i can't make you love me bon iver


This is still one of the best covers I’ve ever heard.

I’ve listened to it a lot since George Michael died because he also did an amazing cover, but I think this one will always be the one that gets to me the most.


Honestly, I considered postng Bonnie Raitt’s version, since that was a cover, too, but it’s just so utterly iconic and perfect that it’s essentially supplanted the original as the ‘real’ version, given how masterful her version was compared to the original. 

With that in mind, only one has even partially neared its greatness. i was a bit surprised that Bon Iver was able to really wring out such a sincere performance. I love his stuff, but he’s always been much better with texture and tone than he has with actually putting his heart out on a plate like he did with this one (only other time he’s been real convincing emotionally was in Skinny Love, so it wasn’t unprecedented, but still)

The sliver of “Nick of Time” there at the end was a nice touch for fans of Raitt, too

I Can’t Make You Love Me

Summary: Kylo finds himself falling in love with a coworker, but he simply doesn’t believe that someone could love the monster he is.

Characters: Kylo Ren x gender neutral reader

Word count: 1222

Warnings: None

A/N: First one shot everrr yaaay! I’m excited and worried hahahah This song is what gave me inspiration to write this one shot. What made me want to start a blog and work on these, so I guess it’s not only a beautiful song but also a special one now. Also, I didn’t plan on making it gender neutral, but then I realised it actually is! So, forgive me if you find any gender-related word. I hope you enjoy it! 

Kylo had been friends with you for quite a long while now. Not like best friends, but you enjoyed talking during your rare free times, having meals together, working together. Especially working together; you two seemed to have some kind of special connection, barely having to talk to achieve your goals and solving problems. When planning things, you always would think about the same strategies. 

Kylo was a lonely man. He’d feel empty and lost way too often. He’d hear voices inside his head, telling him what to do and even how to feel. He knew it was Snoke, and, even though he wanted to rule the whole galaxie, sometimes he’d just like to make it stop. Until, one day, he realized that, for a moment, it stopped. Everything inside him that made him feel so bad stopped. He didn’t know exactly why, but he enjoied it.Some weeks passed and he realized that he’d been feeling better and better, and even… happier. A happiness he didn’t feel in ages. A happiness he didn’t knew he would ever feel, or that he was capable of  feeling.
It didn’t take long until he found out why he was feeling this way lately. He was walking down the hall, going to the control bridge. Right before entering, he heard you laughing. A laugh so soft and enchanting, he didn’t realize he entered the bridge and kept admiring you, smiling to himself under his mask. He only came back to reality when Hux approached him to talk about problems. Hux only talked about problems and complained about everything.

After Kylo found out that he was in love with you, his days got dark again. Not that he didn’t want to like you, he did. But he wondered how would someone so bright as you would like someone so dark as him.
He’d lay on his bed every night, trying not to think about you. Trying not to think about the fact that there was nothing he could do to make you feel for him what he felt for you. Maybe if he’d close his eyes tight enough, he wouldn’t see all that you didn’t feel for him. Unfortunately, it never worked.

It was your day off and you were at your quarters, reading a book, and a bit sleepy, until you heard someone knocking on your door. You opened it up to see Kylo. He didn’t have his helmet on and a little, shy smile played on his lips. You had to admit you were quite surprised.

“Kylo! I– I didn’t expect to see you here”

“Well, it’s my day off, so I made sure it would be yours too”
Confusion was clear on your face. Kylo snorted and continued;

“Wanna go for a walk outside?”

“Sure! I’ll just grab my coat”

You took your long, black coat and followed him. As you stepped outside and the door behind you close, you were taken by an absolute silence. It was a comfortable silence. You took a moment to breath in the fresh, cold air and to listen to the sound of your boots slightly sinking into the snow. You enjoyed that sound. You two walked for some minutes, entering the forest and talking about no important stuff. The sound of his voice without the helmet was soothing, and you could feel your chest slightly vibrating at the deep sound of it.

“Y/N” Kylo took a deep breath. He seemed… nervous. You had never seem him nervous before.

“I… I have to tell you something” You two stopped walking and he positioned himself in front of you.

“Yes” you said. “What is it?”

Kylo looked at your beautiful, bright Y/E/C eyes and stumbled on his own words before even starting to talk. He looked down at his feet, his hands behind his back

“I, um…” he cleared his throat “I have developed feelings for you” His voice was low.

After that, you didn’t know how to react or what to say. You swallowed nervously, looking up at him with wide eyes.

“You don’t have to say anything” he comforted you “Just–” he let out an annoyed sigh. Annoyed by himself strugglind to find his own words. He grunted and suddenly exploded with confidence “Every time I see you, my heart beats faster. I feel surrounded by all these warm feelings and the whole universe looks brighter. You give me feelings that I never thought I was able to have. But also, every time you leave, every time I’m by myself, I feel cold and lost. I feel like I have no control of my own mind and body. I remember that I will never have your heart. And it hurts-” he paused and sighed “It hurts so much…”

Now you really didn’t know what to say. You never thougth Kylo could be so emotional. You never thought you’d hear such words coming out of his mouth. But above all, you never expected all of this would be for you. So specifically for you, he’d brought you to a place where there’d be only you to hear his words.After a few silent seconds, you finally spoke;

“Kylo, I- I’m shocked! I–”

“You cannot believe a monster like me feels this way for you! You’re disgusted and probably willing to walk away telling me to leave you alone!” He spoke before you could finish.

“That’s not what I was going to say! Kylo, please, listen. I don’t think you are a monster and mainly I don’t feel disgusted. And I could never tell you to leave me alone, I wouldn’t be able to deal with it!”

“Tell me no lies, Y/N” His tone was low, but you could feel the despise in his voice.

“How can you say that?! Why would I lie to you when I have no reasons to do so?”

“Maybe you’re just trying to be nice so I don’t freak out and kill you! ‘Cause in the end, that’s all I really do! Stick my saber up people’s chest, when I don’t decide to play with their minds first!” His voice vanished.

You wanted to tell him that’s not all he was. He was much, much more. But you knew he wouldn’t listen to you. You chose to stay quiet instead. At this moment, he didn’t dare to look at. He was already not looking at you before, but this time, it would scare him even more. He didn’t want to turn to you and see desperation on your face. The only sound that could be heard by now was the sound of your breathings; yours being fast and aprehensive, while his was heavy, loud and filled with anger or nervousness, you couldn’t tell which one.

“I can’t make you love me, Y/N” he broke the silence and finally looked at you “I can’t make your heart feel what it won't” he sighed once again and looked into the distance, not exactly seeing. “I always tell myself that on the next morning I’ll do what’s right and give up this fight. But I can’t. I don’t know how”

Those sentences killed you.

“Don’t do it” you said with a low voice. He looked back to you, his eyes red and confused. “Don’t give up”

And before you knew it, you were kissing Kylo Ren.

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Holy fuck. This song gets me every time. I neeed to learn it on piano.