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On May 26, 2017, Yuzuru Hanyu revealed his short program for the Olympic season at the first show of Fantasy on Ice (Makuhari). He will skate to Frederic Chopin’s Ballade no.1 again for the third season, debuting a different jump layout of 4lo, 3a, and a second half 4t-3t combination. (x


musical!squip is so different from book!squip so I made designs for both

actually the play and the book have a lot of differences but this is the one that stands out the most

But I somehow slowly love you
And wanna keep you the same
Well, I somehow slowly know you
And wanna keep you away

Personal characters and art, please do not use or remove captions. Thank you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the boys perform their own songs and I am so so so proud of each of them, but I really freaking miss them being together on stage, interacting as a band.

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i wanted to read your new fic but after the gross things you said about zayn i wont, why do you even write fics with him in it if you think so lowly of him?

i only write au’s because i can disassociate the real zayn from what ever character i’m writing, the only thing zayn and zayn my au characters have in common is their appearance

No offense but people gotta stop slapping trans headcanons onto characters just to make them “cute” or add Angst

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hi hi, I hope It's alright to bring your art? Wanted to ask what piece you're most proud of!

Hello! What do you mean by… “bring my art”? 

AND UHHHHHHHHHHHH piece I’m most proud of…? Probably this one maybe:

people i’m sick of seeing cutesy meme posts about:

  • the queen and royal family
  • the pope

Forgeru: This time it’s not a performance featuring all the members, and it feels like it’s my first stage play, I have almost no idea about the main cast and what the play will be like, but I will do my best!
Further details about the schedule will be announced later, and I would appreciate if you come see the play! 🙏

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What is your opinion on a Smol Shiro with a very Big Stuffed Black Lion? : )


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(Ask my opinion on anything!)

I saw one of those “art of the main four throughout a period of time where they’re all removed until Matt is left and I immediately had to drown my phone in holy water.

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I can't handle realistic blood so I will 100% not be seeing Raw ever. But I have seen all the good reviews it has gotten.

dude listen im chill with gore and i 100000 times prefer it to cheap jump scares but the gore in this movie was one of the only ones that got to me