rag, cleaning off all the semen and sweat. He cleaned himself next, then clambered back onto the couch with Hamilton and wrapped up with him in the blanket. “Did you have fun?”

Hamilton smiled at the question, regaining his liveliness as he curled against Jefferson. “Mmm, yes.” He said, looking up at Thomas. “Was I good?” He asked hopefully, wanting to make sure Thomas had enjoyed him.

“You’re always good,” the southerner laughed softly, stroking Alexander’s side. “You can sleep if you want. I’m going to relax, I suppose. It’s a shame I left my newspaper on the table.” He shrugged and chuckled, kissing Hamilton’s cheek.

Hamilton smiled happily, leaning into Thomas as he was gently petted. “Let’s cuddle now,” he demanded, “like we were before, like you had wanted.” he pulled himself against Jefferson, tangling his hands into Thomas’s hair, humming softly as he gazed up at the Southerner.

“This is the opposite of how we were before,” the Virginian countered with a chuckle, smooching Alexander’s forehead. He did gently continue running his hands along the man’s sides, trying to comfort and soothe him.

“Not the opposite,” Alexander murmured, burying himself in Jefferson’s chest as he cooed quietly st the feeling of Thomas’s hands stroking him, helping him calm down.  “We’re just naked now,” he said matter-of-factly, it became evident that any tact he had once possessed was clearly gone as he spoke. He hummed at Thomas’s touch, his previously manhandled body thankful for the gentle touch and Alexander was more than happy to just be with Thomas.

Thomas shook his head. “I’m holding you now. That’s an opposite.” He murmured, gazing down at Hamilton. He proceeded to continue cuddling him and began to gently run his blunt nails along Alexander’s sides. “Does that feel good?” Gogogo

Hamilton nodded slightly, looking up to return the Southerner’s gaze. “So good…” he mumbled, nuzzling against Jefferson. “I could hold you, if you’d want,” he offered, noting Jefferson’s comment as he shifted up slightly to meet the Virginian.

“No no, stay right there. I’m comfortable,” the southerner shook his head and pushed Hamilton back down. He rested his forehead against the top of Alexander’s head, eyes closing. “I really don’t want to sleep. We could go for a walk?”

Letting out a calm breath, Hamilton nudged Thomas’s chest with his nose as he was pushed down. “That would be nice,” he said happily, lifting himself up to look around the room, looking at the messy piles of clothes on the floor. “We need to get dressed though,” he sighed, reluctantly standing up to put on his clothes.

Thomas chuckled and nodded. He rose and pulled on his socks, pants, and shoes, then headed to his room as he tugged on his shirt to fetch the rest of his magenta clothes. When he was dressed, he returned. “Ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Hamilton said, smoothing out the front of his white shirt, deciding to skip his green vest and jacket. He stood up and smoothed out his hair, pulling it into a ponytail at the back of his head, trying to fix his post-sex hair. “Look okay?” he asked, approaching Thomas.

“No,” Jefferson smirked. He walked over to Alexander and fixed his hair, smoothing it into place. “There you go.” He headed to the door, sighing. When he opened it, the light of the sunset entered the house, and Thomas had to squint. He stepped outside, knowing Alexander would follow.

Hamilton blushed red as Thomas fixed his hair, leaning into his touch. “Thank you,” he smiled, following behind Thomas as he stepped outside the door, closing it behind him, admiring the way the sun was setting, but more than anything, he was captivated by how each ray of sun hit Thomas’s face, illuminating his features and as the Southerner continued walking, Alex took small steps behind him, a bit paralyzed by the other man’s stunning beauty.

“You’re welcome,” the Secretary of State smiled and looked away from Alexander. “Come on, catch up.” He said, but slowed down his walk anyway so he matched Hamilton’s pace. He gazed around, watching the townspeople wall by and wave. Thomas smiled and shook his hand back in a friendly manner, then continued walking towards the small park around the block.

Snapping out of his daze, Alexander caught up with Thomas, watching as he charismatically greeted the people. Hamilton spoke to a few as well, but, people were much more interested in speaking to Thomas. For a moment, he considered reaching out to hold his lover’s hand before remembering the gossip that would arise from them being out on the town with each other acting civil, much less holding hands.

Jefferson was having the same thoughts. He occasionally glanced at Hamilton’s lips and hands, but he was sure that they’d be lynched as soon as their fingers brushed. He looked down at the ground a moment as they walked, then nudged Alexander as they turned the corner to get to the park. “What do you say we watch the sunset?”

“Please,” he breathed, “I’d love that.” He followed Thomas to the park. “I’m surprised you’d want to go out in public with me,” he wondered, “we’re supposed to be enemies.” He reminded Thomas, smirking a bit as they walked a quiet spot.

“If people ask, it’s a civil meeting.” Jefferson joked, approaching a one bench with an open view of a medium sized creek. “It’s a shame I can’t hold you,” he mused, reaching the bench and sitting on one end of it. It was small, so they could sit shoulder to shoulder.

Hamilton laughed, shaking his head as his eyes raised to watch the creek, light reflecting in the clear water. Following, Alexander sat down next to Jefferson, resting his hand on the bench next to Thomas’s, his pinky finger looping over Jefferson’s in a discrete display of affection. “I know,” he sighed wistfully, “me too.”

Thomas looked down, gently intertwining his pinky with Alexander’s. His chest warmed; a light airiness that he had never felt before filling it. He returned his gaze to Hamilton’s face, smiling fondly, then looked back to the small section of water before them. “We can return home soon.”

Alexander’s eyes remained fixed on the creek before he was snapped out of his focus by Thomas’s voice. “It’s nice out,” he commented before turning to face Jefferson, his own lips slightly parted, eyes darting down to notice Thomas’s own plump lips. “But, we should head back soon, you’re right.“ Thomas inhaled slowly, as if he were trying to absorb the dying rays of sunlight. “Alright.” He smiled, releasing Alexander’s pinky. He rose, waiting on the shorter man. They returned to his home together, ready to settle in for the night.

"Paul" instead of "Jesus"

Okay, so I had this lil thought thanks to a lovely conversation.

So, like Daryl wouldn’t ever call Jesus “Jesus”. He thinks it’s ridiculous, but no one else calls him Paul so it would also be weird if Daryl randomly calls him Paul, right? Maybe that’s why Daryl hasn’t said his name yet, because he isn’t sure how to call him.

But now imagine, if Daryl accidently does call him Paul. Like, it just happens. Now think of the look on Jesus’ face. He would be so surprised bc as I said, no one else calls him that. But then, he would just smile to himself, but act like nothing happened, so that he doesn’t scare Daryl away, bc you know..his name sounds so wonderful when Daryl says it and he wants to hear it more often. And so it happens, Daryl’s the only one who calls him by his real name, wouldn’t that be the most beautiful thing ever?
Like, it just seems to be such an intimate thing to do, idk.

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Not a request (Ik they're closed) but I can't remember which episode it was but its where a load of people are at Bryce's and Alex, Justin and Marcus are smoking and there's a package at the door. When Alex is like "we shouldn't be doing this here" and Justin's like "should we do it at yours" like you know he wants to. Just like imagine Alex going "okay, let's go" but only him and Justin go and the others stay cause they know 👀👀

Okay but Marcus just standing there with that “oh damn” look on his face. Like did he just, and then he just… And Alex would huff and just grab his keys on the way to the door, and Justin is the only one who follows but neither of them really bring it up. And left behind in the house are Zach and Marcus just looking stunned at each other, because they chose right now to acknowledge their feelings? Right now?

And once they’re outside Justin takes the keys and decides he’s going to drive. Meanwhile they still haven’t won’t said a word to each other, and the sexual tension in the car is so thick it’s uncomfortable. And they’re barely half way home when Justin just pulls over and kisses Alex.

Next thing the hand-break is on and they’re fumbling over each other in the backseat while they’re making out and trying to pull layers off each other. And their warm breaths in the car and the cold air outside have all the windows fogging up, and Alex just thinks it’s the hottest thing when Justin’s handprints are left there after he’s used the window to support himself over Alex.

And once they’re finally calm they proceed back to Alex’s, and they awkwardly try to hide their swollen lips and messy hair, as well as switched clothes when Alex’s Dad and brother cluelessly stop them for a chat. But once they’re in Alex’s room finally it just hits them. Well what now. And they realise they’ve actually just left all their problems back at Bryce’s with only Marcus and Zach to cover for them all.

The stress only lasts about a minute though, because Alex hates the way his clothes smell like Bryce’s house and he’s ripping his shirt off, and that’s when Justin notices that they unknowingly mixed up their jeans when they put them back on in the car, and he doesn’t care about anything after seeing Alex Standall in his trademark jeans. That literally became everything to him in that moment, and he just pounced at the wiling blonde again

What Happened (In The Room Where It Happens) Chapter 4

Co-written with @hamiltonwrotetheother51 and she’s my girlfriend and I LOVE HER!

Chapter 4: Sunsets in New York

Pairing: Jamilton (SMUT)
Warnings: sex, gay sex, swearing, a singular spank, daddy kink, lowkey and highkey humiliation, internalized homophobia, dirty talk, and poor Thomas can’t cook
Word Count: 5284
A/N: I’m sorry it’s late! Here it is though, thank you all for waiting!

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three 

Chapter 4: Sunsets in New York

Hamilton awoke shortly before Jefferson, the afternoon light seeping through the windows, illuminating the room as Alexander slowly opened his eyes to see Thomas cuddled next to him, mouth slightly open as he breathed slowly, still sleeping. Alexander placed a light kiss to the Southerner’s jaw before peeling himself away, sad to leave Thomas’s side, he stood by the bed for a moment, watching in awe as his chest gently rose and fell.

Smiling, Alexander walked to the study where his and Jefferson’s clothes had been tossed around the room. Collecting his clothes, which were beginning to feel grungy after the last day of use, he pulled them on, smoothing his vest as he went to the kitchen.

“Good afternoon, Mister Hamilton.” Joanna said to him, noticing his presence in the room as she washed a dish that Thomas had neglected to take care of.

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I was just going about my normal work day when suddenly I was struck with the thought of Gaston and his wife expecting their first child and him being all "I can't wait to have a strapping boy" or "our little boy is going to look just like me" and when the day finally comes and it's a girl and all that boy talk is suddenly forgotten as he looks at his baby girl and he just melts and falls in love and makes a vow to love her always. Hahahahaha I love pain :)

:) Do you gotta go and hurt me like that?

Okay. but what if during the pregnancy you gave off all the typical signs of your baby being a boy(Because face it, back in those days they relied on the cliche symptoms to determine the gender before the baby arrived.) And Gaston is like 100% sure it’s a boy but whoop it’s a giRL 

beckology  asked:

okay but how do y'all say "i pick matt over lance" when his literal one iconic line was "i know how much you love them peas dad" LIKE????? what kind of fucking......white......bullshit lmao :) he's had like a split second of screen time, like name one reason to like him over lance? you can't cuz he's barely a character.

oh, and one thing that keeps bothering me, which of course i have talked about plenty of times, but i gotta again. because see, having arthur knight every single one of his friends, even dudes he knew for literal two seconds (like percival, for example, or later even mordred), but leave out perhaps most essential and oldest friend.

like that’s just sloppy writing to me. you have the original round table, you sit your servant who has been doing everything for you for the past couple of years, who has continuously filled the position of your right hand, and your advisor, you sit him by your right side  ——  and then he doesn’t sit at the official round table. then he’s still a bloody servant.

and sure, so was gwen, but everyone knew they would get married sooner or later. gwen was meant to be queen. but with merlin…  it would resolve so many things, beside the fact that he really deserved it, but it also would reduce a giant canyon of shit between him and arthur okay. i mean, sure it’s never stated, but merlin as good as comes from it anyway, and i just can’t see why the hell would you leave him where he was (besides arthur’s need to keep him there as a safety blanket).

and i don’t agree it’d ruin everything. in fact, i think it’d be a wise decision, because imagine this happens, imagine the magic reveal came sooner, imagine they actually started going towards the changes, and everything went to shit anyway. it wouldn’t be fulfilled, arthur would still die anyway, and he’d die when they were on more equal grounds, and it’d sting MORE. that it began, but it failed anyway.

so, instead we have a main character who came with nothing, was given nothing, and left with nothing, and oh he also can’t die even though his position was literally terrible, and he tried his best with all the shit he got, with zero help from anyone, but everyone blaming him if shit went south  ——  so let him suffer for eternity sitting on all of that wow great choice.

Today on: “Homeboy Did Not See That Coming”

  • Hoseok: How long has he been your best friend?"
  • Yoongi: Seventeen years. Why do you keep asking about this?
  • Hoseok: Because he's your best friend. He's known you for way longer than the rest of us. And it's clear that you guys get on the best out of everyone.
  • Yoongi: Why are you telling me this?
  • Hoseok: *ignoring his question* I've never seen someone care for him the way you do. You seem to be the only one who can understand him, like you know his brain inside and out. Your the first one he goes too for everything, whether it's a shoulder to cry on, or something he wants someone to see. I've never seen you act the way you do when with him with someone else. You guys are like a coin, like you're glued together.
  • Yoongi: Hoseok. Again, may I ask why you're telling me this?
  • Hoseok: Because... Because you have this look in your eye that I can't place whenever you're with him. Something that doesn't seem to fit the rest of the puzzle. I can't describe it, but there's just something in your eyes.
  • Yoongi: *slightly nervous* okay?
  • Hoseok: Yoongi... Do you think of him as anything other than a friend?
  • Yoongi: *now very nervous* I don't know what you mean.
  • Hoseok: Is he... all just a game to you?
  • Yoongi: *spluttering completely taken aback* what the hell?
  • Hoseok: It might not be real to you. And I don't want Tae to get hurt. I mean I always thought that it's was just something you shared because you were amazing friends, but what if I was completely wrong?
  • Yoongi: Hoseok-
  • Hoseok: Are you going to tell him? I don't want to be the one to tell him, but better now than later, if you're not. Do you know what this means? That's seventeen years! Yoongi how could you?
  • Yoongi: I don't hate him-
  • Hoseok: Oh no. Yoongi everything will change. He will be devastated. Why didn't you think of this? Hurting his so-
  • Taehyung: In love with who? *his voice bordering shaky*
  • Yoongi: You dumbass. *flopping into his chair with a hand over his eyes, hoseok still in shock*
  • Taehyung: Me?
  • Yoongi: Yes you.
  • Taehyung: *mumbles* I'm in love with you too.
  • Yoongi: And here Hoseok thought I hated you. For clarification I don't, unless you steal my strawberry milk again at two in the morning. Come on, let's go home.

No comment. The little heart speaks for itself

american-oddysey  asked:

14 tom tord before tord left and they're like, freakin hammered on the roof because you can't be drunk without risking your life somehow.

((Imma use your headcannon thing, if that’s okay 🙃))

“Have you ever thought about… like… us?”

Tom turned to his companion and gave him his best “wtf?” face.

Seeing this, Tord scrambled to explain himself. “I mean like… us? Being together? Like actually being together? In a romantic way?”

Tom stared for an unbearably long moment before throwing his head back and laughing.

Tord joined in half-heartedly, trying to play off the feeling of his heart cracking and sinking in his chest. Normally he adored Tom’s laughter, especially when it was him who got to make the guy laugh. But this… this was cruel.

“We must be so drunk” was all Tom said as he threw back his head for another drink.

Tord nodded, silent. He looked at the beautiful stars and the inky night sky, felt the pleasant breeze, became aware of how physically close his crush was to him, almost close enough to feel his warmth. But he didn’t enjoy any of it like he usually did. He didn’t feel the bliss he usually did on nights like these, the nights where the two would climb to the roof and drink until they almost fell off.

He only felt the twist in his gut, in his chest. Like a knife or a noose. His life slowly leaving him. And the numbness, the emptiness it brought.

Tord almost leaped off the rooftop when he felt a hand give his knee a slap. Tom laughed and slurred out, “Wow, you’re rather jumpy tonight, aren’t ya? What, did I start humming your favorite song or something?”

Tord shook his head, not feeling anything even at the mention of his worst nightmare. He started down off the roof.

Tom didn’t say anything to him, just started snorting to himself and humming mindlessly. He was drunk. He didn’t notice his friend’s strange behavior. He didn’t care.

Tord wandered to his room, taking in the near-bareness and the packed suitcases. He hadn’t told any of his friends, but he had been planning on moving away. And tonight, his decision was final.

Tom had been the only thing that would have kept him here.

But it was obvious that Tom didn’t want him.

Tom didn’t want “us.”

Anne - Episode 3: A Summary
  • Josie: So have you seen any guys that you think are cute yet?
  • Anne: Well there's this guy I met in the woods this morning...
  • Tilly: WHO IS IT?
  • Josie: He goes to Avonlea school?
  • Anne: His name's Gilbert Blythe...
  • Tilly: [GASPS]
  • Josie: No.
  • Tilly: NO.
  • Josie: Oh, no! You can't like Gilbert Blythe. That's Ruby's biggest crush.
  • Tilly: She's liked him for three years.
  • Josie: Yeah, and then she was devastated when he had to go out to Alberta with his dad.
  • Tilly: ...I thought she started liking Billy Andrews?
  • Josie: OKAY IRREGARDLESS, ex-crushes are just OFF-LIMITS to friends! I mean...that's just, like, the Rules of Feminism! Don't worry...I'll never tell Ruby what you said. It'll be our little secret.

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I am 100% here to send more. Okay so like, Monty's always cocky, right, and when he's teasing it's bad, but when you're play fighting with him, it's WORSE. He's stronger than you, so of course he's on top first, pinning your wrists down. "Say please, baby." But you refuse to give in, and it becomes like a battle of wills. And when you manage to struggle free (he's letting you, really) and flip your positions, his eyes glint, because he can't wait to shove you onto your back again.

Ahhhhhh, yes! Monty would love to play fight. He’d also be so aware of how much of his strength he’s using during the play fighting, because he wants it to be light and fun, and he would never want to hurt you. And you just know he let you win because as much as he loves pinning you down, he’s also a pretty big fan of you straddling him. So he’ll let you have your moment–but that’s all it is, a moment–before he quickly wraps an arm around your waist and flips your positions, effectively pinning you with his body weight. “You got cocky,” he’d tease and you’d just roll your eyes and glance down suggestively and say, “I think you’re thinking about yourself.” And wiggle your eyebrows. Because OF COURSE this is turning him on, and he’d just shrug and say, “It’s not my fault you’re beautiful and my body recognizes that,” or some other dumb line like that, and you’d laugh, and the fight would start again until it devolved into kissing and touching and fucking and eventually cuddling and holding and snuggling and Monty leaving hickeys all along your collarbone when you two have tired out.